Monovec Entertainment Apps

Void Runner 1.92
You're a mad scientist that has discoveredhowto move between different dimensions, but something has gonewrong.You can't control where you are going and you can't stoprunningwithout getting lost in time and space.Void runner is a unique arcade style score attack game,whereplayers run through beautiful HD environments, jumping,sliding anddodging obstacles as you collect coins and amazingpowerups!Play from a unique first person view, unlike any other runninggameon the market!Compete with thousands of online users; upload your scoreanddistance at the end of a run and see how you compare with therestof the world on our global online leader boards!Controls are simple:-Swipe up to jump - or tap up to jump-Swipe down to slide - or tap down to slide-Swipe sideways to dodge - or tap sideways to dodgePurchase Void Runner Pro from the in game store to receivethefollowing extras:- NO ADVERTISEMENTS!- FREE 10,000 COINS!- 10% EXTRA coins!- 20% EXTRA score!- Unlock more powerups!- Unlock more achievements!- A FREE 10,000 meter boost every run!Void runner is a free addictive fast paced game whichcontainsenhanced graphics, retro sounds and an amazing soundtrack,madeentirely with the Unity3D engine!If you enjoy games like Temple run, Canabalt, Jetpack JoyrideorSubway Surfer - Then you will love Void Runner!
TFI Toothfairy 2.001
If your child has lost a tooth, has a hardtimebrushing their teeth or just want to have some fun, this appwillgive them everything they need!Stephanie Wilson's TFI Dentistry Toothfairy app will helpyourchild enjoy brushing their teeth with the Toothfairy as wellasgive them rewards, tips, songs, games and a certificate fortheirlost teeth. Kids can also change the color of the app to suitbothboys and girls.Dress up the Toothfairy by buying different clothes, wandsandwings with the TFI Tokens earned from the maze and by brushingfora full two minutes as recommended by dentists.