Lortex Apps

The little Android Pokman needs your help tofight evil monsters and collect dots!You'll need to tilt your phone in order to make him move in anamazing randomly generated maze, dodging monsters and eatingstuff.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------It's basically the phone version of the PC "Not Pacman" game and Ihope you'll enjoy it!By the way it's indie developped so there will probably be bugs andcrashes, please report them!
Gravity 1.0
Against up to three opponents, you haveonesimple goal: to get four squares aligned as many times aspossible.But the rules have changed. Gravity is everywhere! You canstacksquares from each side, and not only from the bottom one.There aremuch more choices in terms of actions to take, and if youwant tobeat your opponents, strategy and ruse will be needed.Play it alone against perfectfully handcrafted bots oragainstyour friends.There's even an online multiplayer mode, allowing you to playwithany people, any time.By allowing 2 to 4 players, on a grid of 5x5 to 17x17cases,strategic and game diversity are not forgotten in thisgame.Enjoy!The game can also be accessed directly on thewebsitehttp://gravitygame.herokuapp.com/