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Chess 1.16
New to Android for 2015!Former iTunes #1!Mastersoft's Chess game is 100% Free and has one of the World'sbest Desktop PC chess engines crammed inside!* 100% Free but with one IAP if you wish to remove the adverts.* 4th in World Micro-computer Chess Championships.* 100 Graded Levels from Novice to Grandmaster.* Coach Training Mode guaranteed to improve your game.* Rating Mode that evaluates your ELO rating andprogression.* 2 Player Mode.This engine finished 4th in the World Microcomputer ChessChampionships and is not available in any other Android chess game.Designed by chess champions to play like a human opponent,Mastersoft Chess will take you from Novice to Grandmaster level!Features stunning high resolution sets by renowned Chessdesigners.Easy to play but difficult to beat, this is pick up and playchess at its best!As previously supplied by the World's biggest OEMs, and nowavailable for FREE thanks to the power of the Google PlayStore!PROFESSIONAL REVIEWS:"It truly is close to flawless and is by far the best mobileChess game I have played on any platform."- PDA 247.AWARDSHP Choice Strategy Game of the YearSmartphone Magazine runner up.Various levels, board styles and breathtaking Retina Displaychess sets combine with an outstanding World beating chess engineto offer you a great playing experience and an ever increasingchallenge.Whether you're just starting out or else a seasoned pro,Mastersoft Chess has something for you!BEGINNERSHint facilityCoach mode showing best moves and biggest threatsBuilt in coach to monitor your progressTraining levels that dumb down your Android device.Take back a move if you change your mind!Your phone checks that your moves are allowed.Simple intuitive uncluttered interface that lets you concentrate onyour game.NB If you are new to Chess then please ensure that the coach isturned on in options and that the lowest difficulty level isselected.GRANDMASTERSA unique engine unlike any other - plays interesting andsometimes quite aggressive chess.Designed to play like a human opponent - right up to Grandmasterlevel!Opening Book of over 23000 moves!100% Full Chess rules including enpassant, castling etc.Thought analysis (main line, depth and score).Setup position (including castling rights, enpassant and side tomove)Move forward / backward to any point in the current game.Includes Standard Chess Book Sets in addition to the realisticones.In depth statistics.ELO rating system.100 levels of increasing difficulty.OTHER FEATURESHuge collection of stunning high resolution chess sets in both2D and 3D. Makes the most of your phone display!Boards constructed from the real thing - Oak, Ash, Marble, Slateand more!Online play.Save and load games.Realistic sound effects.Adjustable piece movement animation.Auto saving of your current game.Great for novices but will grow with you and still offer achallenge at Championship level.100% FREE!
100% FREE. No IAPs.Stop smoking and stay quit with new My Last Cigarette™ forAndroid, the original quit smoking software. Since 1999 My LastCigarette has successfully helped 1000s of ex smokers stay quit. Ifyou are serious about staying quit then this app could make all thedifference! Recommended by Reader's Digest with over 20,000,000readers.MY LAST CIGARETTE WORKS !Simply enter your smoking habit and personal details then watchas various indicators display your expected increase in lifespan,your circulatory and lung function improvements, your savings, andmuch more. Over 10 different readouts keep you informed andmotivated. My Last Cigarette for Android is a proven aid to helpyou resist restarting this fatal addiction. It is a serious toolthat benefits from years of medical research into the harmfuleffects of smoking. By showing you the behind the scenesimprovements in your health your will power will be increased andyour resolve strengthened from day one. Be sure to check out thetestimonials.FEATURESStatistics are updated in real time, every second!Nicotine level readoutExpected cravings readoutAll calculations are based upon the latest medical knowledge andstatistics.Daily motivational quote or medical fact.Daily picture / diagram.Daily motivational messageCarbon Monoxide level of your bloodIncrease in life expectancy readoutTime you have been a non smoker readoutNumber of cigarettes NOT smoked readoutYour risk of a heart attack compared to your risk beforeYour risk of lung cancer compared to your risk beforeMoney savedExpected circulatory improvementExpected lung function improvementDeaths since you quit readoutReadouts updated every second and are based upon your own personalpast smoking habits.100% FREESUMMARYMy Last Cigarette has helped 1000s of users successfully resistrestarting smoking. If you are serious about staying quit then MyLast Cigarette could make all the difference.GENUINE UNSOLICITED TESTIMONIALS"I have tried smoking numerous times and never stuck with it. Ipurchased this program and was really surprised at how having theability to visualize your progress really helps keep you motivatedto quit smoking. I have not had a cigarette in 90 days and actuallyhave no desire at all to light up. I think this program is a greattool to help you quit.""It won't do all the hard work for you but it can give you a bighelping hand when the craving starts. Just look at the graphs andimagine having to go back to square one. Havn't smoked a cigarettesince 19th April 2002 after being a smoker for twenty years.""It really helped me personally to graphicaly see what washappening inside my body and all the other information has onlyhelped strengthened my resolve. I haven't picked up a cigarettesince I got it.""Didnt knew if it was the knowledge of my cc being billed forthe app or what but i have no smoked since i bought it it helps alot to see graphically how your health is. COOL!""40 years a Smoker until I found My Last CigaretteI've tried various methods to stop smoking over the last 40 years.Started when I was 11 years old now 52. I now feel I can say I?m anon-smoker. It's all down to "My Last Cigarette" Every morning Iturn on my PDA to have a look how many cigarettes I've not smoked.That sets me up for another day without one. If this government isserious about reducing the number of smokers it should by thissoftware and give free on the National Health. In my Lifetime I'vesmoked 433590 cigarettes but more importantly I've not smoke 4043since I stopped on July 27th this year. Do yourself a favour buythis software."
Sudoku 3D 1.01
The World's most advanced Sudoku game in full3D!FEATURESUnlimited 3D Cubed SudokusHints and WizardsGame CenterBall of StringRatings100% FREEConcentrate on the common cube which links the three visiblesides together. Each 3D Sudoku has just one solution. Not for thesqueamish.
Mastersoft Sudoku is 100% Free!The most complete implementation of SuDoku that you can own onany format - includes unlimited sudokus plus picture and symbolSudoku, hints, wizards, ratings and more. Features for bothbeginners and pros.★★★ FEATURES ★★★✔Six levels of unlimited SuDokus - Simple, Easy, Medium, Hard,Very Hard and Hand crafted "SuDoku Master" levels that are moredifficult than the hardest SuDokus found in newspapers. That'sbillions and billions of built In genuine SuDoku puzzles!✔Designed with the help of over 200 SuDoku players.✔Create, Solve and Analyze SuDokus.✔Enter a SuDoku from a newspaper then either solve or play(using inbuilt hints if required). Mastersoft SuDoku tells youwhere you're going wrong even if it isn't an inbuilt SuDoku!✔Enter your working out.✔Picture SuDoku, Ball of String and Grid Transform.✔Cool scoring system. Can you become a SuDoku Master?✔Suggest a Technique tool.✔Find Triplets, Quads, X-Wings, Swordfish, Jellyfish andmore!✔Choose from a full pallette to color code your entries.✔Various types of hint.and a whole load more!★★★ PROFESSIONAL REVIEWS ★★★★"While there is now a plethora of SuDoku games ... I can'tthink of any that comes with as many functions to help you play thegame as Mastersoft SuDoku."- Gadgetorama★"I have been trying Mastersoft SuDoku over the past few days... it is quite frankly the best version of this game I haveseen..."- PDA247★"Mastersoft has packed a lot of features into this game. Itssuper intuitive interface, tons of options, and picture stylepuzzles make this one of the best, if not the best, Sudoku gameavailable ..."-PPCLife★★★ AWARDS ★★★★Winner 2008 - Handster Best Software Awards.★Winner 2008 - Smartphone Magazine Awards.★Winner 2007 - Smartphone Magazine Awards.★Winner 2005 - HP Choice Awards (No1 in the chart for over ayear)
Fruit Salad ™ Match 3 Slots 1.03
Fruit Salad ™ Match 3 Slots100% FREE. No IAPs.If you like lining up 3, 4 or more of a kind and slot machinepowerups then you will love Fruit Salad™! Match four or more for acool 'fruit feature'. Spins, Wilds, Nudges, Blends and more. Nowwith Game Center and a fresh selection of fruit!Now with a fresh selection of fruit - WARNING: It's addictive!A manic maelstrom of fruit matching fun with a twist!How much fruit juice can you make from your selection offruit?Will you hit the jackpot? Some fruits are worth more thanothers!FEATURESPayout table to help you strategically target yoursquashes!Each level introduces a more valuable fruit.Line up 5 for a Jackpot!Match 4 for a Spin, Nudge, Blend or Mystery feature!Now with Game Center!NB Please note that playing Fruit Salad does not count as one ofyour Five a Day. No real fruits were harmed during the making ofthis game.
Brain School ™ Brain Training 1.03
Brain School ™ Games TrainingTwenty completely different brain games and over 100 levels ofpuzzle mayhem. Includes Plastic Puzzle, Music Lessons, RomanHistory, Magic Hats, Shape Maths and 15 more! Can you graduate?Only the brightest minds will ever graduate from BrainSchool!Get as far as you can and don't worry, you'd have to be a geniusto get 100 stars!FEATURESTwenty completely different brain games.Covers all aptitudes from Verbal, Spatial, Numerical toMusical!Four types of school exam and progress reports.Game Center.Check your improvement in mental agility every day!Designed with the help of over 100 puzzle players.Brain School is a registered trademark of Mastersoft Ltd.