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Crush Runner 1.4
Crush Runner is 100% Free game which youcanenjoy a thrilling experience with cute character.The Story is based on the ancient kingdom where the Princessbeginthe adventure for her homeland[100% Free Game]is 100% free game, you can get all of required items for gamebyplaying the game.[Avartar System]Can customize the character by changing the hair style, haircolor,costume and so on.When the character wear the special costume havingspecialabilities, can play the game more easily.[Running Game]The Princess is running to hunt all monsters appearing inherhomeland.Tab and swipe with your fingers to dodge the obstacles and huntthemosters.To reach the more high score, need to reinforce thecharacterstate.Language : Korean, English, Chinese
Break brick : Neon Block 1.1.1
Hyper Toxicity!!!Throw dozen balls and break Neon bricks.[How to play]-Throw ball and break Neonbricks.-When ball hit Neonbricks, brick's durability is gettingreduce.Brick's duraility will be 0, the brick will be broke.- Blink Neonbrick will be light off on the next turn and your ballcan't hit Neonbrick which light off.- When your ball passthrough + shape item, you get one more ball touse.- You can use various type of balls via purchasing ball atstore.- You can share your score through facebook with board.- You can send your score to your friends.- You get a gold according to bricks that you broke.- You can light on Neonbricks via spending gold that yougathered.- The bonus abillity will be applied per each type of ball.- The Neonbricks will come down to the end of bottom line, the gameis over.- Try it to get the highest score!*Our app supports Leader board.