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Plumber Game 1.1.5
Where's my water? Asks the gold fish! Sam theplumber has received a fish, but the tap is not working. In PlumberGame you must connect the pipes in order to get water to the fish.There's a blank tile that you can move. You can move pipes to thisposition. I Need Water, the fish screams as the 40 levels increasein difficulty. The fish needs a smarter plumber with each level!Connect all the water pipes in order to finish each level on time.Fish Needs Plumber - Features:- 40 challenging plumber puzzle levels- The fish is out of water, help the fish get water- Awesome plumbers- Connect the water pipes to make the water flowDo you like our games? Follow us on
Solitaire HD 1.0.0
Solitaire HD is the number one card game. PlayFREE SOLITAIRE (also known as Patience or FreeCell). This is a freeSolitaire game that everyone can enjoy. We have strived to createthe classic Solitaire card game feeling. Similar to Klondike orPatience. Did you know that Patience is the most popular versionSolitaire? On Windows (Windows Solitaire) it gained even moresucces. But maybe you know Pyramid Solitaire or Solitaire Classic.It is a true solitary experience. This Solitaire game is one of thebest Solitaire games on the market. Please play Solitaire (a freedownload) and enjoy this classic card game. In this Solitaire gameyou must simply drag and drop the cards.Features:♠ Windows Solitaire gameplay♠ Free Solitaire♠ Includes Klondike Solitaire♠ It also includes Patience SolitaireWhat do our Solitaire fans say about this Free Solitaire Game?- Wow! Amazing solitair. -- Rose- This is the best solitare free. A must if you like solitairegames - Lee Sang- Beautiful solitaire card game.- Fav solitiare card game! And it's free. Get it if you lovesolitiare - Miroa- This Solitair game is very relaxing & enjoyable. I love it!-- Barbie- Awesome for my tablet. This is a great solitar game! --Luisa- I am so happy that I found this soliter game. It plays great! Getthis card games app free - Dixons- Very cool! I like awesome solitaire card games free -- Jake- This is a solid, beautiful, and easy to play version of classicsolitaire free -- Mike- Great solitar game for all family - ChickaChik9
Sokoban 3D 1.0
Sokoban United is a 3D Sokoban puzzle game in which you need topush 3D boxes to pass each level.You can only push the box and not pull the box. So think ahead ofevery move you make. Each Sokoban puzzle is solved when all boxesare at the target locations. Your goal is to push boxes to storagelocations. You can push only one box at a time.Sokoban United features:- 3D Sokoban game graphics- 100 Sokoban levels- 5 Sokoban worlds- Intuitive tap controls- Tap anywhere you want and the character will move there- Colorful and nice interface- Undo feature- Star rating- HD graphics- Also known as Push Push
Plumber Game 2 1.0.1
If you enjoyed Plumber Game, you will love Plumber Game 2. Anaddictive puzzle game for children and adults. Sam is back foranother Plumber 2 job! Help Sam by guiding water to Clifford, theblue creature who is screaming where's my water? In Plumber Game 2you must simply connect the pipes in order to get water toClifford. Clifford is a very thirsty creature, so bring him all thewater he needs to survive!Plumber 2 is a plumbergame pipes game with over 500 FREE puzzlepipes levels. You can freely position pipes by simply swiping ortapping different pipe pieces. Your goal is to create a perfectpiping connection between the starting and ending points of eachlevel.How to play:* Connect the pipes by swiping or tapping!* Oh my god, BOMBS!! Avoid bombs, bombs hate water..* Pipes with dynamite!? Swapped a pipe with dynamite? You got 10seconds left to complete this level..Plumber Game 2 features:* Sam the Plumber is back!* More than 500 levels!* Available for beginners, intermediates and experts* Fun for kids and adults!* Enjoy pipe games? Then Plumber Game 2 is the game for you!* Brand new worlds every week* Intuitive gameplay* Hint system* Unlock new worlds* HD graphicsDownload Plumber Game 2 today!
Dress Up Winter Fashion 1.0
In this Starbie dressup game you must dress upthis cute girl with wonderful winter clothes. Choose from a widevariety winter jackets, coats, scarfs and hats.
Plumber 2.6.5
Plumber Get Me Home is an awesome connect thepipeline plumber game for smartphones and tablets. In Plumber GetMe Home you have to connect all the pipes and get the jumping fishBuster home! Can you link the pipes in this Plumber game so thatthe water can flow through and allow jumping fish Buster to swimhome?Rotate the tiles with the pieces of the pipeline in the grid.Connect the pipes so that the water doesn’t overflow! Make sure thelevel doesn’t get flooded! You start at the red faucet, and thewater has to reach the red-and-white checkered pipe to clear eachlevel.At the bottom of the screen you can view your power-ups. Usethem to connect the pipeline before your time runs out! Try tocollect the three stars by playing the fun Plumber levels asskilfully as possible. Use the Wheel of Fortune bonus game to scoreextra powerups!This cool Plumber game includes many different levels dividedacross various Plumber pipeline worlds. Follow the pipeline to getto the next level! Can you fix the plumbing and solve each level ontime?With Plumber Get Me Home you can also connect with your friendson Facebook. Invite them to play fun challenges together, or askfor their help when you come up against a particularly toughlevel.Enjoy the many awesome pipeline connect levels in Plumber Get MeHome, our newest and best plumber game, and help the jumping fishswim home!Plumber: Get Me Home features:★ Connect the pipeline game type★ Beautifully animated, colourful graphics★ Intuitive gameplay: the game is easy to learn★ Lots of challenging pipeline levels★ Difficulty of levels increases gradually★ Help Buster the jumping fish instead of a strange plumbermole.★ Fun sound effects and great music★ The best Plumber pipeline connect game online!
Plumber Full 2.7.1
Plumber: Get Me Home FULL is an awesomeconnect the pipeline plumber game for smartphones and tablets. InPlumber: Plumber FULL has no advertisements and 100 free coins. Itis a 50% DISCOUNT!Get Me Home FULL you have to connect all the pipes. Can you linkthe pipes in this Plumber game so that the water can flow throughand allow the fish to swim home? Rotate the tiles with the piecesof the pipeline in the grid. Connect the pipes so that the waterdoesn’t overflow! Make sure the level doesn’t get flooded! Youstart at the red faucet, and the water has to reach thered-and-white checkered pipe to clear each level.At the bottom of the screen you can view your power-ups. Usethem to connect the pipeline before your time runs out! Try tocollect the three stars by playing the fun Plumber levels asskilfully as possible. Use the Wheel of Fortune bonus game to scoreextra powerups!This cool Plumber game includes many different levels dividedacross various Plumber pipeline worlds. Follow the pipeline to getto the next level! Can you fix the plumbing and solve each level ontime?With Plumber: Get Me Home you can also connect with your friendson Facebook. Invite them to play fun challenges together, or askfor their help when you come up against a particularly toughlevel.Enjoy the many awesome pipeline connect levels in Plumber: GetMe Home, our newest and best plumber game, and help the fish swimhome!Plumber: Get Me Home FULL version features:★ Connect the pipeline game type★ Beautifully animated, colourful graphics★ Intuitive gameplay: the game is easy to learn★ Lots of challenging pipeline levels★ Difficulty of levels increases gradually★ Fun sound effects and great music★ The best Plumber pipeline connect game online!★ No ads★ 100 FREE coins
Dress Up: Attractive Girl 1.0.2
Tonight is party night! In this dressupgameyou must dress up a very attractive girl. You can choose frommanyoutfits and clothes. Choose from tops, hairstyles, skirts,pants,shoes, dresses and of course jewelery. She will steal theshowtonight! Boys will love her.
Makeover And Dressup 1.0.2
Give this girl a complete makeover and dressher up with new clothes. First you will clean her face and make herpretty with make up and lipgloss, Then you can choose from manyitems like dresses, shirts, skirts, accessories (like jewelery) andvarious hairstyles. Share your creations with your friends!
Spider Solitaire 1.0.1
Spider Solitaire is the classic solitairepatience game you must play. Spidersolitaire is a popular versionof Solitaire. You must align cards of the same color in stacks ofdescencing order. Become the true Spider Solitaire master in thisfree patience soltaire game (also known as Klondike, Patience orFreeCell). Try this free Solitaire game, it's the perfect classicboard & card game.Spider Solitaire features:- Klondike Solitaire Gameplay- Landscape mode- Statistics on moves- Spider Solitaire Free- Free Patience!Enjoy playing Solitaire!
Mahjong 1.0.2
Mahjong is a brand new Mah-Jongg gamewith a classic Mahjong tile design. The rules of the game aresimple and intuitive: find the pairs of identical tiles and matchthem to remove them from the board.Tiles must be free on at least one of the long sides before youcan play them. Can you remove the tiles to free new ones and createmore moves until all the Mahjongg tiles are cleared from thetable?Online Mahjong is a popular game worldwide and is enjoyed dailyby millions of players. Mahjong 4 has many variant spellings andnames, such as Shanghai Mah-Jong, Chinese Mahjongg, Shisen-Sho,Mahjong Ultimate, Taipei Mahjong, or Kyodai - the game is alwaysessentially the same: make combinations to play away all theMahjong tiles!Mahjong Game has 100 amazing levels to complete, and 5exciting worlds to explore on your Mahjong journey. Along the wayyou can score some awesome and very helpful boosters. The boardswill start off easy so that you quickly become familiar with thegameplay. The difficulty level will soon increase with lots andlots of complex and challenging boards to complete! Enjoy!Mahjong features:★ Match the tiles Mahjong gameplay★ Classic Mah-Jongg tile design★ Simple objectives, intuitive rules★ 5 worlds, 100 challenging levels★ Colourful and detailed graphics★ Great sound effects, awesome boosters★ New release! The best Mahjong game yet!
Traffic Block 3
A traffic jam has happened during rush hour.In Traffic Block you must get the red car to the exit. Trafficblockhas many challenging levels. Each level will be more difficult andmore cars blocking your way. Try to get the red car to the exit bydragging cars in order to free the road. Sounds easy, but it’stougher than you think!
Dress Up: Fashion Girl 1.0
Dress up this cute girl. She doesn’t wantanything fancy. She just wants to look good today .She allows youto search through her closet and expects you to find matchingdresses and accessories! Show her that you are the fashion designerthat she needs!
Euro Football Kick 2016 1.0.1
Can you score more points thanyouropponents?Try to shoot the ball past the goalkeeper and one or moreopposingplayers who are trying to defend the goal. Choose the rightmomentto kick the ball and aim for an empty corner of the goal.Everytime you miss, the opponent scores a point. When your opponenthasthree points, the match is over. Make sure you have more pointsbythe end of the match so that you can move on to the next level!Have fun playing Euro Football Kick 2016!
Dressup: Cute Chef Dressup 1.0.2
In this dressup game you must dress up a cutechef girl. Dress her up with nice clothes, skirts, jewelery andchoose from many different hairstyles, shoes and other items. Youcan also customize your own restaurant. Select new colors for yourdoor, roof and windows.
Glow Path 1
Glow Path is a great connect the lines(plumber) pipeline game for smartphones and tablets. Can youconnect the power source to the end point? Each fun puzzle consistsof a grid with different pieces of wire on it. Can you make a pathfrom the coloured box to the grey box?As you link up the pieces of wire from the coloured box thepower will run through the wires and they will begin to glow. Canyou get the coloured line all the way to the other box within a setnumber of moves?Make the right connections and make sure you don’t run out ofmoves before the boxes are properly linked. Good luck!Glow Path features:★ Plumber / pipeline game type★ Lots of challenging levels★ Easy to learn, intuitive gameplay★ Clear, clean, and colourful graphics★ Levels gradually become more difficult★ Play whenever and wherever you want!
Dress Up Fashion 1.0
This dress up game is designed for the realfashion talents. Show us how you would choose the outfit for thisgirl. Lookout this one is quite picky!
Crown The King 1.4.0
In this royal game Crown The King youmuststack many crowns on the head of the Dutch King WillemAlexander.Catch them all and keep balance. How many crowns canyoustack?- The new hype game- Very nice handdrawn images- Many levels!
Push The Blocks 1.0.1
Push Da Blocks is a simple, yet challenging,fun push the block game. The funny colorful smileys are waiting foryou! Try pushing them and try to connect them with tiles of thesame color. Push the squares around the game by tapping the left,bottom, right or top surrounding areas. The goal of this game is toconnect squares with blocks of the same color. PUSH DA BLOCKS is apuzzle game suited for all ages with many free levels.Push Da Blocks!- ALL LEVELS FREE!- Get free hints- Easy to learn, but difficult to master- Push the blocks is a challenging puzzle game for all agesHow to play- Push the block, you can push the blocks not pull the box- You can push the block vertically or horizontally- Watch the top right corner (red box) to see the next availableblock- Move the blocks by tapping the grey left, right, top or bottomareas- Try to get blocks on the same colored tiles
Love Tester Deluxe 1.0.9
With Love Tester Deluxe you can test truelove! Test love by writing down names, test love through picturesor test love through the palm of your hands. Love Tester Deluxe isa free love test real app that will calculate your lovecompatibility by using a 1043 years old algorithm. Think of thename of the boy or girl that you love and calculate the percentagethat your relationship will work or not. With Love Tester Deluxeyou can share your love results with friends by sharing it toFacebook. Enjoy love tester real games? Then Love Tester Deluxe isthe perfect love game for you.Love Tester Deluxe features:- Photo Match!- Share love meter results to Facebook- Test your love with pictures!- Love test through names- Test love through the palm of your hands- Love Tester Deluxe is a love calculator- Find your true love with this fun and unique free love calculatorapp- Find the perfect match- Love Meter is the perfect love app to test the love of yourValentine- Love Tester Deluxe is a real love test calculator with couplecompatibility, photo match, thumb match, palm match and namecompatibility.- First Love Tester with Android L Design!
Keep In Line Horizontal 1.2
Touch the screen and stay in the line bymovingthe square up or down. The square is inside a blue cave!Move thesquare with your finger from up to down. Avoid the wallsto get thebest score. The rule of this line game is to stay withinthe lines!Each time you play, the line is different.Keep In Line Horizontal Game features:- You must stay in the line horizontally!- You can use your whole screen to move!- Modern elegant graphics, no crazy arts- Auto generated lines!- Easy gameplay, but hard to master!- Relaxing sounds and music- GOOGLE PLAY HIGHSCORES
Cake Maker Blueberry Cake 1.0.2
Bake a fine Blueberry Cake with this CakeMaker game! In this cooking game you must prepare a cake or BlueBerry Muffins.for your friends. Grab all ingredients from thekitchen and bake a cake! First you must create the cake base. Thenyou will add all kinds of ingredients. Enjoy this top cooking game!Do you like cupcakes, cooking, baking or cake? Then this cake makergame is the perfect cooking game for you!
Mineral Miner 1.0.0
In Mineral Miner you play as a gold miner.Your job is to mine all the gold and minerals hidden underground.Use the money you earn on powerful powerups and better equipment.Travel to many different excavation sites and lower your miningclaw into the ground. Can you grab the gold and minerals with yourgold miner hook and reel them in? The larger the pieces of gold andlumps of mineral, the harder they are to pull up. They are worthmore money as well though, so you’ll just have to apply some elbowgrease!There are also other objects hidden in the gold mine, such asbarrels of explosives and rocks. The heavy rocks are also hard toreel in and aren’t worth that much. If you want, you can usedynamite to blow them up and free your hook to make a quickrecovery and still reach the gold miner target for each level.Use your power-ups and other equipment to increase your revenueand complete extra challenging gold mining targets! Play your waythrough all the levels and dig up as much gold as you can. Loot thegoldmine in Mineral Miner!Mineral Miner features:★ Goldminer gameplay★ Colourful levels, new design for gold, rocks, and minerals★ Intuitive rules: just aim and drop your claw!★ Challenging gold mining targets to reach★ Fun power-ups to collect★ Lots of goldmines to explore!
Swipe The Tiles 1.1
In Swipe The Tiles you must swipe tiles totheleft or to the right. Zwipe is a unique addictive game thatputsyour brain and reaction to the test. Test how fast you canreactagainst the falling tiles. Be a pro swiper and swipe eachblockleft or right and beat all your friends with the besthighscore.Features:- Swipe game play- Google Play Highscores- Google Play Achievements + a hidden achievement! (Can youfindit?)- You must zwipe the tiles left or right
Football Mafia 1.1.0
Generate waves of corruption and briberytocarry you smoothly to the top in the world of football! Whoneedsstrong legs to tackle an opponent when you have the skillsandfinancial resources of a true boss? Are you the capitalistwhichrules this football adventure?The ultimate football game has finally arrived! Nofootballskills required, no physical endurance needed, all you needis anutter lack of moral dignity and the will to make a grab forany andevery crooked advantage and dubious deal in sight! As thehead of alarge football association, it is your duty to make sureyou WIN!And that when you win, you win big! Bribe the rest of theworld toreach your ultimate goal! Will your blatter be strongenough toendure the tention?Assume the role of a legendary star player in the worldoffootball, but strictly stick to the sidelines of thefootballpitch. In this exciting football game you get to determinetheoutcome of each football match and championship withoutevertouching the football! Your efforts are not of the physicalnature:your task is to make the ball boys, the football players,and eventhe referees do as you say. How? Like many businessmen, youknowexactly which buttons to push. You know that money makesmoney.How long will you be able to keep the balls in your courtandyour blatter full before the FBI catches on to you? Will youbeprepared to wear the mask on innocence and sacrifice your teamandanyone else you can convince to take the fall for yourcreativeaccountancy and repeated bending of the rules? It takesballs towin a soccer game, and you will have to be fearless inyourassessment of risks and strategies. Can you do what nootherfootball manager dares to do? Build a sports empire nobodycanequal! Climb the ladder of commerce and football managementandbecome the irreplaceable boss of the most famous andimportantfootball association in the world!It’s all about the good of your game!
Christmas Dress Up 1.0
This cute girl is getting ready forchristmasholiday in Christmas Dress Up. Can you help her getdressed withnice festive christmas clothes? Choose from a widevariety ofshirts, jackets, shoes, hats and animals! It's very coldoutside,so maybe you should give her warm clothes.
Bubble Jungle 1.0.7
A new Bubble Shooter Game! This little monkeyis hungry! Can you help him to collect enough fruit by shooting thebubbles with the same color against each other? Try to achieve thehighest score in Classic mode or puzzle your way through thechallenging levels in Adventure mode!
Love Tester 12
Test your love with the Love Tester love meterapp! The Love Tester is a love detector which let you test love forfree. Find your true love with this fun and unique Love calculator.Want to test your love? Just write your name and the name of yourlover and press test! The love tester will return with a lovepercentage. Happy with the result? Share your result on Facebook orTwitter!Love Tester Features:- Test your love with your girlfriend or boyfriend.- Test your love with your favorite artist like Justin Bieber, OneDirection, Lady Gaga or Katy Perry.- Always want to be a prince(ss)? Test your love with a prince orprincess.- The 2048 year old love tester algorithm will generate apersonalized love percentage.- Finds the perfect match.- Perfect app to test the love of your Valentine.- Works great for girls as well as boys!- Want to know if your blind date will be awesome? Test itfirst!Does he or she or it love you? Test it with our brand new LOVETESTER!
Hardball Frenzy 1.0.2
In Hardball Frenzy you must shoot the ballstoget the highest score. Point and click to shoot at the greenballsand take them out. Don't the touch the red balls though.Remove allthe glassy blocks but make sure you don't take out onethat youwill need later. You can't take out the yellow balls, butyou canbounce off of them to reach hard to reach balls. And theportals !Our teleportation technology allows you to get your shotstounreachable places.
Dress Up Beach Girl 1.0
In this Dressup game you will dress up a girlwith beautiful beach wear. Choose from many bikini's, skirts andother beachwear for a hot summer day!
Candy Cooking 1.0.2
Bake a delicious candy corn cake in this funcandy cooking game.
Solitaire Siege 1.0.3
Prepare to take the castle in Solitaire Siege!Move the cards across the board and try to find the 4 aces. Can youmanage to complete each of the decks and achieve the highestscore?
Dressup Chibi Girl 1.0
In this dressup game you must dress up a chibigirl. She will go into the forest, but she's undecided on what towear. Help her pick the right outfit. Choose from differenthairstyles, eyes, shirts and pants. She even has pets!! How fun isthat?
Road Connect 1.0.2
Road Connect is an easy-to-use puzzlegamewherein you must connect roads from start to finish. RaceTimePlumber offers you a plumber game filled with beauty and cars.Itcontains Plumber gameplay mechanics. Simply move the differenttilepieces by touching them and connect them together to formacomplete road. Solve challenging puzzles in over 100 freelevels.Jack the driver must reach the finish in his formula-1 car.Youwill face plumber puzzles that involve movings blocks ofroads(similar to water pipes in plumber game). Some roads cannotbemoved or contain dynamite. So be very thoughtful of the roadyoutake and the tiles you move! Race Time is a very nice puzzlegamefor kids and adults of all ages. It is a game well suited forbothboys and girls. It contains amazing cartoon graphics andfunnysounds and music. Are you ready for some exciting puzzlesolvingtime?Road Connect features:- Plumber game-mechanics- Innovative physics game-play- Stunning graphics and amazing animations- 100+ asphalt filled levels with uniquely challenging puzzlesforyoung and oldTime to fix roads!
Sam the Farm Dog 1.0.5
Sam isn't your average drooling dog. Sam isborn and bred to be the super dog this farm needs. That doesn'tmean superdogs don't need help. Help Sam close in the remainingfarm animals. But don't let the other animals touch the fence whileyou are building it. The more space you cover, the more points youand Sam will earn. Don't forget to collect power ups on the way.Good luck!
Avoid Octo 1.9.0
Avoid The Circles and stay alive! Do not gethit by these vicious octopus creatures. Get powerpups to slow theoctopus down, turn enemies into mini versions or gain extra health.Avoid Octo! is a fun addicting avoid the circle game. Avoid TheOctopus is a great game where you must avoid the circle.New feature!GOOGLE PLAY HIGHSCORESGet the highest score in Avoid Octo and share it with yourfriends!Become a friend of Avoid Octo on Facebook!
Butterfly Garden 1.0.6
We have a new beautiful, but addictive game.Butterfly Garden let's you puzzle and think in a way you have neverdone in a game. Connect the matching wings, to make a butterfly.The connection between wings, may only change directions two times.Make sure there are no other wings blocking your path. Can youclear this beautiful garden?
Sinterklaas Paintball 7.0
Ben jij voor de Zwarte Pieten of zie jijlieverde Gekleurde Pieten over de daken klauteren? HelpSinterklaas eenhandje om ervoor te zorgen dat alle Pieten dejuiste kleur krijgen!Richt snel met je muis en raak deverschillende doelwitten met verfom zo punten te verdienen!Are you for or BlackPetessee you rather climb the Coloured Petes over the rooftops?HelpSanta Claus a helping hand to ensure that all helpers get therightcolor! Concerns Aim quickly with your mouse and hit thevarioustargets with paint to earn points!
Cute Eva Dressup 1.0.3
Dress up cute eva with awesome clothes!
BLACKJACK 21 1.0.2
Play Blackjack 21 Game. Double down, splitpairs, get insurance, achieve 21 points and make tons of money.Unlock extra tables to play another great blackjack game. ThisBlackjack Game is a fun, smart and classic card game. The objectiveof this Blackjack Game is very simple. You must achieve a numberthat is greater than the dealers hand, but be careful. Don't exceed21.Blackjack Game features:* Place your bets 5 to 200* Play multiple boxes* An ace counts as 1 or 11* The jack, queen and king are valued as 10* The cards 2 to 10 are valued at their face value* Dealer takes cards until his total is 17 or greater* Dealer busts when he exceeds 21* Player busts when he or she exceeds 21* Double down at 9, 10 or 11* Split cards of the same valueReady to play the best Blackjack Game? Place your bets!
Dressup: Groundhog 1.0.2
In this dressup game you must dress up a cutegroundhog. Give this cute animal nice clothes he can wear. Choosefrom different hats, shirts, shoes and accessories. Turn him intoan Indian, a special agent, a Mexican or a tourist. Enjoy!
Cut the Buddy 1.0.1
Cut the Buddy let's you draw and cut theropelines, connect buddies with each other an cut the rope. CuttheBuddy comes from a far away future. This little monster stuckinour present age and now you must help him reach his time machinetoget back home. Cut the Buddy is a fun kids game with physicspuzzlegame elements. Try to collect all the stars to gain morepoints.Discover hidden prizes and play each of the many excitinglevels.Features:- Many, many levels where you must cut the rope- Innovative physics gameplay- Funny monsters from the future- 3 world filled with levelsLike this game? Don't forget to press the Google+ button!
Girls Dress Up 1.0
Dress this girl with beautiful clothing. Isshe going to the office? To a party? Or will she go outside forgym? Dress her up with the perfect clothes. Choose from differenteyes, hairstyles, dresses, jewelery and shoes.
Dress Up Fashion Doll 1.0
This little beauty totally lost her sense ofstyle. She has an important date tonight and really needs yourhelp. So if you can help this little blond girl choose the outfitfor her date, she would be very happy.
Dress Up Cute Girl 1.0
Dress up this cute girl, she doesn’t wantanything fancy. She just wants to look good today .She allows youto search through her closet and expects you to find matchingdresses and accessories! Show her that you are the fashion designerthat she needs!
Tappy Fish 1.0.3
Make the little splashy fish splashthroughyour screen by tapping the screen. In Tappy Fish you mustavoid alldangerous octopus tentacles to reach the highest score.Swimthrough the depths of the ocean and make flappy sad for notbeingable to swim. Not that this fish can fly though..This cool flappy game has:- 32 bit graphics- Splashy water effects- Google Play Highscores- Endless gameplay
Follow The Road - Stay in 1.0.2
Follow The Road. Follow the line and driveyourcar safely!Follow The Road features:- It looks simple, but it's hard to master- Each time you play the line is a different track- Follow the Road is very challenging for young and old- Moving obstacles- Relaxing musicPlay Follow the road now!Like this game? Please press the Google+ button!
BlockMover! 3
In this gridlock Rush Hour game you mustmovethe red block to the exit point. BlockMover! is a simpleandaddictive puzzle game. You must unblock the red block out oftheboard. Slide other blocks to clear the road. BlockMover! is afununblock game for kids and adults of all ages. Try it nowandenjoy.
Bubbleshooter 1.0.0
Bubble Game is a classic bubble shootergamewhich let's you match bubbles of the same color. In thisbubblesaga you need to clear all bubbles as fast as possible tolevel up.Bubble Game is a classic puzzle game for everybody!Squirry the squirrel will keep you stocked on bubbles in thisfunand addictive bubble shooting game. The only thing you have todo isshoot with maximum power and clear each colorful level bymatching 3color combinations.Bubble Game features:* Challenging levels* Complex Patterns* Arcade Gameplay
Eskimo Fishing 2.95
Fish caught under the ice in thedangerouswaters. Actually they want to jump and dive and dodge thebombs.How far do you think they can swim? The Fish want to beJumpingFish again! Free the Jumping Fish!Eskimo Fishing is an old school arcade style casual game withabrand new twist. It’s easy to play but do you have what it takestomaster it and save the Arctic Circle?Be environmentally aware! Recycle the trash in thecorrectsequence by smashing the polluted ice stopping up thefishing holeto free the jumping fish caught under the ice!