Dope War: Juug House 1.2
Live the life of a low-level juug dealer inthis modern version of the classic game, Dope Wars.Walk the streets, explore the city, enter buildings, buy yourjuugs, cook your juugs, keep a stash, serve your customers, robyour customers, employ workers, manufacture, cook, cut your ownjuugs and much more..-Several playable characters with different styles, abilities,& strengths...-Start out small and explore the city...encounter fiends, cops,crooks and customers in a fully interactive 2Dside-scrolling/sandbox environment.-Cook up a fresh batch of juugs in your own expandable juug house!Use juugin soda and white to whip up batches of your ownjuugs...-Enter buildings to find new plugs and all types of differentjuugs! Visit the various stores to buy weapons, abilities, coats,upgrades, and even more plugs for extra juugin...-Find the best stashes to keep your juugs safe & travel by bus,car, or bike to explore the awesome fully interactive juugincity!-Purchase a production facility to become the plug & employworkers to cut or manufacture your juugs...-Take your juugs to the streets. Touch on passing cars to flag downdrivers. Keep an eye out for patrolmen, angry shop owners, andsnitches if you are dirty.-Avoid warrants for theft, weapons possession, evading police,attempted murder, and manslaughter or you will be in for a longprison sentence.-Watch the news ticker to keep up with ongoing juug busts andevents which lead to price changes.- Play Career Mode for an unlimited game.- Timed Mode, make as much cash as you can before the feds arrestyou on conspiracy charges.This game is available for free & at cost. Any future saleswill go to help lost cats worldwide & to build the Lost CatsWorldwide Foundation International, a partner company of the futureNOTBADAPPSLLC-INTERNATIONAL Inc / Multinational ConglomerateCompany. Please contact us for any inquiries.