Joacim Andersson, Brixoft Software Apps

Action and Reaction 1.1.01
According to Newton's third law of motionevery action have an equal but opposite reaction. In this funpuzzle game you need to avoid the gravitational pull of planets andstay away from pesky comets that otherwise might block you fromyour objective.You are the captain of a space ship that needs to destroy analien space station. The thing is that planets have gravity thatmight change the trajectory of your bullet. To your help you have anumber of satellites that contain a force field which also changesthe trajectory of your bullet.You need to carefully place these satellites around so that yourbullet will hit the space station.
VisuChess 1.1
Every chess master knows the importance ofbeing able to visualize the chess board in your head. Even if youdon't play blind chess what the board will look like 5, 6, or 7moves ahead. This app contains 8 different exercises that will helpyou get better at this important skill.So if you take your chess seriously you owe it to yourself to dothese exercises daily and notice how your concentration over thechess board improves and you can more easily analyze several movesahead of time.The app is completely free and without any ads.
Othello 1.0.1
Now you can play the classic game ofOthello,AKA as Reversi, on your Android device. Take turns againstthecomputer and try to turn as many as possible of the chips toyourcolor.
Tunnel Vision 1.0.0
Stay on the platforms and do as many jumpsasyou can to increase your score.Tap on the left hand side of the screen to jump to the left andonthe right hand side to jump to the right.The developers best score is 267, can you do better?
Bouncing Cat 1.0.1
Meet Fritz. the happy cat that loves tobouncearound. Make him bounce as high as possible and collectbonusitems, like coins and stars on the way. Also pick up letterstospell the word "KITTY" to get a safety net. Grab on to balloonsandrockets to get even higher up.How high can you make your cat bounce?
Fling Basketball 2.0
The game is simple. Flip the ball and trytomake as many baskets you can in a row. Share your highscore onourserver.
Bouncy Colors Infinity 1.0
A fun and a bit addictive game. The goal istobounce or jump as high as possible. You must pass throughdifferentblocks and wheels but you can only pass through them whenthey havethe same color as you. You will also pass through colorchangingballs that change your own color.Collect gems on your way up which gives you a higher scoreandalso allows you to unlock new types of balls.The game is completely free from advertisements.
Tap Tap Plane 1.0
You are the pilot of a plane that canhardlyfly, but it's still your job to navigate the terrain and trytopick up as many stars as possible.
Hoppy Loop 1
Hoppy Loop is a fun game in which you needtohop through loops to open the gates that allow you to continue.Youcan either hop through them from above to get 2 points or youcando a slightly more difficult hop and pass through them frombelowto get 3 points.Also collect acorns on your way, you can use them to unlocknewplayable characters.
Starry Fever 1.0
Starry Fever is a simple but addictive gameinwhich you need to collect as many stars as possible whileavoidingthe bouncing red balls. Also pick up Power Ups which mighthelp youto get more stars.You can play in 3 different game modes, Normal, TimeChallenge,and Don't Miss.
Runesson Racing
En app som håller er uppdaterade på vadsomhänder i Team Runesson Racing och som rör deras kartingsatsning.Följ den flerfaldiga MKR- och Distriktsmästaren MaxRunesson ochMKR-Bästa Tjej Moa Runesson ut på racing banorna.An app that keepsyouupdated on what happens in the Team Runesson Racing and relatedtotheir karting venture. Follow the multiple MKR- and DistrictMasterMax Runesson and MKR-Best Girl Moa Runesson on racingtracks.
Jagged Road 1.0
This must be easy right? Just tap on thescreento make the marble change direction. That's easy! It's alsomovingso slowly... Yes, until you pick up one of those bluegems... Wowthat changed the speed... Oh there's another blue gemahead! Well, Iguess this game isn't as easy as it looked like itwas going tobe.
Run Bunny, Run! 1.0
Run Bunny, Run! is a very fun andsometimesfrustratingly hard to master game, yet simple enough forthesmallest child to understand.You must help the Bunny to escape from the big badWolf.Unfortunately you're trying to escape over dangerous waters.Jumpon logs and rocks, you can also jump on other animals suchascrocodiles, turtles, sea serpents and so on, but don't try toreston them since they do not appreciate having you standing onthem.Make sure to avoid the broken logs and the water itself.
Circle Pong 1.0
Pong was the first commercially produced videogame in the world. In this version there is only one paddle and itgoes around in a circle. Make sure the ball doesn't go outside ofthis circle. A very fun and addictive game offered here for freeand without any commercials.
Connect 4 1.0
This is the classic board game Connect 4(or4-in-a-row). Take turns against the computer and try toconnectfour of your chips in a row, horizontally, vertically,ordiagonally. Three difficult levels.
Flappy Crunch 1.0.1
Everybody loved to hate that game with thatbird that needed to flap between the green pipes. Well, now you cantake out your anger on them by crushing them between the pipes inthis fun game.The game is very easy, just tap anywhere on the screen to slamthe pipes together and crunch the pesky flyers to a mush. If onesingle bird manage to escape they will all fly away from you.There is also a secret level in this game, an easter egg if youcan figure out how to find it,
Connect the Dots 1.3.1
This game is all about connecting the dotsbecause that makes dots happy. The dots can be connected eitherhorizontally or vertically with its closest neighbor. Dots cannotbe connected to squares because squares are just annoying.You must connect all the dots to solve each level and there arean infinite amount of procedurally created levels in this addictivepuzzle game.
RoboSnake 1.0.0
This is a modern touch friendly version oftheclassic game Snake. Move the RoboSnake around the screen and eatasmany eggs as you can. Beware though that the snake keepsgrowingand it can't touch it's own body.
Gravity Ninja 1.0
You play the ninja that needs to run andjumpover all incoming saw blade hazards. The thing is that eachtimeyou jump the gravity will switch. This is a very fun andfast-pacedendless runner game.
Lumberjack 1.0
You are the toughest and strongestlumberjackin all of ... wherever, and you have decided that you andonly youcan bring down the world's largest tree with your barehands, welland your axe of course.It's just one problem, the tree doesn't want to fall in thesamemanner as other trees, it still stands upright, it just gotalittle bit smaller. Oh, and watch out for the tree branchessinceeven though you are the toughest and the strongest they willcrackyour head like an egg. To top it off, you also have a timelimitand when the times up you also die... for some reason.To help you there sometimes comes a clock that just hangsthereat the side of the tree, if you take that your time limitwillincrease slightly. There's also some coins that also followsthetree down since in a game like this physics has its own setofrules that not even Sir Isaac Newton could have explained. Getthecoins for extra points.Oh, and did I mention that you need to look out for thebranches.Yes, I did, didn't I? Well then make sure you do so!
Swinging Cat 1.0.0
A fun game where you need to help our herothecat rope swing from platform to platform. Don't let himfall!Collect gems for extra score.Nice graphics with different backgrounds.Immersive music score.
Asteroid Steam 1.0
In this fun and addictive game, you needtonavigate your space ship around an asteroid field pickingupvaluable energy substance known simply as steam. There arealsoother pickups that allow you to use your gun or activateyourshield. You can also pick up gems that you can use to upgradeyourship with.
Crazy Tower 1.0
Crazy Tower is a fun physics game in whichyouwill try to build a tower out of irregular shaped objects. Howhighcan you go?
Text Encryption 1.0
You can encrypt and decrypt text with thepushof a button.
Stop the Wheel 1.0
You need to try to stop the spinning wheelbytapping on the screen when the arrow points to a section onthewheel with the same color. However instead of stopping thewheeljust turns and go in the other direction so you need to repeatthetask. The number of times you need to do this before thewheelstops depends on which level you're on.
Jumping Owl 1.0.1
You make the owl jump by pressing andholdingand then releasing your finger on the screen. The longer youholdyour finger down the higher the owl jumps. Jump to low and youdie,jump to high and you die.Very fun and really addictive game.
Break it Down 1.0
This is a game that isn't allowed tobeexplained...
Annoying Arrows 1.0.1
Very addictive game. 1200 levels, can yousolvethem all?