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Naat Shareef App 10.0
Naat Shareef App is an elegantly designedIslamic and the best Naat application which has the largestcollection of Naats in different languages. Islamic naat shareefapp is very simple and easy to use; you can easily listen to thefamous Naats of Punjabi, Urdu and English. Punjabi Naat Shareefrequires a lot of effort to find Naat on internet and then downloadit on your phone but this latest naat shareef app has changed theold way of listening to Naats, now you can easily find yourfavorite Naat khwaans and can listen Naats from our repository byjust simply installing the app. The best naat collection app hasbest quality sound track of Naats which will give you spiritualsatisfaction whenever you want.This Naat Shareef App also has a list of many Quran Surahstranslated in Urdu which will help you better in understanding theQuran.Naat is a special kind of poetry in which we praise our HolyProphet Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH). And the person who recites Naat isknown as Naat Khawans. This app has a huge list of Naat khawanslike:• Aamir Qadri• Abdul Qadar• Abdul Hameed Rana• Ali Haider• Hafiz Ghulam Yaseen Attari• Junaid jamshed• Milad Raza Qadri• Muhammad Ali Soherwadi• Muzzafar Warsi• Syed Fasih Ud Din SoherwadiJust Download and Install the top naats app to have immenseapproach to Audio Naats for free.Features:• HQ Audio Track• Naats in Different Languages• Friendly User Interface
Brick Crush 1.0
New exciting BRICK game comes!Over 100 different levels. Break all bricks swiping the finger,Get Bonus balls! Starts out simple, but things get more and moreinteresting and challenging.Start your amazing journey in this adventure GAME!Brick CRUSH features:• Nice brick graphics• Clear sound and background music• Create a high score and compare with your friends.Royalty free sound by: bensound website
Super Horns & Sirens 1.6
Super Horns and Sirens is an amazing app thatgives you a variety of horns and sirens sound, you can select fromthem according to your taste. Super horns app offers some of themost interesting and loudest phone alerts that you ever heard. Itis a cool selection of crazy horns, loud alarm sounds and thefunniest ringtones for smart phones. Are you looking for the bestsiren app andriod that will kick you out of bed every morning?Install free sirens app in your phone and enjoy these crazy soundsof police car sirens, train horn, truck horn, air horn, cool airhorn, car horn, siren alarm, smoke alarm, emergency sound, warningsound and much more with the loudest notifications! Check out newcar horn sounds and ringtones with loud funny sounds right now!Everyone around you will freak out whenever someone contacts you onyour mobile phone. Sound horn app provides loud, amusing andextremely cool way to show your funny side every day! Download thisnew amazing mobile sirens app free.Crazy & loud message tones, alarm sounds, top horn and sirenringtones are now just a touch away. Super horns and Siren Soundsis a collection of all kinds of free air horn ringtones thatdifferent sirens and horns. Be the center of attention every timeyour phone rings with these noisy call alert sounds! Download hornapp android and pick your favorite free ringtone from thissoundboard and set it as SMS alert notification, chat notification,sirens and alarm sound!Features:• Volume boosting horns• Crystal clear loud horn sound• Easily set horn as a default loud ringtone, alarm, SMS ornotification.• Loud & high quality horns and sirens• 100% free to downloadTruck, bus, cars special horns dealer
Logo Quiz 1.1
Now you can learn & memorize the countriesflags in a form of a logo quiz.This is logo quiz game is 100% free, full of fun that consistson guessing the names of dozens of countries flags from around theworld. Challenge with your friends to see who know more logos andincrease the score.Try to guess all country flags!Have fun with this quiz game app.
Spy Camera - Free 1.3
Take pictures and record videos in thebackground without showing the camera preview window with thisamazing Spy Camera app. Spy Camera is very useful for recordingvideos and images without knowing the others. This hidden camerahas some amazing feature that makes this application more awesome.You can also receive calls or make other work in your device whilerecording videos with Spy Camera app.A Hidden camera is the best tool when you want to make silentphotos and you don't want anyone to notice it. This app allows youto make automatic secret camera images. No one will see that youare making photos! You can be a real spy! Use silent camcorder andmake photos. You can also use this spy camera for recording videosat specific time. You can also record videos by switching off yourphone light.The application can work in two modes. First mode is when thescreen is black so it looks like your phone is off and the secondmode is when phone screen is on. To switch between these two modesgo to the settings by pressing Menu button. Also in Settings it ispossible to read brief instructions of how to use Spy Camera and anoption to show Help message after first launch of Spy Camera. SpyCamera allows you to capture videos in background mode or when thephone is in locked state. This spy cam is very useful for policeand intelligence agencies to suspect and investigate criminals. Youcan store Spy Videos in SD Card and view it later.100% FREE spy cam to shoot unlimited secret videos and photosFeatures:• Excellent high quality auto image shooting & videorecorder• Turn your device screen off and record videos• Records video in background while another app is running• Your own spy video recorder• Quick quit mode• Schedule to take photos at specific time• Only vibrate, no preview or shutter sound• No extra notifications but relevant to your image or videos• A hidden eye in your pocket• Background recorder• Sneak Peek app, peeping tom
Love Scanner - Prank 1.6
Love Scanner – Prank is a fun app to test yourtrue love and it will give you result by scanning both thepartner's thumb impression. Find your love match results in acouple of seconds. So, download love scanner app to know that howmuch your beloved loves you. Finger print love scanner generatesthe love compatibility result between you and your loved ones.Let’s play love scanner game and find the perfect love match.Love Finger Print scanner is a perfect app for parties and forpranksters, you may also have fun with this love detector appduring a romantic event, evening for two, or a playful app formultiple people :).Love Scanner – Prank is the easiest app for checking out lovecompatibility between you and your partner. If you are in love withsomeone so Love Scanner – Prank will find out the love percentage.Enter your name and your partner name and Love Scanner app giveresult in calculated percentage. You can also play fingerprint lovetest game with your friends and family members to check thecompatibility of love. The fingerprint love calculator helps you tocheck the probability of a successful relationship betweencouples.This love finger scan is an ideal app for couples on Valentine’sDay. You can also use love scanner test app on different occasionslike birthday, wedding and parties. So, use love calculatorfingerprint app to find the perfect match.You can share your generated love results with your friends byemail or through Twitter. Play love games with your fellows.You can set manual settings of occurrence of result each time toenjoy this app with your friends in a more accurate way :). Enjoythis fingerprint love test scanner to find the exact results. Thisapp is easily accessible on every android device. Love test fingerscan app is just a fun app and is meant for entertainmentpurpose.How To Use:♣ Enter the names of both applicant and tap on next.♣ Place your thumb on the scanning pad.♣ Love match result will be shown after calculation.Features:♣ Best graphics and beautiful use of love meter.♣ Completely free fun for all and easy to use.♣ You can share your scanning result on social networks.
Ant Smasher - Free 1.1
Kill ants with your finger in this gameexcellent game.Ant Smasher is more 100% free gameFully entertaining for kids,boys and girls and your 4 years oldbaby. It's so addicting experience.Game Features:- Several Ants to Smash- Big HoneyBee - Don't Touch the it!- High-score rankings- Game for all ages, man and woman & Children!- A funny / interesting app to pass the time.- 100% time killing game.
Vifi Widget 1.1
Wifi widget app allows to quickly enable anddisable wifi directly from Home screen.Features:- Enable disable WIFI from quick desktop icon.- Shows SSID of connected wifi network.- wifi switch- WIFI OnOff functionalityWifi States(enable or disable):Grey - disabledGREEN - connectedYou can add as many copies you wish to you for this widget.Note: Few phones or tablets that don't support WIFI feature,this app wont work there.
Settings Widget 1.2
Settings widget is the widget is lacking inyour home screen!The design is inspired by the famous app Google and Nowfollowing all the guidelines of the Holo interface of android toprovide you something special.Using Setting widget you can have at your fingertips manysettings, just a single tap to turn on or off whatever you like tosee on your home's free, just small banner ads and doesn't have a paidversion, everything is available in the free version.Features:- Single selection widget- Multiple section widget- Two in one widgetWidget Available Functionality:- Battery statistics or remaining battery- Mobile network- Wifi hotspot- Bluetooth- NFC- Airoplane mode- GPS- Brightness- Rotation- Google plus- Write a new tweet- WIFI toggle OnOff- gps toggle onoff- rotation toggle onoff- quick tweeting widget- mobile data toggle ONOFFMultiple selection widget is resizeable and you can add upto 6widgets on your home screen.Similarly, single selection widget will have only single shortcutwith two pre-defined shorts on home screen that are battery andtime or digital clock.
Signature Maker 1.5
Signature Maker is a very simple and easy touse application that allows you to simply write your name inartistic way and allow saving and sharing the created signature toanywhere. You can also create your own signature according to yourchoice. Signature creator allows you to create a custom signaturefor fun, entertainment and personal use. Electronic signature makeris one of the best android applications that create amazingsignatures within a second. Add a signature image in your galleryand share with your friends whenever you like.There are different methods of making signature. If signer uses themanual method then he can draw on the screen as signature capture.He can create virtual signature similar to a handwritten signaturein the manual way. Easy signature maker will make you happy forsure as it will work as assistant. This handwriting signature appcan be used for practicing on an electronic device rather than byusing old techniques on paper pad and writing notes on books. Thereis no need of pen and ink to create cool signatures. This digitalsignature creator lets you play with your words because it is alsoa signature composer and an autograph maker. Signatory can chooseauto or manual way to generate glowing and fancy signature. Icreated my signature with this amazing app. You can also createyour own signature in different styles. Signature maker is one ofthe best name art maker apps, which creates best e signature foryou.How to create a stylish signature?• Enter your name in text box• Tap on create button• Choose a signature style• Style of signature is changed can be changed from next and backbutton• If want make a hand write signature tap on manual button, choosecolor along with pen sizeand then draw your signatureFeatures:• Auto signature option• Manual signature option• User friendly interface• Save your signature• Share signature• Free to use• No need of internet after initial download
Color Blind Vision - Test 1.6
Color Blind Vision – Test app allows the usersa quick color test and provides accurate results. Do your eyesighttest and care about your vision. The test is based on multipleeffects and color palettes that are also known as Ishihara plates.The each part of this plate is comprised of dotted circle thatappears in random sizes and color to check the user vision. Withinthe pattern, dots which form a number or shape clearly visible to aperson that have normal vision or those people who face difficultyto see may suffer from color blindness. The seemingly randomcolored dots are arranged in such a fashion that a person withnormal color vision will see a single-digit or two-digit numberwithin the array of dots, while a colorblind person will either beunable to see a number or will see a different number. So, visiontest here by simply using color blind tester.Color blindness is a condition in which certain colors cannot bedistinguished, and is most commonly due to an inherited condition.Try this app and see if you may be color bind. This app is intendedfor informational purposes. Color blind test is free, easy and veryintuitive!Color blindness tests are mostly applicable for:• Personal vision screening to check for color blindness• Convenience of home eye test• Testing young children at home to identify color blindness at anearly ageFurthermore, we have also arranged the color improvement guidelinesfor your ease. Color blind vision is a fun free, addictive medicalgame. Download Color Blind Test app and take your comprehensivecolor vision exam.Features:• Many pictures to check your color blindness.• Gives result of your blindness• User friendly interface• Easy to use• No need of internet connection
Mobit News App - Feed 1.1
• Get breaking news & stories in yourmobile phone in seconds.• You can explore international, politics, opinion, tech andentertainment stories and much more with this app.• Share your favorite news by email,facebook,twitter or skype andwith your friends.• Supported on Tablets and Android phones.Languages Supported:- Hindi News (Country: India news)- Arabic news (Country: Saudia News)- Persian news (Country: Iran news)- Turkish news (Country: Turkey news)- Urdu news (Country: Pakistan news)- French News (Country: France NEWS)- Chinese news (Country: China news)- Russian news (Country: Russian news)- Portuguese news (Country: News from Brazil)- Spanish news (country: Spain news)- US news (Country united states: English news)- World News- News Headlines- Live breaking news- Business news100% free news app,Best news feed.News Paper you will love to read.The best NEWS APP for free. (Future expected feeds: cnn,foxnews,newyork times)Disclaimer: All the news feeds are coming from bbc world officialwebsite and bbc allows RSS feeds to use your own website orapp!
Droid Zippo 2.3
Brief Description:The only lighter that you can take on plane :) Also note, this isjust a virtual lighter simulator.- App having real time looking lighter- Tilt your phone to see flame movements.- Blow on your phone or mic to see the flame shaking.- 4 different options to choose and play with them.- Flip your finger to open the cover.- A virtual lighter always available in your android to playwith.=>Safety Note:This is not a real lighter and the app has been provided just forfun; however, please do not let your children play with thisapplication. This application should only be used by adults 18years of age or older.
Flappy politician 2.1
Game Instructions:Choose the face of your favorite politician and fly that FLAPPYpolitician.Your favorite politicians are now turning to a real time flyinggame player.Let's play fappy politicians and enjoy it.Features- Nice & Simple Graphics and scenarios- 100 Different positions- Choose county if your country does not exist dont worry, justleave us a feedback.- Tap to play it- Collect coins and increase your FLAPPY score.Players Are:Country: USA- Barak obama- George W. Bush- Bill Clinton- hillary clinton- John KerryCountry: Pakistan- Nawaz Sharif- Imran khan- Asif ali zardari- Altaf hussain- Tahir ul QadriCountry: India- Narendra Modi- Arvind Kejriwal- Manmohan Singh- Atal Bihari Vajpayee- L. K. AdvaniCountry: Russia- Vladimir Putin- Dmitry Medvedev- Valentina Matviyenko- Yury Luzhkov- Sergey SobyaninCountry: China- Xi Jinping- Li Keqiang- Wang Qishan- Hu Jintao- Li YuanchaoCountry: UK- David Cameron- Edward Miliband- Tony Blair- Nick Clegg- Boris JohnsonCountry: Canada- Stephen Harper- Justin Trudeau- Thomas Mulcair- Jason Kenney- John BairdCountry: France- François Hollande- Nicolas Sarkozy- Jacques Chirac- Manuel Valls- Ségolène RoyaCountry: Australia- Tony Abbott- Kevin Rudd- Julia Gillard- Joe Hockey- Bill ShortenCountry: South korea- Park Geun-hye- Lee Myung-bak- Kim Young-sam- Goh Kun- Roh Tae-wooCountry: Germany- Angela Merkel- Helmut Kohl- Gerhard Schröder- Sebastian Edathy- Sigmar GabrielCountry: Italy- Silvio Berlusconi- Matteo Renzi- Giorgio Napolitano- Mario Monti- Enrico LettaCountry: Srilanka- Mahinda Rajapaksa- Maithripala Sirisena- Ranil Wickremesinghe- Chandrika Kumaratunga- D. M. JayaratneCountry: Mexico- Enrique Peña Nieto- Felipe Calderón- Andrés Manuel López Obrador- Carlos Salinas de Gortari- Vicente FoxCountry: Turkey- Recep Tayyip Erdoğan- Abdullah Gül- Ahmet Davutoğlu- Süleyman Demirel- Tansu ÇillerCountry: Malaysia- Najib Razak- Mahathir Mohamad- Abdullah Ahmad Badawi- Hishammuddin Hussein- Mizan Zainal Abidin of TerengganuCountry: Japan- Shinzō Abe- Tarō Asō- Junichiro Koizumi- Yukio Hatoyama- Tōru HashimotoCountry: UAE- Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan- Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum- Abdul Aziz Al Ghurair- Humaid bin Rashid Al Nuaimi- Hamdan bin Mohammed Al MaktoumCountry: Iran- Mahmoud Ahmadinejad- Ali Khamenei- Hassan Rouhani- Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani- Ali LarijaniCountry: Saudia arabia- Abdullah bin Abdulaziz- Salman bin Abdulaziz- Fahd bin Abdulaziz- Muqrin bin Abdulaziz- Muhammad bin Nayef
Cockroach Smasher - Free 1.3
Cockroach Smasher Free is the amazing gameespecially for kids. Get ready to defend your food from these nastycockroaches. You need to smash cockroach with active mind, becauseyou will find more challenging fun in the next levels of CockroachSmasher 2D. Smash cockroach’s before they cross the end line.Cockroach smasher is a fun game for all age groups. It enhancesbrain and hand coordination and gives boost to mind. It’s the timefor bug squash.Play free bug smash game and crush cockroach who are crawling andflying on the wooden table and don't let them to eat your deliciouscake. Groups of hungry cockroaches try to reach towards cake! Getready to smash cockroach with your finger. Use your finger to tapon the cockroach to smash and eliminate them. Kill cockroach andother insects to unlock the higher levels. You will be amused byfunny sounds of insects and cockroaches. Cockroach smasher is thebest free cockroach game to kill insects. Start playing cockroachsmasher game and be a cockroach killer.Unlimited fun is here!!! This would be a great experience inenjoying the game cockroach smasher. Cockroach smasher is a fungame for all age groups. It enhances brain and hand coordinationand gives boost to mind. On the top of the screen it contains yourscore. A fun game to pass time and you can play this game as muchas you want. It is a time killing cockroach smasher app thatentertains you for so long. So enjoy and keep on smashing,squeezing the ants, cockroaches and other insects.Cockroach smasher is a free fun cockroach crusher game. Challengeyour friends and raise your own rank with the highest score that noone can beat your score. Have a great fun with this free cockroachsmasher game.the most loving masher games.How to play:• Wait for cockroaches and bees• Smash cockroaches by taping your finger on the screen• Kill more ants to get more score and bonusFeatures:• Amazing user Interface• Different types of ants and with different styles• A funny app to pass the time• Challenging and thrilling levels• HD graphics• No need of internet
LED Flashlight- Bright Torch 1.3
LED Flashlight- Bright Torch is an applicationthat illuminates your surrounding with its super bright flashing.We often came across instances where we got stuck in the dark andthere is no light, this LED Flashlight- Bright Torch app will helpyou in that situation by giving lighting. With just a single tapthis app turns your device into lamp. Free flashlight app is themost simple and easy to use app which you will never forget in anySOS situation when you need it. Led flashlight app is a reliableand colorful light available for free.LED Flashlight- Bright Torch is super simple, amazing and the bestled flashlight which will turn your phone’s LED screen light intoled flashlight. By installing and using this led flash app it wouldbecome a lot easier to have a clear view of things in the dark andwill help to stay focus on things more continently. If your phonedoesn’t have flash light then no need to worry LED Flashlight-Bright Torch is here. Led torch light app turns on the screen lightof your device which turns your phone into a pocket flash light. Tomake it more handy and easy to use this led flashlight for androidapp also has a cool flashlight widget which you can set as ashortcut to access it within seconds without opening the free ledflashlight app.Furthermore, led flashlight app has a battery level view to checkyour battery status, a timer to on/off on prescribed time and alsogives you the option to customize your torch light by choosing anydesired color and contrast to use cool lights which makes it thebest free flashlight app. Download the best torch app in your phoneand lighten up your dark room.Features:• Customized colors for led torch• Battery status view• Timer settings• Cool flashlight widget• Work on all devices• Simple user interface• Convenient on/off switch• Sound effects
Scan My Mood - Prank 1.1
you must have this amazing app in your phoneto check mood of your friends and family members in couple ofseconds.This is pure prank app and all you have to do follow the stepsgiven below:- Put your figure on the scanner to scan it- Let the scanner do its work- It will show the percentage progress- Once it is done, you will be displayed mood with icon anddescription.Another Interesting Part:- You can fix your mood in scanner to have fun with yourfriends.- Or can set mood to random100% entertaining app.
Droid Shortcut Widget 1.2
Stop wasting your time on frequent searches insettings of your mobile and meet them with on a way to click.Don’t let the fun of your time into vain and keep the needed modeson the front line of your mobile phone!There are many devices likely with fewer settings and needs abruptaccess on the regular ground. Rather moving into the Settings everytime, discover the shortcuts by installing ADD SHORTCUT widget to adistinct locations from the Settings of your gadget.Set out the dazzling norms and forms of your needed settings atyour fingertips. Often there is no choice of making shortcuts forfewer functions in your smart phone. Make a shortcut byinstallation of Droid shortcuts and launch the operations you wantto for a quicker access. Search the required function with a tapand make all the operation friendly at your home screen.Features:• Accessibility• Apps• Battery• Synchronization• Bluetooth• Data usage• Display• Location• SettingsOther Most Commonly Used Features:- WIFI toggle OnOff- gps toggle onoff- rotation toggle onoff- quick tweeting widget- mobile data toggle ONOFFHow to use?• Long-tap the home screen.• Tap "WIDGETS".• Long-tap "Activities" which has the icon.• Drag it to somewhere on the screen.• Widget will be launched.• Select the desired activity, edit and tap to create it.• The friendly shortcut will be on the home screen of device.• Add a weather widget for the utmost convenienceBenefits:• Easy navigation between cities: swipe either to the left or tothe right to switch between locations• Local time in 12 or 24-hour format• Customizable layout. Choose weather parameters you want to bedisplayed in the layout settings• Add shortcuts to your frequently needed settingsBeware of the weather that is coming to your way and get liveupdates of your weather forecast. Hold all the tools in your pocketand plan your trip with the quick information of these impressivefeatures.If you are music freak than make virtual entertainment on yourphone rightfully. Widget will not only forecasts for you but willimparts natural feel of cloudy, rainy, snowy or even stormy viewwithout moving anywhere. Accomplish your deemed desires and move tomultiple locations with a single tap after installation of droidshortcut.Magically enjoy the crisp of quick operations right on the screenof your device. You don’t need to look outside the window or moveto outside for real fun. Tap the install the form and make yourselffeel that you are already present there!Note: Some features have different behavior phone to phone soplease try only features that are supported on your phone.
Digital Tasbee Counter 1.0
Tasbeeh ( تسبيح )The Digital tasbeeh,Tasbih counter app,eTasbih provides youfollowing features:Easy to use for every age of Muslims who offer prayers and maketasbihat, wird, zekr after namaz.You can store the long tasbeeh counter with the checkboxprovided and it will keep the counter save even application was notrunning and on resume.Similarly, it will help you to reset the counter after you aredone.I would like every one who uses this application pray for me& my business so that i keep developing such applications infuture.
Tick Tac Toe 1.5
Tic Tac Toe Free version has one player andtwo player game play features,Means: you can play against another human or against yourAndroid device just selecting the game options.The Artificial intelligence for one player mode includes threedifficulty levels to play with.Tic Tac Toe - Free Game has following entertaining features:* Eye catching graphics and along with sound effects.* Type-able player names.Tic Tac Toe Free has banner ads to support us to make similargames in future but they are not disturbing at all.If you want to recall your school days, this game is for you.Every one child,male,female would love to play this game.Stop wasting time on paper and play game on your android phoneor tablet with friends and family totally free.
Cow Milk Game 1.7
Cow Milk Game is an amazing entertainment forlittle super heroes. In this game, you will enjoy the completeadventure with animals. Get pure farm milk with this amazing game.Now magic cow and crazy goat is on your smart phone to entertainyou. Cow Milk Game is a complete entertainment for children. Haveyou ever milked the cow? This is the game for you. Now experienceyourself by simply downloading Cow Milk Game.Cow Milk Game has different levels. You can treat, wash, feed andmilk the cow in this game. In animals hospital veterinary doctorare there to take care for animals. In first level of the game,select your animal and start the treatment. You play as an expertdoctor for the treatment of the animal. It’s hospital duty to takecare of animals. Doctors use injection, bandage and differentmedicines for the treatment of animal. In the next level, your taskis to wash the animal. Use different cleaning products to wash theanimal and make sure at the end of the day animal become healthyand clean. After that you move to the 3rd level of the game, inthis your task is to feed the animal. In the last level of thisadventurous game, your task is to milk the cow by touching uddersand fill the bucket with milk. Cow Milk Game motivates yourchildren towards animals care.Best Features:• Entertaining game• Different levels• Motivates your child towards milk• Real sound• Awesome graphics• Easy to play for kids• Share on Face book, twitter or any social media network
Drive Safe 1.2
Avoid sms while you driving.Just put the timer before starting your car and let app deal withcalls and sms for you.App Features:- Select the Duration (Pre-defined , custom timer)- Select SMS or CallDrive Safe, no texting or voice calling while driving!The only application that is assisting you to keep your eyes "onthe road and your hands on the steering wheel while driving”.You can also use this application for office meetings or visitingyour grandparents in hospitals.When a new text message is received Drive Safe just showsnotification with no sound, similarly, you can setup timer to avoidcalls when you are busy.App will also help, in background, when the timer is over, you willbe notified.
Kids Coloring Book 1.0
Let your KID play with the BEST Coloring appfor FREE!App Exciting features:- Dozens of animal graphics- dozens of human faces- So many colors (red,green,blue, yellow etc..)- Light music for child to enjoy the work.Now your kid can choose the character of his/her own choice tocolor the face or animal or background.- Save drawing in gallery- Share coloring theme with your relatives or family- Also a best app for grandparents who love to play with theirgrand children.- Facebook and twitter app sharing.Royalty Free Game Sound By: Bensound website
Photo & Video Locker - Free 1.5
Photo & Video Locker is the only app youwill need to hide pictures and videos on your Android device.Everyone nowadays is concerned about the security and privacy oftheir photos and videos. Sometimes you need to hide photos on yourphone from other people by installing photo and video locker app.Secure your private photos by using photo video locker app. Nowit’s difficult any more to secure your private videos and photosfrom snoopers. Install hide photo video app lock in your phone thenno one has access to your gallery locker without yourpermission.Photo & Video Locker protects your personal photos and videosand prevents them from having access in your private gallery. Witha PIN based, access no one else who uses your device canaccidentally see your private photos and videos. Photo hide app isthe easiest and safest way to protect the image and secure photogallery. A Secure photo album by simply using this hidden photosapp. Video locker protects your private videos. No more annoyingmoments as no one else sees your private photos and videosPhoto and video locker is the best option for protecting yourpersonal media entirely from snoopers. Photo hiding applicationenables you to hide photos from snoopers. Your secret videos andphotos will be safe because they will be hidden from other imagesand videos. Keep inappropriate media away from everyone with photoand hide video app.Photo and video locker is an application to hide pictures andencrypt your videos that you do not want others to see. Make lifeeasier and have peace of mind with video locker app.Features• Keep pictures out of gallery• Secure your pictures and videos• Intuitive interface for a great experience• Easily hide any photo from gallery or from the app.• No limits for photo and video lock• Password recovery optionNote: While un-locking image or video we don’t put that image orvideo back to gallery so it is placed inside your SD card or memoryand we show the path while un locking it. By using photo and videohide app android you will protect your all photos and videos.
Learn 2 Count - Kids Learning 1.4
Learn 2 Count is an ultimate countingteacher!!! With this cool counting game watch your children as theyplay & quickly learn numbers, how to count and recognizenumbers. Add fun through counting challenges for your toddler andgear them up with the enjoyable informative activity. Enjoyremarkable animation technology which introduces numbers for kidsin the different ways. Now, it becomes easy for the mothers toteach counting numbers to children through this app. Help yourtoddler to learn counting while playing with this amazing app. Letthem discover different numbers while teaching toddlers tocount.Learn 2 Count is an exciting pre-school learning game for kids.Watch your toddler and let them discover the simple joy oflearning. Now, you can easily encourage your kid to learn and countnumbers. Count along and learn the names of all your favoritefruits and vegetables! Learn in a fun environment with cool soundeffects, clear and pleasant voice narration, as well as positivefeedback will motivate young players.This app is designed for little kids to learn and count numbers inan easy way. Learn 2 count game that teaches children whileplaying, making it easy to learn basic number and countingknowledge. Learn 2 Count is an educational game for kids whoseparents are interested in qualitative early education of their kidsin the field of math. So, you can encourage your kids to play learnto count with fun counting games instead of other games. Thesecounting games will teach your kids to differentiate numbers from1-9.This game has different levels. You will choose according to yourchoice. This learning numbers app helps you and your kids to learnnumbers easily. It is the best way to teach numbers to your kids.Your toddlers can easily learn numbers 1 to 10.Enjoy the engagingvoice on each tap and make the learning a real fun. Afterrecognition of numbers you will go to the next level of the game.Count the images and drop them into the basket. Pop up toddlersnumber counting and keep on tapping the numbers with fantasticgraphics. Your child will love this game because of its attractiveimages and voices. So, feel free and download learn to count app toget the latest information for your kids.Features• Educational games for kids• Easy to use because of its user friendly interface• Great sound effects• Beautiful HD illustrations and a rich narrative on everypage• Enjoy numerous engaging and fun animations on each page• Help parents teach their kids
Fake Call & SMS 11.0
Receive Fake Call & SMS from anyone youwant! Prank your friends and make them believe that you receive amessage from your favorite celebrity by using fake call app. Thefake call prank and fake message look like real ones and it's hardfor others to discern. Get out of the trouble with this amazingFake Call & SMS app. You can send fake text messages toyourself or can create a fake text message from other person. Thisfake call app simulates a fake caller id prank to rescue you froman awkward situation. Want your friends think you are getting animportant call? Fake calling on your own mobile and pretends thatsomeone special is calling you. Everyone will suppose that somecelebrity is calling you but its fake call app android to playpranks! You can play this fake voice call to show your importancethat how much you are famous among this world. So, download thisamazing fake text app android and have fun with your friends. 100 %free prank call app.The fake texting app helps you to select dummy contacts or enter anew contact. Many times you face the situation from where you wantto come out or you feel uncomfortable among some people. You canavoid these situations by simply using the fake call and SMS app.Fake Call & SMS app allows to you schedule a fake call to getout of these awkward situations like boring conversation etc. It isthe best fake caller app.How it works:• Choose fake call or fake sms.• Set Name, telephone and photography.• Write your own SMS messages for Fake Chat.• Choose delay time to receive fake Call or Fake SMS.• Fool your friends!!!Just download this amazing fake SMS app totally free and edit fakecall or message with whatever numbers and contacts as youwish.Features:• Fake incoming calls and messages• Change name of caller• Fake caller id number• Schedule a fake call• Fake call with picture• Pretend your boss calling• Easy to use• No need of internet after initial download• Prank your friends that a celebrity is calling you• Fake call prank free fun for all
DNA Matcher 1.0
Scan your thumb or fingerLet scanner do its work& see which animal matches with your DNA LOL. its funny app youcan use to play with your friend or family members (No Offense)The purpose of this app is just to entertain all of you nothingelse.Settings:We are providing settings screen where, you can set random resultsor Permanent selection for every finger scan.Feel free to update us for your feedback.
Mr Jump Run 1.1
Mr. Jump is your new Hero Now!Mr. Jump Run is a game of Secret adventures with some challenges toclear the levels.◐ ◐ ◐ Introduces totally new tracks in an endless run and jumparcade game. Start with passion and practice to running on a crossroad, and save yourself from hurdles. This will be very easy if Mr.Jump Run with ordinary speed, but he always runs in line with superspeed.◐ ◐ ◐ when you start this mega-hit super jump game, you will feelit is an impossible endless track run. But after some gameplay, youwill maintain your tempo and enjoy the rhythm of the game.Mr. JumpRun is not as simple as the other running games, you must focus ontrack and avoid the hurdles.◐ ◐ ◐ If Mr. Jump hit the hurdles, you will lose the game so try tomove fast with accurate control to clear the levels. Tap on screento jump higher. Get the maximum number of points to move on nextlevel. You get the fun of running games in this Mr. Jump Run.The player love to play this jump n’ run mania with superchallenging fun. The basic concept of this game should give theplayers a taste of real jumping heroes in an addictiveenvironment.How to play:◐ Tap to jump◐ Use spring for long jump◐ Cross the obstacles to clear the levelGame features:◐ Attractive graphics action jump◐ Informative help screen◐ Support both tablets and phones◐ This is for everyone who loves run and jump games
Learn Animals Name 1.3
Join the animal world .Children / Babies areencouraged to learn animal names and the sounds of animals makethrough interaction with slide and sound effects! Baby can tap tohear animal sound! Designed for babies 6 months and older. Animalsname in English will enhance some skills like learning to spellcorrectly. Kids learn animal names by heart by playing this game.Learning animal names for toddlers is an educational app that helpskids to learn with different sounds and images. Let your kidrecognize the animals and their sounds by using this learninganimal name for preschool app. Animals and their names in Englishhelps the toddlers to teach them with this amazing app.Features:• Tap to hear animal sounds• Swipe to recognize next animal• It’s a huge collection of wild animals, birds and each animal orbird has its own sound, game kind of application forteaching.Iy is a very simple teaching animal name game for your baby withcartoon characters and sounds. Download this game and teach animalsnames to toddlers.Each Slide Includes:- Donkey sound- Parrot sound- Lion sound- Bird sound- Elephant sound- Zebra sound- Monkey sound- Alligator sound- Owl sound- Horse sound- Sheep sound- Goat sound- Dog sound- Dolphin sound- Bushtit sound
Crack Your Droid Prank 1.1
An excellent way to fool your family membersorfriends with this amazing prank app!You can crack the screen of phone in your hand by 3differentmethods*:- SHAKE to CRACK: Just one shake and screen will crack!- Auto Crack Timer: Screen will automatically crackafter10,15,20... seconds.* You can change the crack settings anytime just tapping ontheapp.With "Crack Your Droid Prank" app, within a few seconds yourphoneis ready. Just one SHAKE and SCREEN will crack!Please dont get panic and report your device if you don't seeanycracked / broken screen while using this app.Why it is the best prank app?Because after screen is cracked, you can still use your phonewithfull functionality,Can stop it anytime by tapping on theapp.
Photo Background Changer 1.0
App Features:- Merge photo taken from camera with any frame.- Take photo from gallery and embed with any background- Use two fingers, pinch to zoom functionality to adjust yoursecondphoto- Save photo in your own app gallery- Share photo on facebook,twitter, google plus,email and sms.- Delete photo from gallery- Change image- Image background changing appand much more exciting features.For continue and supporting development of this app feel freetoleave feedback and keep us up to date with new featuresyouneed.
T20 World Cup - Live Feed 1.7
The Excellent App for the match lovers togetupdates live feed, live scores and cricket highlights ontheirSmartphones. Install this App now and don’t miss any highlightfromthe ICC World Twenty20 India 2016.The 2016 ICC World Twenty20 is a Twenty20 Internationalcrickettournament currently being held in India from 8 March to 3April2016. It is the sixth edition of the ICC World Twenty20, andthefirst to be hosted by India. With the latest T20 App, you canenjoyevery moment and delights of this tournament for free.For the second time, the tournament will feature 16 teams andyouwill be able to get complete info of the teams through a singleappinstallation.T20 World Cup App offers you the Live Scores of everymatches,Ball-By-Ball Commentary, Tournament Schedule, Groups andteamssquad for the current world cup, Points Table of every team,PlayerProfiles, exclusive Cricket News, Records & Statisticsoftournament, World T20 Venues, Tournament History, and Alertsofupcoming matches. So make this mega event more entertainingandenjoy every match with live streaming at the palm of yourhand.This app allows you to get info of any match with livestreamingon single click for your favorite team.FEATURING⚈ Live streaming of every match of the tournament⚈ Ball by Ball commentary⚈ Tournament schedules⚈ Records and Stats of every match of t20 2016⚈ Match venues and timetable⚈ Alerts of matches and Score notifications⚈ Live feed and points table⚈ Fixtures, results & cricket match reports andhighlights⚈ Details of complete squad, teams, and all the players playingforthe teaReady for the Thrilling event of 2016..? Countdown starts Now!!
Easy Task Manager 1.1
Easy Task Manager provides you themostconvenient and efficient way to manage your task onyoursmartphone. A must have App that helps to speed up yourphonewithout losing essential functionality. The App provides ashortcutto open built in task manager in the form of a widget onyourscreen.One of excellent tool to manage your work. Just enteryourkeyword to be displayed on the dashboard widget and send Smstoyour parent with that keyword. Color every keyword of yourownchoice to differentiate them from others. The advanced toolallowsyou to quickly and easily track and organize all of yourimportanttasks. Add and save keywords and get your task assigned onhomewidget screen. You can view all of your tasks with differentcolorssimply enter your keyword along with the color scheme tobedisplayed on the widget screen.The most popular task manager with a customizable Interface togetthings done on time with proficiency and ease.FEATURES✮ Process list of tasks with keywords✮ Optional quick search with the help of keyword✮ Manage every task according to keywords✮ Color keywords to differentiate✮ View your keywords✮ Simple and easy to use✮ Save and name custom sort filter for later view✮ Customizable home screen widget.
Ramadan & prayers calendar 13.0
Ramadan & Prayers Calendar is an exquisiteall in one islamic app to follow the daily fasting schedule, prayertimes, ramadan special dua etc for the Holy month of Ramzan. Quran,the Holy book of Muslims was revealed in the month of Ramzan due towhich it’s considered as the Holy month in Islam. Ramadan &prayers calendar application is designed specifically for theMuslims who are fasting and want to follow the correcttimetable.Some major features of this application are as follow:Ramadan Time Table:After you set your current location this app will automaticallytell the exact time of Sehar and Iftar from Islamic Calendaraccording to your current city and country and notify youaccordingly.Mosque and Qibla Finder:This unique feature of Ramadan & prayers calendar app allowsyou to find the nearby mosques and guide you properly.Qibla finder helps you to find qibla direction no matter in whichcity you are the only thing needed is to calibrate the qiblacompass correctly.Dua:This application also have all the necessary authentic duas for theHoly month of Ramzan i.e. Dua for sehar, Iftar, Dua for allAshras.Ramadan Wallpapers:This application contains a lot of amazing hd Wallpapers for theHoly month. It contains various islamic wallpapers which will keepyou focused for praying in this Holy month.- New Ramadan Calendar 2017 (Added)Prayer Alerts:Ramadan & prayers calendar app automatically detects yourlocation and give alerts for prayer time and you are notified byazan so that you can offer prayer on time.
Toe Nail Salon – Foot Spa 1.3
Design your own toes with various nail designcombinations from unlimited creativity stock in this Toe nail salon. Get the ultimate royalty treatment for your toes, Dress up toeand give them a gorgeous makeover.Have fun creating fabulous Nail designs in one of the amazing nailsalon game. Become an expert nail artist while creating fashionpedicure designs with the best Toe Nail Salon – Foot Spa App forgirls. Toe nail salon is the best Mobile Nail Artist to createfabulous Nail designs with multiple colors, patterns, and styles.Come to makeover and dress up in the Foot Spa to create one of akind nail art, Try custom Nail looks or draw your own Nail designwith Paint.An astonishing nail salon foot spa app to get a glamorous look ofyour feet with one touch pedicure. The Greatest fashion and nailgame provides step by step process to create super cute naildesigns and pedicures for stunning style at your fingertips withhundreds of fabulous colors, beauty patterns, and decals. Decorateyour nails like a pro and perform fabulous toe nail makeover, thusachieving the looks of the most beautiful toe nails and just theperfect nail designs and patterns.Apply the astonishing colors, designs and styles on your nails toget glamorous nails look, click to take one touch foot spa fortrendy foot look to get ready like a princess. Do your nailmakeover by adding stickers or patterns and changing the shape ofyour toes.Features of Toe Nail Salon – Foot Spa★ Add Sparkling crystals, diamonds, and gemstones★ Change colors of your nail with different nail art★ Apply cute pedicures on your foot with simple click★ Different Skin Tones★ 6 sandals/slippers to try on★ Add cute polish stickers and jewels to increase beauty of yournails★ Chose from different nail shapes, polish colors, patterns, andbackgrounds★ Spa games for girlsPainting nails have never been easier and more FUN! Try it now theloveliest pedicure salon game on the play store.
Airport Parking Heathrow 1.6
MEET AND GREET PARKING AT HEATHROWAIRPORTThe parking facility is located (address) within the 4 mile radiusof Heathrow Airport. A professional chauffeur will park yourvehicle efficiently. Get the most competitive and hassle-freeparking service for the passengers flying through Heathrow Airport.The friendly management team will ensure you that your travellingexperience is stress free and easy. Please feel free to ask therepresentative about any query that should you require. They willbe happy to help.HOW IT’S WORK?Meet the driver at the terminal and after a short handover process;the chauffeur takes your car to your reserved location in theparking compound. On your arrival, your car is brought to yourlanding terminal, all set for the journey home.For more details about the parking service, visit How it Workspage.A BETTER PARKING EXPERIENCE• Professional services delivered in a -professional manner• The parking facility with regulated measures• Short and easy booking process• Low prices
Airport Parking Luton 1.3
Now, you can get the best and cheap airportparking Luton services to make your journey smooth andstress-free.It is an extraordinary amenity which minimizes all the troublesrelated to airport parking Luton and provides assistance ataffordable rates. The advanced meet and greet Luton service makessure that the journey of customers becomes smooth and hassle freefrom their departure to arrival.Airport Parking Luton App is designed to facilitate the passengersfor Valet parking Luton services with simple installation and easysettings on Android Devices.The Best Meet and Greet Luton Services:With the Valet Parking Luton service, one of the skilled andprofessional chauffeurs picks up your vehicle at a pre-determinedpoint near Luton airport and then you can head towards your flight.Airport Parking Luton App offers the best Car parking services onyour Smartphone. Install the App, get the info and avail theamazing Valet parking Luton service without any hassle.BENEFITS OF THE EXCLUSIVE PARKING SERVICE AND ADVANCEBOOKING:• Time and effort of passengers is saved.• The vehicle is in safe hands.• The parking deals are cheaper.Airport parking application is the easiest way to book car parkingat Luton Airport. You are given an easy and simple way ofpre-booking Luton airport car parking with Meet and Greet servicesallowing you to save money, time and keeping you away from theannoying airport parking stress.
Mobit Airport Parking UK 14.0
Mobit Airport Parking is a multiserviceplatform for travellers and caters number parking deals at cheaprates for following airports.Birmingham airportGatwick airportManchester airportLuton airportHeathrow airportAirport parking reservations include:A popular range of airport car parking deals are available at ourreliable platform. With us the passengers do not need to haul forthe expensive choices at London airports and can save their journeyfrom the dare and distressed parking experience.What make selection of perfect parking company?The advance trends have turned the world into the wonders andsurprises. Therefore, understanding the needs of modern world, webring you the perfect parking app of our extension. In general, wetake time and execute the shortcuts for quick and swift associationwith passengers. Along with the amenity of mobile application theearly bookings for cheap car parking can save customers up to 60percent upon approved prices.How our mobile app renders the remarkable amenityflawlessly?Which is the ideal place to park? Want to reserve parking fieldinstantly? Or looking for the trendiest Valet parking?With the aid of mobile app, there are people taking 100% advantageof quick availability of the offers. Moreover, they are bookingtheir favorite brand via blunt click. Our vigorous app impartscustomers to compare car parking services and approach for therequired content and operations within few seconds. If our usersare in need of offline access to any sort of information, ourmobile app will surely deliver the instructions and knowledge thatare best suited to the exclusive requirements. The inspiring andeasy to use design has simply added the comfort infunctionality.Steady navigation and quick responses to meet & greetservices:Our standardized and liable company is providing the facility inthe latest area of android and window’s ‘8. Choosing the obligatoryservices of meet and greet car parking is merely a task of fewseconds. Our top notch platform fully accomplishes the customerdemand with the amenity of easy meet and greet car parking. Thepassenger has just to pick up the option of luxurious choice andwith the mere hop of booking, the chauffeur will arrive quickly atthe terminal.During the seasonal changes and festival days, we intend to keepour customers updated with the prevailing discount codes.Achieve direct communication with the reliable staff of MobitAirport Parking and save hundreds of pounds. Moreover, be informedwith the entire calculated fees and other info that evolvescomprehensive facilities and other attributes, e.g. Hours and timeof Operation, contact numbers, Cash and Credits, Park and ride,Valet, etc.). Demonstrate new approaches and make parking easier,faster especially in time of emergency.Choice of UK airport parking deals is a car life saverentity.Anyone who wants to cut the edge of travelling knows the accurateprocedures. But the non-technical customers can also avail thebenefit by working through the easy procedures. Once the passengeris done with the bookings, a reminder will appear on theinformation tab and the reservation will be confirmed with thedriver and relevant information. The driver will be at the terminal20 minutes ahead of time. The insured agents are liable anddetermined to provide the authentic receipts issued during thebooking. Parking spots and agents are guaranteed, as you have foundthe perfect stance.Save time, budget & effortOperational feedbacks are more proficientExclusively manageable anywhere and anytimeQuality coverageAccomplished with entire tasks on pre-defined timeGet the most seamless experience and glide to secure car parkingthrough the profitable device. Our astonishing amenity transmitsthe everlasting and pleasurable experience.
Dot Pass - Amazing Puzzle 1.2
Dot pass is one of the simple and highlyaddictive game that challenges you to match your dot color with thecolor of the circulating dots by clicking and releasing on thescreen.Exercise your brain with a fantastic Puzzle of Colors. Dot Pass isan expertly created game with amazing game play that will keep yougoing for hours and hours as you progress. The Game contains largenumber of unique levels and plenty of variations. Spend boring timewith a classic fun.With superb graphics and exceptional games physics, Dot Passchallenges you to avoid obstacles as you go by simply tapping thescreen. The further you go, the higher your score will be in thisfantastic and most-awesome of the relaxing games. Try not to meetthe same color section on the color circle of Colored Dots. Keep ondoing it reputedly until the game exit by clicking on the wrongmatch.Dot Pass looks very simple in operation, but will challenge thelimits of your Responses!• • •The best Casual game on the store!Features• An amazing Color matching game• Addictive Gameplay and best Visual Effects• Complete In-Game Challenges• Mind relaxing game• Perfect tapping game control• Expertly designed to bring you the best in Casual games• • • • Just relax and have fun with Color dots!
Temperature Scanner - Prank 1.4
It’s an amazing prank application to checkbody temperature by scanning thumb or finger.If you are a smart person or prankster you would definitely lovethis temperature scanner application. You don’t need anythermometer just place your friend's finger on scanner andtemperature sensor will show you the results.Temperature test finger scan provides best and high definitionimage qualities. Temperature Calculator Fingerprint is compatiblewith almost every android device.This smart fingerprint Temperature calculator is designed in such away that every person use it easily:HOW TO USE THIS TEMPERATURE FINGERPRINT APP:1: Tap on temperature scanner app icon2: Place your finger on scanner in round shape3: Wait for scanner to work4: See the results on next screen.- A free fever thermometer, blood pressure for free (in upcomingbuilds)SETTINGS:You can fix temperature screen and to random results as welldepending on your needs. "?" helps you for this.Fingerprint Temperature Test is supported on android tablets aswell and dozens of smart phone devices that support android OS.Download temperature scanner checker and make fun of your friends.Actually this body temperature monitor application is a prank. Thisfingerprint temperature test game shows you high body temperature,low body temperature and normal body temperature.Disclaimer: It’s just a fingerprint Temperature calculator prankapp and does not calculate your real body temperature, and ispurely made for entertainment purpose only!
Avoid Smoking 1.8
Avoid smoking app offers virtual cigarette,smoking pipe and shisha. Virtual smoking doesn’t damage your healthand saves your lungs from smoking side effects. Smoking killsthousands of people every year and our app Avoid Smoking is basedon this idea to protect the people from real life smoking. If youwant to stop smoking and you need some help, start virtual smokinginstead of real smoking.Install a cigarette simulator on your phone and show your friendshow you smoke a virtual cigarette. Open packet of cigarettes andtake one out, light it up and see how it burns out slowly on thescreen of your phone. Blow in microphone to smoke a cigarettefaster.Smoking pipe is basically an electronic cigarette. Make your ownsmoking pipe by adding different flavours and tobacco. If you donot smoke, we suggest you take this smoking pipe to do prankfriends. Avoid smoking offers virtual hookahs that are not harmfulto your health. Make your own hookah with different flavours andalcoholic soda. Place it on your face and act like you are smokinghookah. Instead of having real hookah, try this virtualhookah.Do you want to surprise your friends and show them the real magic?Open Avoid Smoking app, put a cigarette and pretend to puff. Thecigarette on the phone will start burning faster. It will look asif you are really smoking a cigarette on the screen.Get the most realistic cigarette in your pocket and enjoy thesubstantial fun by lightening the virtual cigarette. The virtualsmoking will keep you away from tobacco and nicotine. Choose thefavorite flavor and blow to show off the real fun of puffs. Stopburning the stomach and install for free and harmless smoking. Whyto waste money and health when a free cigarette, smoking pipe andshisha is available on your own smart phone device to help you tocurb the smoking addiction. It’s 100% harmless and tobacco free.Download avoid smoking app free to discover the magic!Avoid smoking by simply using this app. Smoking is injurious toyour health. So, quit smoking and start working out for healthylife. Avoid Smoking pro will be helpful for you to stopsmoking.Features:• Realistic flame• Sound detection through microphones• Blow with the breathe• Virtual cigarette, smoking pipe and shisha• Real smoke• Save your lungs• Awesome graphics and animations
Car Rally 1.0
If you want to become a best car raceranddrive through traffic at crazy speed this game is for you.Game Features:- Beautiful 2D graphics- Automatic drive- Use buttons to move up and down to save your cars fromenemycars- Auto speed ups- Collect Missile / bombs- Press fire button to kill enemy CAR- Post your score on leader-board.Enjoy the ride.
Ramadan Wallpapers HD - Free 1.1
Ramadan Wallpapers HD is a free app withthemost beautiful religious images of Ramadan, the 9th month oftheIslamic calendar.It is made for all the muslims around the world and isconsideredas holly month among Muslims.App Features:- Share with friends and family Via What's app , Text message- Save to Phone- Set Lock screen wallpaper- Set Wallpaper as home screen.If you are a true believer, you will love these wallpapersforsure during the month of Ramadan!Note:Image credit goes to royalty free and other website ,Wecredit these all authors for bringing such a nicewallpaperscollection for all muslims by heart.
Screen Locker 1.2
Screen Locker is simplest app that helps youto save your hardware power button. This application will put thescreen off and lock your device. Turn off your screen without usinghardware button. It will also put user at ease, in locking thedevices via touch of the icon instead of using the hardware buttonfrequently. It not only increases the life of your hardware powerbutton but it also saves your battery by turning off the screen.Screen Locker app is the best security lock for your mobile.Normally, the physical hardware power button on your phone is usedto lock your screen. However, repeatedly pressing it willeventually shorten its life. Once installed, this app allows you todouble-tap your touch screen to lock your screen, thus allowing youto extend your hardware button's life. Easy to use and save powerbutton usage. It just smoothly runs even in Android 4.0. This smartapp prevents your mobile from unauthorized access.Do you feel it inconvenient to lock your device using the powerbutton? Are you afraid of wearing out the power button? Lock screenapp is a tiny app that can help you lock easily without powerbutton. This is a simple and unique lock screen plug-in, justdouble tap on widget, you can quickly turn off and lock screen!Moreover, this application will prevent excess usage of powerbutton, by making it to last longer. Download free lock screen appon your mobile.How to uninstallTo uninstall app you will need to deactivate device administratorfirst. Some options are given below to uninstall this app.To do this:• Go to "Lock Screen Settings" -> "Remove DeviceAdministrator"• Go to Settings -> Location & security -> Select deviceadministrators -> Uncheck this app.Features:• One touch lock• Wakeup device without power off button• Unlocked your phone by double tap on widget• Auto-kill itself after locking to save your Battery &Memory• Save your device's hardware power key.
Space War Shooter 1.1
Let’s Play Space War Shooting and Raidtheskies of brutal enemies with your excellent shooting power. Oneofthe stunning Sky fighting game that combines the classicarcadeelements with the fantastic shooting features to eliminatetheruthless fighters.Space War Shooter invites you to get indulge in a splendid fightinthe Sky. In this classic Space Combat your planet (EARTH)wasinvaded by the enemies from the sky and now you are on themissionto shoot'em all and free your planet. Dodge enemies whilelettingloose a barrage of missiles in this action-packed top-downspaceshooter. Space Shooter game objective is very simpleyetchallenging you have to save the Universe from its evil enemiesanddo not let them shoot down your air base. Play, again and again,tounderstand your enemies’ strategy and attack patterns and winthechallenge.Dominate the Battlefield with Powerful spaceships. Aim yourtargetsin the Sky and bring them down to get Victory. Attack withyour skyforce and strategically fire to slay hordes of enemiesacross theEarth. This space shooter is an exciting addictive epicgalaxy wargame with a number of missions, invaders, andstunningspaceship.Join this stunning Space Combat Now.Features✈Realistic Graphics and Stunning visual effects✈Randomly generated endless play✈Memorable battles with Powerful Enemies✈Smooth and responsive controls✈Ultimate Challenging GameplaySpace War Shooter offers gorgeous HD graphics,intensegameplay and a lot of new shooting features.
Scare Your Friends 1.0
App Description:Mobitsolutions brings you a funny prank app for you.When your friend or family member is using your phone, ascarypicture will suddenly appear with a horrifying sound inthebackground.It only requires 3 steps1. Choose the picture you want to scare your friend.2. Choose best sound which is terrifying enough.3. Set the timer after which you want to scare your friend.Give your phone to your friend and let him play with it.Afterthe time is set, the scary picture shaking animating withfullvolume will appear in-front of him.An to Scare, Surprise and Shock your friends.Note: This app is not for children.
Easy Flashlight 1.6
Easy Flashlight is a free, intuitive and easyto use mobile torch app for Android. It is the brightest, fastest,and most handy led flashlight you will ever have! One that you willnever forget to bring when you need it most! Besides, torchflashlight app is designed to support all android devices andsimply uses the camera flash and LED!!With the most elegant design and the fastest startup, it definitelyoutruns a real flashlight. It sounds quite expensive, huh? Never!It's totally FREE! It’s a free mobile torch light app that givesyou a brightest flashlight. Light your torch now!A flashlight app is easy to use and very helpful during night or indarkness. Simply turn on camera flashlight, lighten the space, andbrighten everything around you with brightest light. Mobileflashlight app is a handy app in daily routine life. In addition,the application is really convenient and easy to use. A single tapis required to switch on/off the application flashlight to enjoythe brightest flashlight.Get the brightest, fastest, and most feature rich torch light forphones & tablets. The free flashlight app for android uses theled camera light on the device as a camera light. Torchlight hascandle light for romantic candle light dinner. You don’t need alamp especially when you have this super torch in your device. Thebest android flashlight app gives full advantage of the ledflashlight of camera.Features:• Unique design• Flashlight On/Off in one click• Instant on, uses camera's bright flash• Use the brightest, most reliable light to find your way• Adjustable flashlight• Flashlight is completely free to download
Add Shortcut Widget 1.2
Do not waste time in the long hauls ofyourlatest smart phone and jump into the drawer of your settingwiththe settlement of shortcuts. Make a group of your neededsettingsand add ease in the usage of your main operations.The device probably have fewer settings that needs quick accessonthe regular basis. Instead of moving to and fro into theSettingsof app every time, create shortcut through ADD SHORTCUTwidget tothe particular locations in the Settings with a way toclick.Installation of ADD SHORTCUT will display on your “Home” screenbyhaving the names of the various “Settings” app you like to orneedto apply to the widget for quick accessibility.To perform this, touch and tap the icon either in the front ortothe bottom of your screen in Portrait mode or make it thelandscapeof your screen.Make all the functions friendly and lift up finger and drag theparton a location.Features:• Accessibility• Apps• Battery• Synchronization• Bluetooth• Data usage• Display• Location• SettingsUsability:• Long-tap the home screen.• Tap "WIDGETS".• Long-tap "Activities" which has the icon.• Drag it to somewhere on the screen.• Widget will be launched.• Select the desired activity, edit and tap to create it.• The friendly shortcut will be on the home screen of device.• Add a weather widget for the utmost convenienceAmenities:• Easy navigation between cities: swipe either to the left or totheright to switch between locations• Local time in 12 or 24-hour format• Customizable layout. Choose weather parameters you want tobedisplayed in the layout settings• Add shortcuts to your frequently needed settingsAdd application shortcuts precisely by touching and holdingtherequired application. Get the basic procedures that assuresthepossibility of pertinent interface with the App Widget, thenupdateand install the App Widget and enable and disable thefunctionsaccording to your need.Best Features:- WIFI toggle OnOff- gps toggle onoff- rotation toggle onoff- quick tweeting widget- mobile data toggle ONOFFNote: Some features have different behavior phone to phonesoplease try only features that are supported on your phone.
Bubble Crush Game 1.0
100% free game that you used to play inpastsimilar to Bubble Struggle / Bubble Pop / Pang 1989.Bubble Crush game has unlimited levels- With exciting puzzles- Nice color of ballsFor any bug or idea feel free to contact us.Theme Of The game:is to pop all bubbles and clear the level, you should matchthecolor of the bubble to pop them (PANG PANG POP POP).You will really love this game!
Penguin Run 2d 1.0
Come play with the amazing penguin in aFantasyland of arctic region. Help the cute chubby penguin toembark andcross the mysterious obstacles in an amazing runningadventure.Face a mysterious new foe with running and jumping quest onabeautifully designed snowy track. Rescue your penguin frombeingfalling while avoiding obstacles and eating deliciousfishes.Unleash your super moves of jump in your quest to be thebest andtest your reflexes of running. Tap and slide your wayaroundhurdles with continuous run. Run fast and Collect more andmorefishes to cross dynamic stages of the icy winter. You just havetotap your screen to make her jump so that she canavoidbarriers.Penguin run is the most thrilling and action filled runninggame,which will keep you engaged for long hours. Game play isbeautifullydesigned with HD graphics and astonishing colorcombination. Thiscrazy Penguin jumps like a ninja and flies like asuperman or anyaction hero. In this fast-paced game, cute penguinis trying to runas fast as possible on an infinite track.Use simple and intuitive touch controls Single tap on screentojump but for long jump double tap to cross giant hurdles.Eat fishes Level up your character, the more you earn, thestrongeryou become!Get ready for an incredible Penguin run adventure on yourandroiddevice….!!!☃Features☃★ Eye-catching graphics with astonishing color combination★ Easy and intuitive controls for better gaming experience★ Multiple backgrounds for great fun★ Excellent running and jumping adventure★ Lots of fun powerups★ Play as your favorite penguin character★ Be a part of hilariously fun adventurous 2d GameIf you like our game please Rate and Follow [email protected]://