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Silent Call Blocker 1.0
Silent Call Blocker blocks unwantedcallerseasily! If you need to block a call silently this app isforyou.Simple and quick, Silent Call Blocker wont use any extrabatterypower. You can block any caller from your contacts list inone easystep.You should always add nuisance callers numbers to your contactlistso you always have a log of who called.Callers from your blocklist are blocked Silently with no soundorvibration of the phone. You wont be disturbed by nuisancecallersagain.Silent Call Blocker saves all the blocked calls in a log. Anddon'tworry, you'll never miss an important call.Silent Call Blocker also has very simple settingsandoptions.Silent Call Blocker Features:- Caller blocklist (block incoming calls).- Blocked caller log.- Notification of a blocked calls.- Easily add a new number with one click from contacts.- Robust call blocker that always works.- Does not use alot of memory or CPU.- Works on all Android Phones.- Simple to use.Oh and it's FREE!
Musical Tile Taper 1.5
Musically minded? If you love Music you'lllove"Musical Tile Taper"The most addictive music game ever.Tape the red tiles to continue the muscial tune.Hit the white tiles and the music ends.