Newman Entertainment Apps

Fix That Pic 1.0
Fix that Pic is a 15-puzzle game, or alsoknownas a "mystic square game." The goal of the game is torearrange the15 game pieces to so that they are in order. Eachpeace shows aportion of the puzzle image, so when they are in thecorrect order,the whole image appears.You only have 60 seconds to rearrange the picture pieces inthecorrect order, and it gets more difficult to figure out asyouprogress through the levels. Have fun and good luck!
Crappy Bat 1.0
Crappy has done it again and got lost inhiscave. Help him get through the cave so he can finally takesomewell deserved rest. Watch out for rocks and stalagmites, whichwillmake Crappy have a really bad day.