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French conjugations 1.0.r1
It brings together approximately 7500verbs.A visual indicator lets you know if it is or not registered in thedictionary of the French Academy.A summary of the conjugations, and the instructions are availablehere:http://leslivresoublies.free.fr/Conj_fr/Intro/Introduction/index.htmThis application is compatible with all android versions andrequires no authorization/!\ Careful: Problems rotation and automatic adjustment of theimage size with the Samsung Galaxy Note and Sxx.Different forum indicate that this bug is known and pendingresolution Samsung
Russian Verbs Conjugation 1.4
This application allows you to find thecombination of almost all Russian verbs (more than 12000).Matching perfective and imperfective aspect is done automaticallywith their respective conjugations.Only works with android 2.3.xx or higher. A specific interface forearlier versions as well as the installation mode is available onmy pages.For more information on its use, as well as the formation of verbs,see my pages (Possible translation directly):http://leslivresoublies.free.fr/Russe
Conjugations & Def. French 1.0.r2
This application is identical to "Frenchconjugations" but, in addition, the definitions from the dictionaryof the French Academy.Everything is local and does not need any authorization or nointernet connection.A summary of the conjugations, and the instructions areavailable here:http://leslivresoublies.free.fr/Conj_fr/Intro/Introduction/index.htmThis version requires android 2.3.xx or higher