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Notify & Fitness for Mi Band 4.22.12
*** COOL FEATURES ***- Mi Band 2 text display support (caller name, Whatsapp messages,contact names, ...)- Workout session: analyze each your workout sessions (steps,heart, calories, GPS)- Heart monitor- Mi Band 2 button custom actions (next music track, ...)- Widgets, custom reminders, custom alarms, ....- Mi Scale 1 & 2 basic supportGet vibrations and flashes on your band when you receive anotification on your smartphone, you'll never miss any call or yourfriends' messages.You can personalize the notification of all incoming and missedcalls and you will instantly be notified each time you receive anSMS or a Whatsapp message.Other cool features have been added:- Widget with steps, heart and battery status- Wake me up feature, you can set your custom vibration pattern towake up on morning- Heart rate monitor feature added:* schedule heart monitor* export your data to spreadsheet* sync heart data to Google Fit* heart rate widget* get alerts on too low or too high heart ratesAll Mi Band supported: 2, 1S, 1S, 1....Official app is not required.With the PRO version you can:- choose time interval to be reminded of unread notification untilyou read it or optionally reach maximum number of reminders- set vibration pattern and maximum number of vibrationsrepetitions- optionally, set time interval from hour to hour to be reminded ofunread notification- optionally, set inclusive or exclusive content filter on textnotification to notify only important'- TASKER support- CALL contacts customization- WAKE ME UP feature- ANTI-LOSS phone featureDisclaimer: This App is in no way associated with Xiaomi. This appincludes no warranty.Mi Fit and Mi Band is a trademark of Xiaomi.FAQQuestion: App can't find band?Solution: Please try to re-pair your band with phone on originalapp, then retry on this app.Question: High battery drain of bandSolution: Please reduce use of vibration as it drains much batterythan led. Try disable stable connection option on settings.Question: App doesn't works correctlySolution: Please check you are not running any battery saver applike Greenify or similar. Also CM unlocker has been reported asincompatible for some usersFor any other problem/suggestion email me mat90c at gmail.comCurrently languages:- Catalan- Czech- German- Spanish- French- Hungarian- Italian- Korean- Polish- Portuguese- Romanian- Russian- Slovak- Ukrainian- Chinese- Indonesian- VietnameseThank for all contributors!
Notify & Fitness (Add-On) 1.2.0
Notify & Fitness (Add-On) adds morecapabilities to Notify & Fitness for Mi Band.This add-on will allow you:- reject/answer call *** MI BAND 2 onlyMany other new features will be added on future version.If you experience any issues, please contact support.THIS IS ONLY AN ADD-ON, NOT AN APPLICATION. To use this add-onplease install Notify & Fitness app from
Fix-it for Mi Band 2 2.1.0
Can't get official app working anymore?Are you getting "Band is paired by another person. Ask them tounpair it and try again" message when trying pairing yourband?With this app you can get working your bricked band with Notify& Fitness app. Just install it, search your band and pairit!Once paired, you can uninstall this app and use our free Notify& Fitness app: notice, this app will not allow fix pairing issue onofficial app.