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App4Stats SPSS Statistics Free 2.11
App4stats is an application aimed to all thosepeople who need to use biostatistics in their daily work. Althoughit is especially designed for health sciences, it can be used byany user who needs to make a research.Its aim is to help the researcher to choose the right test forstatistical analysis. Therefore, it is differentiated into twoparts; the first one explains a theory of the proof that is goingto be used and the second one provides a simple guide to run itwith the SPSS statistical program.On the other hand, the application contains a calculator thatwill estimate the sample size for a proportion, mean and hypothesis(rate and mean) and estimate the confidence interval for amean,difference of two means, for a ratio and to compare twoproportions. It also allowscalculating the sensitivity, specificityand probability ratios with their corresponding confidenceintervals.It also has links to access the website www.app4stats.com thatsupportsit and where practical examples and a complete and moredetailed manual can be downloaded.eBookhttps://play.google.com/store/books/details/Enrique_Bernal_Morell_Bioestad%C3%ADstica_B%C3%A1sica_para_I?id=4ZIpAwAAQBAJ(Spanish)Biostatistics, statistics calculator, SPSS. Statistics QuickReference Free
Notificadores Murcia 3.0
Nuevo sistema de notificación del Ayuntamientode Murcia, con Sony Xperia E3.New notification systemof the City of Murcia, with Sony Xperia E3.