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Complete Numerology Horoscope 4.1
The magic of numerology takes your nameand date of birth and displays your Complete NumerologyHoroscope. With Complete Numerology Horoscope, observethe important numbers which affect your life.Numerology Horoscope will analyze your full name and date of birthto give the results in a jiffy! Find out your Birth number or LifePath number (defines your personality and outlook in life), Destinynumber (your name analysis) and Soul number (your inner feelings).Study what these numbers have to say about you. Find out more aboutyour love life, health, fashion style etc. through numerologyhoroscope.You can do a numerological analysis of your name initials.FEATURES OF COMPLETE NUMEROLOGY HOROSCOPE ARE:⚝ Find your Birth number, Destiny number and Soul number⚝ Get analysis of your Name Initials⚝ Know the meaning of the important numbers in your life.⚝ 6 New Categories Added: Your Hidden Talent, Your Love Life, YourFashion Style, Your Suitable Career Path, Your Health Path, YourWealth PathDownload and get your free horoscope NOW!
Palm Reading - Fortune Teller & Future Analysis 3.5
Palm Reading is the art of interpreting aperson's character, learning their personality or foretelling theirfuture by analyzing their hands. Palm Reading is also known asPalmistry. People who practice palm reading are known as palmreaders, hand readers or hand analysts.Are you curious about what your palm says about you? Become apalm reader yourself and get accurate and complete analysisof your hand. We help you read your palm and know about yourfuture and the hidden secrets about yourself and others with ourfree palm readings. Answer few questions based on the palmlines and you will have a personalized palm reading analysis.Palm Reading - Fortune Teller app lets you analyze these palmlines:♦ Heart Line♦ Life Line♦ Head Line♦ Marriage Line♦ Fate Line♦ Success Line♦ Travel LineThrough this Palmistry app, you will get to knowabout:♦ Love Life♦ Physical Strength♦ Quality of Life♦ Health♦ Personality♦ Marriage Life♦ Career♦ Work Life♦ Struggle & Success♦ Destiny♦ Luck & Fame♦ TravelFeatures of Palm Reading - Fortune Teller app are:♦ Know what different palm lines reveal♦ Easy to use as you simply need to follow the instructions on thescreen♦ Observe your palm lines and answer few questions to get yourdetailed palm reading analysis♦ Fun palmistry app in a party or get-together of friendsGet ready to predict your future with the best Palmistry app! It isfun and easy, so when you're ready, let the palm readingbegin!Download this Palmistry app and predict your future by analyzingyour hands!
3D Train Game For Kids 2.7
3D Train Game for Kids is aninteractive 3D game which lets the kids explore the town ina 3D toy train.Kids can control the speed of the 3D toy train, pick up passengersfrom the station and drop them off to their destination, pick upgoods from one place and drop off to another. The 3D Toy Train gameis very interactive. It includes activities that keep the kidsengaging and is a perfect train game for kids between 2 and 5years.FEATURES OF 3D TRAIN GAME FOR KIDS:☆ Train speed can be controlled☆ Totally free without any in-app purchases☆ Train sounds☆ Can get inside the toy train driver's cabinWhat are you waiting for? Explore the town with your little one ina toy train and get engaged with the interactive activities!
Birthday Poems & Greetings Cards - WhatsApp Images 2.9
Birthday is a very special occasion in one'slife! We all wait for this day eagerly! Portray yourself as a poetand wish Happy Birthday to your loved ones by sharingHappy Birthday poems with them!Looking for some Happy Birthday poems to send to your friends? Youwill find them right here! Share Free Happy Birthday poems withyour loved ones via Whatsapp, Facebook, Hike, etc.FEATURES OF HAPPY BIRTHDAY POEMS:✩ Send Free Happy Birthday Poems✩ Easy to use✩ You can share messages via WhatsApp, Hike, WeChat, GoogleHangouts, E-mail, etc., etc.✩ You can save the happy birthday poemsWish Happy Birthday to your loved ones in a poetic way NOW! Getthis app today and spread some cheer!
Makeup Salon Games & Dress Up 1.1.11
Have you ever dreamt of becoming a makeupartist and a fashion stylist? This is a golden opportunity for you!Feel like a real makeup artist and fashion stylist in thisrealistic makeover game for girls! Become a fashion stylist andcreate trendy fashion with 25 different Makeup Salon Gamesand 101 Dress up Games for Girls.Glam up the models with unlimited makeup and accessories and dressthem up in fashion couture dresses. Choose unique hairstyles,clothes, accessories, bags, shoes and makeup to create the bestfashion model.Dress up & Makeup Categories:Girls Dress up & MakeupCouples Dress up & MakeupBest Friends Dress up & MakeupPrincess Dress up & MakeupKissing Couple Dress up & MakeupAnimals Dress up & MakeupPets Dress up & MakeupThis dress up game may also help you to makeup and dress up in reallife. Make the best choice of makeup and dresses and be animpressive salon!You can also have a dress up contest with your friends! With 26trendy and awesome levels, you can dress up the fashion model andcompare it with your best friends!Features of Makeup Salon Games and Dress Up Games For Girlsare:✴ All themes are free, no in-app purchases✴ You can create thousands of different looks in each of the Makeupand Dress Up Games✴ Save looks as photos one your phone or make it your girlywallpaper✴ Create different looks for your girlfriends and set them asdisplay pics for their contact details on your phone✴ 26 awesome levels of Dress up Contest✴ Change her jewelry and accessories including bracelets, earrings,pendants, etc✴ Save and share your favorite creations with your bestfriendsRoom Decoration Games For Girls:Complete your dream of decorating your own house! With RoomDecoration, you can decorate 8 different kinds of rooms:Princess Room DecorationKid's Room DecorationPalace Garden DecorationKid's Bathroom DecorationKitchen DecorationPreschool DecorationChristmas Room DecorationCupcake House DecorationFeatures of Room Decoration Games For Girls are:✴ Decorate your own house with 8 themes - Princess Bedroom, KidsBedroom, Palace Garden, Kids Bathroom, Kitchen, Preschool,Christmas Room, Cupcake House✴ Save and share your favorite room decorationsCooking Games For Girls:Start your own restaurant now! Get your hands on ten differentfoods: Burger, two types of Ice Cream, Sandwich, two types of Cake,Pizza, Donut, Pastry and Cupcake. Make your imagination andcreativity go crazy to make the most sumptuous and appetizing food.A variety of fillings, veggies, toppings and ingredients make thisapp a tasty treat all the way!Take on the role of a fashion stylist and a chef all in oneapp!Features of Cooking Games For Girls are:✴ 10 food items to choose from: Burger, 2 types of Ice Cream,Sandwich, 2 types of Cake, Pizza, Donut, Pastry and Cupcake✴ Loads of options and ingredients available✴ Play around with the ingredients and make your very own mealtoday✴ Become the chef of your own restaurant!Flaunt the fashion stylist and the makeup artist in you with yourfriends NOW!
Complete Astrology & Zodiac 2.3
Grab your Complete Astrology andZodiac Profile from our app for FREE!Complete Astrology and Zodiac is the app where you can acquiredifferent attributes that portray you! You can know more about yourZodiac sign, Daily Horoscope and Astrology details speedilyby just entering your Name, Date of Birth and Birth Time.Complete Astrology and Zodiac also strives to save your time byallowing you to enter your name only once! The next time you openour app, you need not enter your details again! Also the contentand details covered in our app are to the point and incomparablewith the other apps! This app is free, no in app purchaserequired!FEATURES OF COMPLETE ASTROLOGY AND ZODIAC ARE:♈ Know your daily horoscope♉ Know your zodiac sign and profile♊ Know your birthstone and its significance♋ Message from your ruling planet♌ Know your zodiac love profile♍ Know what your birth month, day and date say about you♎ Know what your birth time and birth year say about you♏ Know what your birth date says about your love life♐ Get your friendship, Chinese zodiac profile and positives andnegatives about your zodiac sign♑ Know your zodiac sign traits♒ Know about your birth color, flower and tree in detail♓ Know what your zodiac sign says about your fashion sense
Times Tables For Kids 1.1
A wonderful game for kids to learn and practice all the timestablesfrom 1 to 20. It is perfect for kids who want to study thetimestables and and test themselves.How kids of grade 1 to 4 can benefit?- They can easily learn the times tables from 1 to 20. Everytimestable is spoken aloud by a child's voice.- They can test themselves by solving every times table.- Get compliments on getting correct answers. Get scores foreverytimes table solved.Why parents will love the app? - It is very easy to useandplay.- A child can use it all alone.- A cute boy character keeps the kids busy with his antics.- Every Times Table is spoken aloud to reinforce learning inachild.- Kids will learn tables in a fun way.Features- Separate sections for learning and testing for each timestablefrom 1 to 20.- Just right for math of grades 1-4.
Coloring For Kids 1.1
A super coloring app for kids. Let your kid explore theircreativeside. Kids can learn while having fun. Over 200 freecoloringpages. Perfect for kids between 3-8 years. Totally Free! NoIn-apppurchases!Why kids will love this app?- Cute and attractive images to grab the child's attention.- 11 categories to choose from, ranging form Nature to Food.- A variety of colors that can be changed with a fingertouch.- Ability to save the colored pictures.Why parents will love this app?- Kids will be engaged in coloring for hours.- Kids will learn the basics of coloring, whileenjoyingthemselves.- Kids will learn to recognize animals, birds, and many otherthingsfrom the pictures and names provided.- Kids will develop an interest in drawing and painting.Categories in Coloring for Kids:Nature, Insects, Animals, Birds, Transport, People, Fantasy,SeaLife, Kids Stuff, Food and Teddy Bears.
Riddles & Brain Teasers 5.2
Ready to challenge your brain? Here's acollection of free riddles and brain teasers for you tosolve!With hundreds of free rebus puzzles, riddles and brainteasers, this fun game is as interesting as it gets! Solve allkinds of riddles and puzzles from funny riddles to logicalones!Stuck on a question? Use hints to answer or ask your friends forhelp by sharing the riddle on Facebook or Whatsapp!This game has 10 levels which include 2 rebus puzzle levels, 2movies puzzle levels and 6 riddle levels. As you progress in thisgame, the levels get tougher!You can also browse for free riddles and brain teasers! There areover 5000+ riddles and brain teasers! Rack your brains andtry to solve different types of riddles and brain teasers. Sharethem with your friends and challenge them for solving thesame!Put on your thinking cap and start playing!FEATURES OF RIDDLES AND BRAIN TEASERS APP:✴ Over 5000+ riddles and brain teasers✴ 2 Rebus Levels✴ 2 Movies Rebus Levels✴ 6 Riddles and Puzzles Levels✴ Totally free app. No in-app purchases✴ Share riddles with friends on Email, Facebook, etc✴ You can use hints like reveal a letter, remove letters, revealanswer, reveal a letter by sharing on facebook or twitter✴ Earn more coins by watching videos and taking offersRiddles are in the following categories:✵ Brain Teasers✵ Funny Riddles✵ Logical Riddles✵ Math Riddles✵ Name The Object✵ Name The Person✵ Riddles With Words✵ What is it?✵ Animals✵ Fruits and Vegetables✵ What am I?
Division For Kids 1.0
A fantastic app for kids to learn and practicelong division on their own. This app teaches kids simple divisionand long division with remainders. There are unlimited problems forchildren to practice and solve. This app is just perfect for kidswho are learning division and also wish to test their knowledge oftimes tables upto 20 by solving division problems.Two Modes: Each mode has 10 levels of difficulty.1) Practice: Learn how to do long division with remainders startingwith simple division. Unlimited problems in every level.2) Test: Take division tests with 10 problems each in every level.Different problems every time you play.How kids of grade 2 to 6 can benefit?- Easily learn long division (with and without remainders) withstep-by-step instructions (spoken aloud).- Solve division problems like a game and try to cross every levelof difficulty.- Use the same app again and again to get new problems all thetime.- Easy problems for kids just learning division and difficultproblems for kids who already know division.- Kids will learn what the terms mean: quotient, remainder,dividend and divisor.Why parents will love the app?- It is fun to use and play. The child can learn and practicedivision all alone.- Funny animations will keep the child hooked.- Every step, problem and answer is spoken aloud to reinforcelearning in a child.Features- Free to download and try out.- Solutions available for practice problems- 1st 2 levels free in both modes. Remaining 8 available via singlein-app purchase.- Just right for math of grades 2-6.
Kidlo 3D Fire Fighter For Kids 1.5
Kidlo 3D fire fighter is a free firefighter game for kids! All you have to do is to help the firefighter douse the fire in the town or village! Go on 8 excitingfire fighting missions and save people.As a firefighter you will need to be able to work fast, butremain calm. Can you do that? Then put on the protective clothing,drive around in a fire trunk and save lives by fighting around in a fire truck and safe lives by fighting fires.FEATURES OF 3D FIRE FIGHTER GAME ARE:✴ No in-app purchases✴ Very simple for kids to play✴ Attractive 3D graphicsDownload the fire fighting game and go on a fire fightingmission now!
11000 Inspirational Quotes, Sayings & Status Free 5.0
Read, share and save over 11,000+quotes by famous people, sayings and status in over300+ categories for free.Setting a good status receives an increase in likes on your wallposts and reading inspirational quotes on a regular basis can helpa person become more successful, and lead a happier, morefulfilling life. If you are looking for a nice, inspiring andamazing collection of quotes, sayings and status, your search endshere! You can choose from thousands of great quotes. Grab anever-ending supply of free motivation for free!FEATURES OF 11000 QUOTES, SAYINGS AND STATUS ARE:✓ Get quotes, sayings and statuses for free✓ Works offline✓ Over 11,000 quotes in 300+ topics covered✓ You can share quotes with images via WhatsApp, E-mail, Text orother chat apps✓ You can Select and Add quotes to 'favorites' section for sendingthem later✓ You can get a 'Quote of the day' notification everyday✓ The Quotes are carefully selected to inspire you and yourfriends/familyWhat are you waiting for? Get this app now for free!
Twinkle Twinkle Little Star 2.0
Twinkle Twinkle Little Star is one ofthe most popular nursery rhymes for kids.Go on a 3D space adventure and explore the colorful planets andstars on your way as you sing the nursery rhyme -Twinkle, twinkle, little star,How I wonder what you are!Up above the world so high,Like a diamond in the sky.FEATURES OF 3D TWINKLE TWINKLE LITTLE STAR:🌟 Learn this rhyme for free🌟 Completely entertaining, 3D and full of fun🌟 Colorful Fantasy Universe that kids will enjoy!Listen to the nursery rhyme – Twinkle Twinkle Little Star onloop and enjoy the 3D colorful universe!
Friendship Quotes & Messages - Facebook & WhatsApp 3.5
Strengthen your friendship by sharingfriendship quotes, friendship messages, friendship images toyour friends!You can also save the Friendship Quote images on yourphone!If you believe that friendship is all about sharing and expressingthoughts, then this Friendship Quotes and Messages app isjust perfect for you for sharing friendship quotes and friendshipmessages with your friends!You can select friendship messages from various categoriesincluding-✲ Friendship Messages✲ Friendship Sayings✲ Best Friends Sayings✲ Friendship Day Messages✲ Friendship Greetings✲ I am Sorry Messages for Friends✲ Friendship Thoughts✲ Cute Messages for FriendsFEATURES OF FRIENDSHIP QUOTES AND FRIENDSHIP MESSAGESARE:✧ Send free friendship messages✧ You can share a wide range of friendship messages and friendshipquotes with your friends✧ You can save and set Birthday cards as wallpapers✧ Wide range of Birthday messages coveredDownload the free friendship quotes and friendship messages app nowand start pinging your friends!
Romantic Love Messages & Images - Say I Love You 3.7
One way to express love emotionally is to usewords that build up. Express love by sharing free loveimages and love messages with your better half viaWhatsapp, Facebook, Hike, etc.Verbal compliments or words of appreciation are powerfulcommunicators of love! Express your feelings with original andfree love text messages and love images. There arehundreds of love messages and love images that you can share withyour girlfriend or boyfriend and express dedication via Whatsapp,Facebook, Hike, etc.FEATURES OF LOVE MESSAGES AND LOVE IMAGES ARE:♡ Send via Whatsapp, Wechat, Line, etc.♡ Save and set love images as love wallpapers♡ Free with no in-app purchases♡ No need to search online for contentHave fun and express your love by sharing free love messages andfree love images!
Daily Horoscopes - Love, Money 2.0
Know your true daily horoscope and live aninspired life. It gives your daily, love, work and money horoscope.With no extra frills, know about yesterday, today and tomorrow.Totally free. There are no in-app purchases.- Horoscopes for today, yesterday and tomorrow- Very easy to use- To the point and precise- Share your horoscope on Facebook, Twitter and much moreFor all sun signs: Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo,Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius & Pisces.
Status, Messages & Poems - Free Quotes & Images 4.6
Share your feelings with your friends andfamily by sending free inspirational and motivational statusmessages and free poems via WhatsApp, Facebook, Hike, etc. withthis app! The main purpose of message is communication. Communicatewith your friends and family by sending free messages and freepoems via WhatsApp and express affection.FEATURES OF STATUS MESSAGES AND POEMS ARE:⚝ Free status messages and free poems packed foryou⚝ Put inspirational messages as your Facebook and WhatsAppstatus⚝ Get hundreds of free wishes, messages, texts and poems in 100'sof categories to send to your friends, family or lover⚝ Share free messages and free poems via WhatsApp, Facebook, Hike,etc⚝ Status messages and free poems for every occasion includingThanksgiving, Christmas, Birthday, Love, Inspirational, Everyday,etcDownload this app and start communicating by sending free messagesand free poems!
Good Morning Images & Messages - WhatsApp Status 2.8
Do you need to search daily for free goodmorning messages and good morning images to share withyour friends, family members on Whatsapp, Hike, etc.? This is anideal app for you to browse through plenty of good morning messagesand good morning images and share them with your friends, familymembers etc. Via Whatsapp, Facebook, Hike, etc.A sweet good morning message or good morning image from you to yourloved ones, every morning can add positivity in their as well asyour life!FEATURES OF GOOD MORNING MESSAGES AND IMAGES ARE:⍣ Wonderful collection of free good morning messages and goodmorning images⍣ Send good morning images and good morning messages via Whatsapp,Wechat, Line, etc.⍣ Get good morning messages and good morning images for free!Download and spread morning happiness with your friends!
Itsy Bitsy Spider - Kids Songs 1.3
Itsy Bitsy Spider is one of the popularnursery rhymes for kids! It is flooded with music , funnyanimations, sing - along lyrics and is ideal for kids from 1 - 5years. Get this free itsy bitsy spider nursery rhyme app andsing the nursery rhyme -The itsy-bitsy spiderClimbed up the water spoutDown came the rainAnd washed the spider outOut came the sunAnd dried up all the rainAnd the itsy-bitsy spiderClimbed up the spout againListen to the nursery rhyme – Itsy Bitsy Spider on loop and enjoythe animations!
Love Tarot Reading 1.7
How will your love life be? How long will youremain single? Are you dating the right person? How will yourmarried life be? Why did he/she break up with you? Find answers toall your love, marriage and breakup queries with Free TarotCards.Select a Tarot Card and know how to "dressup" for romance everyday! In Love Tarot Reading all you have to do is choose oneoption from Love, Marriage and Breakup and pick out a tarot card toget the Free Love Tarot Reading.FEATURES OF LOVE TAROT READING:♡ Get free love tarot reading without any in – apppurchases♡ An ideal app to be used at parties or while hanging outwith friends♡ It is easy to get free Love Tarot Reading♡ Beautifully designed original Tarot CardsDownload this Tarot Reading app and get your free Love TarotReading!
Robot Warfare - 3D Platformer 1.4
Robot Warfare takes you to a long lost planetwhich has been taken over by evil robots. Time to wage war againstthe machines. Defeat the robots and take over the planet! There aremany more challenges you need to look out for! With each level, therobots become stronger. So get your game on and start playing! Asuper duper 3D platformer game.Fun Features:- Totally free! No in-app purchases.- 15 action-packed levels.- Collect coins to increase your score.- Unlock achievements as you play.- Amazing graphics and sound effects.
Anime Dress Up Games For Girls 2.9
Girls, if you love anime and dressup games,Anime Dressup Games for Girls is an ideal app for you.Create cool and stylish anime looks with these anime dress up gamesfor free. You can choose from a variety of anime dress up gamesincluding Anime Mermaid,Anime College, Anime Kimono, Anime Fairy,Anime Park Romance, Anime Wedding Kiss, Anime College Couple andAnime Punk Rocker. There are tons of different hairstyles, clothes,shoes, accessories that are perfect for an anime dressup! There's alot more to do like you can change the fairy's wings, mermaid'stail, punk rocker's guitars and lots more.You can give her newhairstyles, mix and match her accessories, shower some bling withjewelry, change her shoes, etc.FEATURES OF ANIME DRESS UP GAMES FOR GIRLS ARE:☆ Many anime dress up games like College, Kimono, Mermaid, PunkRocker, Fairy, etc.☆ Mix and match with hundreds of unique anime looks☆ You can save the final anime look on your phone or make it yourgirly anime wallpaper!☆ You can create different anime looks for your girl friends andset as display pics in their contact details on your phoneSo call your friends over, start playing this cool anime dressupgame and have fun!
26 Ultimate Dress Up Games 1.11
Girls, love dress up games? This is anultimate dress up challenge for girls with 26 different levelsincluding cowgirl, club, luau, beach, office, college, emo,princess, red carpet, punk, warrior, winter, gym, bride, etc. Lotsof accessories and dresses to play with including hairstyles, tops,purses, jewelry, shoes, bags, sunglasses, etc.To clear a level, score a minimum number of points by creating theperfect dressup look!FEATURES OF DRESS UP GAME FOR GIRLS ARE:⍣ Totally free. No in-app purchases⍣ 26 challenging levels to unlock⍣ Save the finished dress up looks on your phone and set it as yourgirly wallpaper!So girls, undertake the ultimate dress up challenge with 26 dressup games in one!
Tarot Card Reading - Future Horoscope & Astrology 5.4
Do you wish to eliminate all your confusions,doubts and uncertainties in life? Tarot Card Reading and Horoscopemakes this possible for you through Free Tarot Card Readings!In Tarot Card Reading and Horoscope, all you have to do is simplythink of a question in one of the following areas of your life andget it answered instantly.Categories to choose from include:★ Daily Horoscope★ Celtic Cross,Tree Of Life★ Meanings of all the cards★ Your Wish Will Be Fulfilled Or Not?★ Life, Love, Relationships, Health, Money, Family, Friends★ Dreams, Ambitions, Travel, Work and Career★ Focus, Success, Luck, Marriage, Emotional and Mental State★ Marriage, Past Life, Keys of your Life, get help making adecision, yes or no★ Birthday Reading (How will your coming year be?)★ Monthly Reading (Detailed 5 card reading)★ Will your wish be fulfilled or not?★ 2017 Reading (Detailed 5 card reading)FEATURES OF TAROT CARD READING AND TAROT HOROSCOPEARE:✮ Get Free Readings✮ You can enjoy the app offline✮ The Card Readings available include 1 card, 3 cards, 4 cards, 5cards, 7 cards,10 cards✮ It uses all 78 cards including 22 Major Arcana and 56 MinorArcana, based on the Rider-Waite deck✮ There is an option to shuffle the cards if you wishUse the Tarot Card reading and Horoscope app to get instant answersto your questions!
Pets Dress Up Salon Games 1.6
Girls can now have loads of fun and go crazybyplaying animal dress up games. Show off your creative senseoffashion and style by dressing up animals. Dress up a cuteRabbit,adorable Elephant, mischievous Monkey, mamma Bear and asweetSquirrel. Lots and lots of clothes and accessories availabletocreate fantastic looks. Totally free animal dress up salon gameforlittle girls.Make the animals look hip, trendy and fashionable. Youhaveplenty of options available for each animal such as tops,bottoms,jackets, shoes and a whole lot of accessories likehats,sunglasses, jewelry, bags and purses.Features:* Totally free!* Dress up 5 animals - Rabbit, Elephant, Monkey, BearandSquirrel.* 100s of unique combinations/looks possible for everyanimal.* Save the final look as a photo in your photo album.* Use the pic as your cute animal wallpaper.* In your phone, use the photos as display pics for yourfriend'scontact details. See the cute pics pop up when yourfriendscall!
Fool Moon - Puzzle Platformer 1.0
Fool Moon is a challenging platform game, with25 intense levels. Guide the Fool Moon through the twists and turnsand help him find his way back home. The Moon's foolishness, alongwith the tricky levels, makes this game more exciting and engaging.Test your gaming skills as the game progresses, because every levelis as tricky as it can get. So rack your brains and find your wayout!Get ready for the most elaborate and challenging game.Features* 25 Challenging Levels* Innovative Game Mechanics* Moon's Funny Expressions* Tricky Puzzles* Test Your Gaming Skills
Poems For All Occasions - Love, Family & Friends 5.1
Looking for FREE beautiful poems, sayings,quotes to share with your friends, family and your loved ones?Read and share with these app- Unique, original poems for alloccasions!Features of Poems - Love, Family, Friends are:✴ Hundreds of free poems to share with friends, family and lovedones via WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter etc. Spread your love easilywith our huge collection of special poems.✴ No need to surf online for content to share your feelings withyour loved ones.✴ Choose from our huge collection of poems in over 20+ FREEcategories.☆ Wish Happy Birthday☆ Graduation☆ Farewell☆ Romantic Love Poems☆ Romantic Valentine's Day Poems☆ Christmas☆ Happy New Year☆ Happy Easter☆ Halloween Greetings☆ Thanksgiving Greetings☆ Friendship Poems☆ Good Morning Poems☆ Good Night Poems☆ Wish Good Luck☆ Happy Anniversary☆ Wedding wishes☆ New born Baby Poems☆ Baby shower Poems☆ Baby boy Poems☆ Baby girl Poems☆ Missing You☆ Say Sorry☆ Sympathy☆ Wish Get Well Soon☆ For lovely moms on Mother's Day☆ For great fathers on Father's Day☆ Special women on Women's Day☆ For all celebrations, festivals & occasionsDownload and send FREE poems, sayings, quotes via WhatsApp,Facebook, Twitter etc and show your friends, family and loved onesthat you care for them with beautiful poems!
Space Cricket Game - 2D Fever 1.1
Bored of normal cricket games? Play SpaceCricket, a Cricket game with a twist! Play in outer space and blastthe planets and asteroids with different types of balls. The moreyou destroy, the more runs you will score. There are over 17 trickyballs to face. Save yourself from getting bowled. This is Cricketfever in space. Clear the Cricket Championship and win the world.Fun features- Totally free!- Over 17 interesting balls, each does something different.- Achieve milestones to unlock different balls.- Cool graphics and music.
3D Toy Train Game For Kids 2.3
Timpy Toy Train is an interactive 3Dgame which lets the kids explore the town in a toytrain.Kids can control the speed of the toy train, pick up passengersfrom the station and drop them off to their destination, pick upgoods from one place and drop off to another.The 3D Toy Train Game is very interactive. It includesactivities that keep the kids engaging and is perfect for kidsbetween 2 and 5 years.FEATURES OF TIMPY TOY TRAIN:✢ Interactive elements throughout the app✢ Speed of the toy train can be changedWhat are you waiting for? Explore the town with your little one ina toy train and get engaged with the interactive activities!
Holiday Dress Up Games 1.15
"The perfect Dressup game for girls for theHoliday season. Create exciting hot new looks for St. Patrick'sDay, Easter, Halloween, Christmas and New Year. Show off your senseof style and fashion with awesome holiday dress up games.Give the girl a an adorable makeover for Easter. Dress her up ingreen for Saint Patrick's Day. Or a witchy Halloween dress up. Giveher a sizzling Christmas dress up. Make her look lovable and prettywith different Christmas dresses and accessories. Give her a hotparty look for New Years Eve.Benefits / Features:* Totally free!* Over 300 different options available including dresses, skirts,pants, tops, jackets, hairstyles, purses, shoes, sunglasses,jewelry, bracelets, bags, and more stuff, etc.* 100s of different combinations/looks possible for everyholiday.* Show off the new look as your girly holiday wallpaper or profilepicture.Download this free holiday dress up game and play now."
Blink & Miss - Endless Runner 1.1
Just keep bouncing the ball on themovingplatforms and try to go as farther as you can. Blink youreyes andyou may miss the next platform. Lets see how far you cango.
3D Animal Safari Game For Kids 1.1
Take kids down on a 3D animal safari. Meet21different animals in a 3D safari scene. Fly over the animals onabird or drive by them on a jeep or roam around on an Elephant.Makethe animals do various actions like eating, walking,running,attacking, roaring, etc. A super fun free app forlittlechildren.Note: Requires more than 512MB RAM.Fun Features:* Totally in 3D. Looks realistic.* Real Animals sounds* 21 different animals like Lion, Elephant, Bear, Cow, Pig, Owl,andmore.* Very easy to use. Children can play on their own.
Fruits Puzzles Game For Kids 1.3
Fruits Puzzles Game is an interactive,free puzzle game for kids. In this puzzle game, kids have tosolve a simple fruit puzzle and after solving the puzzle, the kidshave to drag the fruit and feed it to the hungry monster and watchthe monster munch the fruit with a chomping sound!With this free puzzle app, kids can easily learn the basic fruitnames like apple, mango, guava, papaya, pineapple, raspberry, etcwhile having fun!FEATURES OF FRUITS PUZZLES GAME FOR KIDS ARE:⍟ Lovely animation and sound effects⍟ Kids can learn fruit names easily after solving simple fruitpuzzles⍟ Free, interactive puzzle game in the form of jigsaw puzzles tolearn fruitsDownload this free fruit puzzle app and enjoy guaranteed,never-ending fun and learning for your kid!
Mother Dress Up & Makeover 1.9
Dress up mom and daughter duowith this super, stylish and free dress up game. Dress upmom and daughter for five stunning looks which include Christmas,Party, Swimming, Queen and Mermaid with multiple of hairstyles,dresses, shoes, clothing, jewelry and other accessories to choosefrom! Showcase some creativity by dressing up mom anddaughter!Have a daughter? Download this dress up game and have fun dressingup the mom and daughter duo!FEATURES OF MOTHER DRESS UP AND MAKEOVER ARE:🌟 Five hot appearances which include Christmas, Party, Swim, Queenand Mermaid🌟 Lots of hairstyles, dresses, shoes, clothing, jewelry and otheraccessories and options to choose from!🌟 Save the final look on your phone or make it your girlywallpaper🌟 Create different mom and daughter dressup looks with hundreds ofdifferent looks possible!Free and exciting dressup game for everyone to enjoy and relivesome memories Download it now and have fun!
Free Daily Horoscope Reading - Zodiac Profile 2017 2.8
What kind of day will it be for you today? Useyour daily horoscope to plan your day, every day - instantly! Withdaily horoscope stay prepared for the transitions in life, problemsto face. Also know what things will work for you and what won'twith this free horoscope. Just choose your zodiac sign from amongstthe different sun signs:♈ - Aries (March 21 – April 19)♉ - Taurus (April 20 – May 20)♊ - Gemini (May 21 – June 20)♋ - Cancer (June 21 – July 22)♌ - Leo (July 23 – August 22)♍ - Virgo (August 23 – September 22)♎ - Libra (September 23 – October 22)♏ - Scorpio (October 23 – November 21)♐ - Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21)♑ - Capricorn (December 22 – January 19)♒ - Aquarius (January 20 – February 18)♓ - Pisces (February 19 – March 20)FEATURES OF DAILY ZODIAC HOROSCOPE ARE:❂ Free Daily Horoscope 2017 : Get your zodiac horoscope on love,work, money & more for yesterday, today and tomorrow❂ Get your complete astrological profile : Know your astrologicalSymbol, Element, Ruling Planet, Love Life, Qualities based on yoursun sign, Lucky Color, Lucky Stone, Lucky Day, Lucky Number andmore❂ Know about your personality : Discover your important strengths& weaknesses. Analyze your friend's, family or partner'spersonality❂ Find out your traits : Explore your traits based on your zodiacsign❂ Traits about men and women : Find out positive traits as well asnegative characteristics according to a specific zodiac sign❂ Get your compatibility : Understand your perfect match with ourzodiac compatibility analysis❂ Share free daily horoscope results with your friends and familyon Facebook, WhatsApp, etcChoose your zodiac sign – Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo,Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius or Piscesand get complete astrological predictions everyday for free.Download this free daily horoscope today and experience the impactof your sun sign.
5000+ Trivia Games & Quizzes 1.6
Love playing free trivia quizzes and triviagames? Then this app is a perfect fit for you to take a TriviaQuiz and with total entertainment and addiction elements!Trivia Quiz Game is flooded with thousands of Trivia Quizquestions in around 40 categories. Choose the category of yourchoice and ace it! Put in more efforts and try to answer everyquestion quickly to receive bonus points and unlock achievements asyou progress further in this Trivia Game!FEATURES OF TRIVIA QUIZ GAME ARE:✎ More than 5000 questions✎ Over 40 categories✎ Receive bonus points for all the questions you answerquickly✎ Unlock achievements as you play further✎ Play this Trivia Game for free!Download and play this excellent Trivia Quiz Game NOW!
Wedding Dress Up Game 2.10
The wedding day is one of the most importantevents in a girl's life, don't you agree, girls? This is why it isimportant for you girls to start looking for the bridal look ofyour dreams from time. This game is meant to help you put togetherthe perfect look for your perfect wedding day.Begin by playing the Wedding Dress Up Game, feel free tochoose a gorgeous wedding dress that will complete your stunningbridal look! Dress up the bride for her wedding with this coolwedding dress up game!FEATURES OF WEDDING DRESS UP GAME:🌟 Dress up the bride for free🌟 Pick up a bridal wedding look for Fairy Wedding, Beach Wedding,Indian Wedding, Chinese Wedding, Stone Age Wedding🌟 Dress up the bride by selecting from a variety of weddingdresses, jewelry, Biedermeier flowers, crown designs, gloves, veildesigns and hairstyles!
True Friendship Poems & Cards - WhatsApp Images 3.0
Does reading a Friendship Quote meltyour heart? Does thinking about your friends brings back thefondest of memories? Then why wait for tomorrow to send yourfriends a sweet message? Send cute Friendship Poems andFriendship Cards to your friends to express your gratitudeand love. There are hundreds of free friendship poems includingHappy Birthday verses too!FEATURES OF FRIENDSHIP POEMS AND CARDS ARE:✎ Send free friendship cards and friendship poems✎ Send via text, SMS, Whatsapp or other chat apps like WeChat,Line, etc.Or share on Facebook, Twitter or email them✎ No need to search online for contentStart sending cute friendship poems and friendship cards to yourfriends and express gratitude!
Best Friends Dressup for Girls 2.6
Dress up these Best Friends forfree in fun outfits for various ocasions by choosing from a varietyof hairstyles, dresses, jewelry, shoes and other accessories.Different best friend dress up games include dressups for Winter,Selfie, Park, Retro, Bridesmaid, Shopping, Party, Mermaids, EmoGirls and Fairies. Dress up best friends for free without any in -app purchases!FEATURES OF BEST FRIENDS DRESSUP GAME ARE:✨ Create multiple best friends dressup looks for free✨ 10 fun, free dress up games which include Winter, Selfie, Park,Retro, Bridesmaid, Shopping, Party, Mermaids, Emo Girls andFairies✨ Create different best friends dressup looks for your girl friendsand keep them as display pics for their contact details on yourphone✨ Save the final best friends dressup look on your phone and set itas your wallpaper!✨ Dress up best friends for free without any in - apppurchasesCurious to see how you look with your Best Friend? Download thisapp and have fun dressing up best friends and unleash yourcreativity!
Old MacDonald had a Farm 2.2
Old MacDonald had a Farm is asing-along app with funny interactive animations and sounds and anabsolute delight for kids which will keep your toddlerhooked!Old MacDonald's farm features various interactive elements likeCows, Ducks, Dogs, Cats and Pigs. Watch your Kids squeal withexcitement when they see Cows dancing, Pigs playing with mud, Dogsbarking, etc.FEATURES OF OLD MACDONALD HAD A FARM ARE:🌟 Lots of surprises with animations, sounds of animals, andinteractions🌟 Kids will have fun laughing and smiling at the funnycharacters🌟 Kids will learn a popular nursery rhyme and enjoy at the sametime🌟 The lyrics are easy to understand and are also displayed on thescreen so that a child can try to read and sing-along🌟 No ads, no in-app purchases, totally freeGet the Amusing Nursery Rhyme - Old MacDonald had a Farm foryour kids now!
Kidlo Stories For Children 1.6
Kidlo Stories for children is the perfectbedtime storybook for your kids with all the cute characters,animations and attractive pictures!5 timeless stories include:✻ The Hare and the Tortoise - free✻ The Lion and the Mouse✻ The Thirsty Crow✻ The Dog and the Bone✻ The Fox and the CrowThe text is simple to read and understand for kids. The app has twooptions for reading:✦ Read For Me: This option activates the audio wherebychildren can sit back, listen and enjoy the stories.✦ Read By Myself: With the second option, parents can readout stories to kids or the kids can try to read the story forthemselves.BENEFITS OF KIDLO STORIES FOR CHILDREN APP:✵ Perfect for kids from 2 to 6 years.✵ Colorful pictures, nice animations and fun characters.✵ Small interactive experiences on tapping to keep a child hooked.✵ 1 story is free. Remaining 4 stories for kids are available viain-app purchase.
Kidlo Phonics - Songs & Games 1.0
Kidlo Phonics is a phonics app forkidsunder 5 years of age which teaches kids how to read and soundoutnew words. This preschool phonics educational app is certifiedbypreschool experts and combines learning with fun when it comestoteaching phonics to toddlers.The KidloPhonics app consists of a set of all 26 letters,eachletter containing one song and 4 activities that teach thephonicssound of that letter. A, B and C packs are absolutely freeand therest of the packs can be bought via an in-app purchase. Thesongsare interactive with delightful animations and sound-effectsontapping. The activities are fun-filled and range from drag anddropto tapping, sorting, coloring etc.Kidlo Phonics is also a part of the top preschool appKidloLandwhich caters to the needs of preschool children from allover theworld. With over 200,000 worldwide users, KidloLandcontains 550+nursery rhymes, songs, stories, activities and gamesfor kids (0 -5 yr) and is recommended by 140+ Mom to download the same.Download Kidlo Phonics and enjoy guaranteednever-endingfun and learning for your baby!FEATURES OF KIDLO PHONICS - SONGS AND GAMES ARE:⚝ Expert-approved phonics learning app⚝ 26 phonics songs and 104 phonics activities in total⚝ Interactive songs with on-tap animations and sound effects⚝ 3 packs are free and rest can be bought through anin-apppurchase
Wheels On The Bus Rhyme & Song 1.5
Go on a wonderful ride all around the town andlearn the popular nursery rhyme 'Wheels on the bus' at the sametime! Sing and dance along to the soothing vocals of thischildren's song which your kids are sure to love. Filled withcolorful and vibrant surroundings, karaoke-style lyrics thathighlight with the song, and eye-catching animations, 'Wheels onthe Bus' is the perfect rhyme app for your tiny tots!Features:* It's completely free!* No Ads!* 360 degree camera view* Colorful environment* Suitable for kids under the age of 7Download now for your little one!
Thank You Messages, Letters & Notes - Share Images 4.0
Did you say thank you to anyone today? Saythank you by sending thank you messages to yourfriends to express gratitude.There are many reasons to say Thank you. You could be thankingsomeone for giving you a gift, for doing you a favor, or for makinga monumental impact on your life in some way.The reasons for saying thank you may vary but, you should besincere and let the person know how grateful you really are.Send thank you messages to your friends and family via WhatsApp,Hike, WeChat, Google Hangouts, etc and express gratitude.This app houses hundreds of thank you messages so you never fallshort of expressions!There is a wide range of thank you messages which includes:✩ Thank You Card Messages✩ Thank you Letters✩ Thank You Phrases✩ Thank You Messages✩ Birthday Thank You Notes✩ Baby Shower Thank You Notes✩ Business Thank You Notes✩ Thank You Notes for Teacher✩ Thank You Poems✩ Thank You Notes for Gifts✩ Thank You Notes for Friends✩ Wedding Thank You Notes✩ Thank You Notes for Boss✩ Thank You QuotesFEATURES OF THANK YOU MESSAGES APP:✩ Send free thank you messages✩ You can share messages via WhatsApp, Hike, WeChat, GoogleHangouts, etc.✩ Easy to use✩ You can save messages
110+ Dress Up Games For Girls 2.6
Let's talk fashion! In 110+ Dress UpGames For Girls, you can dress up girls, couple, best friends,princess, kissing couple, animals or pets, etc. If you likedressing up fairies, girls, best friends, couple, then this is anideal dress up game for you!With this dress up game, you can have hours of fun!FEATURES OF 110+ DRESS UP GAMES FOR GIRLS ARE:✴ Many free looks including: mermaid, superhero, fairy, pirate,beach, college, emo, Japanese, senorita, etc.✴ Hundreds of dresses, hairstyles, bags, shoes, jewelry pieces,accessories, belts, and lots more in every theme✴ Save the dress up look as a photo in the photo album. Make thesaved dress up photo as your girly wallpaper or profilepicture✴ Get this dress up game for free
Kissing Dressup For Girls 2.11
Play the most interesting kissing games onKissing Dressup for Girls! Mix Passion with Fashion! Haveyou ever dreamt of your dream kissing scenario? With Kissing DressUp Game for Girls, you've got an opportunity to dress up thekissing couple the way you want! Picture your dream kissingscenario by dressing up the kissing couple the way you want to andlive your dream!There are around 18 Kissing games that you can play whichinclude Matador & Senorita, Pilot & Air hostess, Office,Halloween, Wedding, Superhero, Doctor & Nurse, In His Arms,Warrior, Cleopatra, Mermaid, Beach, Royal, In the Rain, ParkRomance, Wedding Kiss and College Couple.There are tons of accessories, hairdos, makeup, clothes etc. Forthe girl and the guy. Just choose your favorite kissing game, andcreate your own unique look!FEATURES OF KISSING DRESS UP FOR GIRLS:⍟ 18 Different Kissing Games to choose from which include Matador& Senorita, Pilot & Air hostess, Office, Halloween,Wedding, Superhero, Doctor & Nurse, In His Arms, Warrior,Cleopatra, Mermaid, Beach, Royal, In the Rain, Park Romance,Wedding Kiss and College Couple⍟ Create hundreds of different looks in each of the 18 themes forfree⍟ Save the look on your phone or set it as your mobilewallpaperSo what are you waiting for? Get along with your girl gang and playthe most exciting and romantic kissing dressup game!
Cooking Games For Kids 2.4
Love cooking? We've got the games justlike Mom used to make! This cooking game will entertain you andteach you everything you need to know about the kitchen. You'llfind out exactly what you need for dough, sauce, and toppingcombinations for pizzas. If you've got more of a sweet-tooth, notto worry because we've got plenty of Ice Cream recipes to satisfyyour love for fudge! Or if you love Baking, we've got a whole listof Cake recipes from carrot to cheese, pound to spice! If it hasflour, eggs, and sugar, then we've got you covered!We offer mouth-watering free cooking games in every category andflavor you could ever imagine! With all of the savory cooking gamesthat we have, it's simple to adapt your own style and flair to eachdish, and show off your new cooking skills.FEATURES OF COOKING GAMES FOR KIDS ARE:⍟ 10 food items to choose from: Burger, 2 types of Ice Cream,Sandwich, 2 types of Cake, Pizza, Donut, Pastry and Cupcake⍟ Save and share your creations⍟ Lots of options and ingredients are availableSo grab your spoon and spatula and start mixing, frying, andsauteing with Cooking Games!
3D Helicopter Game For Kids 1.6
Ready to play a Helicopter game? 3DHelicopter Rescue Game is a fun new game for young kids withexciting challenges! Help the Helicopter Rescue team with theirfighting missions to take the helicopter to the place of danger,rescue people, extinguish fire, etc. With 20 helicopterfire-fighting missions, this helicopter game will surely keep kidson their toes. The game is ideal for kids of ages 5-8.FEATURES OF THE HELICOPTER GAME ARE:✰ Easy to play✰ Easy-to-follow instructions✰ Buttons to extinguish fire, draw rope✰ Camera rotation to get a better view
Fábulas y Cuentos Infantiles 2
“Fábulas infantiles” contiene diezcuentosclásicos y populares para niños de entre 0 y 5 años.Conanimaciones completamente interactivas, personajes simpáticos yunentorno atractivo, esta app es el perfecto libro de cuentosparatus hijos.Estas son las historias que incluye la app:1) La liebre y la tortuga2) La hormiga y el saltamontes3) La hormiga y la paloma4) El perro y el hueso5) El zorro y el cuervo6) El zorro y las uvas7) El zorro y la cigüeña8) El ganso que ponía huevos de oro9) El león y el ratón10) El cuervo sedientoEl texto es fácil de leer y de entender para quienesreciéncomienzan a leer. Existen dos opciones de lectura: “¿Melees?” y“Leer por mí mismo/a”. Con la primera opción, tus hijospodránmejorar su comprensión auditiva y disfrutar de las historias.Conla segunda opción, puedes leerles las historias a tus hijos o¡queellos mismos lo hagan!Características:- Ideal para niños menores de 5 años.- Entorno colorido y dinámico.- Personajes interactivos y fondos que mantienen a tushijosinteresados.- Narración y música divertidas e interesantes.- 2 historias gratis para leer. Las otras 8 seencuentrandisponibles de pago dentro de la app."Children Fables"containsten popular for children between 0 and 5 years and classicstories.With fully interactive animations, cute characters and anattractiveenvironment, this app is the perfect storybook for yourhijos.Estasare the stories that includes the app:1) The Tortoise and the Hare2) The ant and the grasshopper3) The Ant and the Dove4) The dog and bone5) The fox and the crow6) The Fox and the Grapes7) The Fox and the Stork8) The goose that laid golden eggs9) The Lion and the Mouse10) The thirsty crowThe text is easy to read and understand for those who arejustbeginning to read. There are two reading options: "Do you readme?"And "Read by myself / a". With the first option, your childrencanimprove their listening and enjoy the stories. With thesecondoption, you can read stories to your children or thattheydo!Characteristics:- Ideal for children under 5 years.- Colorful and dynamic environment.- Interactive characters and backgrounds that keep yourchildreninterested.- Narration and fun and interesting music.- 2 free stories to read. The other 8 are available forpaymentwithin the app.
KidloLand Nursery Rhymes, Kids Games & Songs Free 1.1
Delight your child with the freenurseryrhymes, early learning kids songs, toddler games andactivities inKidloLand.This is only a free version of the original “Nursery Rhymes&Kids Games” app. Get “Nursery Rhymes & Kids Games” toenjoy thefull version of the app.There are interactive nursery rhymes videos of Old MacDonald,ItsyBitsy Spider, Humpty Dumpty, Row Your Boat and more. Sing alongtoearly learning kids songs and play fun preschool games forlittlekids. KidloLand is special because it lets kids interact withthecharacters onscreen as they play along.Features of the Free VersionFavorite Nursery Rhymes including:* Old MacDonald, Itsy Bitsy Spider, Humpty Dumpty, Row YourBoat,Hey Diddle Diddle, Pussycat Pussycat and more.Fun & original Kids songs videos to learn:* ABC Phonics & ABC songs, first words, fruits,vehicles,animals and much more.Preschool Learning Games for toddlers:* Fun, educational toddler games that help the little kidslearn.These include jigsaw puzzle games, animal games, Christmasgames,etc.Learn the ABC:With ABC Phonics and ABC songs, learning the alphabet was neversoeasy. Sing along and play. See the A, B, C and D songstoexperience what the remaining songs are like.Lots of interactive surprises:* Unlike other apps, KidloLand has nursery rhymes videos inwhichchildren can tap on the animals on screen to make them comealivewith funny animations and sounds.No Wifi needed:* Parents want children apps which don't need Internet all thetime.In KidloLand, once you download the content, no wifi isneeded. Itis the perfect app for road trips, flights, doctorwaiting rooms andmore, or just to keep children engaged athome.Ages: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 years old.Like us at Policy: any help or feedback, email us at [email protected]