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Shivagarjana 1.4
Shivagarjana was founded in 2002. Eversince,it has been continuously conducting and spreading traditionalDholTasha performance activities. It is managed by experiencedformerstudents of N.M.V. high school, Pune. Shivagarjana and itsmembershave been performing in the Pune Ganesh Festival for thelast 12years.Members of Shivagarjana have taken very sincere efforts tospreadDhol Tasha Activity in India and outside India as well. Thisapptakes the activity into an entirely new orbit. The mainmotivationbehind this app is efficient communication with allmembers,well-wishers, friends, guides, respected personalitiesetc.
ABVP 1.6
Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad is an allIndia student Organization, working in the field of education witha wider perspective of National Reconstruction. ABVP works with afaith in the collective existence of the educational community, afirm belief in constructive work and a nationalist approach whichstays above partisan politics. This is the official app of ABVP.It has the following features:LATEST NEWS AND UPDATES- Get the latest news about ABVP at your fingertipsINFORMATION SECTIONS- About, Organization, Activities, Views, ChaptersJOIN ABVP- ABVP membership form. Interested users can apply for themembership through the app.HELPLINE- National and regional helpline numbers would be made available asand when requiredPUSH NOTIFICATIONS- You will receive push notifications for updates, so don't worryabout keeping in touch!SOCIAL MEDIA INTEGRATION- Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Flickr pages links- Share updates on your Facebook wall- Share updates on Twitter
MaNaSe Mitra 11.0
Maharashtra NavNirman Sena is a registeredpolitical party in Maharashtra, India. The party is committed toraising the status of Maharashtra state, it's people and theMarathi language to resplendent glory.In this app we bring to you the latest news of the party,campaigns, photo and video archives of events organised by theParty and the Party President Shri. Rajsaheb ThackerayFeatures:- CURRENT ISSUES: Information about the current issues party isaddressing or campaigning about...- LATEST NEWS: Happenings and updates- VIDEOS: Exclusive section for video updates- MY MAH: Exclusive section for general information aboutMaharashtra- YOUR CONTRIBUTION: A special section to showcase extraordinarycontribution of members of party in theirpersonal, social and political life.Language:Marathi and English
Asicon 2015 1.3
75th (Platinum Jubilee) Annual conference ofThe Association of Surgeons of India.Features of this app:- Messages from office bearers- Committees and organisational information- Scientific Program- Venue information and MAPS- Faculty Information- Registration & Accommodation Information- Social Media- Contact Details- Latest Updates through push notifications- and many more...
Dr. Gore Online Courses 2.0
Current Features:- Myth of micro discectomy, Why MISS is new diamond standard- What is stitchless surgery under local anesthesia, Basic needletechniques, Starter kit Videos Basic Reading material- Miss knowledge exchange, Membership, Our network societies andmembership, 2015 conferences- Latest news, Blog- Refer your patient for MISS
Abs Fitness & Wellness Club 1.7
Abs Fitness is an organization focused onpromoting fitness and wellness with Abs Fitness and Wellness Clubsthroughout India. Abs Fitness & Wellness Clubs are educating,motivating and helping Indians reach their fitness goals. AbsFitness has proven experience in consulting and managingworld-class facilities with cutting-edge expertise and personaltouch.Features of the app:- Fitness tips- Fitness news & updates- Group exercise schedules & updates- Offers- Services- Social Media- Branch-wise contact details and map locations- Send feedback to the Founder, Abhimanyu Sable
Mahabaleshwar Guide 1.5
This Mahabaleshwar app is your dependable anduser friendly FREE travel guide. Locate destinations and popularattractions with precise maps using this app. Travel content iseducative. Hotels and restaurants are all aggregated one place withtheir Tripadvisor ratings. So searching and deciding your travelitinerary is extremely easy! Moreover, the app also contains adetailed list of utilities and emergency services, which mightprove extremely useful to you.Download the app now and share it with your friends, there’sabsolutely no risk, and we’re sure you are going to love it! Thereis no need for data connection while using this application, aseverything is stored on your phone, following an initial update.This means you won’t be charged for data roaming, and the app issuper-fast to operate. You can update user reviews regularly whenyou are on WiFi All restaurants that are registered in Mahableshwar are included in the app.Features:TOURIST ATTRACTIONS - With ratings, budget, mapsHOTELS - With ratings, budget, mapsRESTAURANTS - With ratings, budget, mapsPARKING SPACES - This feature is especially developed to reduceyour inconvenience, while you drive around Mahabaleshwar. Searchyour nearest parking lots on a map!EMERGENCY SERVICES - Addresses contact details and map locations ofhealthcare & medical facilities, police stations, ambulances,fire brigade, petrol pumps, ATMs, tourist centers and tours &travel.THINGS - Latest updates about the events and happenings in andaround MahabaleshwarCAMERA - Create your exclusive Mahabaleshwar Experience photoalbum!WEATHER - Current weather informationNEARME - All the important information right on a single map!SHARE - Share the interesting places you see in Mahabaleshwar withothersLANGUAGES - The app works in two languages - English andMarathi
Abs Fitness Xpress 1.7
This is the official app of Abs FitnessXpress, the leading functional training studio in India. AbsFitness Xpress is a venture of Abs Fitness & Wellness Club,India. Abs Fitness & Wellness Clubs are educating, motivatingand helping Indians reach their fitness goals. Abs Fitness hasproven experience in consulting and managing world-class facilitieswith cutting-edge expertise and personal touch.Features of the app:- Functional Training Updates & Tips- Weight loss Updates & Tips- Cardio Updates & Tips- Personal Coaching Updates, Tips & Stories- GroupX Updates & Tips- Fitness for Kids- Branch-wise Alerts- Branch-wise GroupX Schedules- Branch-wise Promos & Offers- Personalized Inbox for Members- Personalized Health & Fitness Tips- Online Membership
Om Wadya Pathak 1.10
Om Wadya Pathak was established in 2012.Themotivation behind our work is to consistently givetraditionaldhol-tasha-dhwaj performances of the highest quality.The earningsof the Pathak are utilized for social benefits.The purpose of this app is to improve the communicationamongstthe members, build camaraderie and synergy, and to induceawarenessabout our society in general.
Nanocon 2014 1.3
'NANOCON', the International ConferenceonNanotechnology, is an endeavor of Bharati VidyapeethUniversity,Pune, India, to bring together and provide a platform totheexperts from Academia, Industry and R & D institutes fromIndiaand abroad to interact, deliberate, disseminate and exchangeideas,share knowledge, and develop a common vision for thefuturedevelopments in the field of Nanotechnology.NANOCON 2014 is being organized with the theme NanoTechnology-Smart Materials, Composites, Applications and New Inventions,fromOctober 14-15 2014, at Bharati Vidyapeeth University,Pune,India.
PNG Diamonds 1.14
Purshottam Narayan Gadgil, a most trusted namein Jewellery and utensils business in Maharashtra, was started in1832 in Sangli.The establishment further expanded their business by starting ashop on Laxmi Road in Pune on 9th February 1958. In the year 1998PNG Jewellery & Gems came into existence for dealing especiallyin Diamonds, Precious & Semi Precious Stones, Pearls, Coralsand studded jewellery. Within just a few years, the businessprospered and PNG Diamonds became a house-hold name in Maharashtra,India. PNG Diamonds is known for its high quality standards.This mobile application is one of a kind app, which literallybrings our designs to the fingertips of the users. Users candownload our designs and try them on their selfies taken using theapp. Users can take as many selfies as they want with differenthairstyles and attires. Its pure fun!Features:VIRTUAL TRIAL STUDIO - Try out our designs on your selfies! Createa variety of selfie profiles in different attires and hairstylesand try our designs on them! This shopping experience is secondbest only to physically visiting our store and physically tryingout our designs.PRODUCT CATALOGUE - Our spectrum of products such as necklaces,bangles, rings, mangalsutras, earrings are available for sale oncatalogue.E-COMMERCE - A unique shopping experienceUPDATES & ALERTS - We will keep you updated through pushnotifications with the latest designs, promotions, events &offers. Treat this app as your jewellery shopping assistant!SHARE THE APP - Share the app with your friends and spread theword
VSICON 2015 1.4
Features of this app:- Messages from office bearers- Committees and organisational information- Scientific Program- Venue information and MAPS- Faculty Information- Registration & Accommodation Information- Social Media- Contact Details- Latest Updates through push notifications- and many more...
Solaris Sports World 1.8
Solaris, a chain of seven convenientlylocated,well-equipped sports and fitness clubs across Pune, iscommitted toprovide quality sports facilities and personalisedfitnessprogrammes. We strive to bestow ‘Recreation – the Spice ofLife’ onyou because we consider Relaxation and Recreation as theroute to ahealthy body, a healthier mind and the healthiestsociety.Solaris represents an ideal blend of a wide range of sportsandfitness activities with the ambiance of an upscale club. TheCluboffers activities for all members of the family, fromsmallchildren to seniors. Solaris feels proud to be a placewherefamilies and friends spend precious time together in atrulyelectrifying environment.The Club is ideally suited for corporate events and partieswhereour team designs customised outbound training package toencourageteam spirit.The spacious two and half acre club presents complete funandenjoyment in a safe and green environment. The highlightsinclude a50 foot Rock Climbing wall, 11 station High-WireAdventure, 4Tennis Courts, 3 Badminton Courts, 1 Squash Court, 6Table TennisTables. Gym, Swimming Pool, Roller Skating, Jogging,Cycling,Bouldering Wall, Cafe, Banquets Hall, Dance Aerobics, 4GuestRooms. The basement parking is reserved for parking formembersonly.Features of the app:- About Solaris- Latest Events & Updates- Facilities - Sports, Information about Coaches- Branches of the Fitness Club - Timings,Facilities,Equipments- Invite Friends, Rate The App- Send Feedback
Jnana Prabodhini 1.3
Welcome to the official app ofJnanaPrabodhini!Jnana Prabodhini, which means 'Awakener of Real Knowledge'inSanskrit is a social organisation in India. Started with themottoof "Motivating Intelligence for Social Change", its work nowhasgrown in to multiple directions of social work.The intent of this mobile app is to boost our engagement withthecommunity. We would be publishing updates about the latestnews,events and activities through this app. All members,alumni,well-wishers, basically anybody who is interested in ourwork wouldnow be able to stay in touch very easily!To keep you abreast with the latest happenings, we wouldbepushing regular updates through this app. Updates would betextual,pictures, audio-clips, video-clips, interesting linksworthsharing, pdfs worth reading and many more!Stay tuned...
Nadbrahma Trust 1.9
Nadbramha Dhol Tasha Dhwaj Pathak Trustwasestablished in 2011 with the blessings of Shri. Swami Samarth.Weare the first private pathak, which rejected the practiceofappointing a Director and institutionalized the cultureofallocating equal powers to every member in the pathak.Themotivation behind our work is to consistently givedhol-tashaperformances of the highest order and utilize theearnings for thebenefit of the society.The purpose of this app is to improve the communicationamongstthe members, build camaraderie and synergy, and to induceawarenessabout our society in general
Anna Bansode 1.3
This is the official app of Shri. AnnaBansode.Anna Bansode is the Member of Legislative Assembly,Maharashtra,India.
Pune Music Events 2.0
Lovers of music in Pune, this is a shoutout toyou!Since our city is considered to be an important culturalcapital, the yearly music calendar is jam-packed! Some programs arebig and attract huge crowds, while some programs are smaller butexclusive! Bigger shows have good marketing budgets so they getgood visibility all around. However several smaller but equallyinteresting programs keep happening around us and we don't evenknow about their existence.We have launched 'Pune Music Events', an Android app, that is aninformative platform for all kinds of music events (classical,semi-classical, vocal, instruments, dance). The app is completelyFREE of charge. Download it now to stay abreast with the musicscene in the city. You will be able to set reminders for yourfavourite events so that you don't miss out on them! Artists, dateand timing, venue map, ticket prices and all other informationabout your favourite events is now available at yourfingertips.Features:- FREE EVENTS - list of all free events- PAID EVENTS - list of all paid events- FEATURED EVENTS - list of all premium events- SET REMINDERS - set reminders for your favourite events and getnotified- EVENT INFORMATION - Artists, locations, ticket prices, and muchmore- RSVP - Mark your interest
ZonCon 1.8
ZonCon Events app is one of the easiest waystoget your event / conference on a mobile!FeaturesWELCOME MESSAGE - Organizing committee's invitationtodelegatesVENUE INFORMATION - Complete information about the venuewithpictures and mapsCOMMITTEES - Information about various committees andtheirmembersREGISTRATION - Downloadable Registration form and OnlineRegistratonfacilitySCIENTIFIC PROGRAM - Detailed Scientific ProgramREMIDERS - Set reminders for your favourite sessions so thatyouwon't miss out on themTRADE - Venue MapsDOWNLOADS - Conference brochures, newsletters, forms, etc.FACULTY - Information about attending faculty.SOCIAL MEDIA - Links to Twitter, Facebook, Instragram pages.and much more.
The Indian Association ofGastrointestinalEndosurgeons (IAGES) is an organization of surgeonsformed topromote and spread the advancement of Endoscopic SurgerythroughoutIndia and beyond. The advancement and improvements intechnologyhas resulted in significant changes in the surgicaltreatment ofpatients.The IAGES is a growing and dynamic organization thatwillcontinue to play a leading role in the future progressofEndoscopic Surgery and advanced technology development. Weinvitesurgeons to join the IAGES and help us to achieve our aimsandobjectives. Our strength and influence depend on our membership.Byjoining the IAGES you will enhance your continuedprofessionaldevelopment and thus the quality of surgical care toyourpatients.Features of this app:- Messages from office bearers- Committees and organisational information- Scientific Program- Venue information and MAPS- Faculty Information- Registration & Accommodation Information- Social Media- Contact Details- Latest Updates through push notifications- and many more...
Metasurgasia 1.9
Welcome to the official app ofMetasurgasia,the first Asian BMI (Bariatric & MetabolicIntegrated Surgery)consensus summit, organized by InternationalExcellence Federationfor Bariatric & Metabolic IntegratedSurgery, in associationwith Obesity & Metabolic Surgery Societyof India (OSSI),Defeat Obesity & Diabetes Foundation (DODF) andFortisHospitals, Mumbai.Features:LATEST NEWS- Get latest news and updates on your fingertips!CONFERENCE INFO- Welcome Messages- Committees- Scientific Program- Venue Information- and many moreTALK TO THE ORGANIZERS- Facility for sending email to the conference organisers
MACORM 2016 1.8
We take great pleasure in inviting you tothe5th Annual Conference of Maharashtra State Chapter ISAR,MSR,organized in association with parent body, Indian SocietyofAssisted reproduction and Pune OBGYN Society. It will be heldfrom4-6 November, 2016 at Conrad Hotel, Pune. The conferencewillfocused on exchanging and advancing knowledge on all aspectsofAssisted Reproduction. Scientific Programme of the Conferenceisprepared keeping in mind ART consultant who will benefitinoptimizing their ART results, Gynecologist doinginfertilitypractice up to IUI, and also group of gynecologist whowish toenter into ART practiceIt will bring you unrivalled faculty to share theirexperiencesand expertise to make such scientific sessions an avenueforprogress in Assisted Reproduction Medicine practice in India.Itwill be a really exciting for us to create a state-ofthe-artscientific program to instill enthusiasm of education andlearningfor all. We assure you that there will be adequate timeforacademic discussion after every session and electronic votingtoknow your views as well. Three Pre-Congress master classeshavebeen designed minutely by experts to cover each aspect ofMaleInfertility, Embryology & Optimal Use of UltrasonographyinInfertility in just one day!App Features:- Welcome Message- Venue Info and Maps- Committees- Faculty- Scientific Program in Detail- Abstracts- Registration- Trade- Downloads- Contact Us- News Letter- Invite Friends- Alerts
Solo Clinic & Stemcells 1.9
Dr. Sunita Tandulwadkar has been providingdedicated services in the area of women's health with specialty inthe management of infertility and laparoscopic surgery for the pasttwo decades.She offers the best infertility services for men and women not onlyin India but all over the globe. She has a complete range ofAssisted Reproductive Technologies (ART) for specific infertilitydiagnosis at Ruby Hall, Pune, India.SOLO STEMCELLS is the latest Stem Cell Therapy clinic located inPune, India. We use stem cells & their applications to providean autologous regenerative therapy for degenerative diseases.Solo Stemcells is the dream of Dr. Sunita Tandulwadkar, a leadinginfertility specialist and laparoscopic surgeon of the country, andis nurtured by Dr. Rajesh Tandulwadkar, a well known G.I.Laparoscopic surgeon.By acquiring the latest digital no-touch technology fromSwitzerland, Solo Stemcells promises to be a state-of-the-art, oneof its kind unit in Pune, India, offering ethical services ataffordable rates for a myriad of conditions under one roof.FEATURESSOLO CLINIC- Welcome- About the clinic- About the doctor- Services- Team- Publications- Patient Education- Blog- Testimonials- Gallery- Patient Reviews- ContactSOLO STEM CELLS- Welcome- About Us- Stem Cell Therapy- Team- Blog- Testimonials- ContactOTHER- Virtual Tour- Alerts- Share with Friends