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Space Invaders Salma 1.0
Space Invaders is a two-dimensionalfixedshooter game in which the player controls laser cannon bymoving ithorizontally across the bottom of the screen and firingatdescending aliens.The aim is to defeat five rows of eleven aliens thatmovehorizontally right and left across the screen as theyadvancetowards the bottom of the screen. The player defeats analien, andearns points, by shooting it with the laser cannon. Asmore aliensare defeated, the aliens' movement and the game's musicboth speedup.A special "mystery ship" will occasionally move across the topofthe screen and award bonus points if destroyed. Severalstationarydefence bunkers partially protect the laser canon, but anumerousamount of blasts from the aliens or the player graduallydestroythem.Defeating aliens will occasionally award bonus points, extrahearts,or a powerful canon. These gifts can descend from adefeated alien;however, the player’s laser canon must touch thegift in order forthe player to get it.Defeating aliens bring another wave that is more difficult asitwill be faster, a loop that can continue without end. Thealiensattempt to destroy the cannon by firing at it while theyapproachthe bottom of the screen. If they reach the bottom, thealien’sinvasion is successful and the game ends. The game ends alsowhenthe aliens destroy the canon.Therefore, this game depends on the speed of the player indefeatingaliens before in addition to his intelligence in puttinga strategyfor winning.
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