NIU J.S.C Apps

Permission Administrator 1.0.1
The only comprehensive permission management tool available at themarket - also for non rooted devicesThis experimental app is able to reduce any permission in an app -while enabling the user experience.With the access to "Permission Administrator", you can controlthe permissions of each app installed on your device. To protectyour privacy, you can revoke any suspicious permissions granted bya particular app.Permissions can be controlled by the "Permission Administrator"menu include:- location- read calendar- modify calendar- read contacts- read call log- modify contacts- modify call log- read SMS- write SMS- receive SMS- receive MMS- send SMS- receive WAP push- vibrate- modify settings- access notifications- call phone- record audio- camera- draw on top- post notificationKey word: Permission, Permission Manager, Permission Administrator,Phone Security
Web to PDF 1.4.2
'Web to PDF' creates PDF files from any Webpage.- You can read offline later any generated PDF file.- You can shares or manage generated PDF files, also.- Let use this app as a web browser and save any page you likeduring viewing to a PDF file.- After creating PDF file, you can open, shares (by Mail, MMS,Bluetooth, Google Drive, Facebook...), rename or delete them.How to do:----------- 'Create' screen:+ Enter any URL then click on 'open' icon+ View, browse to any page you want.+ Click on 'Generate' button, current page will be generatedimmediate. Wait to finish.- 'Browse' screen:+ Click to each item on list to open the selected file+ Long-click to each item on list to open, send, rename or deletethe selected file.Keyword:--------- Web to PDF- URL to PDF- Web to book- Read web offline- Save web to phone, sdcard
Bong da truc tiep 1.7.2
Phần mềm Bóng đá trực tiếp hoàn toàn miễnphí:(Không sử dụng quyền gửi tin nhắn SMS)- Theo dõi trực tiếp các trận bóng đá- Xem kết quả các trận đã/đang diễn ra- Theo dõi các trận theo từng giải.- Cung cấp tất cả các giải đấu quan trọng trên toàn cầuKeyword:- Bong da, Bóng đá- Bong da truc tiep- Ket qua bong da- Tuong thuat bong da