Ian McPherson-Higdon Apps

Swimmy Fish + 1.4
Help all the underwater sea creatures throughthe ocean!Flappy water creatures! Tiny jelly fish!Tap Tap Tap!!FUN AND ADDICTIVE!!!There may even be a Hero that you can get to help them!
Bernie Ball Swipe 1
Match the candidate! The candidateshaveforgotten who they are! Help them find themselves! Help thembecomePresident!Help Bernie win!!Help Hillary win!!Help Trump win!!Help Cruz win!!This is a fun free game!Just like the real primaries!DISCLAIMER:Bernie Ball Swipe is not affiliated with any of thepoliticalparties.If you want to support the official Bernie 2016 campaign, gotohttp://BernieSanders.com and make a donationorvolunteer.
American Bridge Hero 1.2
Help the American Bridge Hero builder inhisquest to help those in need!Build the bridge in order to reach to the next platform! Butbecareful! Miss the platform and you'll fall down!!Help bring freedom to many different places!Fun and Addictive gameplay!
Spacey Bouncy 1.0
Escape from the station!! Tap Tap Tap toavoidthe obstacles!! Fun quick gameplay! Beat your high score!!No thanks to the Minion!