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ABC Phonics 1.0
A is for ABC phonics! ABC Phonics,widely acknowledged as the best kids game in teaching themalphabets in no time!Why ABC Phonics is popular?This is just more than a game! Not only is the process oflearning phonics facilitated but the engagingcharacters and background propel the kids to be more eager to playthe game and learn more! In case you were looking for the bestABC Game for kids in your smartphone, you have totry this amazing Game.What is offered in Kids ABC Phonicsapplication?While the primary goal is to help children in learningto read, the preschool phonics arepresented in a colorful theme with examples from the comprehensibledaily objects that kids recognize like Apple or notebook, in orderto make the phonics more memorable.How to play Phonics Game?The game is super easy, fun and understandable for kids and forsure they will not encounter any problem during the game. As theABC Phonics starts the Alphabet and a visualexample concurrent with the written form of the example arepresented. Kids can to move to next alphabet in order tolearn the phonics. Of course, the words can bereviewed by simply clicking the previous button.What are the examples?Teaching materials in ABCPhonics is not summed up in phonics only. There are manyexamples which start with the alphabet that is being learned. Thecute photos ranging from fruits to animals to etc., accompany eachexample and help the phonics to be etched on the kids’ minds, makethe alphabets unforgettable!Is there going to be pronunciation?With each new phonics appears on the screen, both phonic and theexample are pronounced in a clear smooth tone, enable the kids toplay by themselves without a supervisor to pronounce the words forthem.Is ABC Phonics Games for kids effective?Undeniably, the game will hooked kidson the phonics in a manner that you have to soonfind other sources to quench their thirst forlearning more and more.What are the other highlights of the ABCPhonics?Given that it has been scientifically proved that the best wayto teach little children is through games,ABC Phonics has provided a chance for kids tolearn fun phonics byentertainment.What more?At the game panel you can share this game with others via socialnetworks like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc... In addition, youcan find out about our other applications and games for kids in the“More Games” section.
Learn How to Write ABC 1.0
Learn How to Write ABC, a fun, never seen beforeeducational application to teach kids preschool ABCwriting.If you have ever think about a game for your small ones to playand learn with your smart phone, you have to try the amazing ABCWriting.Another enjoyable educational game of the ABC series for helpingkids with writing the alphabets.Learn to Write ABC, acknowledged as aneffective, engaging application for encouraging kids learn towrite.Features:Learn to Write ABC targets preschoolers, schoolchildren and kindergarten-aged kids.ABC Writing is easy for small children to exercise and learn thewriting and phonetics by simply tracing the letters with a littlehelp of elders.Repetitive practice of A to Z writing.Writing:Learn to Write ABC is an ideal gamefor your kids to develop writing skills.Tracing the letters according to directions of the small arrowsand the order of numbers.Fully tracing the dashed line to each knot for completing theletters.ABC Writing is an excellent application for kids to learn towrite capital letters correctly.A Written form of the letter is shown on the screen for eachalphabet in Learn to Write ABC.A classic ABC Handwriting Worksheet for practice.A funny sound reminds the kids of errors in case of notfollowing the instructions or writing in a wrong form.Pronunciation:Learn to Write ABC pronounce every letter in a clear, audible,spirited tone by simply tapping anywhere on the screen.Application overview:ABC Writing have a high quality graphics and beautifulbackground.You can play Learn to Write ABC with your kids or let them playon their own.Learn to Write ABC is another amazingmasterpiece for teaching the kids how to write ABCalphabets From TheAppMediateam.In the initial panel of the wonderful Learn to WriteABC Find more educational games or share the app viasocial networks.
Kids Math Games 1.0
Are you Looking Math Games for Kids, then you are at rightplace?Math Games for Kids,an attractive, easyeducational game for kids to play and learn math.Your kids will now learn smart via your smartphonewith this serious must have app!This math games is selected as one of the best math game forkids by Games for Kids is a learning hub withseveral Math help apps all in one package toassist kids in learning math. With this powerfulMath solver app your kids are one step ahead inMath problems. Your little ones will gainEducational insights with thought-out sequentialMath lessons of the Kids MathGames.Math Games for Kidsis a learninghub, you can find six app in the initial panel, allappropriate to learn math for kids.Kids Math Games is a mathsolver for kids to learn smart.Kids Math Games is the best way to develop akid’s math skills with plenty of Mathproblems.Kids Math Games gives you easy access tonumerous Math lessons.A Math help app for parents and small kids tofind some mathematical Educational insights.Best Math Help app for kids to learn basicmath.Each Math solver section has its own colorful,simple interface to engage children in the games.Read:First application of this section is that kids learnMath symbols and numbers.A Math help section to teach numbers from 1 to10.Kids Math Games also teaches the correctpronunciation of the numbers.Write:Writing Math symbols and numbers are practicedhere.This Math Help section improveskindergarten-age kids’ tactile skills since they have to simplytrace the numbers.Count:Math lessons aim to teach kids the quantity ofnumbers.Youngsters have to recognize the Math symbolsand relate them to the right amount of the bjects shown on thescreen.In this entertaining learn math game objectsvary, they are from a range of comprehensible cute images such asstrawberries, ducks and …Math:Addition and subtraction are practiced here.These Math problems help with math calculationspeed.Math symbols such as plus and minus areillustrated.Math problems are simple enough forfirst grade students to learnmath.Kids have to either add or subtract the numbers or the applepictures in the Math solver’s screen.This section’s Math problems are presented intwo part:Exercise:This Math help Section of the learninghub is appropriate for third gradechildren to increase their educationalinsights about numbers.Smallest number should be found and tapped on to completeMath problems of the Minimumsection.Math Games for Kids
Baby Learning Games 5
Are you looking for babies or toddlerscomplete early education learning package, thenyou are at right place?Baby learning games is comprehensiveeducational game for kids. It is designed for babies’ earlyeducation.It help babies and toddlers to learn ABC Alphabets, 123 Numbers,Colors, Shapes, Months of the Year, Days of the Week, Fruit Names,Animals Names and Names of Body Parts.Baby learning games also help kids to learn phonics. Perfectgame for preschoolers especially when kids learn basic linguisticswith letter sounds.Baby Learning Games Main Features:Learn A to Z Alphabets.Learn 123 Numbers.Learn 123 and ABC with fun.Phonics of Letters and Numbers.123 ABC educational and learning games for kids.Shapes recognition for kids.Learn Colors Name and Reorganization.Calendar for babies.Learn days of the week baby fun lesson.Learn month of the year fun activity of kids.Educational puzzle and quiz.Learn basic language (ABC)Learn name of fruits.Animal name learning for babies.Learn Names of Body Parts.If we evaluate all the features Baby learning games is one ofthe best learning games for kids. It is speciallydesigned for parents and teacher to teach babies some of the earlylessons of language. It provides perfect learning environment tokids.We can also call baby learning games as educationalentertainment because kids will enjoy playing baby educationalgames and also learn their early education.If we conclude, surely baby learning games willhelp parents to give basic education to their babies. Stay tunesand shared valued comments for improvement of kids experience.
ABC Learning Games 1.0
ABCLearning Games make learning fun. If youare looking for preschool education app for kids, then you are atright place. ABC learning game in one of the best preschoollearning game.This is one of most useful preschool games forkids,can be used on android phones as well as on Androidtablets. Teachers working with special kids with autism will enjoyexcellent leverage by using this first grade gamesfor toddlers.Main Features of ABC Learning Game:Read ABC LettersABC PhonicsAnimal Names with AlphabetsLearn to Write ABCFill Colours in ABCMatch PatternsMath the DotsComplete SequencesFind the Correct Image with AlphabetABC PuzzlesABC QuizLearn SpellingBest Educational Game for First Grade kids.The skill development support by play and learnmethod inherent in the app will work as supportive forkids’ education. The game has six educational games fortoddlers, which helps in overall development of a kid’sbasic education. These first grade gamesfor kids are divided into two categories: readinggames and writing games.In reading games category, you will get threegames and these are:Animal recognising by sound:recognising animal by hearing their sounds.Writing games: Learn to write &Filling  colours.Learn to writeThis ABC Learning Games help them to trace thedash lines and to write,Filling coloursThe app Educational Game for 2nd Grade offers unlimited accessfor kids to fill letters with different colours.Pattern sectionDots joining and memorising number’s orders:this is a unique dot joining game, funny and interesting forkids.Sequence: Kids can learn the sequence ofalphabet by playing this preschool for kids’ educationalgame.Finding correct ImageThe ABC Learning Games help in enhancing thevocabulary of the user kids. Here Kids get thescope to select the image/object with the letter alreadyselected.Apart from learning vocabulary this game will help parents inteaching kids ABC Phonics, useful words andright pronunciation,Toddlers and ABC LearningGames will be learning about their daily objects,ABC Learning GamesThe educational game for kids presents easy tosolve but challenging puzzle for kids.Quiz Game: kids needs to check the easy clue tofind/form a meaningful word.The features of the app:Before you download the game, you should check its interactivefeatures so that you can get to utilize all its beautifullearning features:Colourful graphics and lively animation are the two otherfeatures of the first grade games forkids app.The app is easy-to-use but extremely productive for improvingkid’s vocabulary and learning ability,This is a productive educational app for kidsteaching: it is suitable for toddlers,preschoolers, and kindergarten kids for learningbasic education,This educational app works as an interactivetool for kids: regular practice on it will help you to offeradequate support for your kid in enhancing their learning ability,cognitive skill, memory power, concentration skill, reflex, andlevel of creativity.Download the free app ABC LearningGames and enjoy your kids’ quick learning skill.Follow us on:Facebook: + :
ABC Animal Flash Cards 1.0
ABC Animal Flash Cards, thefrequently used application by considerate parents all over theworld. This cool app assist you in teaching your lovely kids thename of animals while playing!Were you considering to teach your kids the alphabets aswell as the animals with your smartphone?If so, the ABC Animal application present you the perfect ABCAnimals Flash Cards for this end. You can have a personal zoo inyour device and teach your kids about Antelopes to Zebras any timeyou wish.ABC Animal Flash Cards GameCool Feature:Learn ABC with Animal NamesLearn Animals NameABC Flash CardsLearn AlphabetsTap Animals to Listen Animal SoundsWhat does ABC Animal do?The ABC Animal instruct the name of each animalby uttering the name while demonstrating a fun, animated image ofthe animal in a childish inspired back ground.Are you looking for a multi-functionaleducation Alphabet Flash Cards?The ABC Animal is an easily navigableAlphabet Flash Card that shoot two birds with onestone, not only the kids will learn alphabets but they will alsoget to know about various animals and the animalssounds!Does ABC Animal Teach alphabets?Alphabet Flash Card exhibit an intelligiblywriting form of each animal right under the images in a bold blacktext that will be super helpful to practice alphabets anddictation! ABC Animal is an excellent source forkids to learn the animals!Does ABC Animal practice pronunciation too?ABC Animals Flash Cards pronounce theAnimals Names in a slow, lively, clear tone inorder to be comprehensible for kids. Do not worry, after using thisfunny Animals Flash Cards your kids are completely capable ofpronouncing the animals flawlessly!What are the other highlighted features of the ABCAnimals Flash Cards?The animals of ABC Animal are from allcategories, from domestics to wildlings, from herbivores tocarnivores. Thus, this will give you an impeccable chance to teachyour kids more concepts than just animal names!The highly vivid and colorful ambient of the ABCAnimals turns it into an addictiveeducational game. Let alone the beautiful jungle displayed on thescreen, the cute animals are illustrated to engage the childrenwith the Alphabet Flash Cards.In addition, while using the ABC Animal, iftaping on the animals, the real sounds of them will be played whichmakes the kids even more eager to play further this wonderfulAnimals Flash Cards!What more?You may share this lovely app via your favorite social networksand let your friends benefit from ABC Animal FlashCards as well.
ABC Coloring Games 1.0
ABC Coloring Games an amazingmust have for parents, a must try educational entertainment forkids.Have you ever wonder if your children could easily learncoloring with your smartphone?Why not trying new methods of education for teaching kids thealphabets and writing via funny enjoyable ABC ColoringGames for kids from ABC Games series?The most efficient, simple and fun application to learn kids howto color and how to write.Features:Best Coloring Games for kids is intended forpre-school and kindergarten-aged kids.ABC Coloring Games application is understandable for your smallones with minimum help.Pass each letter after filling colors in the letters in the ABCColoring Games.Learning Phonetics:In awesome Coloring Games kids have to trace the letters tofulfill each stage.Coloring Games is the best app available to help children withlearning capital letters.Kids can both play and learn coloring from A to Z with thewonderful Coloring Games.Coloring Games assist kids in developing solid writing andcoloring skills.The cool Coloring Games guides kids to write the letters in themost adequate way.Coloring Games instructs the correct way of coloring and writingthe letters with arrows showing the right direction and numbers forthe right order for kids coloring.Pronunciation:ABC Coloring Games teaches not only the writing but thepronunciation as well.The little cute, adorable frog in the right hand side of theColoring Games’ screen says the letter aloud with a clear, standardtone in case of correct filling the colors.Reminds the kids if they are colouring in the wrong order by afunny sounds.Application overview:ABC Coloring Games for kids uses cute alphabetgraphics, also intelligible for kids.Colouring Games offers a colourful, lively background, easy onthe kids’ eyes.Fun coloring encourage kids to learn and practice more and morewith Coloring Games for kids.Find more games or share the ABC ColouringGames via social networks in the initial panel of theapplication.
Kids Puzzle Game 1.0
Kids Puzzle, asimpleintuitive game for youngsters to learn and practicealphabets’sequence.Have you ever ponder on using your smartphone to enhanceyourkids’ educational skills with some KidsLearningGames? Then ABC Puzzle Games isthe rightapp for you!Your kids will have fun playing the absolutelyfantasticKids Preschool Puzzle and will be soonasking formore educational applications!Kids Puzzle that is presented to youby"Kids Learning Games" team, is anotherwonderfulgame designed for boosting the process of learning foryouradorable children!Features:The Kids Preschool Puzzle is intendedforpre-school and kindergarten-aged kids as well as the firstgraderswho are trying to memorize the order of ABCs.ABC Puzzle Game helps children with learningthesequence of the alphabet letters and their shape.Kids Puzzle will develop the visualandcognitive skills as well as readingthealphabets.Your little ones can play the KidsPreschoolPuzzle on their own with a little help fromyou. How to Play:As the ABC Puzzle Game starts theinstructionsare said in a clear voice for kids to grasp it.Since it is a game for preschool kids the instruction is soeasyto follow: Drag and drop the letters to complete thepatterns.In other words, kids have to first recognize each letter andthenslip the alphabet puzzle pieces into the right place tocomplete thepuzzle.Application overview:The lovely background and the cute, animated animals intheKids Preschool Puzzle screen, create ajoyfulambient for kids to be eager to learn more.The amazing, heartwarming encouragements after eachcompletedpuzzle pattern, propel kids to play and learn more.The ABC Puzzle Game is designed tochallengeyoung kids and avoid boring them. Thus, In theKidsPreschool Puzzle, thepatterns are notrepetitive, though same sequences are repeated toteach the correctorder of alphabets.What more?You can find other educational games for kids or sharetheKids Puzzle via social networks in theinitialpanel of the application.
Christmas Games 1.0
Christmas Games are thefunway to enjoy xmas holidays.Are you ready to get in an early moon of Christmas viayoursmartphone with Christmas Games?Do you want to make your kids getting excited and earnestfortheir Christmas gifts while being entertained by a suitablegame?Then Christmas Games is your chance to do so!Thisamusing game is about our beloved Santa Clause Jumpingandcollecting gifts for the kids. Once played, you can’thelpyour kids playing this wonderfulChristmasGame!As the Christmas Games Santa Jump starts,youhave to guide the Santa Clause to jump and soar the beautifulbluesky as he collect those tiny gorgeous wrapped Christmasgifts.Christmas Games Cool FeaturesChristmas Fun Games for KidsEndless Santa Clause JumpingCollect Christmas Gifts as much as possibleAvoid Owl enemiesFind Space Shuttle to Boost SpeedBest Christmas Game for Adults and FamiliesChallenge friend and family to beat scoreBest XMas Fun GameThe higher you help Santa Clause jump forthegifts the higher you score, since inChristmasGames, your score is measured by thealtitude the Santajumps to, as well as the number of the presentsthat he gather. So,you must collect as many gifts as youcan whileconquering the altitudes in order to achieve ahigh score and torecord them in Christmas Games.After each roundyou can review your scores and the amount of thegifts you collecton the score board. Are you readyto compete togarner more gifts?Be careful! While playing Christmas Games,theremight be some obstacles in Santa’s way through finding thegifts,like some broken stages that guiding Santa to jump on themwill costhis life! Moreover, while playing Christmas GamesSantaJump, the Santa might come across other hindrancessuch asowl or rocket that you are required to save him fromthem. However, on the bright side, as you assist our dearreddressed old man to fill his bag with gifts, there are going tobesome bonuses to help him bounce unbelievingly or some orspaceshuttles enabling him to move faster! You never know whatmightcome next in your journey in Christmas GamesSantaJump.The very first feature that makes anyone ,specially the kids,tofall in love with Christmas Games is thehighlycolorful, vivid and eye-catching background of this game andtheadorable white bearded Santa Clause that no one says no to helphimwith jumping and collecting some gifts forthekids! Besides, the instruction to playChristmasGames is very simple to obey andunderstandable for everyage group.Why wait? Don’t waste any time and downloadChristmasGames Santa Jump. Boost your mood andyour kids’ as wellimmediately! Don’t forget to introduceChristmasGames to your friends and family! Spreadthe fun andhappiness you experienced with this game!
Preschool Learning Games 1.0
Preschool learning gamesismasterpiece for children to learn early education. Parentswho are worried about their children 1stgradelearning, this kids learning game is a musthaveapplication in your mobiles phone and tablets. It is designedafterconsidering all the factors which increase kids capabilityoflearning basic linguistics.Preschool learning games Main Features:Phonics ExercisesAlphabets RecognitionTracing ABC AlphabetsNumbers RecognitionTracing 123 NumbersLearning Fruits NamesMemorizing Animals NamesLearn Weekday NamesLearn Months NamesKids love to play games on mobiles and tablets. We focustoincrease kids productivity by playing educational games theycanhave fun side by side learning.We need your valuable feedback to improve preschoollearninggame.Stay tuned, soon we will add some greatfeaturesin Preschool learning games.
ABC Puzzle Games for Kids 1.0
ABC Puzzle Games for kidsanawesome well-designed game for the kids to both play andlearn.Have you ever think about how to teach your little childrenthealphabet with your smart phone?The ABC Puzzle Games for kids isthebest puzzle games for small ones to learnthealphabet and letters’ shape while playing and beingentertained.Your kids will be hooked on this fantastic freepuzzlegame, and soon will ask you to download more alikefuneducational games to satisfy their hunger for learning.Features:ABC Puzzle Games for kids isafun learning game suitable for the 3 yearoldkids.Puzzle Games for kids is the mostsuitablefree puzzle games available that teachsmall kidsthe ABCs as well as how to do a puzzle.With Puzzle Games for kids, your littleonesdevelop several skills including shape recognition skill,tactileskill and visual spatial skill.Puzzle games for kids gives you A to Zsimplepuzzles all on your device, your kids can play and learnanywhere,anytime!How to Play:The instruction is said in a clear female voice asthiscool puzzle game starts, simple enoughforkids of age 3 to understand and follow.The youngsters have only to recognize the letter and thendragand drop the puzzle pieces into the right place.The Puzzle games for kids is so exciting andsoeasy for the kids that they can enjoy it with minimum helpofparents.The Capital letters are well-memorized after the completionofthe whole set of puzzles presented in Puzzle GamesforkidsApplication overview:A beautiful, dreamy background for the ABCpuzzlegames.Lovely, animated animals on the screen to entertain thekidswhile playing.Puzzle games for kids present thekidsattractive, colorful puzzle pieces and easy to solveABCpuzzle games.The game is easily navigable to go forth and back amongtheletters.Heartwarming encouragements after each correctlycompletedABC puzzle game to propel children to goforwardand learn moreWhat more?Puzzle Games for kids is anothercoolpuzzle game designed for the kids byTheAppMedia team.You can share the wonderful Puzzle Gamesforkids via your favorite social networks or find aboutmoreof our fun learning games in the initial panelofthe app.