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IWCF Well Control Quiz 1.0.9
Naveen Agrawal
Get IWCF Well Control questions for practice.Different set of questions updated reqularly. Improve yourpreparation for IWCF Well Control by taking these quiz daily. Openthe app and find different questions each day. You can also chooseany quiz from the list of quizzes.Quizzes cover questions from both Principles & Proceduresand Equipment papers. Question sets include all types and topics ofthe questions asked in IWCF Well Control Exam.Types of Questions:- One Correct Answer- More than one Correct Answer- True and False- Numerical Questions- Procedures QuestionsTopics Covered in Principles & Procedures Section- Hydrostatic Pressure- Formation Pressure- Fracture Pressure- Primary Well Control- Influx- Causes of Kicks- Kick Warning Signs and Indicators- Secondary Well Control- Shut in Procedures- Well Control Methods-- Driller's Method-- Wait & Weight MethodTopics Covered in Equipment Section- Blow Out Preventers (BOP)- Inside BOP- FOSV- Choke Manifold and Chokes- BOP Control System
Lag Time Calculator 1.1
By providing the details about the well thisapplication will give, the time required for drilling fluid totravel from bit to surface, the Lag Time.
IWCF Well Control Calculator 2.0.1
Naveen Agrawal
For Well Control calculations you need aformula sheet, a paper, a pen and a calculator. But perform wellcontrol calculations with just few touches with The IWCF WellControl Calculator.With this app you don't have to remember any formula or carryformula sheet because the app has the complete list of formulas asprovided in the IWCF Formula Sheet and you don't even need acalculator because there is a built-in calculator with theformulas, enter the values there in the formula itself and touchcalculate button.This is an app which every driller, drilling supervisor or anywell control personnel must have on their phone.The current version of the app is in English and is for API(Field Units). Future versions will be available in differentlanguages and units used by drilling contractors worldwide.Please gives reviews and ask for more features you want in theapp and any formula you want to be added in the list. I will try torespond to all the reviews and add the features and formulas askedby you in the app at earliest.
IWCF Well Control Quiz - Free 1.0.7
This is the free version of the app "IWCFWellControl Quiz". Just missing few features, like directly askinganyquery about questions and getting response to your email.