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Free Ollie 6.0
- Fast paced "one handed" action!!- A truly free experience, no timers, no waiting, no gems, playasmuch as you like!- Tap and Swipe anywhere on your way to the ocean surface!- You can jump between three lanes, allowing you a puzzlelikestrategic experience in dodging and evading the fishy enemies.Ollie's curiosity and love for gold has gotten him trappedinsidea treasure chest which is being pulled to the ocean surfacebytreasure hunters! You play as Chum, who must race to the surfaceofthe ocean chasing after his brother to free him from hisgoldenprison!*** Game Features ***COLLECT GOLD AND PEARLSYou'll need a little help along the way to make it to thesurface.Gold is dropping from Ollie's treasure chest, and you canuse it tobuy items and upgrades for Chum and his friends! Collectpearlsfrom oysters to jump ahead levels and start with ahelpinghand!PROTECT YOURSELF!Chum can use starfish for helmets to give you an extra hit ortwo.Goldfish will give you the food you need to use Chumsspecialpowers!POWER UPS!Conceal yourself in a thick cloud of ink, and watch as themonstersjust swim right past you. Or take fate into your own handswith theSea Urchin Camouflage which allows you to knock outthemonsters!SEVEN UNIQUE WORLDS!Chase Ollie through 7 unique and challenging worlds as you passfromthe deep bioluminescent ocean floor to frigid arcticice,shipwrecks, whale graveyards, ancient atlantean ruins, superheatedvolcanic oceans, and vibrant colorful coral reefs!CHUM HAS FRIENDS!Shmoo and Chubbles are happy to help Chum release Ollie! Theyhavesome special abilities of their own too, like attractinggoldfishand starfish!ENDLESS MODE!Once you've freed Ollie from his treasure chest, you can replaythewhole game endlessly! Try to beat your high score, themonsterskeep get harder and harder to dodge!