Idea Cellular Ltd. Apps

Idea Dhruv 1.3.1
Presenting the all new Dhruv mobile app !Dhruv is an official app of Idea Cellular Limited for itsdistributors only.Idea distributors can now manage their primary orders 24*7 at theirfingertips. Few of the features of the app are listed below:- Create Instruments- Place a primary order- Track orders statuses online- Confirm Dispatched Orders- Connect to us personally & many more…Important: This app is protected by user ID and password anddistributors having Dhruv credentials only can use this app.Contact your TSE/TSM for more details.
My Idea - Official Mobile App 2.6.18
Whether you have a Prepaid or Postpaidconnection, this App will simplify your life. Loaded with features,My Idea app enables you to:- Get a snapshot of your postpaid account details like your currentplan, bill due date, outstanding bill amount, recent data usage,etc.- Make prepaid recharges for yourself and other prepaid numbers onthe go! You can recharge the account with a credit card, debit cardor by using net banking.- Make quick bill payments for any Idea number using debit cards,credit cards and net banking facility. You can also save your carddetails for faster payments in the future.- Manage multiple Idea connections on just one phone – view detailsof your linked accounts, recharge, make payments, activate packsand services for all with just one login.- View and activate tariff plans for full talk time, top ups, SMS,internet packs, roaming packs, other value added services and muchmore.- Select a new dialer tone or change your existing one from a widegallery of tones on the app.- Raise a service request and gets its status details, all on theapp interface.- View and manage all your subscriptions in one go – whether it isa new roaming pack or a value added service, get all the detailswith the click of a button.- Get a summary of your last 5 online recharges or payments.So go ahead and enjoy all the benefits of My Idea app- an idea thatwill make you say ‘What an app, Sirji!’
Idea Movie Club 1.1.4
Idea Movie Club is a super-app for moviebuffs, short video streamers and TV lovers. We present to you ahandsome mix of Video content and Live TV. Idea Movie Club offersclassic to latest movies, more than 80 Live TV channels, last 7days of recorded TV Shows, short videos, trending trailers,assorted YouTube videos, music videos and a lot more. Get surprisedby diverse and fresh content every week. Our library has handpickedvideos from the best of Bollywood, Hollywood cinema and others in10+ different languages like Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada,Malayalam, Punjabi, Oriya, Marathi, Bengali etc.This simple and easy app allows you to do some amazingthings:• Download and watch offline – Only the best apps such as IdeaMovie Club help to reduce your data consumption. Whenever you get agood data network or WiFi, download your favorite movies &videos and watch later in offline mode. Unlimited download ofmovies/videos. (Coming Soon)• Movies and Freebies – Totally free access to our big store ofmovies trailers, Original shows, Music Videos across various genres& languages of India.• Live TV - Our mix of Regional and Global TV channels spans acrossDrama, Comedy, Movies, Reality shows, Kids entertainment, News, andmore.• Trending TV – Never again miss your favorite TV Shows. We havesaved all of them up to last 7 days.• Dual screen for the users to browse & watch simultaneously –Pull your player screen down and enjoy streaming in “picture inpicture” mode while you browse the rest of the app to find more VODcontent we have that you might like• Resume previous viewing sessions – We bookmark where you leftyour video on the last break. Also save data by playing the videowithout buffering the already seen part.• Choice of preferred quality of video – Watch in HD or low datausage mode depending on your internet speed or data packavailability. Our fast player has auto mode and can adjust qualityon its own.• Hassle free auto-login – If you are on Idea Network, no loginrequired. If you are on WIFI or other operators simply enter yourIdea number for one time login.• Share hot videos with your friends.Want more? Idea brings customized subscription options –• FREE try and buy pack. Subscribe to this trial before 31st Marchto access all movies/trailers/videos for free for next 3 months on3G/4G and 1 month on 2G.• Super small Rs 5 per day pack (coming soon).• Mega saver annual and semi-annual packs for users who love tobinge (coming soon)Most importantly, we bring to you the trust and guarantee of yourfavorite service provider for decades – Idea Cellular. Happyviewing to all!
Idea eCaf 1.0.170511501
DescriptionIdea eCAF app enables Idea retailers to perform aadhaar based eKYCactivations for Prepaid connections. Retailers can add/manageactivation sub-agents for successful eKYC activations from thisapp. It facilitates instantaneous and paperless activation of newprepaid connections. Frees you from lengthy procedures ofmanual/physical CAF entry, document management and ensures retailersafetyFeaturesSub-Agent Enrolment: This app helps the Idea retailers to enrolactivation sub-agents who will further process the end to endactivation. Retailers and Sub agents under him needs to have Aadharno and OTG supported Smart handset for self registration process,so the retailer can facilitate Customer Activation.New prepaid activations: Through Idea eCAF app, Idea retailers canactivate prepaid connections with the help of customer aadhaarnumber and biometrics. It provides simplified platform and view forthe Idea retailers to capture customer information and eliminatesmanagement of physical CAF and documentsOut of Scope : The outstation and Foreign National Customeractivation will need to follow the Current Caf basedactivation.
Idea Smart – Sales App 3.0.0
Idea Smart offers a sales dashboards for Ideaemployees, Channel Partners and Channel Partner Employees. Measureyour sales performance and boost your productivity with a mix of20+ useful KPIs.Other features to help you work smart:• Check how you team is doing• Get the performance of your channel partners• Stay updated with important announcements• Take an easy review with help of KPI indicators
Idea Music Lounge 2.3
Idea Music Lounge is an exclusive music appmade for Idea subscribers. It is a step-up for music lovers. Adestination you can count on to entertain and refresh yourself witha mix of latest tracks and retro classics. Standing true to thewide range of audiences and their preferences, Idea Music Loungebrings you an exhaustive list, encompassing all the genres from themusic world. You can also be assured of constant updates matchingthe current trends.Enjoy a library that comprises of music by top-notch publishers andstudios, with around two million songs sung in multiple languages,from across the country and the western world.Enrich your musical experience by streaming songs, downloading yourfavourite tracks and saving them. You can also create and curateyour personalised playlists.Our user-friendly application comes with key-features suchas:- Hassle free auto-login- Download a song for offline listening- Provision to listen to songs in the offline mode- Selecting and downloading preferred quality of music as peruser’s bandwidth availability- Dynamic lyrics to sing along your favourite song- Single tap music streaming- Fully featured in-app music player including repeat and shufflesongs- Play-pause-skip tracks on lock screen- Discover and Search your favourite song, artist, album, DJ,remixes- Create playlist for varied activities: Workouts, long drives,treks, house parties and moreWhatever be your taste in music, your mood, the season or thefestivity, be assured we bring you an exhaustive range ofcustomised and trending playlists.Top Charts: From chart topping tracks to latest releases from thebiggest international to local artists - find it all here.With My Music, you have total control over your musical experience,be it western hip-hop beats or Bollywood desi beats. You can createyour own playlist, add your favourite tracks and albums to carryyour music with you 24x7.My Profile helps you control your complete playlist, anytime andanywhere. Check out the features and functionality that have beenadded to make your listening experience like no other.With Dynamic Lyrics you can enjoy the convenience of singing alongwith your favourite track, as the lyrics appear on screen; just soyou don’t miss the vibe.Share familiarise your friends with your favourite songs byallowing you to share your music via messaging, WhatsApp, Facebook,Twitter etc. This way, you help them stay in tune with the musicthat’s been playing on your mind.Chromecast: The Chromecast feature embedded in the app lets youstream your choice of music from the Idea Music Lounge App to thetelevision for an enhanced experience.Sleep Timer brings you the convenience of drifting away to sleep toyour favourite music, with a timer. You no longer have to worryabout extra data usage and battery draining.Idea Music Lounge Offers:- Unlimited in-app downloads- Download songs to play them offline- Free trial for 90 dayTo top it all, Idea brings to its users customised subscriptionoptions. Do give this a try.Happy Listening to you!
Idea SIMEX App 3.1
Idea SimEx is a simplified online platform forChannel Partners like you to carry out SIM Exchange for Customers.It aims to serve customers better and faster by offering handyfeatures like Capturing Snapshot of the Customers, Auto Tagging ofthe Request, Updated Transaction Summary etc. that ensure asmoother process. With this digitized solution, raising a SIMExchange Request and following up the same is just a few clicksaway.