Intrepid Gaming Apps

You are a parasite and to survive you mustkeepon infecting new host organisms.A simple and easy to play game primarily designed for mobilesbutplays just as well on all other devices.
AV Defence 1.2.0
You are your users last line of anti virusdefence against the relentless virus attack.Very simple control method just tap the screen to change rotationdirection and that's it
Rock Blaster
Modern asteroids clone.Power ups including weapons upgrade, nuke, extra lives etc.3 different types of asteroid with there ownuniqueproperties.Save your scores across devices and compete on the globalleaderboard (Login or register an intrepid gaming account to makeuse ofthis feature)
A mining colony working in deep space isintrouble as the asteroid they are working on has become unstableandis about to drift into the path of a planet. Its your job totakeyour ship down into the mines within the asteroid and rescuetheminers.