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White n Black Slot Machine 1.0.7
ENJOY THE VERY EXCITING GAME OF CASINO WITHWHITE N BLACK SLOT MACHINE WHICH IS ABSOLUTELY FREE !!!Prove your luck by unlocking more store items and achievementsin this game by spinning the slot reels.The main features of the game are:1. HOURLY BONUS2. ACHIEVEMENTS3. EXITING BACKGROUNDS4. STREAK BONUSEnjoy playing the famous casino game with White n Black Slotmachine and unlock all the store items and achieve more to become apro spinner.Happy Playing..!!!
Tic Tac Toe Xs n Os 1.0.21
The all new Tic Toc Toe Xs n Os is a classicTic Tac Toe game with loads of fun. This game consists of lot offeatures as follows- HOURLY BONUS CREDITS- EXCITING BACKGROUNDS- ACHIEVEMENTS- HIGH QUALITY GRAPHICS- STORE ITEMS and lot more.Think of a Tic Tac Toe game in which you can change the background,unlock achievements, play the game to win credits and buy itemsfrom the store. The game is free and will remain free always.How to Play:-Make you symbol either X or O in a straight or diagonal line towin.With Tic Tac Toe Xs N Os you can experience the real gamingpleasure. This game makes you keep playing.Enjoy Playing..!!
Crazy Car Unblock 1.0.9
ENJOY THE VERY EXCITING PUZZLE GAME WITH CRAZYCAR UNBLOCK WHICH IS ABSOLUTELY FREE!!!You are stuck in a messy parking lot try to take your car out bymoving all the other cars on your way.How to Play Crazy Car Unblock:-1.Horizontal cars can only move left and right and vertical carscan move up and down only.2.Move the Yellow car through the puzzle.3.Less moves to win more stars.Features:-- Addictive Puzzle Levels- High Definition Graphics- Animated background- More Attractive Puzzle Levels + More To Come- Track Record of the Levels Cleared- Elegant Theme- Star Rating for Cleared Levels- Full Tablet and Mobile Support- Hours Of Free Enjoyment- Random difficulty levelsEnjoy playing the best unblock game with crazy car unblock, unlockall the levels and achieve more stars.ENJOY PLAYING...!!!
Vegas BlackJack 21 1.1.0
Enjoy the free card, best BlackJack game withVegas Black Jack 21. Vegas BlackJack 21 has Great Graphics, VegasCasino Table, Classic Sound and Clear Gameplay.Experience the Vegas casino effect in your phone or tablet withVegas BlackJack 21 and double down the card gaming intensity. Playand feel the ultimate jackpot experience and standoff the casinowith Vegas Blackjack 21.The objective of a black jack game is very simple and is to achievea total greater than the dealer and should not exceed 21 points. Ifyou exceed 21 points then you lose the game so remember and watchyour cards and your dealer’s as well. You are dealt with 2 cardsinitially.The winning is when you:· Your total point is higher than the dealer.· The dealer’s total exceeds 21 points.You lose if· If you go over 21, or the Dealer's total is greaterIf your total is the same as the Dealer's total it is a "stand-off"and you neither win nor lose.The points of the cards:· King, Jack and Queen – 10 Points.· Ace – 1 or 11 Points, Whichever best suits your total.· Numerical Cards – Same as the number in that.In a BlackJack game you can even split your cards if you are dealtwith same card value and can play with two hands. Play and enjoyour best black jack game.
Mini Jackpot Slot Machine 1.0.9
Mini Jackpot Slot Machine is one of the bestcasino slot machine games here. Grab the real slot machine gamemaking the real Vegas casino in your mobile..!!Mini Jackpot Slot Machine makes you to get rich by quickly hittingthe hot jackpot by giving high payouts stack your money. MiniJackpot Slot Machine provides you high definition graphics and userinterface with a best in class game play. Unlock all theAchievements and become a pro spinner also enjoy all the mini gameswhich you can purchase with virtual points.≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡The mini games are:-≈≈≈ Treasure Chest≈≈≈Spin Wheel≈≈≈ Card GameFeatures of the game are:«»High Quality Graphics«»Achievements«»3X3 - Multi Pay line«»Wild symbol«»High Quality Sound«»Progressive JackpotGet the game real quick and hit the spin to experience one of thebest casino slot machines of its kind.Enjoy Playing..!!
Triple Jackpot - Slot Machine 1.0.21
ENJOY THE VERY EXCITING GAME OF CASINO WITHTRIPLE JACKPOT SLOTS WHICH IS ABSOLUTELY FREE !!!Triple Jackpot Slots has the most enticing and exciting gameplay with astonishing designs and user interface. Grab all thebackgrounds and store items from the virtual store and enjoy thegame with all the backgrounds.The main features of the game are:1. HOURLY BONUS GAME POINTS2. ACHIEVEMENTS3. EXCITING THEMES4. STREAK BONUS FOR CONSECUTIVE SPINS5. 3X MULTIPLIER AND 9X MULTIPLIER6. PROGRESSIVE JACKPOTEnjoy playing the famous casino game with Triple Jackpot Slotsand unlock all the store items and achive more to become a prospinner.ENJOY PLAYING...!!!
Doodle Chess 1.0.3
Doodle Chess brings you the classic chess gamein a new twist with fascinating doodle designs. Play Doodle Chessfor free in your phone and that too with your favorite doodledesigns.Features:♚♛ Unlimited undo for players to redo the move♚♛ Five difficultly levels Very Easy – Very Difficult♚♛ Leader board to show your top score to the world♚♛ Interactive designs for all to like and enjoy the game♚♛ AI Opponent and completely offlinePlay unlimited free chess games and develop your playing skillswith Doodle Chess. Come play the game and mark your score in ourleader board and show the world if you can win the most difficultlevel.
Deluxe Spider Solitaire 1.0.7
The #1 card game is here with Deluxe SpiderSolitaire which is the most popular patience game world wide.Deluxe spider solitaire is just like the same spider solitaire onwindows in which 8 suit of cards are arranged in descendingsequence.Become a proffessional by attempting all the modes and masteryou card game experience with all the 3 modes. If you are a fan ofKlondike Solitaire, Free Cell or Solitaire then you will likeSpider Solitaire which has high definition graphics and morefeatures listed below.FEATURES:- Easy Mode 1 suit- Medium Mode 2 suits- Hard Mode 4 suits- Portrait and Landscape orientations- Undo Option- Helpful Hints- Statistics- Tablet support- High Definition Graphics- High Quality Sound- Leader Board to show your score to your friends or foesIts time to be a professional with Deluxe Spider Solitaire.
Deluxe Solitaire 1.0.3
Deluxe Solitaire, android game for mobiles andtablets from K Square creations is one of the best card games inAndroid here.This card game is also known as Klondike, patience or windowssolitaire. If you love Klondike, patience or windows solitaire weare sure you will love our game even more.This Android game is crafted to fit all screen size from phoneto tablet. The motive of the game is there are four foundations(light rectangles in the upper right) are built up by suit from Aceto King of the same suit. There are seven piles which can be builtdown by alternate colors (i.e. Red and Black), and descending innumber starting from King to Ace.The stacks can be moved partially or completely. The undo buttoncan help you out with any bad moves. Auto move function checksplayable cards and stack them automatically. An empty space can befilled with King or a pile of cards with king. The game is finishedwhen you stack all the 4 suits of the cards in the rectangular box.And yes you can master the Solitaire (Klondike, Patience or WindowsSolitaire) game with our game.
24 Cell Roulette 1.0.4
Experience the first of its kind Roulette gamewith 24 Cell Roulette from K Square Creations. Our 24 Cell Rouletteis very easy to adapt as this is a mini version of the traditionalEuropean Roulette with only 24 cells to bet. This game isabsolutely free and involves no real world money for you to pay forand will remain free forever.Features of 24 Cell Roulette* Easy to learn and bet as there are 24 cells a very first of itskind Roulette game for you which gives you a fast winning.* Splendid graphics with astonishing game play and bettingstrategy.* Hourly bonus to keep you playing your favourite EuropeanRoulette* Achievements to unlock* Leader Board for competing other global players* Free to play as always like our other games.★★★ Grab the game now and practice your roulette game with our24 Cell Roulette ★★★★★★ Learn with our game and enhance your roulette game strategy★★★
Vegas Video Poker 1.0.2
A classic Vegas Video Poker game needsskillsunlike most of the other card games. The Video Poker gameneeds toput your skill in choosing the cards to keep ordiscard.Experience the vegas style Video Poker with this game . VegasVideoPoker game is a FREE TO PLAY game and NO IN APP PURCHASES andwillremain free always. Play like you are in a real Vegas casinowithour FREE VIDEO POKER GAME.There are 10 variants of video poker in Vegas Video Poker• Aces and Eights• Deuces Wild• Jacks or Better• All Amercian• Bonus Poker• Double Bonus Poker• Aces and Faces• Tens or Better• White Hot Aces• Bonus Poker NevadaEnjoy the best of all the 10 games with our game andexperiencethe best of Video Poker game.Vegas Video Poker allows you to play anywhere and anytime as itisCOMPLETELY FREE AND OFFLINE.Enjoy the game
Ultimate Bingo Bonus HD 1.1.6
“Ultimate Bingo Bonus HD” the most easiest andaddictive to play bingo game is now available in the store.Ultimate Bingo Bonus HD from K Square Creations is absolutely FREETO PLAY and will remain always.Enjoy the FREE BINGO GAME with Ultimate Bingo Bonus HD and startgetting the most from daubing your number when called. Thislimitless fun packed bingo game is completely offline to playexcept for social media shares and there is no limit for you toplay the game like other online cost cutting games which drainsyour mobile data.How to Play:- Select the number of cards to play- Select the level- As the caller calls the number daub it- When you have daubed all the numbers creating the exact levelpattern press bingoAnd that’s a BINGO!!Features of Ultimate Bingo Bonus HD- ABSOLUTELY FREE- Completely Offline- Virtual Calling Voice- Facebook Sharing- Share your Winnings with your friends and world with any socialapp from your phone- Travel with this Bingo game in 12 different locations- 70 exciting levels in all the worlds (Total - 840 levels)- Bonus game every hour- Bonus games like Slot Machine, Treasure Hunt, Spin Wheel- Daily Bonus- 840 pattern levels to unlock- High Definition Graphics- Leader board to compete with world players- Calling speed adjustments – Slow, Medium and Fast- Points get increased as you daub more- Pause and resume at your will.Grab the Ultimate Bingo Bonus HD now which is an ABSOLUTELY FREEGAME and unleash your daubing skills with our game.Please Note - The game allows bingo only upon daubing the EXACTpattern mentioned
Classic Vegas Baccarat 1.0.1
Play Classic Vegas Baccarat for FREEanytimeand anywhere across the world. The Classic Vegas Baccaratneedsjust luck and tokens to bet. Prove your luck with thisamazingbaccarat game.The realistic casino theme makes you feel you are playing inLasVegas, the game is very easy and fun overloaded withenticinggraphics and appealing sound. Classic Vegas Baccarat givesyou theultimate entertainment of card game while you win big.Some features to be told:♠ Absolutely FREE♠ Real Punto Banco Rules♠ Never runs out of cash♠ Real Bet Options♠ Free random bonus when cash is 0♠ Leader Board to find who’s hitting the top score♠ Hourly Bonus – Play mini game and collect bonus♠ Game Stats – Who won which gameDownload Classic Vegas Baccarat absolutely FREE and getthethrill of gambling in your phone or tablet.
Three Card Rummy 1.0.0
Experience the first ever game of 3 cardrummyin your mobile and tablet with this all new 3 cardrummy game. Download the game and enjoy unlimited fun forFREE.This 3 card rummy is a verysimple game yet addictive. The goal of the game is like anyotherrummy but instead of 13 cards thiscard game involves only 3 cards. Below are the rules for the3card rummy card game.Rules♥ Dealer qualifies with 20 or less points♦ Objective is to get lesser points compared to dealer♣ Points system are as follows• Ace - 1 Point• 2 To 9 – Face/ Pip Value• 10, Jack, Queen and King – 10 Points♣ Suited 3 card run – 0 Points♠ Triple – 0 Points♥ Suited 2 card run – 0 Points and points to be counted fortheremaining 3 rd card♦ Pair – 0 Points and points to be counted for the remaining 3rdcardDownload the first ever 3 card rummy and enjoy the ultimaterummygame experience with this cardgame. The card dealings are matched with real time carddealingwith engine which adapts the realtime experience.
Ultimate Classic Spades 1.0.2
Enjoy the classic card game with ourULTIMATECLASSIC SPADES FOR FREE..!!!Grab and download the finest casino card game now. The classiccardgame of spades is FREE and OFFLINE with Ultimate ClassicSpadesGame.Ultimate Classic Spades is one of the best 4 player tricktakinggames. Download and prove your skills with the ultimateclassicspades, the casino game of cards.The Ultimate Classic Spades has the following features: -- Absolutely free- Sounds good to play offline, yes you can play with no mobiledataor wifi- Exciting and refreshing graphics- Amazing Game play- Enticing sounds- Prove your skills by topping the Leader board- Challenge the world and achieve all the achievements- One of its kind spades game with 5 game modes- Look back your game statistics and increase your winningsAnd what’s more download the classic casino game now andenjoygaming with ULTIMATE CLASSIC SPADES FOR FREE.
Craps – Casino Dice Game 1.1.3
Download one of the best casino games of Dicenow for FREE!!FREE GAME!! NO SIGNUP!! NO REGISTRATION!! DAILY FREE CHIPS!! ANDMUCH MOREEver wondered how the game of craps is played. Experience the bestdice rolling game with Craps – Casino Dice Game on your mobile likenever before. With this dice game you can not only learn the mostpopular casino dice rolling game but also play the game while youexperience real time betting and multiply chips like Las Vegascasino.The real time randomized dice roll will make the game moreinteresting like in real casino craps table.Master one of the hardest casino games with the Craps – Casino DiceGame which is made inline with the real time betting, game play andmatches the real style of playing.A few features of the game⚁⚄ Smooth Graphics for amazing game⚁⚄ Real time game play makes you feel you are in Vegas⚁⚄ Stickman calls to say your roll and points⚁⚄ Achieve all the awards with Achievements⚁⚄ Top your friends and other online players worldwide with LeaderBoard⚁⚄ Statistics to keep you informed about your previous winnings anddice outcomes⚁⚄ Out of chips not to worry we have Hourly Bonus⚁⚄ Completely randomized dice⚁⚄ And much more awaiting you.Download and play the FREE, REAL and ORIGINAL casino dice game ofcraps and master now and make the luck favour you.
Farkle - Dice Game 1.0.3
The most simple and one of the best fastpaceddice games of Farkle is back with new additional featuresforABSOLUTELY FREE AND OFFLINE. Collect the maximum points byjustrolling the dices and there you win.With the training option you can learn and play Farkle, gainyourexperience by practicing more with Farkle – Dice Game. The stepbystep training helps in learning this dice game withmuchintensity.This ABSOLUTE FREE AND OFFLINE GAME has more features for abettergame play:Features- Training- 2 player pass and play mode to play with your friends- Play and multiply your chips- Power dice option to X2 your points collected- Minus your farkle with the power dice option- Gain a free roll if you feel you may get a farkle- Amazing Game Play- Completely randomised dice with real values- Best in class graphics- Realistic sounds- Intuitive music- Leader board to top other players- Complete tasks and unlock the achievements- Daily Missions to accomplishEnjoy the enticing dice game with this fast paced Farkle – DiceGamefor ABSOLUTELY FREE AND PLAY OFFLINE ANY WHERE ANYTIME!!!
Offline Tonk - Tunk Card Game 1.0.1
Start your Tonk game with 250 points forFREEAND PLAY OFFLINE ANYTIME ANYWHERE. The first ever Tonk gamewithalmost all the variations for users to enjoy the game play atitsbest.Tunk, popularly known as Tonk is a fast paced card game which isakind of knock rummy and another interesting variation of GinRummy.There are various variations to play the Tonk or Tunk game.In thisgame each player will be dealt five cards and if it’s a 49or 50Points, it’s an auto win, also there are variations like 11orfewer or 13 or fewer or 15 or fewer which is also an auto win.Thisis sometimes called as Tonk or Tunk or Knock. In such instancethehand is not played further and the player with 49 or 50 ispaidtwice the basic stake by all other players. If the player has13,12, 11 or fewer then the payment is thrice the basic stake.Alsothere is a special payment for a win if the player has 9 orfewerthen the player gets quadruple payment of the basic stake.OfflineTonk – Tunk card game enables you to set the gamevariations,payouts and your desired game according to yourpreferablevariations.The main objective of the game is to draw and discard all ofyourcards either by spreading 3 or 4 equal ranked cards orstraightflush of 3 or more cards of the same suit. You can alsodisposeyour cards by hitting your opponents spread or your ownspread.Once spread you need to wait for 3 turns to knock and willbe ableto knock on your fourth turn. Hitting your opponent's spreadwillmake your opponent wait for 1 turn to knock.You win the game of “Tonk” or “Tunk” if you manage to discardallyour cards in hand or you have the lowest points whensomeoneknocks or the discard pile is exhausted. You can also knockinmiddle of the game if you are sure that you have the lowestpointsand can win over your opponents.Get to the game now to unlock all the exciting features ofOfflineTonk – Tunk Card Game and start playing the fast and one ofthequick card games.Features- Almost all the variations can be set to play according toyourdesired game play- Exciting sounds- Amazing Graphics- Completely OFFLINE- Absolutely FREE- Best in class animations- The never changed classic game incorporation- Randomized cards- Daily Bonus- New once in 3 minutes bonus game to keep you rich enoughtoplay- And much more for you to explore during the game.Enjoy one of the best and vast played card games in your PhoneorTablet for FREE AND COMPLETELY OFFLINE ANYWHERE ANYTIMEwithOffline Tonk – Tunk Card Game.