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PicMix - Photos in Collages
What happened when two top photo appscombined? One app to rule them all!PicMix now has integrated powerful photo editing functions from thefamous Camera360. Enhance your photo collage into the best collagethe world has ever seen. Try it for yourself now!What's new in this version:- Adding several aspect ratio options- Adding Camera360 photo enhancer in Editing section. Access thisfeature by tapping the Enhance icon.- Swap photos in collages easily by tap, hold and drag- New video editing interface- Bug fixWhile we always try to deliver the best for you, we humbly admitthat some of Android devices might encounter an issue in videoediting. If you were one of these fellas, please do let us knowyour case by sending us an email to [email protected] with millions of users worldwide, find new friends and bePOPULAR among PicMix community!Amazing feature and activities you can find in PicMix:• PHOTO EDITORS: brighten your dark photos, add contrast to yourdull image, layer with photo effects that always makes your photoseven more beautiful. Crop and Rotate to make them fit theframe.• PHOTO COLLAGE: the simplest and easiest app to create COLLAGEphotos. PicMix collage frame are fully customisable, drag theborder around the frame to make your very own collage. Fit in asmuch as photos in collage, there is no limit! perfect for #ootd,perfect for family photos, perfect for multiple selfies.• FIND NEW FRIENDS, BE POPULAR: Making photos in PicMix can get younew friends too! great photos (or beautiful selfie) instantlygetting you many followers, making you popular among our 26 millionusers.• PHOTO CONTEST: Join regularly held photo contest! your selfie oryour style can win you lots of actual prizes, from smartphones toholiday ticket! the ONLY apps with photo contest that gives youreal prizes!• PHOTO FRAME: hundreds of fancy and uniquely designed frame tochoose for every ocassion, love frame for valentine, scary framefor halloween, christmas frame, new year frame, magazine frame,branded frame and many others! new frames added regularly from ourlovely design team. Got suggestion on what frame you want to seenext? email us! we will make it happen!• CUTE STICKERS: add stickers to make your photo even cuter!sunglasses, bunny head, popping eyes, funny characters, andetc• SHARE: share your photo to Path, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram andKakaoTalk• PICMIX MALL: get the latest heavy discount on favorite item fromvarious online stores, exclusive in PicMix.• STORIES: read interesting stories from entertainment news, jokes,memes, daily quotes and many more!• GROUPS: meet and socialize with people with sameinterests!.This application is requiring following permission from yourphone:*WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: required to store edited photos and videosto your storage*READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: required to load photos and videos intoPicMix Photo / Video editor*RECORD_AUDIO: required to record audio when you use videofeature*ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION: required to add location into your photos /videos*CAMERA: required whenever you want to take photos using PicMixapp
Sweets Line - Sweetest Puzzle! 1.0.1
Once upon a sweet day, colonies of Ant isvisiting a colourful candy house. Inside the house, the Ant turnsinto different colour and they can only eat candies according totheir body colour.Help Ants create a line of candies of the same color withoutinterlocking with each other!- 2 MAP MODES: Regular Map and Contact Map- 5 BOARD SIZE: from 5x5 to 9x9- 200 LEVEL ON EACH MAP!: that's 2000 level total and unlimitedplaytime of sweetness!!
Endless Gems 1.0.3
Help Bimbim find 12 types of gem stones.Combine the same type of gem stone by moving the stone to left orright, top or bottom, to make it into a more beautiful gem stones.There is 2 modes that can be played with, 3x3 and 4x4. Mode 4x4is unlocked after you achieve 300 scores in 3x3's mode.To help you play the game, you can use 3 types of power up,destroy, swap, and merge.
Love Frames 1.0.1
Love is in the air.Why don't you express your love in fun, happy and yet romanticway?Love Frames definitely will help you sending your lovely picture toyour loved ones.Download now and enjoy many romantic photo frames!
--- SPECIAL CHRISTMAS EDITION---introducing new character for Christmas: KRAMPUS!KRAMPUS was once a nice and joyful Santa from Northern Europe,but the evil spirits of naughty kids around the world conspire tocorrupt his heart, making him the MOST FRIGHTENING SANTA withhearth full of Evil Intention!His mission, on every night of christmas season, he'll unleashhis wrath among kids who have been nothing but an annoying, bully,naughty and spoiled. He has many ways of torture, include dippingkids in peanut butter sauce, wrapping kids in aluminium foil,squeezing kids into a hard-pressed sandwich!COPONK, being the least evil of all evil, heard of his plan,decided to invite him to play to Coponk's graveyard. With Christmasdecoration everywhere in the grave, KRAMPUS agree to join him andannoy the talking trees!-----------------------------------------------------------------UNLOCK the secret character: FROSTY, an evil snowman with pointynose, grim eyes and pair of wooden arm ready to slap anyone who gettoo close!-----------------------------------------------------------------COPONK - Pocong from Graveyard is a squash game (you know thattennis you play with yourself), set innot-so-tense-but-scary-anyway graveyard environment, and lots oftwists. People says.. graveyard does come alive at night, whenhuman sleep, the corpse awakes. And since Internet and Smartphoneare not their thing, they play Squash instead!You'll play as COPONK, who happen to be a Pocong (IndonesianZombie). Your goal is to keep bouncing the ball into an annoyedtalking tree with a single tap on your smartphone!. score highestpoint among your friend, and be careful when it gets too high,something awaits you.. you... you.. uu.. uu #echoingCOLLECT Spirits to get various Powerups to aid Coponk in hisquest!UNLOCK other characters by collecting spirits!
Kenzo - The Jumping Ninja! 1.0.1
Although born in Edo Era and wearing all blackclothes, Kenzo is not your typical Ninja! because all he cares arejust true love and gold coins!Kenzo jump from one spot to another, collecting coins for thewealthiness of his village while trying to save the princess ofnorthern village! but the path to be rich and loved is not easy! becareful of Traps and Foes!STORY MODEon top of the cellulite hill, trapped princess Kesha, who Kenzo hascrushed in since they were just kids. Apparently, the abandonedtemple in where Kesha trapped, is also a burial site of ancientgolds. There has enough gold to feed the entire Kenzo's village forlifetime and to afford costly honeymoon Kenzo has planned! hearingthis rumour, with little to no experience at all (we mean you..),Kenzo head to the hill. There are 10 stages to reach the top, eachhas its own set of traps and increasing difficulties. Knowing whatlies ahead, Kenzo does not look back! Simply conquer each stage byjumping and jumping! collect power up to help Kenzo clear thestages quickly. princess Kesha and the golds awaits..SURVIVAL MODEBeside the cellulite hill, there is the Diarhoa hill.. which seemsto doesn't have an end! Kenzo loved to play here since he was a kidand he still is! keep jumping and collect as much coins aspossible. beat your friend high score and show how Kenzo youare!!CONTROLThe game has very simple control that even Kenzo can do it:TAP to start the stageTILT right or left to jump left and rightTILT FAST to jump faster
Indonesia Trivia 1.0.2
Kamu bilang kamu pinter? tahu bangetIndonesia? coba main ini dulu!!Indonesia Trivia adalah permainan trivia dengan koleksipertanyaan2 seputar Indonesia.Ada lebih dari 1,000 pertanyaan menantang! dari yang palinggampang, sampai yang konyol sulitnya! dijamin kamu tidak akanmelihat pertanyaan yang sama.Terdapat beragam pertanyaan dengan topik2 yang berbeda-beda.Seperti sejarah, geografi, politik, selebritis, gosip danpengetahuan umum lainnya. ada dua mode yang dapat kamu mainkan:Single Player dan MultiplayerSINGLE PLAYER- Jawab setiap pertanyaan dengan benar agar kamu memperoleh poinyang cukup untuk melanjutkan ke tahap berikutnya yang lebihmenantang!- Setiap pertanyaan terdapat empat (4) jawaban pilihan ganda- Waktu untuk menjawab setiap pertanyaan sangat terbatas! jadi kamugak bisa curang nyontek Google :p- Ada 8 Tahap / Level, yang masing2 mempunyai 8 pertanyaan.- Kalau kamu bisa melewati semua tahap, masa depan kamu pasticerah!- Setiap menyelesaikan Single Player, maka poin kamu otomatis akanmasuk ke daftar ranking orang2 paling pinter sejagad rayaIndonesiaMULTIPLAYER- Mirip seperti Single Player, namun kamu bisa menantang temankamu- Teman yang kamu tantang akan menyelesaikan tahap yang ama- yang paling banyak menyelesaikan tahap, dia lah yang menang. yangkalah boleh muji2 yang menangRANKING- disini menampilkan pemain2 dengan poin2 tertinggi, kalau namakamu masuk dalam daftar ranking, berarti kamu berbakat sekali!You said you clever?Indonesia really know? try playing this first !!Indonesia Trivia is a trivia game with a collection pertanyaan2about Indonesia. There are more than 1,000 challenging questions! of theeasiest, to the ridiculous difficulty! guaranteed you will not seethe same question.There are a variety of questions with different topik2. Such ashistory, geography, politics, celebrities, gossip and other generalknowledge. There are two modes you can play: Single Player andMultiplayerSINGLE PLAYER- Answer any questions correctly so that you earn enough points toproceed to the next stage which is more challenging!- Any question, there are four (4) multiple choice answers- Time to answer each question is very limited! so you can notcheat cheat Google: p- There are 8 Stage / Level, which masing2 have 8 questions.- If you can get through all the stages, you must be a brightfuture!- Each complete the Single Player, then points you willautomatically go to the ranking list of the most clever orang2highway Worldwide IndonesiaMULTIPLAYER- Much like the single player, but you can challenge yourfriends- People who challenge you will complete stage ama- The most complete the stage, he was the one who wins. be theloser wins muji2RANKING- Here displays point2 pemain2 the highest, if the name you enteredin the ranking list, means you're talented at all!
Find My Home 1.0.2
Find My Home is fun-but-challengingslidingpuzzle game for your mobile device!The goal is to help our friend (named Seobagsa Daseos) tofindhis way home after a series of unfortunately incidentshappened.Move all the obstacles and clear the way to advance intonextlevel.**WARNING: DANGEROUSLY ADDICTIVE**
Map Hunter 1.0
We'll give you a HINT, you just have topointout where that City is located at! Sounds easy? have a try!"FUN, UNIQUE, CHALLENGING.. in a SMART way.." - some friendofmine"WOW! I can't believe its so challenging! even my 7 yearsoldbrother is better than me on this " - another friend of mine"I suck.. " - friend of friend of mineMAP HUNTER is a game where you have to locate and accurately putapin on a city, of which the HINT about it, will be shown. Youonlyhave very limited time to quickly locate the city on ablankmap.There are several levels with different type of HINT, and itgetsincreasingly difficult and challenging after each level!After completing each level, your point will be collectedandyour name can appear on RANKING BOARD if you scoredmanypoints!on MULTIPLAYER mode, you can challenge your friend tocompletethe same levels you'll encounter. This is where you proveyourselfworthy! smart! and deserve a spot of Earth Presidentnomination, ifsuch thing ever exists.
Trapped in the Jungle 1.1.1
When Kiki wake up from he sleep, he can't findhis mother. Kiki have to enter a jungle full of trap looking forhis mother, can you help Kiki find a way to rescue hismother?Gameplay:- Touch your screen and follow the path. Don't go off the path orrelease your touch.- Find the fastest route to find mother.- Bear trap can close it trap fast, so be careful when you passit.- A rotten bridge can make you fall into the river.- Sometime you must use a tree log as a bridge and it isnarrow.- Check Point is the only way to slide the screen.- Cage can be opened by pressing a hidden button.- Jack have a gun, make sure you dodge the bullet.
Shopping Slider 1.0.2
★★★★★ Shopping Slider - Awesome PuzzleGame!★★★★★Enjoy hundreds of challenges!Resolve relaxing, fascinating puzzles with simple butaddictivegameplay.
Last Dino 1.1.0
Earth once a happy and cheerful place.Thensomething happen, aliens come in the night and they stealfood.Help Trio Dino find the stolen food.- Dino Green very agile but have a weak physical power- Dino Red can eat everything, too bad even though he is fierce,heis not very agile- Dino Blue have a hard steel skin that enemy can not penetrate,butwalk very slow- Control your jump power and get some foods to survive- Many goals and upgrades waiting to be unlocked, providing hoursofentertainment- Use switch to change ability- You can use powerup to skip obstacles!
Save The Forest 1.0
PULL the rope, throw, catch and save theJungleboy's friends from falling into the mad river!30 LEVEL with increasing difficulties!SIMPLE and UNIQUE mechanism! FUN that last hours and hours!Once upon a time, in an era when Tarzan wasn't born yet,JungleBoy was playing with his dog, forrest, in the deep jungleofAmazon. Suddenly, out of nowhere, a typhoon storming in,swipinganything on its path in the jungle, wrecking trees andbuildingtsunamis. Jungle Boy's poor friend, Tata, Nico and Yogiwere blownaway by the storm and they were about to fall into themadriver.Throw your rope to save them!★ Get enough point to continue to the next level★ Try to achieve 3 Stars on each level
Sepak Bola Trivia 1.1.1
★ Do you like Soccer? ★★ Show your friends that you are a soccer mania! ★★ Hundred of questions, thousand of answers! Try complete all10stages. ★What are you waiting for, try now!
PicMix Collage 1.1
The simplest and easiest app to createCOLLAGEphotos. PicMix collage are fully customisable, drag theborderaround the frame to make your very own collage. Fit in asmuch asphotos in collage, there is no limit! perfect for #ootd,perfectfor family photos, perfect for multiple selfies.Hundreds of fancy and uniquely designed frame to choose foreveryocassion, love frame for valentine, scary frame forhalloween,christmas frame, new year frame, magazine frame, brandedframe andmany others! new frames added regularly from our lovelydesignteam. Got suggestion on what frame you want to see next?email us!we will make it happen!Add stickers to make your photo even cuter! sunglasses, bunnyhead,popping eyes, funny characters, and etcShare your photo to your favourite social media
Monster Mart 1.0.2
Build your own shopGather buyer as many as you could, get profit and upgrade andexpandyour store- Do promotion and get new kind of customer- Upgrade item so you can sell it for higher price- Upgrade store to increase transaction and speed the process- Upgrade your security and your cctv equipment to keep yourmoneysafe from Team X the robber- Google play services (Achievement, Leaderboard danCloudSave)