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Mineral Idle Clicker 1.08
• Upgrade your pickaxe and level your craftingskill to unlock and destroy a large range of minerals while gainingaccess to simple and complex upgrades that allow you to advanceeven further!• Advanced prestige system that rewards you for continuous gameplayso you can advance further into the game!• Find rare gems which can be used to craft stronger pickaxes,increase your passive gold per second, multiply your gold rewardfrom destroying minerals, increase your chance at finding gems andmore!• Offline Gameplay - No internet access required!• Background Progress - Make use of the gold generation andautoclicker skill to mine and destroy minerals when the game isminimized - progress while you sleep!• Over 30 achievements to unlock, each of which gives a uniquereward to help you advance!• Gambling system which lets you try your luck at doubling yourmoney and gems - don't get addicted!• All new artwork & ongoing development based on feedback andsuggestions from players!• Informative tutorial added• Under 8 mb file size!• No permissions!
Miner's Idle 1.3
*This App is outdated, all content is being added to my secondversion nowMine ores to gain xp and sell for profitPrestige for additional bonuses and infinite gameplayIncrease your mining level to mine stronger rocksHire miners to mine for youPrestige once you progress far enough for additional bonusesAn incremental/idle game inspired by all of the incremental games Ihave played.This is the first app I have created so feedback is very welcome:)
Miner's Idle 2 3.04
2nd installment of my Miner's Idle series with lots of newfeatures, content and ongoing development!•Hire miners and upgrade your clicking power to advance throughthe game unlocking and collecting different ores while gainingaccess to stronger upgrades and late game content•New Prestige Point system that adds a lot more complexity tothe game. Use your Prestige Points to multiply your purchases,purchase advanced upgrades and unlock the bonus shop, casino,permanent upgrades and more!•Upgrade your pickaxe!•Earn items and rewards through the achievement system!•Bet your money in the casino!•Find rare golden nuggets and use the upgrades to increase yourchance of finding them and how much they are worth!•Runs at 100% speed in the background - Mine ore while yousleep!•Improved user interface and optimized for older devices•Auto-save, manual save and ability to scroll through unlockedores added as requested•Lots of new ores and artwork!•No permissions
Idle Evolution 1.38
•Evolve and reap the rewards as you progressdeeper into the evolution tree!•Level up and unlock 50+ unique upgrades, each providing bonusesto aid you further into the game!•Find and unlock 20+ items, all of which giving specialbonuses!•Find ultra rare Magic Logs - Each one giving you a permanentbonus of your choice!•Spec into your skill-tree and customize which bonuses you wantto upgrade!•35+ Achievements to be earned, every achievement givespermanent bonuses!•Prestige system which rewards continuous play with permanentmultipliers!•Unlock and upgrade the autoclicker and progress when the gameis minimized!•Find growth stones and evolve your tree to its maximumpotential!•Suitable for phones and tablets!!•Game updates based on player feedback!•Background Music by•Background artwork by
Miner's Idle 3 1.31
3rd Installment of the Miner's Idle series!•Lots of new content, artwork and ongoing development based offplayer feedback!•Tap your way to arthritis or hire miners, autominers and unlockabilities to do all the mining for you!•Discover lots of new ores, each worth more than the last!•Travel through differently themed realms of rocks - Can youmake it to the end?!•Leveling system that rewards you every single time you level up- Spend your skill points wisely!•Find rare treasure chests containing unique items to boost yourmining power and other multipliers!•All new task system - Get assigned tasks and complete them forpermanent rewards!•Unlock and obtain various pickaxes to mine more ore atonce!•Earn 30+ Medals - Each giving a permanent boost!•Advanced prestige system - Play over and over to unlock more ofthe game, including -The Ore Vault, Time Travelling, the infamous bonus shop and over 15unique prestige items each giving special bonuses!Artwork by: My Sister!Background Music by: Permissions & Tablet Support!Enjoy! - Feel free to leave any feedback or suggestions for thegame via:•Google Play Store comments•Twitter: @Incremental_Inc•Email: [email protected]
Miner's Idle HD 1.061
•Tap your way through the mines todiscoverlots of different rocks and ores!•Unlock abilities and hire miners to do all the work foryou!•Levelling system - Earn experience and unlock more contentasyou play!•Unlock and upgrade various pickaxes to minemoreefficiently!•Prestige system - Advance through the game multiple times -eachtime with new unique bonuses!•Game updates based on player feedback!Release date: 3rd March 2016
Idle Evolution 2 1.0.91
The sequel to Idle Evolution is now here!Idle Evolution 2 is an in depth idle / clicker / incrementalgame based on evolving and upgrading different trees throughvarious stages of evolution and using a large amount of upgrades toassist and reward you in the process - The more you progress in thegame the more features you will unlock!Features:•Evolve your tree into multiple evolution stages!•Hire various characters to assist you and automate tapping!•Unlock hundreds of different upgrades to progress through thegame!•Levelling system - Unlock new content the higher level youachieve!•Achievements - Each achievement gives a boost to yourstats!•Randomly find lots of different items that give uniquebonuses!•Advanced prestige system to make the game more rewarding themore you play!•Upgradeable hold-to-tap feature!•Offline Progress when the game is minimized or closed!•Randomly generated scenery and animal life!•Suitable for tablets!•Updates based on player suggestions and feedback!- Made using Game Maker Studio:)
Coin Block Hero 1.0.51
Coinblock Hero is an Idle / Incremental /Clicker game that combines and rewards both active and idlegameplay - suitable for both casual and experienced fans ofincremental games!•Hire an army of minions to assist you towards block dominance!•Offline Progress - Stack damage while you are not playing andunleash it all when you return!•Hold-To-Tap - Automatically tap while holding down thescreen!•Unlock lots of upgrades, bonuses and features!•Levelling and prestige system - Progress further the more youplay!•Google leaderboards - Compete again other players!•Minigames - Play classic games while your minions do all thework!•Specialise into upgrades that promote both active and idlegameplay!•Game Updates based off player suggestions and feedback!Support: @Incremental_Inc or [email protected]
🌲 Lumberjack Attack! - Idle Game 2.0.3
The forest has been invaded by dark forcesfrom realms unknown!You, a run-of-the-mill lumberjack must defend your turf from theonslaught of monsters with only an axe -- and maybe some help fromthe mysteries of the forest...◆ Features ◆๏ Protect the forest by battling waves of incoming monsters๏ Acquire help from the fairies of the forest - each offering aunique buff๏ Earn multiple currencies and spend them to make yourselfstronger๏ Multiple skill trees - customise your levelling experience๏ Prestige - unlock powerful relics to enhance your strength๏ Idle and active gameplay - suitable for players with eitherpreference๏ Abilities - Spend mana and activate powerful abilities๏ Offline Progress - Kill monsters, earn gold and restore manawhile offline!๏ Pixel Art - All the graphics are in a cute pixel art style๏ Leaderboards - Compete against other players!◆ Summary◆Lumberjack Attack! is an idle / clicker / incremental game brimmingwith features to keep gameplay interesting and entertaining.There are plenty of different features to unlock, items to upgradeand skill trees to invest in which means you can lead a diversegameplay path.The prestige system allows you to unlock unique items, each givinga specific bonus which will aid you in progressing further.The game is designed to reward both active and passive gameplay, ifyou like to constantly interact with the game you can do so and ifyou like to not have to pay much attention to the game it willstill auto-battle monsters, furthermore you can kill monsters, earngold and restore mana even when the game is closed!Suggestions and feedback are very much appreciated!๏