Jarkko Nabb Apps

Reflex 1.8.0
Jarkko Nabb
Try out your reflexes in this "SpedenSpelit"-like reaction game - an ultimate speed test for yourreaction time. Tap on the buttons and try to keep up with theincreasing pace. It utilizes vibration + touchscreen to bring youthe best experience available.The game is good for developing your hand+eye coordination.The game contains a local and internet highscore lists.Play with your friends and family and see who's the king ofReflex!Developed and tested on following devices:Samsung Galaxy SNexus OneNexus SOMAP ZOOM2 reference deviceZTE BladeHTC Desire HD
Wormageddon 1.0.2
Jarkko Nabb
The doomsday of all worms is near. A beastwithappetite like no other digs through the ground, searching forwormsto eat.In this arcade-type game your task is to steer the our hero(themole) who needs to eat all the worms that are wriggling allaroundin the ground. Eat as many as you can to score top medals inthechapter under play. Use the items you find lying about toyourbenefit. Use the tunnels to move around quickly in the maze.Digyour own tunnel if you have to.Plainly speaking - you are the top dog of thefoodchainunderground so eat 'em all without any regrets orsecondthought.Requires OpenGL hardware acceleration for smooth gameplay(min.Nexus One type device)Tested with:HTC DesireSamsung Galaxy SSamsung Nexus SSamsung Galaxy Tab 7 inchSamsung Galaxy Tab 10.1