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Drift Horizon Online 5.7.2
JDM4iK Games
Drift Horizon OnlineSingle Player Mode- Collect drift point and earn cash- Find hidden bonuses in the city- Get drift achievements- Try different physics (Tarmac & Snow)Main Menu & Garage- Buy new cars- Upgrade your cars- Buy new parts from store- Collect all parts in your inventory (up to 100 slots!)- Install or sell any partOnline Mode- Play with friends or other players over the world!- Explore city map with firends- Try to drift better than othersGameplay- Nice & optimized graphics!- Optimized performance!- Realistic car sounds (Blow off, Exhaust, Backfires, Skids,etc)!- Realistic physics!- Dynamic camera movement!- Easy controls!Your use of Drift Horizon Online is free of charge in exchange forsafely sharing some of your device's idle resources for the benefitof others. You may turn this off from settings. Please see our TOSfor further information.https://jdm4ikgames.wordpress.com/privacy_policy/
Japan Drag Racing 2D 1.0.0
JDM4iK Games
Japan Drag Racing 2D- Nice 2D physics!- Fancy graphics!- Huge amount of customization!- Full and deep engine performance tuning!- Tune Gearbox & Rev Limit!- Beat random racers!
JDM4iK Games
4 Music styles!Fancy 3d graphics!Very Hard GamePlay!Beat your Records!=================Optimized performance!=================