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Время думать! - викторина.
Время думать - это викторина, в которой вампредстоит отвечать на скорость на вопросы. Чем быстрее вы дадитеверный ответ, тем больше очков выиграет и тем выше подыметесь врейтинге игроков.В игре вас ждут три режима игры: Быстрая игра - как можнобыстрее ответьте на 5 вопросов; Дуэль - соревнуйтесь с друзьями наодном устройстве и узнайте, кто умнее; Турнир - делайте ставки,отвечайте на вопросы и выигрывайте реальные деньги.Приятным дополнением является отличное оформление, более тысячивопросов и постоянные обновления.Особенности:+Огромная база вопросов+Современные и молодёжные темы+Три режима игры: Быстрая, Дуэль двух игроков, Турнир на реальныеденьги.+Отличное материальное оформление+Классная статистика в конце+Частые обновления.Time to think - a quiz inwhich you have to respond to the speed of the questions. The fasteryou give the right answer, the more points you win and the moreplayers will rise in the rankings.The game offers three game modes: Quick game - as quickly aspossible to answer 5 questions; Duel - compete with your friends onone device and see who is smarter; Tournament - tender, answer thequestions and win real money.A nice addition is a great design, more than a thousand ofquestions and constant updates.Features:+ A huge database of questions+ Modern and youth topics+ Three game modes: Quick, duel of two players, tournaments andreal money.+ Fine material clearance+ Classroom statistics at the end of+ Part of renovation.
One Tap Dash
One Tap Dash - не простой убийца времени.☆Напряжённая игра с ограниченным времени☆Моментальное замедление в самых сложных моментах☆Броский дизайн☆Оригинальная музыка и геймлей☆Возможность отключить надоедливую рекламу и купить замедлениевремени☆Новый провал от OneTapЗаходи к нам в гости: !One Tap Dash - not aneasy time killer.☆ The intense game with a limited time☆ Instant slowdown in the most difficult moments☆ eye-catching design☆ Original music and gameplay☆ Ability to disable annoying ads and buy time dilation☆ new failure by OneTapCome and visit us:!
Alien Puzzle
Help the alien to save his family andreturnhome in a unique puzzle game “Alien Puzzle”! A varietyofmechanisms, original gameplay and tricky puzzles are waitingforyou.People have abducted a whole family of aliens. Now thealiencalled Nitup, has to overcome many difficulties on itsway,searching for its relatives, where it will face manyobstacles,some cunning traps of people, also the unusual gravity,what willdisturb the alien not once. Direct the alien in therightdirection, but be careful, it will keep going until it willface anobstacle (or a trap). Nitup has to collect all the coinstocomplete the level. For better playing you can get a rewardandaccess to new levels. Also you can compare your results withyourfriends and find out who is smarter.Key features:1. A lot of puzzles. Each level is a separate puzzle that canbesolved in many ways. Choosing the shortest way you will get agreatreward.2. Unique mechanisms and traps. There are many mechanisms andtrapsin the game, which help (or prevent) completing the level.Themechanisms block the ways, redirect the alien, move it in thespaceand even transform the level.3. Competition with friends. The best and smartest players willhavehonorable places in world ranking. Will you be able to beatyourfriends’ scores?4. Simple control. Swipe with a finger on the screen andthecharacter will go in the right direction. Double tap willrestartthe level.5. Updates and new levels. “One Tap” constantly listens to itsfansin social networks and develops the game. Soon there will benewmechanisms, locations and more features.Still here? It’s the right time to help the alien to return tohisplanet! Download “Alien Puzzle” on your smartphone and set offto aunique adventure.Purchase the full version of the game and complete all thelevels(link for the full version), or try the first levels of thedemoversion (link for the demo version).“Alien Puzzle” is adapted for both smartphones and tablets,soyou can enjoy the game in high definition.♥Join “One Tap” club:♥All suggestions and ideas leavehere:♥For commercial offers and advertising write ane-mail:[email protected] wish you a good game! =)