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Battery Doctor - Save Battery 1.2
Download our new APP Battery Doctor - save battery on Google playnow! First APP from “INTEGER PRODUCTIONS”!Battery Doctor - Save Battery is a free app which saves yourbattery from drain and finds the unused apps to delete from yourdevice.Use our perfect widget to remove apps & unused data. Provideyou with accurate information and status of the device you use. Itis compatible for all tabs and mobiles.Easy one click optimization & auto save features to saveyour battery. It’s has smart controls to delete and manage yourdata. So keep your phone with extra charge from now! This batterysaver app will increase your charging power longer. Use our widgetto save power & charge instantly.APP FEATURES:-***FREE APP to use.***App control manager to track down the status.***Easy to use.***NEW features to save power.***Accurate & smooth widget controls.***Super Power saver settings.***Disable unused & waste storage in device.***Smart Optimization & Auto energy saver.***Intelligent modes with one click optimization.***Available in all languages.***INSTANT battery fixing widget.***Accurate device & battery status.How to USE:-Easy navigation with one click instructions.If you face any problem while installing this app, please emailus at [email protected],we will try to fix it as soon as possible.
Train Driver Simulator Pro 1.4
Train Driver Pro Simulator a latest FREE andrealistic train simulator game is here!Be the train driver and drive through the realistic 3Dlocations. Go through the tunnels, control your train using simplecontrols. Easy to play game with tough levels and multiple trainupgrades.Pick up the passengers from stations, carry some freight ifdemanded, drive and control your train perfectly with modern andnew 3D graphics. Role of the train driver never have been sosmooth, keep going and enjoy the game play with easy controls.Change the camera view as per your comfort; pick up all thepassengers to drop at their respective destinations.Train Driver Pro Simulator Features:* Multiple Train Upgrades* Real Train simulator physics* Pick up & drop the passengers* Intuitive controls* Different camera angles* Free Train Simulation Game play* Social Gaming Features Enabled* Unbelievable scenes & locations* Challenging time limit* Accelerate & halt at station* Day & Night mode* Compatible with all tabs and mobile devicesHow To Play :- Accelerate upward to move forward & downwards to slowdown- Press halt to stop the train- Swipe left and right to take turnsCheck out our free games previews, game trailers, videos andmore free apps in the future.Game Videos and Trailers:
Bike Racing 2015 1.1
Bike racing 2015 is here, drive through thescenic highway vistas and enchanting road tracks on your extremesports bike as you zoom ahead of your competition. Race, Drive andSwerve to block the way of the other highway bike racers, do notlet them pass.Accelerate your bike to the to full speed to excel in this crazybike racing game. Use your bike's brake as minimal times aspossible on the highway. A new bike racing game where you cancontrol everything! Off-road, highway roads, twisting lanes, crazystreets, tough desert roads we have them all.Choose from a splendid variety of extreme biking locations anddefeat all the other highway racers. Get ready to race and rule theextreme highways and crazy roads with your very own highway bikerace! Set the wild extreme highway biker in you free and Be theundisputed highway biker champ now!Features :• FREE to play extreme bike racing game.• Choose from choppers, motorbikes, racing bikes, sports bikesetc.• Drive at your fastest with simplistic controls.• Select from various tracks.• Collect cash, boost on your way to get the extreme edge.• Test your highway bike handling skills.• High fidelity graphics with an addictive bike racing gameplay.• Optimized for tablets and compatible with all devices.How to Play:Tilt your phone/tablet on right/left side to changedirection.Tap and hold on the icon to accelerate.Check out our free games previews, game trailers, videos andmore free apps in the future.Game Videos and Trailers:
Ninja Blades Brim Run 3D 1.2
Ninja Blades Brim Run 3D is a fast and super ADDICTIVE game. Itlead you enter a fantastic world without the control by thegravity.As a Ninja you need jump up and down to get throughdifferent barriers.Play as a dangerous yet fun loving ninja and upgrade to variousroles like Super ninja, Thief Ninja,Fighter Ninja,Master Ninja andWarrior Ninja.Forward running is the only way to keep your life.Andtake care about the route, a little oversight need you start again.One of the BEST 3D running game rendered in astonishinglyLIFELIKE detail by an all-new ANIMATION system.Simple ONE TOUCHrunning game with CLASSIC CONTROLS and a GRIPPING GAMEPLAY.Do you have what it takes to kick, punch, jump, and slash your wayto VICTORY? There’s only one way to find out.Easy controls and anAMAZING ambience make this game an oriental ninja delight!Take control of our hero, grab all the coins; DODGE the obstacles,run, jump, and glide! Just do anything to keep him alive.Try ourall new MULTI PLAYER RUNNING feature!Run along with your ninja friends!In this unique running format,Go along with yourfriends and beat them with our latest advancedmultiplayer feature to make your gaming experience immersive andvisually stunning.Run Ninja Run!GAME FEATURES☻ Fast pace and simple control☻ Amazing power-up boosts!☻ Endless ninja fun☻ Global leader board & achievement☻ Watch out for obstacles & ledges☻ FREE to play Game☻ Multiple Ninja UpgradesHow to PLAY☻ Swipe your fingers to move left and right.☻ Swipe your finger to jump.Find us on YOUTUBE you face any problem while installing this app, Pleaseemail/report us at [email protected],We will try to fix it as soon as possible.
Stickman Badminton Champion 1.2
Stickman Badminton Champion Aim, Tap and the swipe your finger toserve and deliver your most powerful shots to the opponent.Get this beautiful fast paced INTEGER game for the thrill of alifetime.Get tons of replay value, astonishing atmospheres,real time match statistics, immersing gameplay,unlock tough achievements all on ONE FREE GAME!We are here once again with our latest badminton game to get youaddicted with :*Realistic Badminton Physics*Intuitive One finger controls*Championship and Career modes to improve your skill*Shop with the latest upgrades*Outstanding Sound Effects*Endearing Stickman character & animations*Mutliple hitting angles*Super Intelligent AI all set to defeat you!*High and clear Ball*Match Statistics*Compete with your friends with the integrated world rankingleaderboard*Smooth Animations with 60 Frames per secondHow to Play:Tap your phone/tablet on right side to play shot.Tap on left to control left, right and jump.Check out our free games previews, game trailers, videos andmore free apps in the future.Subscribe our channel & Play our new games every week.If you face any problem while installing this app, please emailus at [email protected],we will try to fix it as soon as possible.
San Andreas Sniper Shooting 1.2
San Andreas Sniper Shooting the best game inaction category.This Sniper shooting game scenes will make you to go throughextremely startling battles.You perform as the killer just like the Sniper Killer 3D. You willscheduled with multiple missions to destroy the target base at thedeserted city.Be accurate in you shoot, fight with all your power-ups to become ahero protecting the city.Complete combat missions around the city.This Sniper Shooting Game has exquisite game screen,Simple operation with full of passion which let you can't stop thisshooting game. In this game you need a analysis of fast,Accurate, aggressive shooting techniques, which allow your headto calm down, to enjoy this demanding game now! The screen is agreat improvement, with smooth operations.This is a cross-action game in which you will have to go deep intothe battlefield carrying weapons around the city to complete aarray of tasks and setback all the terrorists.We bring this game for all a modern sniper lovers to get themready to play your part in dangerous attacks and silentmissions.Wipe out a troop of enemies at each level and take out thesingle high-profile target in your mission.Gets San Andreas Sniper Shooting FREE on the Store Now! If you likekilling time play sniper games, shooting game,Battle and crime in simulator then this is the perfect game.Get ready for the headshot now!Game Features:* Full touch screen operation* Intense battle scenes with Realistic visual effects* Rich weapon system* FREE GAME to play* Amazing levels to complete* Graphic, 3D and shooting sound* Fun and addictive game-play* Dynamic Effects and Animations* Many challenging levels* Competitive LevelsHow To Play :* Tap your phone/tablet on right side to shoot and left to zoomin & out.* Tap anywhere to navigate the area.Find us onFacebook - - you have any problem in installation, please report to us [email protected] We will try to fix it as soon aspossible.
Ascent Unlimited 1.0
ASCENT UNLIMITED is amusing and addictive gamewith charming and entertaining characters. This ASCENT UNLIMITEDfun game to play. A cast of character along with multi-coloredanimations which will entertain you in this ascent unlimited game.This exploit game has what every fun and easy to play gameneeds. Good HD graphics, fun game play with many special scenarios.You have one job in this game and this job is simple. Collect asmany beautiful flowers and do not get killed or cracked by manyobstacles that are on bees way.Help the cute bee in this ASCENT UNLIMITED to get to a place byavoiding difficulty. Sounds easy right? Well… no, its not. How farwill you get before you give up? Can you manage to reach a theheights score? Download now ASCENT UNLIMITED for Free.How to Help :-* Tap to control and change direction
Crazy Highway Racer 1.0
Explore the world, driving your car andthrough highway traffic, earn cash, buy new cars.Experience the real driving and racing on highway roads. Show yourspeed driving skills and take complete control of the vehicle.Drive fast but slow down in dense traffic on the highway.Drive one of the legendary cars along a difficult road full oftraffic and try to regain control in extreme driving conditions.Learn extreme driving in this crazy highway. Drive fast and stayfocused else you will crash!Endless racing is now redefined!What are you waiting for? Get yourself ready for the challenginggame Crazy highway racer!!Crazy highway racer game features:- Stunning 3D graphics- Smooth and realistic car handling- Unique cars to select- different 3D environmentHow to PlayTilt or Touch to steer- Touch gas button to accelerate- Touch brake button to slow down
Ambulance Emergency Driver 3D 1.0
AMBULANCE EMERGENCY DRIVER 3D is one of thenew emergency and thrilling game on the Google play store. You willbe a part of AMBULANCE EMERGENCY DRIVER 3D game and all you need isto rush to the aid and you are responsible for saving many lives asa ambulance driver.Driving an ambulance is always a critical taskbecause it’s always in a state of emergency and you need to bequick and accurate. So have a clean look on the hurdles, sharpturns and heavy traffic that you face.Do not hit any vehicle orobstacles that come in your way. Get into the scene straight byfollowing the indications in the game. You need to know how todrive an ambulance carefully. In this AMBULANCE EMERGENCY DRIVER 3Dgame you have to drive fast around the city in your ambulance andhelp patients by carrying them to the doctor in the hospital.Therefore you need to know how to drive your vehicle you need toknow how to turn in small spaces.To know-how the thrill, download AMBULANCE EMERGENCY DRIVER 3D onyou Android mobiles now for FREE.
Crazy Kicker Football 1.0
Experience the free-kick action of yourfavorite 3D soccer game like no other!Play CRAZY KICKER-FOOTBALL, the most intense free-kick soccer gameto practice your free-kick skills on Android. With the smoothestcontrols ever and one finger playable! Blasting, curving or evenchipping the football in just one swipe.An immersive simulation of a real life gaming kick with the mostintensive control mode in this CRAZY KICKER-FOOTBALL game.Swipe your finger across the screen to kick or block the ballwith perfect control of angel, speed and power.Simply amazing right from the first minute. With beautifullyanimated graphics to watch the best goals from all possible angles,so as not to lose a single detail.Super realistic animations using the latest technology withrealistic gaming experience.We proudly presents the ultimate game changer in soccer gaming –CRAZY KICKER-FOOTBALL.Download on your Android mobiles for FREE.
Extreme Off Road Driver 1.1
Ever wanted to try a rally car simulator?Now you can drive a 4x4 SUV car and feel a sports rally car forfree!Be a furious rally driver on a whole terrain for you.You will drive car in mountain rocky environments, in the winteron the snow and everywhere off road with EXTREME OFF ROADDRIVER.Drifting fast and doing burnouts off road had never been sofun!Travel around the varied landscapes and tune each vehicle tomeet the demands of challenging terrain.Get the real feel of nature with realistic off road bus drivingon hills and mountain tops.Play as the extreme off road driver to fulfill the duty of cargotransportation.The game play revolves inside the mountains, hill tops, water,rocks and beautiful nature scenes.Be careful with your driving or replay entire level due to thedamage.Enjoy hours of non-stop driving with multiple game play missionswill Extreme Off road Driver.How to Play:-Tap your phone/tablet on right side to drive/brake.Tap on left to control steering.If you have any problem in installation, please report tous.We will try to fix it as soon as possible.
Trucks Simulator 1.0
Welcome to Trucks Simulator-The latestrealistic hill driving simulator on roads.Absolutely a truck transporter game with amazing soundtracks.Your goal is to put in the truck without dropping the load tothe end point you to deliver within the time stipulated.Go fast but control your car,accelerate to Enjoy the game!! Tryto be the best off-road Truck Driver in the world.Roads are waiting for you,become the ultimate KING OF THEROADS.Are you ready for the exciting hill climbing environments andchallenging game to reach the destination.Perfect fun for both adults and kids who love driving heavyvehicles and stunting on dirt roads and skidding pathways.How To Play :Tap your phone/tablet on right to change "Gears" andTransport.Control the steering on left side.If you have any problem in installation, please report to usinstead of giving negative comments.We will try to fix it as soon as possible.
Dragons Flight 1.0
Build an adventurous world in Dragon City!Dragon's Flight is a fabulous game to play!!Explore the wild landof the vast animal world. The most interactive and beautiful dragonbreeding and battling game!Collect and discover all kinds of different dragons! Make yourdragon learn new special skills of flying in the air.Experience the unlimited fun and display the dragon power. Learnhow to train your dragon to Slide down the hills jumping into andout of the ground on your way.Super fast and furious game play. Flying dragons will drive youcrazy. You will forget yourself in playing. Very addictive game toplay!! The flying dragons will make you alert with their swings.Test your game frequency.Find the Customization skins, new specials, forests, new maps andunique powerful dragons.Are you ready for the adventure!! Wanna have fun with dragon??Don’t wait just start playing !!Amazing Dragon’s flight game is for adventure folks!!Game features:*UPGRADE & fly with different dragons.*NEW amazing concept & theme.*Amazing flight simulation features.*Real 3D environments & special effects.*Smooth controls for flying your dragon.*Explore different worlds & new missions.How to Play:-Tap on arrow keys to move left & right.Tilt to control the dragon UP & Down.Drag the bar towards UP to control speed & fly your dragon.
Wolf Simulator 3D 1.2
Wolf Simulator 3D the latest simulation gamethat offers you the role of the canine prey hunter to hunt downvarious animals. Love animal simulation games, then it’s time totake control of the wolf and attack all but beware there arecarnivore animal like lion, tiger and jaguar that will kill thewolf.Wolf Simulator 3D is filled with different type of animals, youcan jump, pounce and scratch, a map is provided to scale the wholeforest to find the target to catch.Features- Easy controls- Amazing 3D Graphics- Realistic wolf simulation- Many camera views- Free to play.Try and live the life of a wolf in this wolf simulator game.Download Now!
Crazy Cab Driver - City Roads 1.0
Crazy Cab Driver - City Roads is the new taxisimulation experience. In this game take the role of the city taxidriver who has to drive through all the traffic and reach thepassengers so that he can drop them off to their destination. Ifyou reach the destination in time then you might even get a tip. Soget ready to get behind the wheels of the best taxi car ever andrace your way towards your fares.
100% FREE game play 
Pick the cab you wantand drive through the city
UPGRADE new taxi &cars. 
Realistic car physics to feel the drive. 
Amazing& exciting levels.
Real 3D environments, with multiple cameraviews. 
Smooth controls for racing & driving yourcar.
Explore different cities & new missions.
Time is not onyour side, you got limited time to pick up and dropsuccessfully!!

Army War Truck Driver 1.2
Get ready for some 3D military commandoaction.Clear the base and transport massive army trucks on a cargo tooutright war missions.Are you ready to drive through the threatening tracks in hillylocations while your army isstuck with heavy loads in war field.Your duty in the army begins as the ARMY WAR TRUCK DRIVER.This is a new kind of truck driving game where you need to load andunloadthe high value military material and army vehicles on top of anarmy cargo truck.Drive through dangerous pathways, keeping away from stumblingsegments.Be a part of modern military assault mission in ARMY WAR TRUCKDRIVER simulator game,rescue and lead your army truck with you skilled driving.get in your army truck to experience the best driver simulatoron the Google play store for FREE.How to Play:Tap your phone/tablet on right to change "Gears “Control the steering on left side.Find us onFacebook - - you have any problem in installation, please report to us [email protected] will try to fix it as soon as possible.
Army Renegade Escape 1.0
Welcome to "ARMY RENEGADE ESCAPE". Theultimate 3D transporter simulation game where allyou have to do is load the army equipment and transport to thedestination carefully withoutlosing your balance and also your timing.Complete the each level task and earn money to buy new big crazyarmy trucks.Upgrade new and latest more powerful army vehicles to make yourtransport easy and efficient.Sit back enjoy and play along as we bring you another excitinggame of ARMY RENEGADE ESCAPE with HD graphics and real 3Denvironments.Monstrous bombs loaded in cargo truck to destroy enemies.We have intense challenging missions and level based progressionfor your entertainment.Drive and upgrade multiple army vehicles like big missile truck,tanks, jeep, rocket launcher and MORE!Amazingly realistic environments like desert,war,field withcontainers, oil barrels, tankers for you to explore in this armytransporter game!How to play:Drag the bombs into the transport truck.Tap your phone/tablet on right side to race / brake.Use the steering to turn left/right.Shift the gears to forward or backward as you need.If you have any problem in installation, please report to usinstead of giving negative comments.We will try to fix it as soon as possible.
Truck Driving 4x4 1.4
Truck Driving 4x4 is the best truck driversimulator game, experience lovely landscapes and roads of beautifulcities. Transporting highly expensive and fragile goods from onecity to another is a job that high precision and extreme skill.Drive the truck through different kinds of natural disasters likelandslides and avalanches.The driving is realistic and exciting, the player gets theopportunity to climb hills with trucks loaded with cargo that is totransported. Driving into this amazing simulation world of vehiclesis a really good getaway from daily life.If you have any problem in installation, please report to us [email protected] will try to fix it as soon as possible.
Crazy Wheel Mayhem 1.0
If you grew up liking crazy wheel games , youare going to love CRAZY WHEEL MAYHEM!First time in the history of Android wheel games,There comes a extreme game that is the perfect answer to your needfor speed on a wheels.It’s as realistic as it gets combining the laws of PhysicsandThe adrenaline rush that one gets when driving the actual wheel.Game Features* Fun Game* Smooth control* Addictive game play* 100% Free GameHow To Play :* Tap to Jump from one wheel to another wheel.
Bus Driver - Airport 1.2
Bus Driver Airport the amazing new simulationwhich makes the player experience the life of a driver who works inthe airport. Driving a bus has never been this fun. The flightcontrol tower will signal you then you have to drive the transportvehicle to the air plane then the passengers will climb on then youhave to drop them off at the arrival gate. The simulator is a goodone for anyone who wants to earn some cash and expertise in theaviation industry game. Prove your ability as the best bus driveron the whole team. In this sim there is no city traffic but lookoutfor flying planes and be an excellent bus driver.Features :Control real Bus.
Drive with traffic or without traffic 
Auto speed ups and boosters
Intelligent Traffic System.
Realistic bus driver experienceSteering Wheel,Buttons or Tilting controls 
Realistic city environments.Amazing 3D graphicsIf you have any problem in installation, please report to us [email protected] We will try to fix it as soon aspossible.
Truck Trailer Driver 1.2
Truck Trailer Driver, you have multiple Truckswith load that are exciting and challenging to ride. Be a truckdriver, check your driving skill and drive your vehicle to reachthe destination. Your goal is to deliver the load without droppingto the end point within the time limit.Absolutely a simulator physics game with amazing sound track. Gofast but Control your truck, accelerate to Enjoy the game !! Try tobe the best Truck Driver in the world.Features :Drive across city roads and highways.Easy ControlsBeautiful 3D GraphicsRealistic truck simulationAchievements and LeaderboardsExpert truck driver modeFree to playHow To Play :Tap your phone/tablet on right to change "Gears “and Transport.Control the steering on left side.
Goods Transporter 3D 1.1
Goods transporter one of the best goodstransporting game. Here we tie up with the fun of good transporttruck games with realistic simulation.Justify your driving skills by transporting the valuable cargoesto the various locations successfully. Annoy all the stumblingblocks that come on the way to transport the cargoes safely to thestation without causing any damage and loss to the cargo whiledriving. Scheme all the hedges on the way. Treat your drivingskills by furnishing the levels on time in the jungle and cityenvironment.The fun is in delivering goods and driving most modern transporttruck! You have various trucks to choose! Make your drivingexperience more realistic! Complete all truck deliverymissions!How to Play:-Tap your phone/tablet on right side to drive/brake.Tap on left to control steering.
Train Sim Mania 1.2
Train Sim Mania is a latest train simulatorthat will allow you to become the best train driver!Awesome Train Sim Mania is a realistic physics game with amazinggraphics and beautiful background.Train Sim Mania is an addictive game to play. Get yourself ready toplay Train Sim Mania and enjoy driving your train on the wavybridge crossing beautiful mountains and trees. Detailed maps,amazing trains, wonderful and stunning features will make you feellike driving a real train! Use your skill to drive historical ormodern trains perfectly in 3D. You drive your train along the trackwith shaky goods in it. Train Sim Mania will make you feel happyand crazy playing it.In this fun and challenging train simulation game, you aresupposed to drive smooth and drop the freights at their destinationwithout missing any of the content. Have a super control on yourmove and keep your drive on track. Be careful when you press breakbecause there are chances of letting your goods fall down. If youdon’t finish the duty of dropping goods on time then you need tostart over again in this wonderful train sim game which you candownload for free on Google play. Train Sim is perfect fun for bothadults and kids who love trains.Train is ready on track with goods, Are you ready for the challengeand complete crazy levels of train sim? Still waiting?? Now thecountdown starts ready set go!!We hope you will have fun and will enjoy our newest Train SimMania game!GAME FEATURES♦ Awesomely Realistic 3D graphics♦ Different trains to drive♦ Amazing & exciting levels.♦ Realistic 3D Train Types♦ Realistic 3D Environments♦ Realistic Train Sounds♦ Intuitive train controls♦ Addictive game for free♦ Custom weather conditions♦ Natural environment.♦ Wavy Bridge will drive you crazy!!Happy Driving!!How to Play:Tap your phone/tablet on right side to drive / brake.Tap on left to control steeringFind us onFacebook- - you have any problem in installation, please report to us [email protected] will try to fix it as soon as possible.
Nuclear Bomb Transport 1.1
Download NUCLEAR BOMB TRANSPORT, our new 3Dgame on android.This is right and tough job for all those action packed loversahead and your duty is to take missileto the base station without any damage to the bomb transport.All your task is thrilling and easy, you have to make sure totransfer the truck to a secure locationotherwise your truck will lead to a great damage.Experience the multiple varieties of obstacles including in thisspeed bumps and mines that are placed on ground in every advancedlevels.You need to be fast because u have limited amount of time toreach the destination to place the Nuclear truck.Get your Bomber Friends now and join them in this terriblyheated fun in this multiplayer game.Collect all the power ups to get more stable. Freeze now byDownloading NUCLEAR BOMB TRANSPORT for FREE on Android!Game Features:* It's a FREE game.* HD truck and bomb 3D model* Crazy Big Truck and heavy transport trucks to upgrade* Thrilling and destructive time honored levels* Standard Bomber man game-play, with controls polished fortouchscreen!* Detailed 3D graphics gives realistic experience* ONLINE leader boards with a new ranking system in GooglePlay* Fascinating arena and sound* SHARE and challenge your friends on Facebook & GooglePlusHow to Play:* Tap to Race and Tilt to control balance.Find us on:Facebook - - you have any problem in installation, please report to us [email protected] will try to fix it as soon as possible.
Cargo Truck Driving 1.1
Have you ever tried of driving a heavyvehicle? Change your gears, raise your paddle and carefully drivethrough other vehicles like trucks, cars,bikes, bus etc,.Driving a big truck can be difficult, will you be able to finishall the jobs?This game is a truck simulator game on roads. Becareful while crossing roads and traffic signals at roundabout.You will enjoy this game, if you like truck games and simulatorgames. Become a crazy driver of truck and Experience the realisticdriving pleasure!!Have fun with cargo truck driving game in Realistic Locations.Game features:* New heavy transport trucks* Amazing Cargo Truck simulation game* Good Physics and racing simulator* HD graphics and Amazing Sound* Feel the real 3D experience* Amazing and exciting levels to play.* Easy and smooth simulation game features.How to Play:-Tap your phone/tablet on right side to drive / brake.Tap on left to control steering.
Heavy Truck Driver 1.1
Enjoy the first ever mega Heavy Truck Driversimulator game with the truck operator likes never before.Play this truck driving game with the control which is true to theoriginals in high-quality 3D graphics.Experience the uniqueness in heavy truck driving game.In this game your main object is to drive and control your truckloader to move aside or load material into trucks.Load and carry the material to the target with extreme care withouthitting any objects.Simulate you heavy truck game fun in an amazing Heavy TruckDriver simulator game with high accuracy.Bring the excitement of driving and managing Heavy Vehicles to yourphone. Heavy Truck Driver a real fun!Download Now at Google PlayGame Features* Show real talent in each challenging levels* Exciting precision truck controls* Modern loader trucks* Utmost actions of lifting and loading* And many more!* 100 Free game* Collect coins to unlock all trucksHow to Play:Swipe your finger to drag load into the truck.Tap your phone/tablet on right side to race / brake.Tap left side to control steering.Shift the gear to forward or backward as you need.
Airport Bus Driver 1.1
Airport Bus Driver is the best driving gameever!! Bus Driving is different from other vehicle drivinggamesPush the limits of simulation to the apex with Transporter.From the makers of the best airbus games comes out a simmasterpiece that is all set to stagger and amaze you.You are playing the role of an airport bus driver and your job isto transport bus passengers from one terminal to the otherterminal.Avoid other vehicles like big trucks, heavy trucks, cars, busesand airplanes parked at the airport. Pick and transport thepassengers to the airplane from the airport terminal.Become a bus Driver & achieve the target assigned toyou!Sharp turns, Heavy loads, Tons of truck options, multiple anglesmake this game a sure shot winner.Game Features:- Excellent HD Graphics and backgrounds.- NEW Gear with Turbo FAST speed.- New airport buses to select- Easy and smooth steering control.How to play:Tap your phone/tablet on right to change "Gears “and race.Control the steering on left side.
Dare To Cross 1.1
Dare to cross is the next level of one touchcrossing game from Integer Productions.Touch on screen to play as a shiny particle and cross throughthe rain of spiky dangerous obstacles.They will storm down your path dynamically. Aim of the game isto cross the obstacles. Game is over if you lift your finger ortouch any obstacles while crossing. Touch and hold to cross thescreen. How long can you hold the screen and survive?Do you dare to cross?How to PLAY:-Touch and hold screen to control the particle. If you face anyproblem while installing this app, please email us at [email protected],We will try to fix it as soon as possible.
Kids School Bus 1.0
BE the best school bus driver and transportthe kids safely with KIDS SCHOOL BUS!Did you drive something BIG?Do you want the crazy licence todrive heavy vehicles?Kids School Bus game is a beautiful game which will make you sitat the driver's seat and have fun in the city locations.Drive in wonderful artistic environment.No need of driving test or license to drive the bus!!Be the best driver and be part of a amazing Kids school busgame.Your role is to pick up the kids from Bus Stop and drop themsafely at school before time ups.Drive carefully, avoid obstacles and traffic, otherwise you’llcrash.Just drive your bus around the city and have amazing experienceof dropping children.All the best!!How To Play :Tap your phone/tablet on right to change "Gears “and race.Control the steering on left side.If you have any problem in installation, please report to usinstead of giving negative comments.We will try to fix it as soon as possible.
3D Ball Resurrection 1.1
One of the best 3d games of 2016 3d ballresurrection is here. The thrilling mixture of balance and focus,the player has to guide the rolling ball across amazingenvironments in order to complete the game. As this is a 3d mazethe person has to be really careful where the ball is going becauseif it falls it will go down into an abyss and the level is failed.These games have many fragile objects and obstacles for you tosmash and hit. The 3d graphics of this world are really fascinatingand good to the eyes. You will have a really lovely experience inthese type of games.How to play:-* use joy stick to move and balance the ball.Find us on:https://www.Facebook.Com/pages/integer-productions/1593032000909374?Fref=tshttps://www.Youtube.Com/channel/ucwmi-1qimg0hq_d2mdpobqq/videosif you have any problem in installation, please report to us [email protected] will try to fix it as soon as possible.
Mighty Soccer Kicks 1.1
Do you want to have a pride of Champion? Makegoals and win the challenging soccer game.Control the effect and lower or raise the height of the ball andEnjoy the game with perfect shots.The gesture control for this gameis better than any other.Set the best tactic for this game. If You love scoring freekicks goals, play this awesome soccer kicks game, Its soworld-class! Be the best playing the best teams in the world. Show,learn your skills as a striker , runs, dribbles, shoot and win!Be the star of "Mighty Soccer game"!!Game Feature:*3D Environment* Realistic Physics* Awesome controls* BE focused!!* challenging game play.How to Play:- Flick the ball to kick it out- Swipe to adjust the direction of the ball while it is in theair- Gesture a curve on the screen to curve the ball
Perfect Soccer Kicks 1.1
Defenders are not born. They're formed in.PERFECT SOCCER KICKS is a game where you will hook for manymatches .You watch your team and make your team to be a winner!Feel the power and pressure of tournament in your smart phone with“PERFECT SOCCER KICKS ” and fight along world best players andteams to be on the leader boards.Train your lineup as you march towards praise. PERFECT SOCCER KICKSoffers the purest football fun with fast paced fun game play withat-most realistic healing and impressive atmosphere and heaps ofreplays.Lead them all the way to win the league champion. This Perfectsoccer game is featured with simple controls,smooth animations and football animations with rabid actions.Game Features* Easy to use on-screen controls* Amazing 3D visuals and immersive sound* 100% FREE game( except remove ADS )* Difficulty levels for long term motivation* Game themes & 3D backgrounds* Smooth animations* Pure soccer action* Simple yet powerful moves in the game* Play with different objectives & new missionsHow to Play:-* Swipe your finger to kick your goal.Check out our free games previews, game trailers, videos andmore free apps in the future.Game Videos and Trailers:- us on Facebook:- game is suitable for all kind of genres from kids, girlsand boys of all ages.Install and Play your new game!!
Star Soccer Mania 1.0
STAR SOCCER MANIA a addictive, immersive, andamazingly assembled realistic game ever with first touch soccergame better than ever before. With spontaneous controls &exceptional visuals STAR SOCCER MANIA is the just right Soccerpackage which captures the true quintessence of your favoritesport. This Star Soccer Mania has different game modes with targetsand time limits. All the modes are filled up with challenge andlots of soccer fun. You can also buy some power-ups by earningpoints to get extra power and more curves if not a scoremultiplier. Play STAR SOCCER MANIA now and enjoy the fun of scoringlots of goals! Download STAR SOCCER MANIA now and start playing themost amazing soccer game for FREE.How to Play:-* Swipe your finger to kick your goal.* Check out our free games previews, game trailers, videos and morefree apps in the future.
Mad Rugby Kicker 1.0
One on its own finger is sufficient tocomplete atomic MAD RUGBY KICKER!!MAD RUGBY KICKER makes you experience the pulse of the best rugbyseason. Practice the thrill and enthusiasm of the greatest Rugbytournament with our trademark new game MAD RUGBY KICKER. Smoothtouch controls in the game will allow you to master each and everymove and attempt with easiness.Whether you are a experienced Rugby gamer pro or just gettingstarted, a touch is all you need to reign supreme. Get MAD RUGBYKICKER game anytime and anywhere with opposite challenges or clashit out all the way to super kick! Improved MAD RUGBY KICKER adds tothe new immense strategy letting you decide on the game plan foroptimal results.Rebalanced intricacy levels add fun filled test for all levelsof rugby fandom. Upgrade your roster your own way and then takeyour team out on the field to compete with friends. Only those whocan triumph over the blustery weather and seize their weaknesseswill become true Rugby legends. Download now.How to Play:-* Swipe your finger to hit the ball.
Real Rugby Striker 1.0
REAL RUGBY STRIKER is a passionate footballgame that delivers the #1 realistic football experience up to dateon Android device for FREE. Kick the rugby ball to Goalpost frommultiple positions on grounds with the flick of your finger! Buthave a look on the distance that may not destroy your goal angle.New touch controls let you to master every move and try witheffortlessness. Whether you are a hardened real rugby striker ornow getting started, a touch is all you need to sway ultimate.Authentic pre-match build up and brand new commentary boards makeyou feel like you’re a part of the REAL RUGBY STRIKER game. Try outthis brand new game at no cost and unlock the full game with agreat REAL RUGBY STRIKER to experiencing the best Rugby simulationon the store. REAL RUGBY STRIKER is put up with mesmerizinggraphics and high quality sounds, environmental effects, makingyour rugby experience more reliable than ever!How to Play:-* Swipe your finger to kick.* Check out our free games previews, game trailers, videos and morefree apps in the future.
Dinosaur Hunter Game 1.4
Dinosaur Hunter game – Can you take down thebiggest Trex ?Embark onto a journey into the forgotten forests where ferociouscarnivore dinosaurs are ready to pounce on you and devour you.These jungles are filled with different types of species ofdinosaurs. All of them can be shot by a hunter but beware if thedinosaurs spot you they won’t hesitate to attack you and rip youinto pieces. These pre-historic animals are very aggressive towardshumans unlike other animals like Lions, Tigers, Wolves and Goatswho only attack if their territory is in danger. Explore and travelin this realistic 3D environment to discover rare types ofdinosaurs and shoot them down to earn trophies and increase yourreputation. An expert hunter is one who follows his instincts andtracks down the kill.Your hunter will be provided with a wide array of weapons to useon this expedition. All kinds of weapons are available likesnipers, machine, automatic and semi-automatic guns. All these gunsare effective against dinosaurs hunting.Become the dinosaur hunter of biggest trex and velociraptors andkill them. Relive the Jurassic era in the most thrilling game ever.These dinosaurs have really big teeth so stay as far as possiblefrom them or else you might turn into a dino meal! Mean Dinos showno mercy. Try hard to because the best dinosaur hunter is the onewho kills the most.Game Features:
Console-quality life like hunting simulation 
Dramatic situations
Dynamic shadows, hi-res textures 
High-end, immersive tabletgame-play
Equip powerful weapons to be the real dinosaur hunterMaster unique shooting challenges
Easy & Effective Touch Controls
Discover new dinosaursNew abilities for hunter.HOW TO PLAY:Tap your phone/tablet on your right side to zoom in and SHOOT.
Police Car Drive 3D 1.1
Try this FREE POLICE CAR DRIVE 3D whichpresents the ultimate test of your DRIVING and PARKINGskills.Drive your automatic POLICE CAR around the metropolitan City, usingthe arrows and markings to guide you to your destination.This is a smooth SIMULATION of a police car ,driving if fun andaddictive and as you do the levels you will be able to unlock theother police cars.Park according the arrow, first take a look at the space andthen work your parking magic!In this wonderful 3D PARKING game, is that parking your policecar can be tricky and hard to do.Especially if you need to drive your police car throughspecially designed levels and PARKING CHALLENGES that will push youtill the limit of your patience.Great DYNAMIC GAMEPLAY, bumping your car against another andyou’re done be careful in driving fast keep your need for speedunder control.In this 3D police car parking game you can experience what ittakes to be a cop behind the wheel in a cop car.Have fun and enjoy this newest parking simulator game.Enjoy the different 3D levels and be smart in driving throughthese PARKING MISSIONS.This is an awesome FREE parking SIMULATOR where you have to showthat you are one of the best 3D parking king!FEATURES OF POLICE CAR DRIVE 3D :Dodge the Obstacles and PARK the POLICE CARTest your reflexes and highway drive skillsCar Driving Open World Simulation GameHD and high quality graphicsThrilling gameplayRealistic suburban city environmentChange your view from fourth person to third personPolice Car Parking game at its best and its FREEExtreme precision parking simulatorTouch screen steeringHOW TO PLAY :Tap your phone/tablet on your right side to race, brake andcontrol the speed.Tilt or move steering to control the vehicle.Tap on right to take your shift reverse gear.Find us onFacebook - - you have any problem in installation, please report to us [email protected] will try to fix it as soon aspossible.
Angry Shark Attack 1.1
Angry Shark Attack the latest shark game thatoffers you the realistic feel of being a shark and attackingeveryone around. Take control of the hungry beast and go to theshores of the beaches to pounce them all.Angry Shark attack has many sharks to upgrade and each one ofthem has different set of skills. Move around the beach slowly ,wait for the right time and then attack the tourist visiting.Angry Shark Attack Features :Beautiful Underwater GraphicsRealistic shark simulationAchievements and LeaderboardsAwesome 3D EnvironmentDay and night shark huntExcellent sound effectsIf you like simulation games then you will love this sharkattack simulator. Happy Hunting!
Brick Puzzle 3D 1.1
Puzzle game "Brick Puzzle 3D" is here foryou!!Brick Puzzle 3D is a simple and addictive puzzle game.This game can help you train your brain and make you moresharp!!In this game, you need to fix the blocks to complete thePuzzle.Experience Real 3D graphics and brain train!!Fun game with challenging brain teasing levels with moreexcitement.Every Puzzle is unique: Different piece shapes everytime!This Brick game gets all the charm of the Puzzle game Simple,fun, attractive and suitable to the endless game ever "Brick Puzzle 3D"!!Brick Puzzle 3D GAME FEATURES:-*100% FREE game play.*Amazing brain teasing levels.*Real 3D environments & graphics.*Solve different levels & new missions.*Brick Puzzle 3D is mind Puzzle game.How to Play:-* Drag the blocks to fix it.
Bumble Bee 1.1
Wanna fly high then start playing Bumble-Bee.Fly through the zig-zag route and have control while changingthe direction...Be careful before you hit any obstacle...Levels are difficultyet amazing feel when you cross each level.Play this wonderful bee game with awesome 3d graphics and livelyenvironment.Experience the beautiful sound track on each level..Buzz aroundcrazily!Are you ready for the fun and challenging game.Bumble-bee game feature:* Natural environment* 3D graphics* Simple controls* Beautiful levelsHelp :Tap to control and change directionIf you have any problem in installation, please report to usinstead of giving negative comments.We will try to fix it as soon as possible.
Safari Rush 1.1
SAFARI RUSH - the thrilling exotic 3D platformer with a twist is here!The elite of winning this madness is more than you could everimagine.The game play is extremely smooth all you need to just jump andcollect coins while dodging multiple obstacles.Try clearing the obstacles that pop during the game. You canearn points and rewardsby which you can purchase new characters,and can upgrade your game abilities.Collect brightly boosters and power up’s on each stage to addscore to your game.Upgrade the level and the number of points to increase yourscore.Accelerate as you complete the level and make the next levelmore difficulty.Get ready to be the play with what you have to be numberone!How to Play:-* Swipe UP to jump and Swipe down to slide on your phone/tableton your right side.If you have any problem in installation, please report to usinstead of giving negative comments. We will try to fix it as soonas possible.
Dragon World Simulator 1.0
Welcome to the wild land of the vast animalworld. The most interactive and beautiful dragon breeding andbattling game! Enjoy the game with beautiful 3D graphics and wildenvironment.Collect and discover all kinds of different dragons. Experiencethe unlimited fun and display the dragon power.Learn how to train your dragon to Slide down the hills jumping intoand out of the ground on your way.The flying dragons will make you alert with their swings. Superfast and furious game play.Upgrade your dragons to complete the challenging levels of thegame!!Find the Customization skins, new specials, new maps and uniquepowerful dragons.This game will make you crazy and addictive. Start exploring theworld of Jurassic.Are you ready for the adventure !! Wanna have fun with dragon??Don’t wait just start playing amazing Dragon world simulator.Game Features:- Different Dragons to play.- Amazing 3D graphics- Realistic wild environment- Innovative game play.- Stunning visual & audio effects with 3D animations- Challenging game ever.- Fun with Adventure around.- Smooth controls for flying your dragon.How to Play:-Tap on arrow keys to move left & right.Tilt to control the Dragon Up & Down.Drag the bar towards UP to control speed & fly your dragon.
Space Glider 3D 1.1
Space Glider 3D is an full Action game withbest 3D graphics and real physics!!In Space Glider 3D all you have to do is-Find your way in thistricky path and cross the challenging obstacles.Enjoy the changing color of glider and the changingenvironment.Experience being in the galaxy of stars and lights...Space Glider is a one tap game with perfect lazier beameffects.Learn to control the speed and make yourself comfortable inmoving around the universe!!Space Glider 3D game is a futuristic game ever!!Game of glittering adventure is ready for you. Are you ready toplay?How to Play:Tap to JumpIf you have any problem in installation, please report to usinstead of giving negative comments.We will try to fix it as soon as possible.
Modern Moto Racer 1.1
Modern Moto Racer is an amazing 3D racing gamewith insane and stunt actions!! Now its time for all the bike crazyfans!! You never dare drive so fast in the real world! Modern MotoRacer is designed on a realistic physics engine.Choose your stylish bike for racing and You can show all youraccelerate powers in this bike game. Learn how to control your bikeduring heavy traffic rush on your way. Buy & upgrade new sportsbikes to boost your power. Shift your gear and race in differentlocations & cities.Get ready to become the modern moto racer.How to Play:-Tap your phone/tablet on your right side to race, brake and controlthe speed.Tilt or move steering to control the bike.If you have any problem in installation, please report to usinstead of giving negative comments.We will try to fix it as soon as possible.
Factory Motor Truck 1.0
Drive your Factory Motor truck in heavytraffic and control the steering and transport your heavy motortruck load to your destination.Driving a big loaded truck can be difficult; will you be able tofinish all the jobs?Change your gears, raise your paddle and carefully drive throughother vehicles like trucks, cars, bikes, bus etc,.Control your motor truck at speed breakers and turnings else yourfactory load will fall down!!This game is a truck simulator game on roads. Be careful whilecrossing roads and traffic signals at round about.You will enjoy this game, if you like truck games and simulatorgames.Become a crazy driver of motor truck and Experience the realisticdriving pleasure!!Game features:• New heavy transport trucks• Amazing Motor Truck simulation game• Good Physics and racing simulator• HD graphics and Amazing Sound• Feel the real 3D experience• Amazing and exciting levels to play.• Easy and smooth simulation game features.How to Play:-Tap your phone/tablet on right side to drive / brake.Tap on left to control steering.
Bus Drive Airport 1.0
Drive the airport bus and become the best busdriver.Your role is to drive the airport bus and pick up and drop thepassengers from one terminal to another terminal.Make sure youdon’t hit any other vehicles like heavy load transport, car ortrolley at parking zone or on runway.Pick up the passengers fromthe airport bus stop and drop them near airplane for flying totheir destination.Earn more points to Upgrade your bus and travelon runway and help passengers. Park your bus in front of passengersonce they get in start your drive. Speed up your drive as you havelimited time.Become the best bus driver at Airport. Looks easy but it’s achallenge to stop and control bus at terminals.Have fun in pick up and dropping passengers!! Enjoy playing Busdriver: Airport!!Game Features:• 100% free game play.• Excellent HD Graphics and backgrounds.• NEW Gear with Turbo FAST speed.• Different buses to drive.• Amazing passenger’s crowd.How to play:Tap your phone/tablet on right to change "Gears “and race.Control the steering on left side.
Power Ball Balance 1.0
Use your balancing skills and make sure youdon't end up falling down from the track.Play the power ball and cross all the sudden obstacles on yourway. Grab the coins while rolling on the path yet be careful whenyou are taking turns and jumping or sliding on the path.Keep moving, rolling and balancing ball to completing eachlevel. Make your way for next level. Enjoy playing ball balancewith different themes and different obstacles like glass, sliders,gaps and walls.This would be the exciting game with lot of fun and amazing newfeatures. Get the multiple power ups like magnets and specialpowers which will help you to cross all the difficult levels.You just need to focus and try not to fall, and run fast tofinish your target..Make sure you run and control your speed in the straight andsurprising zigzag path.Score the best and prove that you are the best in powerbalancing ball game.Have fun playing challenging ball game.Game features:• Amazing 3D Graphics• New Ball characters• Smooth Controls• Realistic Physics• Fantastic Magnetic Power ups• Energetic game for fun!!How to play:Swipe your finger to jump and slide.
Furious Car Drive Stunts 1.1
Play one of our most amazing car racing stuntsimulator game FURIOUS CAR DRIVE STUNTS to experience smoothcontrols and effortless simulation with precision.Race through our crazy tracks to blow your mind with this thrillingride.Accelerate, escape and cross the nasty hurdles coming yourway!Ride through tricky and slippery hill paths.Do not stop till you have reached your goal.Enjoy the eye catching environment with speedy ride!Perform crazy stunts and escape hurdles with ludicrous speeds andmanic car handling.Drive in full speed and stunt through high jumps to complete andtop the levels.Show off your stunt skills! Avoid obstacles!Race at full speed and complete the missions.Enjoy the most amazing racing cars!Dash through the stunt city at lightning fast speed displaying coolstunts!Ride with skills of a real stuntman.Get READY to drive astonishing sports cars through perilous hillsand crazy paths.No need to brake due to traffic or worry about the police chasingyou!Do you have what it takes to become a stunt hero?Be a STUNT CHAMP.Become a CHAMPION now!FURIOUS CAR DRIVE STUNTS GAME FEATURES :100% FREE to play!Outrageous jet physicsBetter controls for your thrill and funoutlandish coursesDrive cool sports cars through perilous racecourses anddangerous tracks!Stunning HD graphicsMid-air ramps and stuntsExtremely precise driving and stunt simulatorRealistic driving experienceHow To Play :Tap your phone/tablet on right side to drive / brakeTap on left to control steeringFind us onFacebook - - you have any problem in installation, please report to us [email protected] will try to fix it as soon aspossible.
Zombie Army Attack 1.0
After release of DEAD ASSAULT 3D, this is ournew generation series of ZOMBIE ARMY ATTACK a 3D Zombie KillerGame. Enjoy the thrilling fun. A virus unlike anything we've seenbefore has spread in around the city.Get your sniper gun and target the zombies now! Swap your guns andzoom in to take a target down within the limited time.Keep track of your health don’t let Zombie attack you. ZOMBIE ARMYATTACK game app is a easy, quick, addictive, simple, fun, and bestof all it is FREE game. This game is incredibly simple. All youraim in the game is to shoot and that’s really simple to show yougreatest strength.It’s the perfect ZOMBIE ARMY ATTACK game for killing little timewith fun loaded. Killing the walking dead as you overcome differentscenarios full of intricate challenges. Take your Sniper guns andassault weapons and hunt those living dead trying to prey on humansto save the world from a zombie world. Be ready for all kind ofchallenges, fire the gun to smash all the undead who dares to passyou way. Download the new breedsof genetically mutated zombie’s game from ZOMBIE ARMY ATTACK forFREE on Google Ply Store now.How to Play:-Tap your phone/tablet on right side to shoot.Tap on left to navigate the area.Follow the red arrow key to search target.
Fire Guy And Water Girl 1.0
FIRE Guy AND WATER GIRL is addictive gameplay.This game is simple yet challenging game by collecting stars.All you need to collect the stars by dodging the obstacles inyourway to earn points for the FIRE Guy AND WATER GIRL.Unlock all the exciting boosters with difficulties filledchallenges.This game challenges all the brain storm people who lovechallenges.Let’s see how long can you keep FIRE Guy AND WATER GIRL safe byhandling them.This is fun adventures game to kill your time.Avoid the obstacles by jumping into the other row but don’t missyour stars.Collects as many points as you can and challenge all yourfriends.Download FIRE Guy AND WATER GIRL on your android device from GooglePlay Store for FREE.How to play :-• Tap to switch paths.• Collect only matching candies.