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Abeshabox 1.1
Jotika LLC
Let's face it, finding Abesha(Ethiopian+Eritrean) video on Youtube from a selection of 2+ Million videosisvery hard. We originally built Abeshabox to help us findmostrecent video's instead of relying on word of mouth. As wetalked tomore people we realized everyone shared the samechallenges so thisapp is for you too.At Abeshabox our goal is quite simple; to build a fast,reliableand fun app to help you discover Abesha Youtube content injust afew clicks. You will no longer be asking friends what ispopular,what is funny or even what is the latest video insteadsimply usethis or the iOS app.Abeshabox is designed for ease of use and simplicity.Itsfunctions include a regularly updated recommended list ofvideo's,top rated, most viewed and new videos. It also organizescontent insimple categories, adds search capability and helps youbookmarkthe video's you enjoy the most.Our team is constantly innovating and finding ways to makeAbeshavideo discovery enjoyable so that you find and enjoy anyAbeshacontent on Youtube. We're interested in hearing from you sosend usfeedback right through the app today.So please share the app with friends, follow & Like usonFacebook!Happy viewing.
AddisTips 1.3
Jotika LLC
AddisTips is a lifestyle go-to guide on what'shappening for Habesha events world wide. It organizes eventlistings on a per-city, per-category basis with all the necessarydetails about the event. We use a mix of human-curation and searchtechnologies to find and bring you these events from all over theworld.Our goal is to inspire and enable people to find the extraordinaryhidden choices available to them as well as have the opportunity toshare their experiences with others.