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Discover 1.0.2
A fast paced, multiplayer augmented realitygame that is played by students within set arenas on universitycampuses (organised by Vodafone). All arenas will be checked inperson before going live to ensure that the bases are all in safelocations.Players use their mobile devices to collect Vodafone bubbles andbonus items that are located around campus.The game is GPS based and as such is linked to live maps. Playerswill literally be able to view virtual ‘bases’ that are assigned tofixed and pre-designated GPS co-ordinates from within the game.When in close proximity to the bases, players will be prompted toswitch to ‘AR’ mode, which involves utilising the mobile devicescamera. Players will then enter a world of mixed reality thatcombines their surrounding areas, with virtual Vodafone bubbles andproducts. Their job is then to compete against the clock (andopposing teams) to pop as many bubbles in the allotted time (eachgame last 5:00 minutes) in an attempt to get the top scores.There are prizes available for top performers, but this will be aninter-university competition aimed specifically at first, secondand third year students at university. The game will intermittentlydeliver facts about Vodafone to help students get a feel for thetype of technology led company they are.From the games end screens, students will be given a few options tohead straight to the Vodafone UK Graduate Careers pages to submitan application or find out more information. They will also havethe option to link out to take a virtual 360-degree tour of theirHeadquarters.
ar.tifact 1.1.6
Artifact unlocks the amazing world ofVirtualand Augmented Reality.Scan real world objects and images anywhere you see the'Scanwith Artifact' logo to unlock new content or simply browsethroughthe library of available experiences.Artifact allows the deployment of everything from videooverlaysto amazing Virtual Reality games and experiences via thecloud.Ar.tifact - Putting Content into Context.Find more markers at
Love Bomb Cushions 1.0.6
The Love Bomb Cushions App. Make Friends withour Buddies in Augmented Reality.Play fun games in Augmented Reality to unlock virtual versions ofour cute little friends.Build your virtual collection and take unique selfies with them.Capture your creations and share them with friends straight fromthe app.Colour PopThis game brings a virtual bubble machine into your room. Popbubbles to build your score. Build a chain of the same colour toboost your score combo. Play ‘hide and seek’ with our Buddies inthe game to unlock them for your collection. The more points youscore, the more "Buddy Bucks" you earn to spend in the BuddiesCollection.CollectionKeep tabs on your Buddies collection, find out more about them andspend your “Buddy Bucks” on new Buddies and poses for the selfiemode.Selfie ModeSmile as wide as our Cheesy Grin Shelf Buddy and get ready for yourclose up. In the Mixed Reality Selfie Mode, you can fill your roomwith Buddies from your collection. Snap your scenes and share themwith your friends.It’s Only Just BegunThe Love Bomb Cushions app will be updated regularly with more gamemodes, amazing Augmented Reality features , special offers, newBuddies and other exciting updates on the way.