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Komik Ngampus #1 1.0
komik tentang kehidupan mahasiswa dengansegala suka duka keluh kesahnya,,,,,comic about student lifewith all the ups and downs of their complaints,,,,,
NGOMIK - Baca Komik Indonesia 1.2.5
NGOMIK is a slang word which means baca komikor reading comic in bahasa Indonesia. So that NGOMIK is adistribution platform for digital comics. NGOMIK brings youenjoyable digital comics.There are many kinds of comics. In Japan it is popular withMANGA, in Korea it is popular with WebToon. There are somedifferent style of drawing and also the story between MANGA,WebToon, America and also European comics.Currently we have thousands comics from major publisher andcomic artists from Indonesia. NGOMIK provide in house curationsystem that ensure you will get the enjoyable digital comics. Buycomic easily using our mobile payment, currently we supportTelkomsel, XL, Three, Axis and Indosat.If you are comic artist, publish your comic easily onNGOMIK.com.
M&C! Digital Comics 1.2.4
M&C! Comics is a comic publisher under Books PublishingDivision of Kompas Gramedia Group, the biggest publishing companyin Indonesia. Kompas Gramedia Group started the venture focusing inthe printing media. In its development, the company has expandedinto a business group with various divisions. In the informationsector, the group has also spread out to the electronic media andmultimedia.Today M&C! Comics has published a wide range of titles fromvarious publishers all over the world. With a mission to build asmart and creative generation, we publish high quality books fromtop international publishers.We also have Koloni, the imprint of the publisher M&C!,which specifically for comics published by Indonesia comicartists.
Muffin Digital 1.2.4
Muffin is a comic publisher under Books Publishing Division ofMizan Group, the biggest publishing company in Indonesia.
Panti Jomblo 1.0
Panti JombloBerkisah tentang 3 orang jomblo ngenes yang di-ultimatum untuksegera mendapatkan pacar jika tidak ingin dijebloskan ke 'PantiJomblo'.Panti SinglesIs about 3 people that are singles ngenes ultimatum toimmediately get a girlfriend if you do not want thrown to the'orphanage Singles'.
N!Artwork - Koleksi Artwork 0.2
N! Artwork is mobile application that provideyou a collection of artworks from NGOMIK.COM community. Manyartworks from various genre available here from character,caricature or even wallpaper. Now you can view many interestingartwork from NGOMIK community, set as your wallpaper if you wantand give your feedback from your palm.
N!Story - Koleksi Cerpen Novel 0.4
N! Story is mobile application that provideyou a collection of stories and light novel from NGOMIK.COMcommunity. Many stories from various genre available here fromaction, parody or even comedy. Now you can read many interestingstory from NGOMIK community and give your feedback from yourpalm.