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City Elite Sniper 3D 1.1
Here you will need to clear your path ofhistrue sniper rifle from a variety of enemies, go through a bunchofmissions in the hills, jungles, mountains, deserts andvariouscities including New York, London, Paris, Venice and Tokyo.Destroythe terrorists, criminals and other people interferes withnormallife in Russia, America, China, Japan, France, Great Britain,Kenyaand Mexico. Then you will travel to 9 circles of hell withthecrowds smaller, but monstrovya diverse, ranging from earthwormsandzombies, ending mosquitoes and flying demons. At the end ofeachround you will have to expect a unique boss (including thedevilhimself). For their destruction it requires special tactics.Butthe passage of each round, a new hellish weapon. As youprogressthrough the primary weapons will continue to be a sniperrifle, butapart from it you will come across machines, machineguns,shotguns, grenades, rocket-propelled grenades. But in the caseifyou get tired of shooting the enemies, we have reserved asolidarsenal of bladed weapons: one-handed and two-handedswords(including katana) chainsaw (chainsword), axes, hammers, axesandothers. In the last circle of Hell you will so the same issubjectto the magic pizyva. For the destruction of the mostpowerfulmonsters or hard progtivnikov you will be offered a rangeofmilitary equipment: helicopters, tanks, infantry fightingvehicles,armored personnel carriers and so on. Mission and alsovaryaccording to purpose: a set of points for the most difficultshots,the most destruction of enemy troops, silent destruction ofthetarget (preferably without the destruction of theothercharacters), the destruction of the convoys, andotherdiversions.
Hong Kong Sniper 3D 1.2
You are an elite sniper, your goal istodestroy as many as possible opponents. Levels are literallyteemingwith enemies, and you will find them literally everywhere,on theground, on rooftops, in windows, beware. So as you getbonuses fordistance and accuracy. Show your accuracy and speed.Reduce theranks of the enemy army, but as the war is over, start tofightcrime. And even after the apocalypse your sniper rifle Yesheusefulto you. Kill zombies, ghouls, hellish old, crawling andflyingmonsters, all in your hands, do not spare bullets, then theywillhave plenty. The streets of Hong Kong, dangerous jungles,hotdeserts, steep mountains, landscapes and so hell.
Zombie Laboratory 3D 1.6
Вам поручено зачистить секретнуюлабораторию,пораженную зомби вирусом. Вы вооруженный до зубовохотник на зомби,в вашем распоряжении есть пистолеты, автоматы,ножи, гранаты,ракетницы, гранатометы,пулеметы, в общем полный набордля сеянияхаоса и разрушения. Стреляйте во все, что движется и незабывайтесмотреть под ноги и оборачиваться, зомби могут атаковатьваснеожиданно. Пройдите смертоносной волной, пулеметнымвихрем,взрывая, разрезая и нашпиговывая свинцом всех, кто будетстоять увас на пути. Размажьте их по стенам коридоров. Исправьтеошибкубезумных ученых, создавших армию чудовищных монстров.You have been assignedtoclean up the secret laboratory, an affected zombie virus. Youarearmed to the teeth, hunter of zombies, you have plenty ofguns,machine guns, knives, grenades, rocket launchers,grenadelaunchers, machine guns, in general, a complete set forsowingchaos and destruction. Shoot everything that moves and donotforget to look down and turn around, zombies can attackyouunexpectedly. Go deadly wave machine gun whirlwind,blasting,cutting and nashpigovyvaya lead all who will stand in yourway.Spread them on the walls of the corridors. Correct the error ofmadscientists created an army of horrible monsters.