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My Cycles Period and Ovulation 2.3.1
My Cycles is the best period app, ovulationtracker and calculator! Whether you are avoiding pregnancy orattempting pregnancy My Cycles helps you learn about your fertilityand healthy cycle!My Cycles is a personalized tool to help you track your thebeginning of your cycle, your period, fertile window and ovulationday. You can also track all your symptoms and moods to help youunderstand your healthy throughout your cycle! Know when yourperiod begins, when your fertile window and ovulation day is in aglance from the home screen or get more details from our powerfulmonthly calendar!KEY HIGHLIGHTS✔Know and track when your period is coming.✔ Get personalized notifications of when your period begins.✔ Birth control reminders to never miss or forget one!✔ Daily log of your symptoms, weight, mood, menstruation✔ Thorough tracking, better predict ovulation, menstruation andyour fertile window✔ Learn the premenstrual signals your body gives out when you’renear ovulation or menstruation✔ Improved chance of pregnancy and fertility with better timingwhen you menstruate✔ THEMES! Personalize your app with a beautiful theme.TRACKING YOUR MENSTRUAL CYCLE✔ Record and monitor dates of period, birth control pills, andintercourse/sex✔ View your menstruating days in our calendar✔ Plan ahead with our menstrual calculator and predict your nextfertile days, and ovulation in the next 12 monthly cycles.✔ Store daily premenstrual notes, menstrual symptoms, medications,cramps, intercourse and treatments✔ Monitor and track premenstrual moods, fertile days, menstruatingsymptoms, menstruate weight, and menstrual related progress✔ Customize your calendar, menstruate log and menstruatingtracker✔ Post questions and answers on women’s health topics frommenstruating women like you✔ Set discreet reminders when you menstruate or when your fertiledays are comingTRYING TO CONCEIVE✔ Track ovulation-specific symptoms, treatments, and events (e.g.intercourse, contraception, birth control, sex, cramps, bbtetc)✔ Monitor signs of ovulation: Basal Body Temperature (BBT),Cervical Mucous, OPK tests✔ Premenstrual Weight and temperature tracker✔ Advanced ovulation prediction based on Fertility Awareness Method(FAM) or OPK✔ Select ovulation day for women tracking ovulation✔ Track fertility-related medications and treatments; Clomid,Metformin, and IVF✔ Record and monitor results of Home Pregnancy Tests and BBTFORUMS✔ Tap into MedHelp’s community, the largest online healthcommunity, by asking questions and get tips in our many menses,fertility and pregnancy forums✔ Hundreds of questions answered every hour about your period,premenstrual or irregular menstruation, birth control pills, mood,weight, helpful tips and more!✔ Active Fertility Forums to guide and give you tips✔ One period app that covers all you need to know about yourperiod, cycle and fertility! All in one women’s health app!
I’m Expecting - Pregnancy App 2.3.1
Join millions of other pregnant women and getI’m Expecting, the #1 pregnancy app! Track everything that'shappening to you and your baby day by day and week by week.I’m expecting pregnancy app provides you with weekly updates ofwhat’s happening to your body and your baby. View weekly pregnancyvideos and baby development videos. Track your symptoms and viewtop symptoms for each week. With our vibrant pregnancy communities,you can get the answers you need when you need them.Simply enter or calculate your due date to get started on yourpregnancy journey.KEY HIGHLIGHTS:✔ Get weekly updates and tips on your baby’s growth and changes toyour prenatal body.✔ Weekly pregnancy guide videos✔ Track your pregnancy symptoms and compare with other pregnantmoms.✔ Monitor weight throughout your pregnancy stages✔ Ask questions about your baby and pregnancy and get answers inour communities.✔ Connect with moms who share your due date to get instant adviceand support✔ Watch your baby grow with fetal development images developed bymedical experts✔ Due date calculatorCOUNTDOWN:✔Progress bar showing time remaining until your baby arrives✔ Weeks and days remaining until delivery✔Cuteness overdose with daily baby pictures.✔Easy to use Due Date calculatorPREGNANCY FORUMS:✔ Have questions? I’m Expecting pregnancy app has vibrantcommunities of mothers who are expecting and share your due date!Let I’m expecting be your pregnancy and baby center for all yourquestions.✔ Learn about baby products, socialize with other pregnant womenand get baby name suggestions.✔ Hundreds of questions answered about pregnancy, maternity,childbirth, prenatal vitamins, baby names, baby kicks andcontractions! All in one pregnancy app!✔ Many groups for all stages of pregnancy and mom journeys whetheryour pregnancy with one, twins or triplets this is your babycenter!DAILY AND WEEKLY UPDATES:✔ Get weekly pregnancy tips✔ To do list to help you prepare for pregnancy and childbirth✔ Weekly Prenatal Videos✔ Weekly baby development videos✔ Fetal development images developed by medical expertsWEIGHT TRACKING:✔ Track your pregnancy weight✔ Learn your healthy pregnancy weight rangeSYMPTOMS TRACKING:✔ Keep track of doctor’s appointments, tests and more✔ Track all your symptoms and events in one calendar✔ Compare and see if other pregnant women are experiencing the samematernity symptoms as you.✔ Daily tracking calendar of symptoms, mood, medicine, weight,morning sickness, notes, baby kicks counter and contractions.I’m Expecting pregnancy app provides the best tools and support fora happy and healthy pregnancy!
Pic Healthy - Photo Food Diary 1.0.1
Pic Healthy Photo Food Diary makeshealthyeating fun and easy with the help of your friends! Takepictures ofyour food, rate how healthy or unhealthy it is and letyour friendsbe the judge. Being aware of what you eat is the firststep towardsmaking smarter food choices, maintaining a healthydiet, andachieving your weight goal.BENEFITS:* Eat better, feel better and have fun while you're doing it!* Being aware of what you eat is the first step towards ahealthydiet, eating better food, and improved nutrition* Easiest way to track your food, nutrition, diet -- just takeaphoto* Access to MedHelp’s Health Forums to post nutritionquestions,diet questions, weight loss questions* Get support and motivation from millions of people just likeyouwho are dieting* Share what you eat with friends and others with this photofoodjournalFEATURES:* Easily track what you eat by taking pictures of your meals* Rate how healthy your meal is and see if your friends agreewithyou* View a scoreboard to see how you’re doing compared to yourfriendsand to other users of the app* See what others are eating and rate and comment on theirfoodphotos* Like someone’s photos? Follow them in your photo feedEARN HEALTHY POINTS:* Healthy Points: Earn points for eating healthy foods. Shareapicture of your food and earn points when your friends rate itashealthy.* Rankings: Check the scoreboard to see how you stack up comparedtoyour friends and others.Pic Healthy is a smart and easy way to achieve your weightgoaland healthy way for weight loss! If you want to slim down orareslimming down already, do it the healthy way with this photofoodjournal. Consider this app to be your diet coach! It’sperhapsbetter than a diet coach because your phone is always withyou. Getstarted for free today.ABOUT US:Developed by MedHelp, the world’s largest health socialnetwork.
Heart Well - Blood Pressure, Heart Disease App 1.1.0
Be in full control of your heart health withquick and simple blood pressure tracking. Easily monitor the healthinformation that matters most for managing high blood pressure andheart disease.Built by MedHelp International, the world's largest and trustedonline health community.KEY HIGHLIGHTS✔ Simplest monitoring of your blood pressure readings✔ Easily see if your blood pressure is within normal rangeONLINE FEATURES:✔ Sync/backup your data online to MedHelp to access your infoonline✔ Access to your information online from any computer✔ Print out all your data from - great for doctorappointments!Note: This software is intended for informational and educationaluse only. Please consult your healthcare provider for any healthconcerns.When you download Heart Well, you agree to the Heart Well Terms ofService and Privacy Policy located within the app.