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Nelly Fairy: Farm 1.0.12
Little Nelly Fairy is different from otherfairies: she does not cast spells but simply lends a hand. Onceagain the farmer is driving his tractor, so Nelly feeds theanimals: the horse, the cow, the dog, the pig and the hen. Nellyneeds help to drag the right kind of food to the right animal. Fedanimals fall asleep – and if all animals sleep it is timer to go tobed… The cat, the owl, the mouse, the mole and the sparrow are alsothere but they are fed already.The game for children aged 1 to 5 was developed in cooperationwith the Stuttgart Media University. It trains children’s finemotor skills (using drag gestures) and cognitive abilities (whichanimal needs which kind of food). Even for the youngest it is a funyet calm experience with beautiful music, children’s voices andgentle animations. Most important: “Nelly Fairy on the Farm” isboth appropriate for children and fun.Features:• 5 hungry animals• 5 fed animals• 1 tractor enthusiastic farmer• 1 cheerful fairy who helps (by pointing to the right type offood)• colorful graphics• gentle animations• relaxing music• children’s voices• sleep function at the end
Nelly Fairy: Castle 1.4
Nelly Fairy wants to build a castle.Unfortunately, all the bricks are lost! Nelly has to search themand puzzle the castle together cleverly. The parts are hidden inlovingly designed sceneries populated by friendly animals.FOR PARENRTS AND CHILDRENNelly Fairy Castle is a game suitable for children aged 3 to 8years. Interesting tasks, lively sceneries and likeable animalsmake Nelly Fairy Castle an expedition for kids which also is funfor the parents. This interactive picture book with its uniquecombination of search and puzzle game creates long-lasting fun, asthe parts are hidden at different places each time the game isstarted and can be rediscovered again and again.AT A GLANCE- full of variety: meadow, forest, mountains and desert- interactive: animals and plants react to touch- designed with love: beautiful animations, detailed drawings- worth listening: cheerful bright music, friendly animalsounds- not frustrating: three levels of difficulty suited forchildren- replay value: with each start the castle parts are hidden indifferent locations- memorable: it is possible to take snapshots of the castles builtand decorated- identification: Nelly Fairy as a companionNote: It is possible to make an IAP (In-App Purchase) to buy theadditional sceneries jungle, sea and cave. If you do not want that,you can turn off IAP in the settings of your device.About the developer: Korion is specialized on games andsimulations. The company is a spin-off from Fraunhofer society, alarge research association.
Nelly Fairy: Minigames 1.0.2
PACK OF THREE FUN GAMESThe games collection Nelly Fairy Minigames continues the funwiththe little fairy. Three entertaining games allow children toplaypuzzle, memory and paint together with Nelly. This is not onlyfun– the games also improve creativity, memory and motoricabilities.Of course Nelly Fairy also joins the fun and accompaniesthe playerthrough all three games in her friendly and practicalway.PuzzleThe puzzle game supplies 18 colorful images picturingfriendlyanimals in their natural surroundings. Each puzzle canconsist of9, 16 or 25 pieces. These pieces can be put together bysimple draggestures – even the youngest children will masterthis…Memo-GameThe memory game’s difficulty can also be adjusted: either 6 or10matching animal pairs have to be found. If they arerevealedcorrectly, the reward comes in form of an animation.Memorycontains 20 different animals altogether – thus diversionisguaranteed.Painting21 pictures of animals, fairy-castles and little Nelly invitelittleartists to color them. Just select one of the 17 availablecolorsand start coloring the picture with a finger. And ifsomething goesamiss the eraser helps. Each picture can be saved ina snapshot –this way the masterpiece can later be exhibited in thegallery.AT A GLANCE- 3 games in one collection- Colorful memory with 20 friendly animals and niceanimations- 18 puzzles with cheerful pictures and adjustable difficulty- 21 motives for painting that spark creativity- Memorable: snapshots of the paintings preserve them inthegallery- Nelly Fairy as lively companion