Max Mobi Secure Apps

Max Total Security 24.0.0
Max Total Security for Android devicesprotects your smartphones and tablets from viruses. It has anAntiVirus, Safe browsing, Anti-Theft, Network statistics, Call/SMSBlock, System Optimiser, Contact Back up and Battery Saver.The AntiVirus protects your devices from all kinds of spyware,Trojans, spam ware, bloat ware.Max Secure Software has years of experience in the Anti-Virusdomain. Its anti-malware Research Lab is continuously providing newmalware detections and updating your devices daily. Safe browserblocks all malicious websites.An integrated mobile device management and security solution withproven Anti-Virus protection for Android mobile phones and Tabletdevices.It has the following features:1. Anti-Virus with several scan options:a. Quick scan: Scans only installed applications on theDevice.b. Full scan: Scans entire device including Memory card.c. Scan Memory card: Scans only memory card.2. Anti-Thefta. If your Android device is stolen, this feature can help youtrack it.b. In case f theft, you can remotely Lock the device, Wipe dataremotely, Sound an alarm and get current device Location.All these features can also be activated in case of theft from ouranti-theft portal as well as using another mobile phone by SMSfeature.3. Block Call/SMSAllows you to Blocks Calls and SMS from numbers in the Contact listor unknown phone numbers.Note:- Block Call / SMS feature works only for incoming Calls /SMS. It doesn’t block outgoing Calls / SMS. Alos, it does not workon 4.4x and higher Android versions.4. Network stats monitors network traffic usageIt summarizes your total network traffic used including wifi andMobile data. It shows how much is used, how much is remaining andgives you alert based on settings.5. Backup ContactsYou can back up all or some of the contacts on Max Secure CloudServer or SD Card on your device.6. System optimizer allows you to manage/ terminate apps takinghigh memory..7. Battery SaverOffers several modes and a default mode with the omnst optimizedbattery settings.8. Privacy ManagerShow apps installed on your device , how critical they are in theterms of privacy, what permissions are they taking on your device,you can choose to uninstall them from this module if youwant.9. Gaming ModeUse this when you need maximum memory available for a certian appsuch as games etc.This app uses the Device Administrator permission for anti-theftphone lock.
MAX GAMER ANTIVIRUS for Gamers 18.0.0
Gamer AntiVirus Now availableFREE!- Upgrade your gaming experience- Speed up your device with gaming mode- Clean the device of viruses & other malware- Now with memory boost, speed up your gaming performanceMax Mobi Secure has launched this special Anti-Virus product JUSTfor the gamer community. The Anti-virus protects you from all typesof viruses, Trojans and Malware, at the same time you can SPEED upyour device by tapping on Gaming Mode. One touch and your devicewill to running very fast and providing all the resource that youever need to play your favourite games or any other App.
Max Mobile Security 1.0.3
Max Mobi Secure
Anti Virus:Allow you to protect your device from Viruses.App Manager:Shows all the Apps that have been installed on your phone andmemory they are using, you can uninstall any of these apps fromhere in one Tap.Network Stat:Manages network Data usage and prevents you from paying overages toyour Internet provider by letting you specify the bandwidth limitas allowed by your plan.Optimize Memory:Provides all the memory available and makes your device runfaster.Back Up Contacts:You can back up all or some of the contacts to SD Card on yourdevice and restore them later if you want.
Private Messages for BBM™ 1.0
Private Messages for BBM allows users to sendand receive private messages protected by a password. The messagesthat will be transferred over BBM are also encrypted.Users having Private Messages for BBM™ App can only read thesemessages. Locking this App with your Password provides furtherenhances the security. It is a privacy protection app that offers asecure way to send secure messages to your BBM™ contacts. All themessages sent over BBM are encrypted by AES-128.The private messages self-destruct from device for additionalprivacy so that no one can access this message without your PrivateMessages for BBM password. You can only view this secured messagefrom this App by logging in with your password. It protects yourBBM communications from intrusions and unauthorized access.
Max Privacy Manager 2.0
Max Privacy Manager shows you howinstalledapps use, and possibly abuse, your personal informationand treatyour PRIVACY, it offers you a quick overview of all theinstalledapps and the liberty they are taking. It provides you witha totalPrivacy score in a percentage. Click on any particularapplicationtab from this App shows you in detail the list ofpermissions thatapp is using. Keep your mobile secure and privatefrom maliciousapplications, freely remove the applications you donottrust.Max Privacy Manager is your personal privacy consultant.Protectingyou from harmful apps that spam your notification menu,send/readyour SMS unwanted, monitor your phone calls or even trackyourlocation.
Max Safe Trip 1.0.8
This application is designed keeping safetyofpeople specifically women and minors who are most vulnerabletothreats while travelling in private cabs alone.Max Safe Trip ensures safe travel of the user by publictransportlike taxi. Using routes, deviation notifications, alarmsand realtime tracking Max Safe Trip ensures the passengerssafety.With "Who can track me" or "Whom I can track", easy toconfigurefeatures, Emergency alarm in case of trouble to soundlocally andalso notification to remote device monitoring you. Ifchange inflight path is detected user as well as phone monitoringthisdevice is notified, option to reroute redraws the flight map.Ifnot reroute is selected and user continues on the wrong path,thenalarm and notifications are sent to the m monitoringphones.Start trip/start Track, Track device, ability tointelligentlyautomatically configure how often you want to senddata to theserver based on battery life.Shows battery status on the device being tracked along withitstrip flight path.
Find My Family 5.0
Locate & Track Your Lost Phone,StolenPhone.Watch and track where your kids go.Max Find My Family gives real-time information about the locationofyour device, your children or any family member.With Max Find My Family, you can create a specific "safezone"(fence) for every device and get an E-mail Alerts andnotificationswhen that device leaves this fenced area. If you looseyour device,or want to find where your family member is right atthis moment,this App can give you location right away. You canviewpast history of device locations as well.Find My Family works like netnanny and lets you keep an eye onyourkids’ Android device anytime, anywhere. Configure upto 5devices onone email id and monitor and receive SMS and email alertsyou whenany device enters or exits a predefined area, ageographical areathat you designate on that device. At any time inEmergency tolocate your kids or any one where you have configuredthis App ,get their exact location on Maps in real time, withoutany lag.Determine a specific "safe zone" on a map and get an E-mail /SMSAlert if the phone leaves that area.Create a circular box on a Google Map and locate that phoneatany time and every time it leaves that area. Get alerts andLoginto portal at any time to see alerts and locate the device.
SMS and Call Blocker 4.0
SMS and Call Blocker by Max Mobi Secure isthemost effective way of blocking unwanted calls and textmessages.The app blocks annoying SMS and calls from the blacklistin theapp.Features in Max SMS and Call Blocker:- Call Blocking- SMS/Text Message Blocking- Blocked Call and SMS log- Blacklist, whitelist and block all calls- Blocked message and call logKeep unwanted calls and SMS' away with Max SMS andCallBlocker.
Max App Lock with Fingerprint 1.3.2
Lock your apps with a passcode or fingerprint.Great for privacy of your apps.App Lock★ Protect your privacy★ Android 5.0 and 6.0 is supported★ Fingerprint lock password is supported on specific devices (seethe description below)---- Fingerprint lock supported on Android 6.0 or SAMSUNGdevices ----★ SAMSUNG devicesGalaxy S7Galaxy S7 edgeGalaxy A5 (2016)Galaxy A7 (2016)Galaxy A9Galaxy Note 5Galaxy Note 4 / GALAXY Note 4 LTE-ANote 4 S LTEGalaxy Note EdgeGalaxy AlphaGalaxy S6Galaxy S6 EdgeGalaxy S6 Edge+Galaxy S5 / DuosGalaxy S5 LTE-AGalaxy S5 Prime LTE-AGalaxy S5 mini / Galaxy S5 mini DuosGalaxy A8Works with all apps, recommended for chat apps like WhatsApp,Hike, BBM, Messenger, We Chat, Telegram, Viber, etc.
Max Partner Assist 1.0.7
You can use this application to register yourMax Secure Products,After dealer or dealer engineer fills yourinformation on the application, hit the "Get Activation Code "button, you will get the Activation code generated on thisapplicationPlease enter your First Name, Last name, Email Address,Registration Key, Installation Code.Max Partner Assist:-This app is for Max Secure Dealers.-Dealers can register and create login.-Dealers can activate Customers offline.-Dealers can search for offline activated customers.-Dealers can search for their renewal customers.-Dealers can search for their customers by date.
Max Memory Booster 1.0
Max Memory Booster frees and boostsyourAndroid devices memory by killing unwanted apps, cleaning cacheandoptimizing memory usage. It boosts system speed and reclaimsmemoryspace. It also features a task-killer and applicationuninstaller.Memory boosts can be performed from the app through theQuick Boostand Optimize Memory option as well as through the appwidget.Features of Max Memory Booster:1. Quick Boost:The Quick Boost feature kills running tasks and apps to boostmemoryand frees up space immediately so your device performsfaster.2. Optimize Memory:The Optimize memory feature terminates all running processes(exceptsystem processes) to free RAM and stops them from drainingyourdevice’s battery.3. App Manager:The App Manager feature shows a list of all installedapplicationson your device along with the memory space used bythem. It allowsyou to delete unwanted apps to increase storagespace.Stay connected on our facebookpage:
Max Data Saver 1.0
Automatically tracks your Local, STD andISDcalls, Incoming Calls, Data Usage on 2G, 3G, 4G and WiFi, SMSandRoamingFeatures::heavy_check_mark: Track your calls: Incoming, Local and STDandknow your top contacts:heavy_check_mark: Check your data consumption on 2G, 3G, 4GandWiFi:heavy_check_mark: Find out which apps consume most ofyourdata
Max Parental Control 1.0
Control and keep a check of the sites andappsyour children are using on their phone/tablet.Features:- Set limit or block certain apps- Monitor time being spent on apps and websites- Exercise parental control to keep your child's onlineactivitiesin check
Secure File Manager 1.0.1
Secure file manager brings inbuiltsecurityfeatures for your Android device.- Encrypt files with your password- Hide sensitive & personal files- In-built real time AntiVirus protection to keep you secureWith Secure file manager you can manage your files with privacyandsecurity enhancements.Secure File Manager is by Max Secure Software with 15 yearsofexperience in the security industry.
Max Phone Cleaner - Clean up junk & Cool Processor 1.0
Max Phone Cleaner helps you free up spacebycleaning caches of apps, clearing junk files and coolingyourphone.It is a utility solution which helps you keep your phone cleanandcool. Features:- Junk Cleaner: Cleans out junk files that are taking space onyourphone. Clean up GBs of junk files!- Phone Cooler: Cools down your phone by closing downheavyprocesses that are causing the processor to heat up.- App Cache Cleaner: App caches of social networking appskeepgrowing. App Cache Cleaner cleans up all the extra spacethey'retaking.
Social Log 1.0.0
Protect & Secure your Gmail,Facebook,Yahoo & Twitter accounts with Social Log. Helpspreventidentity theft.Social Log protects your social network accounts by keepingcheckson logins, locations and devices. With behavior basedsecurity toprevent account intrusion and identity theft.Social Log is an intrusion detection your boosts your privacy andIDsecurity. It keeps scan any suspicious activity and once itdetectsanything unusual, you will get an immediate alert so youcan protectyour photos, emails and social networks.Get top internet security protection for theseonlineaccounts:- Facebook Privacy- Gmail Protection- Twitter Protection- Yahoo Protection