Jan Kronquist and Jens Andersson Apps

Gravity Force 20 20.2.13
Gravity Force 20 is a multiplayer retro 2Ddogfighting game where you fight both your opponent and gravity. Itis a remake of our Amiga game Gravity Force 2 celebrating 20 yearssince its final release. Made in the spirit of Thrust, it requirespiloting skills to manoeuvre your ship by rotation and thrustersalone. Countering the force of gravity, diving through water andusing different weapons on many levels to defeat youropponent.Features:* Challenging gameplay (not for dummies!)* Race mode with global leaderboards* Online dogfights* Weapons including shots, missiles, bombs & mines* Original amiga graphics* Lots of levels* Destructible environment* Offline mode* Touch and optional gyro controlsFor more information:- Twitter @gf20game- Facebook https://www.facebook.com/gravityforce20- Website: http://www.gravityforce20.com/