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Super Zeek 1.6.3
#ALSO AVAILABLE IN IOS APP STORE#REMEMBER THE LITTLE RED GUY AND PINK MANEATER FLOWER?The classic Windows desktop puzzle game SUPER ZEEK hit Google Play,well optimized control,new added SAVE/LOAD function, and lots ofnew challengeable levels.ROLLBACK:Rollback 10 steps while you are dead or stuck!HOW TO PLAY:Just touch and lead ZEEK to get mushroom, and avoidbad pink flower!NOTICE:To achieve 3 STAR result, you should collect all treasurechests.To get higher score, you should collect as many treasure chests andyellow flowers.To skip a level you need fail more than 5 times.Features:+225 challengeable levels.+More than 20 mechanism and hazards.+Free levels in upcoming updates.If you have any feedback, please email us at [email protected] follow us on twitter: @MgineGames
Super Bird Adv. 1.0.0
#ALSO AVAILABLE IN APP STORE#Super Bird Advance is a traditional platformer game. Just keepwalking and jumping to clear the levels!Backgound:Our super bird is on vacation with his girlfriend.But a giant evilKong kidnaps his girlfriend. Super bird needs your help to clearthe levels to save his pretty girlfriend!Features:+3 forms of super bird.+9 special abilities.+10 demanding enemies.+8 power up items in level,8 assisted items in shop.+3 worlds with 32 interesting and challenging levels.+More than 30 mechanism and hazards make every level totallydifferent.+Free levels in upcoming updates.Follow us:Twitter: on Youtube: on YouKu: you have any feedback, please email us at [email protected]
Don't Miss A Block - Escape! 1.0.3
#ALSO AVAILABLE IN IOS APP STORE#Build the tower into the sky! Don't miss a block!How high can you build?Help the stickman escape from lava! Insanely difficult!Compare your score with your friends and players aroundtheworld!If you have any feedback, please email us at [email protected] follow us on twitter:@MgineGames