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Adventure Travel on the Wi-Fi 2.1.33
IntroductionGet location-specific information on sightseeing and diningdelivered to your smartphone instantly! This app helps you enjoyyour travel even if it's your first time in the area.[Features]◆Handy Free Wi-Fi MapView the many free Wi-Fi*1 spots in convenient map form.◆Push notifications deliver sightseeing and dining informationinstantlySightseeing and dining information for your location is deliveredinstantly with push notifications, so there's no need to search.Plus you can save up to 10 received push notifications in yourhistory, allowing you to easily see the info anytime youwant.◆Supports both English and Japanese*1: Hiroshima Free Wi-Fi or Hiroshima Free Wi-Fi Lite, the freepublic wireless LAN services provided in Hiroshima City.[Service Areas*2]◆Hiroshima Free Wi-Fi*3International Conference Center Hiroshima, Hiroshima City Museum ofContemporary Art, Aster Plaza, Old Branch Office of Nippon Ginko,Hiroshima Station South Underground Exit Tourist InformationCenter, Hiroshima City Cultural Exchange Hall, Hiroshima City MangaLibrary, Shareo, Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum, HiroshimaHon-dori Shopping Arcade, Alice Garden, Ura Bukuro Shopping Arcade,Ebisu-dori Shopping Arcade, Hiroshima Airport, Kinzagai, Pacela,Momiji-honjin Souvenir Shop,Hiroshima Port,ShukkeienGarden,Hiroshima Castle,Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum,PeaceMemorial Park Rest House (Tourist Information Center),Port ofHiroshima-Ujina Passenger Terminal,Hiroshima-Miyajima High speedship [OYASHIO],Hiroshima&Kure-Matsuyama Super Jet[MIYAJIMA],Hiroshima&Kure-Matsuyama Car ferry[SHIMANTOGAWA],Caffe Ponte ITALIANO◆Hiroshima Free Wi-Fi LiteHiroshima city dining, hotels, other shops, etc.*2: The service areas are continuously expanding.*3: Push notifications are only available with Hiroshima FreeWi-Fi.
Secured Wi-Fi簡単接続ツール 2.2.3
★★日本全国82,000APに自動接続★★日本全国82,000APのアクセスポイントに自動接続する便利なツールをトライアル提供(※1)します。★★便利な自動設定機能が追加されました★★入力いらずのID/パスワード自動設定機能を追加!アプリの利用登録だけですぐにSecuredWi-Fiがご利用できるようになります。なお、自動設定に際してはこのアプリをインストールする端末に対象事業者のSIMカードを挿入する必要があります。★このアプリについてSecured Wi-Fi及びDoSPOT(※2,3)のエリアに近づくと自動で接続し、通信量の節約をお助けするツールです。容量を気にせず大高速通信をおたのしみいただけます。アプリは利用登録をするだけでSecured Wi-Fiへの接続設定が完了します。設定完了後、操作は不要です。設定については、インターネット接続ができる環境で実施してください。Secured Wi-Fiを利用するには以下の事業者と契約する必要があります。【対象事業者】NTTコミュニケーションズ、株式会社U-NEXT【対象サービス】OCNモバイルONE Wi-Fiスポット Wi-Fi※1 本アプリはトライアル提供となっております。トライアル期間は2017年4月30日となっており、  トライアル期間終了後は全機能を停止します。※2 SecuredWi-FiとはNTTブロードバンドプラットフォームが提供するWPA2方式での暗号化に対応したWi-Fiサービスです。※3 自動接続の対象となるSSIDは「0001_Secured_Wi-Fi」「NTTWEST-SPOT」となります。   「0000_Secured_Wi-Fi」へは自動接続は行いません。本アプリについての詳細は以下のサイトをご確認ください。【2016/ 9/ 12 バージョンアップを実施】NTTメディアサプライの提供するDoSPOT(SSID:NTTWEST-SPOT)の42,000アクセスポイントが接続対象になりました。【2015/ 6/ 30 バージョンアップを実施】AndroidのOSバージョンが5.0以上で、他のWi-Fi接続の設定に影響を及ぼす事象がありました。本事象について対応を行い、以下の端末で改修の確認ができました。ご迷惑をおかけして、誠に申し訳ございませんでした。【2015/ 12/ 14 バージョンアップを実施】ID/PASSの自動取得機能、Push通知受信履歴保存機能を追加しました。【確認端末(括弧内は確認OSバージョン)】Nexus5X(6.0.1)Nexus6P(6.0.1)MotoG4Plus(6.0.1)XperiaZ3(6.0.1)XperiaZ3(5.0.2)新機能ID/PASSの自動設定機能を追加しました。Push通知を10件まで保存できるようになりました。★★ automatic connectionto Japan 82,000AP ★★Trial provides a convenient tool that automatically connects to theaccess point in Japan 82,000AP (※ 1) to you.★★ convenient auto-configuration features have been added ★★Add the ID / password automatic setting function of not need input!Just as soon as the app of use registration Secured Wi-Fi will beable to use.It should be noted that, when the automatic setting may need toinsert a SIM card of the target entities to the terminal to installthis app.★ About This AppSecured Wi-Fi and DoSPOT (※ 2,3) approaches the area of ​​connectautomatically, it is a tool to help your savings amount ofcommunication.You can enjoy a large high-speed communication without worryingabout the capacity.App will be completed only in the connection setup to the SecuredWi-Fi to use registration.After setting, action is required.For configuration, please be carried out in an environment that canhave an Internet connection.To take advantage of the Secured Wi-Fi will need to deal with thefollowing businesses.[Target entities]NTT Communications, Ltd. U-NEXT[Target Service]OCN mobile ONE Wi-Fi spot Wi-Fi※ 1 This app has become a trial offer. The trial period has becomea April 30, 2017,After the trial period is over to stop all the functions.※ The 2 Secured Wi-Fi is a Wi-Fi service that corresponds to theencryption in WPA2 system provided by NTT broadband platform.※ 3 SSID to be automatic connection will be "0001_Secured_Wi-Fi,""NTTWEST-SPOT".Does not perform automatic connection is to"0000_Secured_Wi-Fi".Please check the details below of the site for thisapplication.[Implementing the 2016/9/12 version up]DoSPOT provided by NTT Media Supply (SSID: NTTWEST-SPOT) 42,000access points are now connected to the subject.[Implementing the 2015/6/30 version up]OS version of Android is 5.0 or more, there were events affectingthe setting of the other Wi-Fi connection. About this eventperforms the corresponding, I was able to confirm the improvementin the following terminal.For the inconvenience, I did not apologize.[Implementing the 2015/12/14 version up]Automatic acquisition function of the ID / PASS, Added Pushnotification reception history storage function.[Confirmation terminal (check in parentheses OS version)]Nexus5X (6.0.1)Nexus6P (6.0.1)MotoG4Plus (6.0.1)XperiaZ3 (6.0.1)XperiaZ3 (5.0.2)new functionIt added the automatic setting feature of the ID / PASS.Push notifications can now be saved up to 10.
Japan Connected-free Wi-Fi 1.22.0
★★Now 150,000 SPOT★★Easy access for tourists to free Wi-Fi all over JapanOne-time registration!!Save yourself the hassle of user registration for each newhotspot.Connect with a single tap!!Connect to free Wi-Fi easily at major train stations and airports,businesses like convenience and department stores, tourist spots,and many more locations.Search for Wi-Fi hotspots!!Use the offline map of major hotspots to search for Wi-Fiaccess.Currently available in the following 13 languages:English, Chinese (simplified), Chinese (traditional), Korean, Thai,Malay, Indonesian, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Russian, andJapanese.[About Wi-Fi hotspots]Usable areas• This app is provided in cooperation with businesses offeringWi-Fi access to travelers visiting Japan.* The coverage area is still expanding.[Caution]• Users are responsible for any 3G/LTE data fees incurred.• Free Wi-Fi is provided through unencrypted wirelesssegments.
PhotocircleAR 1.0.0
PhotocircleAR is an AR (augmentedreality)application that allows you to experience beyond therealworld.When you see images through the PhotocircleAR, you will seethingsthat are not there, still drawing starts moving, 2D characterstandto 3D.For example, when you see a pamphlet through the PhotocircleAR,youwill see a product coming out of it and you will be able toviewthe product from different angles as well as indifferentcoloring.Another example is a card from which game andanimationcharacters will appear and you will be able to takecommemorativephotos with them.When registered images are recognized by PhotocircleAR, theARappears automatically so easy for everyone to use.Now, it is time to enjoy the world of augmented reality!