Markus Löchtefeld Apps

DragInOne 1.1
DragInOne is a fun game where your missionisto drag colored monsters into different colored bins. To bethebest, you have to impove your reaction speed and avoidcollissionswith obstacles. So far the game have a training leveland threedifferent modes of different difficulty level. Since I amacomputer sciece student, the game also has the purpose to helpmewith my research study for a seminar. This applicationrecordstouch data while you are playing. If you do not like topartipatein the study, just decline the disclaimer. In this case nodatawill be collected. I hope you enjoy playing the game as Ido:)
NoseInvaders 1.1
They are coming and the only thing thatcanstop them is your nose!Show the world what your nose can do against the alieninvasion!Your hands are bound to laser control, and your only wayto aim isyour nose. So go ahead and shoot the attackers!