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Early Warning Score System 1.0.1
Identifying the critically ill patient is a major challenge athospitals. Unrecognized deterioration of patients is estimated tocost more than 100.000 lives per year in the US alone. It is notonly important to identify the critically ill patient but also tocommunicate the situation to the rest of the hospital staffinvolved.The Early Warning Score (EWS) is a simple clinical score thatcan be used by hospital medical staff as well as emergency medicalservices to quickly determine the degree of illness of a patient.It is based on data derived from four physiological readings(systolic blood pressure, heart rate, respiratory rate, bodytemperature) and the observation of the level of consciousness(AVPU). The resulting observations are compared to a normal rangeto generate a single composite score. A score of five or more isstatistically linked to increased likelihood of death or admissionto an intensive care unit.Different EWS systems are in use worldwide and the NationalHealth Service (NHS) in the UK has e.g. decided to introduce anation-wide NHS Early Warning Score to achieve the goal of having“the right person, in the right setting – first time!”Within hospitals, the EWS is often used as part of a"track-and-trigger" system whereby an increasing score produces anescalated response varying from increasing the frequency ofpatient's observations up to urgent review by a rapid response orMedical Emergency Team (MET call).Are you interested in having this app tailor made for yourhospital needs, then please contact us using the website contactform or write to [email protected] the disclaimer before use. All information in thisapplication is for educational purposes only. Please note:Screenshots are from iOS version.