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Bangladesh National ID 1.2
Bangladesh Election Commission (EC) is aninstitution responsible for executing various constitutionalelections of the country. Apart from dealing with National ID card,it also performs different electoral activities. Through this app,user will get all sort of information relating to voterincorporation and NID card. It will also provide with the processesfor amending or recollecting the lost NID card along with all sortof downloadable forms as necessary.
Mobile Health Service 1.0.2
The application provides the list of Upazilla health complexes overdifferent districts across the divisions. From the list of healthcomplexes one can select a particular health complex to get theaddress and contact number. By tapping on the contact number, adirect call will be placed to that particular health complex.
Driving License 1.6
Driving License app a public service offeredby the government, contains information on how to obtain onesdriving license and a car registration. Necessary Application Formsto obtain these official documents and the procedures that are tobe followed with Bangladesh Road Transport Corporation (BRTC) areprovided. Also information on local banks and their respectivebranches, which are officially authorized to receive theregistration and licensing fee of BRTC, are included. These bankdetails are held District wise for users’ convenience.Road and transport is an important medium for internalcommunication where BRTC is responsible for its maintenance,conservation and appropriate development according to theGovernment’s plan. In addition to that, BRTC is also responsiblefor establishing necessary bridge-culvert and running proposed roadsurveys.
Text Book 1.1.2
National Curriculum and Textbook Boardcontinues to ensure quality education for futureskilled citizens.Using this application related text books of primary, junior,secondary and higher secondary can be downloaded. Besides this,detailed curriculum information of each class can beobtained.
Health Service 1.3
Use this app and get information about causes,symptom and how to prevent those diseases. Along with that you willget contact details (such as address, phone number etc) of hospitalin Bangladesh to make immediate contact with hospital in yournearest area or any other area in Bangladesh.User will also get to know about the season based diseases, theircauses, prevention and cure in details. For example: Usually in therainy season, the number of patients of dengue feverincreases.Four tabs for different diseases, symptoms, prevention & cureand services have been incorporated in the opening screen. Userwill get relevant information under the option tabs shown. Serviceoption provides information about doctors and hospital so thatusers can immediately contact with doctor or hospital in anyemergency case.
Textile Calculator 1.1.5
This App will be used to calculate the cost ofprogression of work in different stages in the textile industry.For exampleTextile Calculator: The clothing department of the Ministry ofClothing and Jute industry is working diligently to flourish theclothing industry, of the country. The main aim of this institutionis to create efficient manpower by running the 4 textileEngineering Collages, 2 textile institutes, and 40 textilevocational institutes.Through the App, the possible calculation of some of the workprocess of Clothing industry such as auto caner, ring, frame,simplex, finisher drawing, comber, lap former, breaker dying, etc.can be found out. At the same time, it can be calculated, thequantity of thread is produced from the sum of cotton and the timerequirements in producing this quantity of thread.
Bangladesh Tourism Corporation 1.0.6
Bangladesh Tourism Corporation is anautocratic institution operating under the Ministry of CivilAviation and Tourism, Govt. of Bangladesh. Most frequently, thecorporation takes steps to facilitate expansion of the tourismindustry of the country. Using this app, one can get district/division wise information on popular tourist spots along with theirdescription, historical importance, and communication system etc.This app also contains the addresses of some duty-free shops,handicrafts display center and shopping mall within Dhaka districtalong with the contact details and addresses of residential hotelsunder the tourism corporation.
Chittagong Hill Tracts 1.1
The Chittagong Hill Tracts (CHT) is a distinctregion in terms of its ethnic, cultural and environmental diversityto the rest of Bangladesh.Chittagong Hill Tracts (CHT) the only extensive hilly area inBangladesh lies in southeastern part of the country (210 25' N to230 45' N latitude and 910 54' E to 920 50' E longitude) borderingMyanmar on the southeast, the Indian state of Tripura on the north,Mizoram on the east and Chittagong district on the west. The areaof the Chittagong Hill Tracts is about 13,184 sq km, which isapproximately one-tenth of the total area of Bangladesh.The Chittagong Hill Tracts, combining three hilly districts ofBangladesh Rrangamati, khagrachhari and Bandarban districts. Thearea of the Chittagong Hill Tracts is about 13,295 sq km, which isapproximately one-tenth of the total area of Bangladesh.This application provides you the information regardingphysiography, local government, history and the beautiful picturegallery of different festivals.
Agriculture Info Service 1.1
Agriculture Information Service, under theMinistry of Agriculture, provides information tothe mass on technology advancements for enhanced development.Using the application, onecan get detailed information on how to plan for a profitableagro-based product such as cropcultivation, fisheries and livestock. Furthermore, one can alsoget to know about theimplementation methodology, management and maintenance of theagro-based products.
Breast Screening 1.2
Nowadays breast tumor and cancer areverycommon problem of married or unmarried women. Due to shamewomenare not willing to share problem with other. Here is theperfectsolution of those women. Just install this application onyourmobile phone get video or textual instruction for screeningyoubreast to be confirm about any problem.This application presents step by step process to screenbreastto be confirmed about any problem. Moreover, user willgetspecialized hospital list with contract details forgettingtreatment or urgent suggestion from anywhere and anytime bydialingdirectly to the given numbers. All kinds of Informationregardingbreast related problems are just one click away from you.Sodownload & install now and use it to become safe…
72 Constitution of Bangladesh 1.0.4
This app will present the hand written firstsupreme law of Bangladesh.Constitution of Bangladesh: The constitution of Bangladesh isindependent and it’s the supreme law of Bangladesh. This First Lawis constituted on 4th November 1972. Although, due to politicalreasons, the present constitution has many alteration, thehandwritten supreme law of 1972 plays an integral part of Bengaliheritage. This app will present the digital format of thehandwritten constitution of 1971. Besides that, interestedcandidate will be able to read it as a book.
Shanchita 1.3
Sonchita app a public service offered by thegovernment, offers the full poetry, ‘Sonchita’ written by KaziNazrul Islam is available for easy download and reading. This appconstitutes of the immortal book of verses. A directory of poems ofthis book is available with it. From this directory, any poemselected is available in full version for download.Sonchita: Nazrul Institute is under the Ministry of CulturalAffairs is an autonomous institution. This institute wasestablished to conserve recollection, biography, literature,sangeet and overall contribution of Kazi Nazrul’s creations forpublications and outreach the image of the poet domestically andinternationally.
Dhaka Stock Exchange 1.1.2
Dhaka Stock Exchange or DSE is the largest andmain stock market of Bangladesh. It was formed in 1954. Businessesregistration, registered securities, regulated trade, tradenegotiations, exchange controls, in addition to reviewing themarkets in the share market and also other important decisions aretaken by Dhaka Stock Exchange. Through this application, the priceof shares of listed companies, the value of the rate of change, thehighest price, lowest price, you can get to know.
Pusti Kotha 1.2
This application provides information aboutdifferent types of fruit and vegetables & its nutritionalvalues in Bangladesh.It will provide the instruction, how one person can keep his orher body fit? Moreover, it also provides information on daily needsthat required to be fit like; how much calories are required for afit person?, fruits and its nutritional values and Impact of fruitsand its nutritional values for preventing of different disease andso on. Moreover, you will also get information what amount ofnutrition is needed respect to your ages or height? It explains onthe causes of malnutrition and description of different diseasesdue to malnutrition in Bangladesh.
Bangabandhu 1.0.9
The birth of the sovereign state ofBangladesh. This application brings you the biography of thegreates Bangalee, Sheikh Mojibur Rahman. Significant speechescaptured in video, audio and as text are available in thisapplication. A brief on Bangabandhu’s lifestyle and his year wiseactivities are available.
Rivers of Bangladesh 1.2
Rivers App will present all sorts ofinformation on the rivers of Bangladesh. For example, the name ofmain rivers of Bangladesh, the name of the districts’ on which themain rivers are flowing through and their measurements, thewherewithal of the rivers, her financial contribution in thecountry and such.Information on Rivers: Ministry of water resources of Government ofPeople’s Republic of Bangladesh is responsible for the developmentand management of water resources of the country. It constructsvarious development projects such as flood control, drainage andirrigation. The ministry of water resources is in charge of rulesand regulation implementation, development strategies, guidelineand instructions related to water resources to expect theusefulness and safety to all public of the country. In addition tothat, the ministry has research and coordinating institutions toestablish awareness by proving information among public to use thisresources ideally. This App provides a database of the rivers whichare flowing through the heart of Bangladesh, its location and themajor information of these rivers. It will include the rivers’wherewithal, direction of the flow, location, water flowing,falling face and other detailed information. You will see theposition of the rivers on the map of Bangladesh.
Bondhu 1.2
The Ministry of Home Affairs is the mostimportant ministry of the government working to create a safehabitable human environment by ensuring peace and securitythroughout the country. Their major responsibilities are to providesecurity to life and property, conduct rescue operations,investigate criminal cases, fight criminals, crimes and militancy,protect boarder and coastal belt, check smuggling, formulateimmigration and emigration related polices and combat traffickingin humans and drugs are inter twined.
Momota 1.3
This application provides information abouthow can we take care of pregnant mother and new born baby forreducing the death rate in Bangladesh.User will get more about problems of teen age girls, details aboutbirth control procedure. After getting marry do registration withname and age. You will get all kind of information regardingpregnancy control in audio and video format. Moreover thisapplication also incorporated with pregnancy calculator. Pregnancycalculator estimates due date by last menstrual period. You can addvery cute Widget to track your weeks and days progress. Take apicture of yourself each week.- Days, weeks and months to go and which have passed- Estimated day of the week- Estimated season- Current trimester- Get daily notificationAlong with that new mother will get valuable information aboutchild care in audio and video format.
Form Portal 1.2
The application allows user to view all formsused in different ministries, departments and organizations.Downloadable versions of the forms are also available. As exampleof filled up forms, sample forms are kept so that the userunderstands how to complete it. The forms are maintained accordingto their respective departments.
Archaeology of Bangladesh 1.0.6
This APP is for Department of Archeology ofBangladesh. The directory of all archeological sites and Museumswill be listed District wise with their main features, locations,and visiting hours.Archeology of Bangladesh: Department of Archeology under theMinistry of Cultural Affairs, is working towards the conservation,publication, and expansion of domestic heritage and culture. Atpresent, there are about 448 archeological precedents and 16museums scattered in the whole country which will be maintained andexpanded by this department.This APP will present details about heritage and ethnic precedentsof the country with visiting hours, the enlightenment of theprecedents and corresponding information.
Shilpi Vata 1.3
Apps allow you to get latest news aboutartiste allowance from the government of Bangladesh. User couldalso submit application for allowance through this application fromanytime and anywhere in Bangladesh.Ministry of cultural affairs Bangladesh provides a lot offacilities for any performer (artiste, singer, actor, dancer,musician, comedian and s on). User will get latest new regardingany allowance or other help to the performer. Rules or regulationsfor the eligible candidate have been incorporated and eligibleperson could apply for that allowance by filling the require fieldsof the application form. Date and time will be informedautomatically through notification message.
Nazrul Sangeet 1.4
The directory of the songs of the NationalPoet Kazi Nazrul Islam called ‘Nazrul Sangeet’ sung by variousartists will be available on this APP. Moreover it will includesome of the songs that were sung by Kazi Nazrul Islamhimself.Nazrul Sangeet: Nazrul institute is under the Ministry of Culturalaffairs is an autonomous institution. This institute wasestablished to conserve recollection, biography, literature,sangeet and overall contribution of kazi Nazrul’s creations and forpublications and outreach the image of the poet domestically andinternationally.This APP will present the collected songs of Nazrul Institute in aMP3 player format. To listen to these songs listed in a genre, asong has to be selected. Along with the songs, the name of theartist, publication year, and the recording house information willalso be available.
PID 1.0.2
Press Information Department (PID) under theMinistry of Information works as areliable prolocutor of government of Bangladesh. Using thisapplication user can contactwith the designated employees, newsmen, and photo journalists foall national daily,online newspaper and television channels. Apart from this, localcorrespondents andbureau heads of several international news agencies can also bereached through thisapplication. Official address of the PID is also available inthe application.
Muktijuddho 1.2
1971, the liberation war always remains freshin our memories. The Ministry of Liberation War Affairs under theGovernment of the People's Republic of Bangladesh, works withutmost dedication towards maintaining the morale of that time.Using the application, the history of the liberation war can beknown. Also available are detail of highest military awardees,Sector of Liberation War and Sector Commander.
Srijonshil Bangladesh 1.1
Wants to get notice of Bangladesh ShilpakalaAcademy, daily routine of events arranged in different areas(particularly in Dhaka city) in Bangladesh, news about ticketing ;where and how to get it. This app will give you all answers.You could also know about foundation history and present activitiesof Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy. With the dream of practice,expansion and preservation of rich culture of Bangladesh, Father ofthe Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Established BangladeshShilpakala Academy (National Academy of Fine and Reforming Art) on4th July 1974. In present, Shilpakala Academy spread out itsactivities all over the country and brought the revolution ofculture. Expansion of cultural practice, Establishment of 486Upazila shilpakala Academy , preservation of folk culture, ensuringculture for all, introducing Bangladeshi culture to theinternational world and finally organizing the liberation war basedcultural events Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy is contributing alot. Now Bangladesh shilpakala Academy is the holy land of culture,center point of all cultural personalities, artists and people.Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy now acts as a mirror of Bangladesh.That’s why this institution is our pride and light house of spirit.Use this app and know more details on it.
BTRC 1.2
BTRC has been working continuously to maketelecommunication sector cost effective and convenient byintroducing new and modern technology. Their effort resulted in asharp increase in the number of people using technology.One can get the history of BTRC, its’ mission and vision, employees& workers, different services provided by BTRC andqualifications required to obtain different types of Licenses. Italso contains information regarding the number of mobile phone andinternet users in Bangladesh, BTRC publications, differenttelecommunication related programs, photo gallery, contact numbersand address. Apart from these, using this application anyone cansubmit telecommunication related complaint.Moreover, almost all information on Commonwealth TelecommunicationOrganization Forum-2014 is available in this application. The topicof discussion, participating countries, list of invited guests,program schedule, contact address, various pictures and videos isalso available in this application.
EGPP 1.0
Are you worried to apply for distributingfoodto the local people under the national food project? Don’tworry,you are allowed to submit your application to be a part ofany fooddistributing project through this application.This application also provides list of dealer all overthecountry. Moreover, this application provides facilities of keeplogof daily labor worked in the different location ofBangladesh.Daily labor will get ID through this application, whenthey willsubmit their ID to the dealer or Bank then they will gettheirpayment. Besides, application will keeps information aboutrelatedofficer of that particular area involved.
Raw Jute Price Calculator 1.0
Calculate easily the raw jute pricewithrespect to grade of your jute.About twenty thousands farmer are cultivate the jute in around44districts all over the country. User could calculate total pricebyinserting the following values: base price, total amount, gradeofjute and so on. User will also get information about how toselectgood seed? How can enhance the quality of jute for updatingthe jutegrade? It will work as a bridge between jute buyer andseller forensuring the actual price of jute in Bangladesh.
BKSP 1.0.7
Bangladesh Krira Shiksha Protishthan (BKSP)was established with some overarching objectives ofsearching promising talents, ensuring education and adequatefacilities for them. This app will provideinformation on overall structure of the institution andadmission procedures for different courses alongwith the brief introduction of the institution. It will alsoprovide the information on the recruitmentprocess, eligibility for application, workshops and otherrelated info.
E- Joyeeta 1.0.4
The ministry of Women and children ofGovernment of People’s Republic of Bangladesh has been workingtowards implantation of various programs involving establishingempowerment, general rights of the women and children and overallmainstream development. A shopping centre named joyeeta has beenestablished in Rapa Plaza, Dhanmondi, Dhaka to bring this projectalive. About 16 thousand voluntary women in the whole country,under the Women Association Bureau, will be supported to market andselling their handmade produced commodities.In this application, Joyeeta will be displayed with detailedinformation. Buyers will be able to browse the commodities in alist of category. From this list, after selecting merchandise, itsname, usefulness and prices all will be available.
Water transport is one of the majortransportsystems in the land of river like Bangladesh. BIWTA act asTheAuthority performs statutory functions of development,maintenanceand regulatory nature. This application is having theinformationof fare of water rout and the BIWTA’s countrywide officeaddresseswith contacts.
Dhaka Zoo 1.0
The Dhaka Zoo has a collection of local andinternational animals. It is administered under the Ministry ofFisheries and Livestock. Here floods in many visitors to watchinteresting animals for good entertainment. It is also used forresearch purposes as well. The application provides generalinformation about the zoo, necessary service fees, timing, termsand conditions for visitors and information on other valuedservices. In addition user can get the view map, GIS location andcontact details.Under the program 'National Mobile Application AwarenessDevelopment and Capacity Building' for each Ministry, mobileapplications were developed in order to provide public servicesusing the applications. As part of the program the Dhaka Zooapplication was developed.
The Department of Printing and Publications(DPP) is a Government organization under the Ministry of PublicAdministration which controls the all print, publication andstationery related issue of the Government. This applicationprovides the information of activities & Services of DPP andits countrywide office addresses with contacts.
Far Calculator 1.0
This app will provide facility to calculatethefloor area ratio (FAR) of a particular area of land very easilyandaccurately.To construct new building the city area, user need to getpermissionfrom relevant department with necessary documents. FARis one of themost important documents. FAR will be calculatedautomaticallyrespect to the inputs:- Area of the land- Actual land- Area of road surrounding the land- Number of floors- So on…
FDC 1.2
Bangladesh Film Development CorporationApp:All the Directors, Producers, Actors, Artists, and filmCrewconnected with this corporation will share theircontactinformation in a database.The main goal of Bangladesh Film Development Corporation istocreate an inspiration and provide support to launchimmaculateentertainment to conserve the heritage and values ofBengaliCulture. To create and produce movies, it will supportDirectorsand Producers with modern technologies, studios, andhallrooms.This APP constitutes of contact information about all theproducers,directors, artists and film crews who are connected tothisorganization. The names address and contact information of allthescattered movie theatres and other film corporations will alsobeavailable on this APP. Application forms are availableforinterested producers who had obtained approvals on creatingandproducing films. Moreover, GIS location of the organization inthecountry and contact information will also be incorporated
Small Ethnich Groups 1.3
Want to know details about lifestyleandactivities of small ethnic group who live in the different partsofBangladesh. Use this app and get details on it…This will let you know about the following issues:1. Type of small ethnic group in Bangladesh2. Total population3. Cultural activities (social, religious, life style, foods,dress,different ceremonies and so on)4. Language5. Events6. Books published based on those ethnic group7. Drama, films, documentary, research …8. Many more…
Dhaka City Corporation (South) 1.1
Dhaka South City Corporation provides a listof all important government establishments and organizations suchas gymnasiums, libraries, music schools, community centers,graveyards and many more. Using this application one can get theaddress, the GIS location on the map and the contact number of theconcerned authority.
BD Sports 1.3
User will get to know about different type ofgame such as soccer, cricket, tennis, badminton, swimming and soon. They also know about the event all over Bangladesh regardingthe mentioned games. Moreover, use will get information about fromwhere he/she can get training, details about training centers,magazine on sports, list sport organizations in their own area,rule and regulation of different type of games, talent huntingprogram on sport, and play gourds.There are many sporting club and training center have beenestablished by the initiatives of government and private sectors.This application provide you all about those institute, how to getadmission in those institutes?, what are the requirement to beconsidered? and many more…
Poribesh Odhidoptor 1.2
DOE’s vision is to ensure sustainableenvironmental governance for achieving high quality of life for thebenefit of present and future generation. DOE’s mission is to helpsecure a clean and healthy environment for the benefit of presentand future generations. This mobile application provides the thelaws regarding the clean and healthy environment. Besides this youcan get information regarding national environment medal, differentform and DOE’s office addresses with contacts.
Infokosh Tube 1.4
Access to information (a2i) has beencontinuously working to deliver govt., by using informationtechnology. This app contains videos on different awarenessbuilding activities. Major activities include agricultural andnon-agricultural initiatives, law and human rights, education,social awareness, environment and calamity prevention etc.
BD Foreign Currency Converter 1.0.4
Bank and Financial Divisionis an institutionoperating under the Ministry of Finance, Govt. of People’s Republicof Bangladesh. This division, on behalf of Govt. of Bangladesh,decides on laws and principles and establishes control over thebank and other financial institutions of the country.This app will provide the exchange value of BDT (taka) againstother countries’ currencies in terms of their purchase and sale ina specified time. Besides,the app will also calculate thetotalamount of receivable or payable instantly.
Jubo Unnoyon 1.1
Since 1981 Department of Youth Developmentisworking to facilitate the unemployed youth for gainfulemployment/self-employment providing vocational/ skill developmenttrainingand micro-credit support. It is a continuous process isdoing bythe Department of Youth Development to involve the youth inthemainstream of national development process. Department ofYouthDevelopment app provides you all the offices address withcontactunder the same department around the country. This appalsoprovides you the information regarding youth training, youthloanand youth awards.
National Budget Information 1.0.3
National Budget: Bank and Financialinstitution under the Ministry of Finance of Government of People’sRepublic of Bangladesh was established to control and manage allthe institutions such as banks, insurance companies, moneyhoarders. The Ministry Finance controls and manages various banks,financial institutions, capital market, insurance companies andsmall debt sectors.This APP constitutes of the financial budget of Bangladesh of thecontemporary year with detailed information such as the totalbudget of the year, the resources of income, the expenditureexcavate, the allocation for different ministries etc. It will alsopresent the comparison of budget of the current year with thepreceding year and the rate of inflation.
Songskriti MontronalayerKhobor 1.4
You will get information about the ministryofcultural affairs and its related organization.Geography and history have marked Bangladesh as a distinctregionand the Bangla-speaking people as a distinct community. Itsculturallife is also distinct and very rich. The century oldculturaltraditions of Bangladesh are reflected in innumerabletangible andintangible heritages - in archaeological sites, insculptures, instones and terracotta, in architectures, museums,archives,libraries, classical music, songs and dance, paintings,dramas, folkarts, festivals, games as well as ethnic culturalactivities. Ourcultural heritage has given us an eminent placeamong the communityof nations. There many organizations have beenworking with MOCA tobecome rich of our culture. You will getinformation about thoseorganization in details…Install this apps and get details on it
Farmer Loan 1.0
Farmer could know about the loan facilitiesavailable or provided by different Bank for agricultural sector inBangladesh. They will also get information about particular type ofloan in details. What type of loan available? What is the amount?What is the interest scheme? How can one get it? What type ofinformation is required? Many more……Government has taken initiative to improve the rural economy byenhancing or providing facilities to the farmers to cultivate morevaluable crops (jute, paddy, cotton etc) all over the country.Unfortunately, we can see every years there are many farmer losttheir all assets due to the natural disaster such as cyclone, floodso on in different area in Bangladesh. Sometimes bank provides oroffers special type of loan scheme to those affected people. Youwill also get information about season based loan facilitiesavailable. All of information is just one click away from you.Please install this app and get detail on this…..
Silpokola Academy 1.1
Shilpakala Academy spread out itsactivitiesall over the country. It has brought the revolution ofculture.Expansion of cultural practice, Establishment of 486Upazilashilpakala Academy, preservation of folk culture, ensuringculturefor all, introducing Bangladeshi culture to theinternational worldand finally organizing the liberation war basedcultural eventsBangladesh Shilpakala Academy is contributing a lot.Now Bangladeshshilpakala Academy is the holy land of culture,center point of allcultural personalities, artists and people.Bangladesh ShilpakalaAcademy now acts as a mirror of Bangladesh.That’s why thisinstitution is our pride and light house of spirit.This mobileapplication provides the information of differentacademicdepartments, publications, auditorium & hall with rentrate andits contact detail.
User will get information about how togoabroad for doing jobs in desired field? Along with that theywillknow about necessary information through thisapplication.Each and every year, a lot of people have been going abroadfordoing job. Unexpectedly, sometimes we can see many peoplearehassled or annoyed regarding this issue. They went toforeigncountry but they did not get job. Therefore, the lifebecomes moredifficult in the abroad. Install this job and getproperinformation before going the overseas. Moreover, use willgetinformation about skill development center those provideeffectivetraining to the candidate who wants to go foreigncountry.
Ac Calculator 1.2
AC load calculator….. Using thiscalculator,user could calculate AC load for a particular roomregarding roomarea, height and numbers of person stay in the room.Use this virtual AC load calculator that will assist youtocalculate exactly how many tones AC is needed for your roomtomaintain room temperature. You will get many more…..
Roof Gardening 1.2
Roof gardening design ideas for you. You cansave and share all garden designs & decorating photos. Thisapplication shows you the galleries of beautiful and impressivegarden design ideas and decorations. If you have no idea about yourgarden, this application can help you. This app. contains thevarious types of garden designs & decorating such as:Application Features:- A hundred pictures of garden design ideas- You can save all pictures to sdcard.- You can share all images to others.- You can set all pictures as wallpaper.- Easy to use: press menu to save, share, and set aswallpaper.
Shorno Kishoree 1.1.1
বাংলাদেশের বয়সন্ধিকালীন কিশোর-কিশোরীরাযেসকলসমস্যার সম্মুখীন হয় সেই সমস্যা সৃষ্টির অন্যতম কারণবয়সন্ধিকালসম্পর্কে সঠিক তথ্যের অভাব। সময়মত সঠিক তথ্য ও দিকনির্দেশনাপেলেবয়সন্ধিকালীন পরিবর্তন সংক্রান্ত সমস্যা সহজেই মোকাবেলা করাসম্ভব।আজকের কিশোরীরাই আগামী দিনের মা। কিশোরীদের সুস্বাস্থ্যএবংবয়ঃসন্ধিকালীন বিভিন্ন শারীরিক ও মানসিক পরিবত©ন সম্পর্কে সচেতনকরেতোলার জন্য সংশ্লিষ্ট ২৯ টি ভিডিও নিয়ে তৈরী হয়েছে “স্বণ©কিশোরী”মোবাইল অ্যাপ্লিকেশনটি। স্বাস্থ্য এবং বয়ঃসন্ধিকালীনপরিবত©নসম্পর্কিত তথ্য ছাড়াও বাল্য বিবাহ, নিরাপদ মাতৃত্ব, গভ©কালীনসেবা,যৌন নির্যাতন, শরীর চর্চা ও ব্যায়াম, ভবিষ্যত পরিকল্পনা ইত্যাদিবিষয়কভিডিও পাওয়া যাবে মোবাইল অ্যাপ্লিকেশনটিতে।