Love Me Sounds Apps

Rain of Money 1.0
How fast can you make money's rain? Justtakeyour photo, share it with your friends and earn cash on yourpagewith app Rain of Money.You don't even have to complete any tasks for it. This isquickand fun way to make money anywhere! Hundreds, thousands,millions,billions, mega – billies and beyond. Let the capitalist'sadventurebegin! Be a millionaire!Rain of Money:Take your photo, put your face in the middle of the coinsandbanknotes.Share your rain of money with your friends.Capitalism is really fun and free now. Share your money withfriendsand get rich.If you love money, you will love our game!Make your investments and your own bank with our game RainofMoney.
Kim's Love Horoscope 1.0.0
Are you in love or you just pretend to findanideal soul mate? Ask a love guru Kim, she has answers to allyourquestions!The official Kim's Love Horoscope is a useful recommendationofpractical ideas that you can incorporate into your love life.Ithas already helped a lot of users to find their love and tochoosethe right partner.The application updates every day and provides you themostaccurate forecast. Love Horoscope will give you some answerstoyour questions.What is to be successful in love? To find a soul mate orhavestrong relations. Both of them. Read the astrology data everydayand obtain the most exact instruction for acting.How to use:Run the application.Create a profile with your birth details. And you’ll see azodiacsign.Choose time period: day, month, year.Receive your love prediction.Follow it during the day.Share your post on facebook or twitter.Does the one you love, love you back? Or maybe you want toknowthe main steps to charm someone? Or to know your lovecompatibilityprediction? This game will help you to find out whatis going tohappen in your love life today. And you’ll receive themost usefulrecommendations to act.
Girl Disco Star 1.0
Join the dance party and show offyourmovements, twists and turn to dance-floor star!Turn up the music to show any dance style you want. Drop yourheroto the dance-floor and start making some movements. Challengeyourfriends to dance with you. Enjoy a social andpersonalizedexperience. Past your high score! See yourself makingthe coolestand funniest dance moves! Invite all of your friends tosee yourdance. It is simple, and very funny.How to play:Choose a track you like or upload it from your library.Use your own photos.Create your own dance and share it with your friends.Every day can be a disco with this vibrant, cutting-edgegame.The music is spinning and you can create any dance and becomeaparty star!
Hidden Alice's Hollywood 1.0
Hidden Alice's Hollywood - meet an uptowngirlAlice and travel to Hollywood. Maybe you could become asuperstar.But before that, you should make yourself to look good.Find allnecessary things, charm your prince and go ahead to achievefame.Have you ever challenged your concentration? Well, it'syourtime. Concentrate on the objects and find them all inyourroom.Completing one level next game play will bring differentmessythings to find.Hidden Alice's Hollywood - the best hidden object and date simgameever!Caracteristics:Concentrate on the objects and find them all in your room.Completing one level next game play will bring differentmessythings to find.Find all necessary things, charm your prince and go ahead toachievefame.
V Heroes of Death 1.0.0
V Heroes of Death – tapventure with newheroes.Rule of this game is pretty simple- you must tap. You willbecomean evil Titan, who is going to avenge oneself. How do you doit? Tapto attack, to slay, to earn bonuses, to hire heroes. Foryearsheroes have been enjoying crushing your life. It doesn’t’matter whowill pay, beggar or billionaire. Just start thistapventure andnever stop to click!V Heroes of Death:The world domination is waiting for you. Tap!Click or tap on a heroes as fast as you can.Be prepared for endless hours of fun and entertainment.
Real Dino Hunting 1.0
Real Dino Hunting – bag big game withrealhunting experience.Let's test your survival and hunting skills in the worldofJurassic creatures. Remember, here your aim can attack you, sobefast and well-aimed. Hunt or be hunted!So, shoot like a pro, if you want to get all trophies here. Wehavea real hunter challenge for you! Become a master huntsman!Real Dino Hunting Features:If you want to enjoy real hunting experience, don't forget tobuyenough food and shells for your gun.Hunting with dino. Explore a hidden island and hunt themostferocious animals in history.Master a unique challenge series to win rewards.Real Dino Hunting – the ultimate hunting experience iswaitingfor you. Get the biggest hunting trophy in the history!
Stack of China Money 1.0
How fast can you make money's rain? Justtakeyour photo, share it with your friends and earn money on yourpagewith app Stack of China Money.You don't even have to complete any tasks for it. This isquickand fun way to make money anywhere! Hundreds, thousands,millions,billions, mega – billies and beyond. Let the capitalist'sadventurebegin!Stack of China Money:Take your photo, put your face in the middle of the coinsandbanknotes.Share your rain of money with your friends.Capitalism is really fun and free now. Share your money withfriendsand get rich.Forget about currency rate and make money just by click.Do you like to collect money? Then this app is for you.Forget about crisis! Make your investments and your own bankwithour game Stack of China Money.
From Party to Wedding 1.0.0
Meet an uptown girl Bella and travel to afairytale. Maybe you could become a real princess. But beforethat, youshould make yourself to look good. Find all necessarythings, charmyour prince and go ahead to achieve fame inDisneyland.Have you ever challenged your concentration? Well, it'syourtime. Concentrate on the objects and find them all inyourroom.Completing one level, next game play will bring differentmessythings to find.From Party to Wedding - the best hidden object and date simgameever!Caracteristics:Concentrate on the objects and find them all in your room.Completing one level, next game play will bring differentmessythings to find.Find all necessary things, charm your prince and go ahead toachievefame.
Bat vs Superhero 8.0.0
Bat vs Superhero - new contest withsuperheroes. This time you should fight against the superioropponent. The greatest battle for the justice in your hand!Experience the ultimate fighting game in open world. Fight forjustice and marvel everybody with your power!Bat vs Superhero:Strategize all your actions, help to the civilians and earnexclusive rewards.Embark on quests to defeat superior enemy, help to find and returnstolen car and, of course, face the challenge of fighting againstmain villain.Collect, level up and manage your character to receive wiselybonuses.The more powerful your hero, the better his abilities and specialmoves will be.Quest and battle. Just remember, check map and fulfill a task. Butalso you need some rest too to get your energy back.Extreme, practice it, otherwise life in virtual world won’t be soepic!Intriguing and ruthless world of superheroes and champions at yourfingertips.Bat vs Superhero - who will win? Real battle of gods under yourcontrol!
Clash of Thrones 1.0.0
Clash of Thrones – RTS game with favoritemovieheroes.Great clans of ancient royal families have started their warforthe glory and power. Steel empires will show their real forcetoconquer the kingdom and seat down on thrones.Highly trained royal alliances are starting their grandbattle.World of chaos and terrorism – that is what is waiting forus if donot stop them. Your duty is to protect the world. Prepareto becomea commander or even a marshal of your own kingdom’salliance. Buildyour military base – castles; train your soldiers –specialmilitary units; attack your enemies, don’t let them todestroy yourmilitary bases. Fight till the end and become themarshal of thisroyal war!Build up your military base and create an army ofunstoppableknights.Combine components, strengthen units and use strategy to winthiswar.Set-up base defense, stay alert!Upgrade your base to become the top superpower.Immerse yourself in the red war of thrones.Put your strategic thinking and military tactical skills tothetest and fight for the thrones!
Clash of Worms 1.0.0
Classic turn-based strategy game with thebestcompany – Worms.Clash of Worms – are you ready to start an Armageddon?War games has never been so fun. Explosions, clash ofrocketlauncher, different arenas of battle. You just need yourtacticalskills to win this war.Crush your enemies getting scores and gold to upgrade wormsandweapon. The more levels you complete; the newer arenas ofbattlewill be unlocked.Clash of Worms Features:Choose your worm team.Enter this battle arena with cautious strategy.This is the game of the worms’ war. Don’t forget aboutyourtime.The best tactical game with worms.Turn-based strategy game.
Craft Race Auto 2.0.0
Racing and car mechanic game in brickscraftstyle.Craft Race Auto – build your dream racing car and win thecup.Now you have a choice to enjoy not only speed of furious race,butalso to understand what does it mean to be a car mechanic.Roll into underground car culture. Drift, draft or smash yourwayto victory. Race for dominance and get the cup ofchampions.Unique customization system is under your control. Choosebyyourself how to upgrade your car.One ride is never enough, win races, get more scores to buynewdetails for your car.Be the superb driver and car mechanic. When you have yourowngarage, nothing can be easier.Job of car mechanicPerform repairs and gain experienceFinish special tasks and win the cupWe offer a complete service for car’s interiorThis car crafting and racing game has almost endless levelsthatwill keep you entertained longer than your mobile devicebatterylasts.
Mad City Beasts 2.0.0
Welcome to the City of Madness! A hugeopenworld full of extreme missions and fast racers on the vicestreets.Angry beasts dare challenge you. Take part in this actiongame.Take your car and rush across the road. Fight with your rivalsinthe mortal battle.Apply special tactics to surviveComplete quests in underworld cityCrush enemy carsDestroy hostile armyEnhance your reputation in mafia gangFight for global domination
Super Fire Man 1.0.0
Enjoy an open world of firefightersimulatorgame. Super Fire Man – become a rescuer and extinguishfires. Trainhow effectively respond to emergency situations.Control and putout fires. Maybe you will need to spend all yourtime at firestation to remain on calls during shifts that oftenlasts 24 hours.Save people’s lives and combat fires!Step inside the world of firefighters.Be always the first official “on the scene” of fires andotheremergencies.Drive special fire truck.Reach the site and perform your special task.Guide the fireman through numerous challenges.Super Fire Man - try to experience daily life of thefiredepartment, be a part of the real heroes’ team.
Real Police Simulator 2.0.0
Join the police world. Live the life of acityguard. Your main mission is to save people and control thecityorder. It’s a real police simulator, feel the extreme in thedailylife. Street fights, professional battles and many more todealwith. Accomplish your duty well. Don’t let the lawbreakersescapefrom you. Turn on the siren in a police car and youradventure willstart!Catch escaped prisoners.Arrest bank burglars.Defuse the bomb fast
Visual Hypnosis 1.0.0
Fool your mind with our optical illusionapp.Let’s check, do our senses deceive us or don’t. Experienceanamazing collection of optical illusion wallpaper images. Be suretoplay endless game with your mind and at the end of these gamesyouwill know the meaning to “seeing is not believing”.We have complied amazing optical teaser illusions to playdaily.Run the app and you will explore a new image every few hours.Freakout with these curious and fun images!Visual Hypnosis means psychedelic eye tricks and educationalbrainteasers.When you will get bored or want to do something differentwithyour device then this will be the ultimate option foryourdevice.Trick your brain with optical illusions!New picture every day!Exclusive collection of visual illusions!Brand new design for each image!
Taxi Driver: Criminal Case 1.0.0
You was a taxi-driver, such as thousandsofothers as you. But one day you decided to ride one client withastrange story. That is when starts your own mystery story fullofadventures and dangerous quests. This case will become anewfrontier of your life experiences.Only one moment will change your life entirely. Could youimagineyourself solving a criminal story case? It’s time to showall yourskills, not only racing and fighting, but also a shootingandspying. Don’t be angry or don’t think that this story will takefiveor seven nights. Like real clash in the criminal world itmight takea long period of time.Think wisely about your actions. You are the main persontosuspect now.It’s a new challenge, where things can go strange.Find all hidden details of this case of crime.Clear your name and don’t let police to catch you!Decide quickly where to find all details to solve this case.It seems that you got into a troubling situations. Who saidthattaxi-driver job can’t be mysterious and thrilling? Now youshouldslip away not only from gang members, but also from police.Why?Find out in our game - Taxi Driver: Criminal Case!
Dead Card 1.0.0
Dead Card – upgrade, unlock, experimentwithcards and become a card battler.Collect and upgrade dozens of cards by deciding where todropyour heroes. You will deeply immerse in this world of royalcards.Not only heroes, such as knights, barbarian, amazon,demolitionist,samurai, ninja, dragon, troll. Also different type oftroops,spells, defenses you know. However, this time this is thefight inthe world of animals.Use different strategies, knock your enemies from their towerstodefeat them. Polish your plan to destroy your enemy’s clans!Dead Card - just enter the Arena!Dead Card Features:Start your game using only 4 cards.Earn chests to unlock rewards, collect new cards,upgradethem.Destroy opponent’s towers.Clash opponent’s using your cards.Learn different battle tactics.Clans war in the card world.
Make Animal Cartoon 1.0.0
Create an amazing Animals Cartoon evenwithoutany expertise!With the use of a little imagination, there areendlesspossibilities for making hilarious cartoons! Just doodle,have funand amaze your friends. Create cartoons with favoriteanimals ofany kind. Our animator application provides all the toolsthat youneed to bring your imagination to life.Start the process of making your own comics and shortanimations.You don’t need to draw every frame. Choose thecharacter by tapping,if you want to edit it – use edit buttons.Displacement functionwill be on if to click on the “anchor” sign.Change frame locations,paste, crop. You are the producer of thiscartoon. Make your firstmovie!When you have created your masterpiece, share it on YoutubeorEveryplay and get lots of likes.Share cartoon with Youtube or Everyplay!Show off your creativity.No advanced drawing skills required.Control Animation length and speed.Transform your ideas into a live cartoon.It’s very easy to become an animator!
Spider vs Turtles 1.0.0
Turn-based strategy game, where you willbecomepart of the battle between superheroes and mutant ninjas.Amazingteam of spiders will fight against rooftop runners in thegameSpider vs Turtles.When there is a total mayhem outside, you should chooseyourside. Because this is not even a usual contest ofamazingchampions. Your favorite heroes of comics will be on theoppositesides of the arena. And only your strategic and tacticskills willdecide the end of this turn-based game battle.Join spiders and dodge, crawl, swing and punch your way todefeatmutant ninjas. Or play as all four mutant ninjas atonce.Each completed level will let you explore the next one.Upgradeyour heroes, get them better weapon. Stop this mayhem.Spider vs Turtles Features:This contest is only for real champions.You will have a limited amount of time.Enter battle arena with cautious strategy.The best tactical game with comics heroes.Which team will you choose - amazing team of spiders orrooftoprunner ninjas?
SuperTap Titan 1.0.0
SuperTap Titan – tapventure with new heroes.Rule of this game is pretty simple- you must tap. You willbecomean evil Titan, who is going to avenge oneself. How do you doit? Tapto attack, to slay, to earn bonuses, to hire heroes. Foryearsheroes have been enjoying crushing your life. It doesn’t’matter whowill pay, beggar or billionaire. Just start thistapventure andnever stop to click!SuperTap Titan:The world domination is waiting for you. Tap!Click or tap on a heroes as fast as you can.Be prepared for endless hours of fun and entertainment.
Super Taxi Hero 2.0.0
Travel in the taxi car on a high speed!Driveyour passengers to the right destination and earn money. Atthefirst sight it’s so simple but be careful, anything can happenonyour way. City traffic impede you to race fast, violate the lawtoaccelerate but keep away from the police. Play with themracinggame, run fast along the asphalt streets and complete allmissions.Crazy taxi driving simulatorMany extreme missionsInfinite smashy chaseA lot of quests to earn extra pointsFast speed racing
Mortal Battle of Superheroes 6.0.0
Explore the universe in your space starship!This time crime city has visitors from space! Their power istremendous. Start a mortal battle against extraterrestrials.Everything depends on you and on the strategy you choose. Followthe story and accomplish all the quests on your way. The morequests completed, the more energy you have to fight against aliens.And if you will do well, you become an ultimate champion of thecity!Become a space lord among galaxy creatures. Remember your mission:become the leader in this chaos! Save your amazing city of the viceand defeat the alliance of extraterrestrials.These some of the most important missions to resolve:Stop alien invasionFind a dispenserDestroy your enemies in cruel battleDetonate the explosiveTake part in street race
Bat: Immortal Legend 8.0.0
Bat: Immortal Legend - do you want to become asuperhero?The Universe of superheroes. It was just a part of the comicsstories. Only kids could believe in this kind of thing. But now youwill become a part of this guardian guys team. In our new game youwill see by yourself how a rogue will become a superhero.Even in a criminal underworld city there is a place for hiddensecret objects. One of them is a secret military laboratory, whereour hero wants to sneak in.If this story was about criminal wars, where lords of the differentclans fight with each other for the power, it could be completelydifferent contest. But this time it is not fighting with gangstersor mafia, but fighting with yourself.Rise from rogue to superhero! Complete all quests, create a supersuit, find out how to use your power more effectively.Create your new identity. Forget about mafia’s world and gangster’swars. This is a new story.Face the challenge with a new superpower. Protect the city!
Galaxy of Superheroes 1.0.0
You work as a journalist, every day you havetolook for material to write articles! This time is a special one-you have a mission to write an article about the creation ofasuperman. Your hero will visit a leading laboratory in the cityandinterview the most famous scientist.Remember, anything could wait you in the mystery laboratory.Tocombat with evil you have to become a superhero to fightagainstyour rivals who want to conquer the world.Use well your super strength. Investigate what happened toyouand how did you get superpower.
You not the only one introuble,but in this vice place you are the only superhero. Helppeople indanger. Stop the main villain. But don’t reveal youridentity. Ifyou are lost - see the map!
In this game you have a lot of quests to complete:Save people and deal with terroristsMake superhero costumeCatch the thief and return the stolen itemsKnock down the enemiesFind the most famous scientist and take interviewDefeat adversary squadInstall the bombBlow out a fire
Super Champions Alliance 2.0.0
League of champions prepared for you anewcontest full of exciting missions and quests. Join the best teaminthe world and fight for the fate of Universe!Are you ready to share an everyday adventure withsuperheroes?This time you should not just take part in a waragainst darkforces, but also to help your best friends. Travelacross the …time by returning to the back. This is the only way tocompleteyour mission.Fight for the fate of Universe! War between dark and lightwillnever end. Every time it will start with a new episode andnewheroes.Prevent the total destruction! If you need, use even a starshiptowin this battle.Don’t let the villain to win! Even one warrior can makeadifference.Be on the guard of the justice, don’t let criminals to createachaos.Catch and take down all smugglers in the city.Stop the invasion of mutants.Reunite league of superheroes.Find an artifact of the time and travel across the time.Rescue people from the fire.
Superhero: Revenge Mission 2.0.0
Superhero: Revenge Mission - your desire oftherevenge will become the main force in this game. Beingsuperheromeans not only fighting against dark forces and savingthe Universe.There is also some personal reasons, that couldcreate a newidentity. Check your superpower, get revenge, butalways think aboutfrontier line between assassin society andsuperhero league.To find out the truth about your own identity will not be soeasyas it seems to be. You should become a seeker, who willexplorehidden objects and documents for clues. But what will itbring? Andwho will be with you during this contest? Your bestfriends orenemies?This story will change your reality!Find out how to use your super power in an appropriate way.Fight for the justice, don’t let bad guy hurt others.It's time for revenge!Superhero: Revenge Mission - shadows of the past will notleaveyou!
Criminal Gang: Street War 1.0.0
Criminal Gang: Street War - become a partofthe criminal empire, where you will be the right hand of themafiaBoss. Remember, life in the one of the most dangerous citiesof theworld is not so easy. If you want to survive, make yourchoice - tobe a slave or fight. There are no other ways.This is a real mob hit, big explosion of the open world! Bereadyto pay for every mistake you’ve made.Hunger for speed. Burn asphalt and show what does it mean tobefast racer and furious fighter.No rules, no limits. Combat battle where could be onlyonechampion.Create your own gang empire, do a first strike, make surethatyour enemies are knocked down.Fight for money, power and respect. This is a strategy,whichwill bring you to the top of the empire.
Mortal Wrestle Fight 2.0.0
Enter the fighting ring and become a truebeastof the wrestling. Mortal Wrestle Fight is a game with brutalmeleefight sequences. Knockout your opponent and be the ultimatefightingchampion!ABOUT THE GAMEImmerse yourself in adrenaline pumping world of wrestlingaction.Guide your character through 3 matches and try to stay onthe topof the champions list. Make your opponent to hit theground,otherwise you are not going to win.CHALLENGESThere are no differences in the weight category, there are justnoany categories. This is not about boxing, wrestling, karate orkungfu. A new madden fighting with mix of all of them – this is notadumb way, but the way of madness to the championship.BRUTAL COMBATProve yourself in the greatest fighting tournament! Strikeadecisive blow against your enemies! Unleash powerfulabilitiesagainst your enemies!
War of Criminal Lords 2.0.0
There is one city in the world that isneversleep. This is city is controlled not by police, but by kingsofthe vice city. Mafia. Gangsters. Lords of the criminal worldhavetheir own rules and laws. They are not men you want tocross.Otherwise you should face assassins, who will teach a lesson.In this open world empire of gangsters you are a right handofthe mafia lord. And you duty is clear - do what he wants. Yournextmission is to deal with your Boss’s rival. How? Use yourhitman’sskills.Don’t be afraid to fail. This is an open - world game fullofexciting actions. Complete different missions while stealingcars,racing against street - racers, upgrading shooting skills.Only inthis way you will be able to accomplish your goal.Just do what you must. No questions, no excuses accept.Prove that you belong this gangster’s world.Cross the finish line first and beat all your rivals.Outrun the police, destroy rival gangs, don’t let anybody touncoverthe truth about yourself.
Extreme Ambulance Driving 2.0.0
Extreme Ambulance Driving - join ourambulanceteam on a vast journey by saving people’s lives. Ambulancedutygives a sense of responsibility.Take urgent care of the patients. There are no excuse formakingany mistakes here. You are a doctor now.An emergency occurred or accident happened your job is toreachthere on time and drop injured patients to hospital beforeit’s toolate.People’s life depend on your driving skills. Sirens in the air,keepyour eye on the road. This is not an ordinary ride you aredriving.You are ambulance driver and doctor, your job isreallysensitive.Each new day you will start a new episode of your life,whereyour main aim is to save people’s lives. Overcome allobstacles onyour way, remember that this is your story, and youplay here amain role. Make your life in an open world morethrilling. Enjoynot just an ambulance simulator game, but also adifferent tasksand missions with racing, chasing and strikes.
World of Criminals 2.0.0
Experience the thrill of realgangster’sopen-world game! World of Criminals - invites you tobecome a newlord of the underworld of gangs and mafia. Expand yourbusiness andconquer this city full of vice, deal with your rivalsand takecontrol over all outlaws in your hands.Make a fortune at any cost! You know what is a real price ofthejustice in this city.Take over an underworld empire! Hit the jackpot in amafiawar.This is your crime story! So choose how each episode of thegamewill end.To be a big fish in this city, which is tearing itself apartwithgang and police strikes is a real contest. But if you know allrulesof this world, nothing and nobody will disturb you to achieveyourgoals.If you choose this dangerous way to the top of the crime world,beready to play a casino with your life. It is not so easy to hitthejackpot here. Get yourself a reliable protection tool, don’tletthe police catch you and expand your business by meeting arightpeople on a right moment and place. This how you can win abigshot!
X-Hero: Legends Among Us 3.0.0
Mutants among us! This is the truth that youwill face in this game. What is more important, you are one ofthem. As any world with strange creators, world of mutants has it’sown rules, otherwise everything around will collapse intochaos.There are two teams of super fighters. The first quest in this waris to choose your side. What do you want to get at the end of theepisode? To show your real identity or hide it and continue to livein a secret society of genetic champions?The next quest will be a real war among mutants. It’s not just boomor clash, strike. This is evolution. Military squads of allacademies will take part here. So, don’t be a rogue among yourfriends.And, finally, the most important thing is to find the answer to thequestion about your identity. Face the biggest challenge. Lead thisrebellion!Who are you? Find out the answer!Strengthen your power to combat with enemies!Participate in thrilling quests to win the battle!
Mad Street Gangs 1.0.0
Enjoy the best gangster game. This timeyouneed successfully complete all the missions, quests, andsolveproblems by developing your own strategy. Rule the world ofMafiain the crime city. Become the boss in the city of vice.Fightagainst enemies. Steal a car your like, escape from thepolice.This action game is includes:Many extreme missions and quests.Street racing.Battle with mafia gang.Grand survival fight for dominance in the city.Gambling.And much more.
Mysterious Crime Story 1.0.0
Mysterious Crime Story - a new criminalstorywith a case, that you should solve. Try yourself by becomingadetective and save your sister.You got a bad news that your sister was kidnapped. And you,oneof the best detectives of the city, should solve this case.Whatare the main causes of the crime? Is it a new challenge specialforyou because you work in police?Try to survive in this dangerous job, be at all times ready.Burn the asphalt by catching smugglers.Don’t miss any clue by checking the abduction site.Play this mystery game with kidnapper to save your sister.Follow tips to find a kidnapper.Be ready to prove your detective skills.Every criminal story has different motives. To analyze thiscaseyou should look carefully for the clues, follow rules anddon’tleave anything behind hidden. Examine every detail on thecrimescenes. Interrogate witnesses and show all seeker skills. It’sareal mystery where the price of every mistake is yoursister’slife.
San Criminal Wars 1.0.0
San Criminal Wars - this time you gotshadowsin the dark. Some criminals secrets are following you fromthebeginning of this story.You woke up on the street in the middle of the day. Nomemories,no any clues. And there is one more strange present - aman islying beside you. It seems like he is dead. What happenedhere?Who are you? Answer the question. Each quest will let yougetcloser to this question. But this story is not clear, this islikea criminal case to solve.Solve secrets of gangster wars. There are just no any gamesofopen world without it. Remember, this is not a fantastic worldwithsome creatures, but a underworld empire of real gangsterswithshooting and racing.It’s time to discover your past. Maybe you was a member ofthesecret society or just a seeker who got too close to themafiagrand secrets. We’ll see in the game San Criminal Wars!
Crazy Mafia Gang 1.0.0
Humorous tongue-in-cheek storytelling andopenworld game mix is waiting for you in our new game Crazy MafiaGang!As you could already understand, here you will have a lot ofactionmissions with marvelous quests. You will rise from the rogueofcriminal world to his lord. How? Just taking step by step apowerin your hands.Be ready to challenge yourself by rising to the top ofunderworldcriminal empire!Step one. Get your strategy, you can’t conquer this san citywithrockstars and gangsters without a good strategy.Step two. Have you heard about one guy, who has a marvelpills?They can make you stronger, but nobody knows how your forcewillincrease after them.Step three. Are you ready to start a new episode of gangsterwarsand rise from rogue to the lord? Then let’s start! There arefourareas in the city, each of them is controlled by differentgangs.Your task is simple - deal with each of gangs and conquerthe wholecity.Can you imagine - you are the LORD of this empire? Allgangs,mafia bosses, even police will be under your control.Forget about Vegas or Vice cities. If you control this city,youwill control the whole world of crime.So what? Are you ready to start your way from rogue to the topofmafia empire?Welcome to the Crazy Mafia Gang game!
Bat: Furious Battle 6.0.0
Bat: Furious Battle - what your life would belike if you were a superhero? Especially in the world of mobilegames. Probably full of everyday missions, battles and contests.But all of them have the one aim - to save the world and don’t letbad guys to conquer it. This time our main hero should face a newchallenge - defeat the whole army of the main villain alone. Can hehandle it?Defeat your enemies with arsenal of weapons, attack combos andspecial moves.Show your skills and become a legendary universe guardian.Enjoy superhero’s life.Don’t let assassins to take over the world.Become a watchful protector of the city!Use a superpower to defeat your enemy!This is a special contest for you!
Spider Hero Unlimited 4.0.0
Spider Hero Unlimited - come face to face withthe mightiest villain of superheroes Universe. Fighting crime isnot the easiest way and not every man in the world can handle it.But you are the chosen one who are able to carry out this mission.Enter this amazing world full of superheroes contests and unlimitedpower in your hands!Supervillain will never miss his chance to gain more power andinfluence. His evil plan includes a big various of traps, patheticploys and delusion. When it comes to war, you must not just fightusing all your unlimited and amazing skills. You also need resisttemptation. Dark force knows how to get more people on it’s side.So, do you know how to win this war for the fate of Universe?Incredible adventure with epic fighting.Leap into thrilling turn-based battles and save the world.Live your superheroes dreams as you fight, progress your characterand take your experience to the next level.Make smart tactical decisions and unlock your specialabilities.
Avenger Hero Story 1.0.0
See the real power of mutants. AvengerHeroStory - it’s time to save this world from totaldestruction.In this Universe both Mutants and Humans will fear eachotheralways. And there is a reason why. People always fear whattheydon’t understand. What is a secret of mutants power? Howdosuperheroes get their super abilities? These questions can’tbeanswered. But … somebody found an answer how to turn peopleintomutants and create a new army.Can you oppose a dark force team with similar power as you?Mainvillain has an evil plan in his mind. And only you can destroyhisplan, stop him.Fight for freedom by any means necessary! Stop this infinitewarbetween humans and mutants. Otherwise Apocalypse can start intheuniverse.Unleash your hidden capabilities and unlimited power.Don't let him wreak havoc! This world belongs to both humansandmutants.
Superhero: Amazing Legend 1.0.0
Get an unlimited power and become anewsuperhero! Superhero: Amazing Legend - a universe ofsuperheroesgot one more hero.After a destructive explosion in laboratory some strangethingshappened. And now you got a new challenge to face - how touse asuperpower. When you discovered something special in yourself,itlooks like you got a contest. A superpower means agreatresponsibility. Protect the world and fight againstvillains!Don’t let criminals to win!Stop a crazy scientist with his army of mutants.Take part in this duel!It’s time to be a superhero!
Super Avenger: Infinity Fight 1.0.0
Super Avenger: Infinity Fight - timeofdiplomacy is over. It’s time of ultimate battle fordomination.Fight against criminal underground world. Superheroesuniverse haschanged. The main crime lord dared to challenge you,and now onlyyou’ll decide the end of this war.Defy the mafia world. Don’t let villains to conquer your cityanddestroy it. Use a special strategy, war against gangsters is notsoeasy as you think.Start a special mission and fight against mafia.Join this ultimate battle with superheroes.Become a member of superheroes team.Go up against the criminal world!Criminals will not escape justice!Enjoy this epic action game!
Futuristic Transforming Heroes 1.0.0
Futuristic Transforming Heroes - battle ofthethree forces has started. A new game based on the story ofthestruggle between alien machines troops and human army. Butthistime there is one more side. Nobody will give up so easy. Soit’s awar of attrition.We are not alone in the Universe!Suddenly human race realised that there are more forces intheUniverse as they could imagine. But are these forces friendsorenemies and why they came to Earth?War for Earth has started! Legend will come true!Fight till the end. Earth is an arena of the great struggle.Winnerwill control all energy resources and will get an unlimitedpowerto conquer the whole Universe. It’s up to you, who itwillbe.Does Earth belong to humans?We’ll have answer to this question only at the end of thecontest.But Earth will never be the same. Get the full experiencefrom yourgalactic adventure!
Strange Hero vs Villain 3.0.0
Step into the shoes of justice guardian hero,save your city and enjoy an epic adventure in the universe ofsuperheroes! Join your forces with other superhero to stopnotorious villain, who attacked the city. Don’t let him to destroyeverything you like!Team up with another hero to build the strongest league. You can’twin this war alone. Strategize together on how to attack and starta battle. Even the strongest army of the world will not stopyou!Protect lives, be a hero!A new contest of superheroes has started!Fight for truth, justice and your city!Don’t let your enemies to capture the city. Meet your friend anddraw up a plan of fighting.Be ready for a challenge, don’t lose even a single fight.Save your friend, who got captured by your enemies.These and more missions are waiting for you in the game StrangeHero vs Villain!
Spider Urban Superhero 1.0.0
Are you ready to start a new adventure inacity full of vice? Only you can handle this mission - tofightalone against criminals. If do not stop them now, it would betoolate. So, don’t wait, act! Go to the police station and askallinformation about your enemies. It will help you to save timeandfind their base in the city. And then will start the main partofthis story - real war with injustice, corruption and crime!Let’smake this city better!Stop a new gang, don’t let them to take power in your city.Find their base and destroy their underworld empire.Defuse the bomb in a limited amount of time. Save people!Fight against main danger of the world - terrorists.
Universe of Superheroes 1.0.0
Universe of Superheroes is waiting for you!Forthe real fans of superheroes, comics and incredible adventures.Thisepic adventure will change your future entirely.Your hometown is going to become an arena for the cosmicstrugglebetween good and evil. And if you want to win, you shouldmake ateam of superheroes with your … worst enemy. You can’t fightanentire army alone. The fate of the Universe now is in yourhands.Become an ultimate champion!What will you do to save the world?Form a most powerful alliance of superheroes.Challenge yourself in this fighting game.Progress through all story quests.
911 Fire Truck Mission 1.0.0
Firefighter heroes team need a new member!Jointhem and rescue people!How looks a real world of firefighter’s team member? Let’s findout!Join our main hero in adventure across the open world ofsimulatorgame. This time you should not just fight with fire, butalso tocatch arsonist and even show all your driving skills bygoing to thefire location.Hurry up, people need your help!Fireman should always be ready. There is no time to relax.Remember,you will never know where and when a new fire willstart.Fulfill your duty as fireman!It doesn’t matter how many times you will have to go on acall.Every case is a new task and challenge.Fire is spreading fast!The most important thing in a firefighter job is to extinguishfireas fast as you can. You are not in academy anymore, it’s anewepisode of the life experience.911 Fire Truck Mission - join mobile firefighter team!
Bat: Age of Injustice 1.0.0
It’s a new sequel of the superheroesfightinggood vs. evil story. Bat: Age of Injustice - step into theshoes ofsuperhero and fight for the fate of your city!Legend returns! Be a silent guardian!Even a one day can totally change your life forever. How oftendoyou hear a news about crimes in your city? Bank robberies,cartheft, clash of gangs. And we don’t pay any attention tothesenews, until it affects us.A bank robbery, when were killed parents of our main hero,decidedhis fate. He chose a way of a vigilante. A lonely fighterwithcrime, who won't tolerate illegality.Be the outcast, fight alone! Prepare yourself to face anythingthatthe evil may thrown at you. Your enemies are representativesofvarious crime groups and it will make each quest hereunique.Never tolerate illegality! Get in touch with your truepowerfighting criminals.Bat: Age of Injustice - you must not only deal with thecriminals,but also revenge, punish the perpetrator.
Spider Bot: Mortal War 2.0.0
Energetic robot battles will unlimitedpower!Take part in a real mortal battles without any limits!Spider Bot: Mortal War - when your home becomes an arena forthegalactic wars, there is only one choice. Don’t let anuninvitedguests to take over Earth and energy power.Let’s start a war for power! Only one can win!Earth is an arena of the great struggle. Winner will controlallenergy resources and will get an unlimited power to conquerthewhole Universe. It’s up to you, who it will be.You have been chosen for this mission. So complete it and don’tletyour enemy win.It’s time to fight, not negotiate! A new war with armorfighterswill explode a mobile world.No superheroes team, but an army of robots will take part inthismega battle.Spider Bot: Mortal War - fight till your final!
Transforming Robots 3.0.0
Transforming Robots - it seemed that afteryears of war, peace has finally come. Two robots of the alien racebecame a guardians of the Earth and this Universe. But an old enemyhas returned to exact vengeance. And now the war will become morecruel.FIGHT FOR THE FUTURE OF EARTH. Enemy troops have started attackagain. Start a new stage of war.BACK TO ACTION. Rescue people from fire, don’t let your enemy totake over power station, destroy their spaceship.Choose your side, the BATTLE IS IN YOUR HANDS! In this classicbattle Good vs. Evil you should prepare your defenses in the finalfight.Together we are more, win this contest against iron army!