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Paradise Jump 1.9
Visit an island with sexy girls!In Paradise Jump you guide your Doodle Girl (Nooky, Jessy,Jenny,Mary, and Robin) using some of the most cutting edge andaccuratemotion controls in existence. Your mission, if you acceptit, is toget your girls up in the sky. To help you achieve thistask someobjects will be provided to you on your road.Use the spring to jump higher, the propeller to go faster, ortheballoon pump to levitate!But don't forget to collect the goodies! Coins, bananas,andpotatoes will help you unlock new girls and new outfits!Once a girl is unlocked, you can play with her in her roomandlaunch sexy animations by cliking on her. Will you find alltheanimations?Features:- 15 different Doodle Girls- 4 worlds inspire from island adventures- 3 different rooms where you can interact with theDoodleGirls- Propeller- Balloon pump- Reverse mode- Spring- Gold coins- Bananas- PotatoesEasy to play:1- Launch the game2- Chose your favorite character from the "girls" page3- Click on play4- Turn you phone to the right if you want to go to the right5- Turn you phone to the left if you want to go to the left ;-)*****If you like Paradise Jump, please rate it 5-stars inplaystore!By ratting us from the app you will win 500 gold coins!And don't forget to also like our Facebook page from the app towin1000 gold coins!*****Facebook: