Vast Cosmos 3.5
It's a simple 100 level space invader likeshooter with a 10 life marathon! Trash waves of enemies until youface Guntbot and his flunkies.This title was inspired by the following titles:- Space Invaders (Atari/Arcade)- Xolo (PC)- Geometry Wars (360)- Super R-Type (SNES)- Tyrian (PC)- Life Force (NES)- BattleToads Double Dragon (NES)
Break Books 2.0
Read. Play. Game. It's a simpleaddiction.Focus and win by breaking the book before the timeexpires!Double-tap anywhere on the screen to shoot cannon balls atthechapters.For each chapter broken, three seconds are added totheclock.Things will get in your way so watch out for the greenblockers!Each time you hit one, two seconds are subtracted fromyourtime.Good luck!
AppLiet 1.0
It's an app that's a light.