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Order food online at BOX8 for your dailydosage of delicious Desi meals. BOX8 specialises in online foodordering and food delivery. You can order online from a wide rangeof meal options including All-in-one meals, Fusion Box, Biryani,Paratha Wraps, Sandwiches and more. Ordering food online anddoorstep delivery has become super easy and convenient with BOX8.Food order and food delivery is just a click away. BOX8 in no timehas become the preferred choice for food delivery & orderingonline and is especially known for its all-in-one meals, fusion box& heavenly Biryani.Indian food, infused with spices and delicate flavours, made withthe right ingredients, delights not just your taste buds but alsosatiates your desire for something more.We have always wondered, why all the major food chains are fromoutside India? Why not an authentic Indian-origin brand whichchampions Indian-food the way it should be? So, bubbling withenthusiasm to create something very close to our heart, we set outon a journey to fill that void - Making ‘better’ Indian foodavailable for all. Anywhere. Anytime. A 'Made in India' brand forsumptuous Desi meals.Started in a rented room with just two people, today, we are a teamof more than 1200, managing 60 plus outlets across Mumbai,Bangalore and Pune. We control all aspects of our supply chain,from procurement to product development, till the last miledelivery. Thus, ensuring supreme excellence at each step andoffering exemplary delightful customer experience, everytime.Made from the freshest of ingredients and choicest of herbs, youcan be sure that you are in for a treat. The basic philosophy liesin the belief that right ingredients make better meals. On top ofthat, we ensure that for our customer- online food order and fooddelivery becomes an awesome experience. Browse through the widerange of menu and pick from a delectable bouquet of wholesomemeals, delightful sandwiches, tempting fusion boxes or aromaticBiryani. What’s more, BOX8 also has late night delivery option,operational till 1 AM. Download the BOX8 app to order food onlinewithout any hassles. You can also order food online through Zomatoand FoodPanda and savour delicious Indian meals.Reasons why BOX8 is the most sought after food deliveryjoint:Order food online in just a click - Simple app, neat UI andgreat menu options make online food ordering a great experience.Order online today, and experience it for yourself.Quick food delivery - Order food online from BOX8 and wepromise to deliver pipin’ hot meals in just 38 minutes! Hail, windsor storms cannot stop the BOX8 Sooperman from ensuring your fooddelivery in time. Food delivery made better with BOX8.Late night delivery - Late night hunger pangs? Don’t worry!We specialise in late night food delivery. Look no further andsimply order food online from BOX8 & we will deliver food till1am.Excellent food choices - Order online and choose from a widerange of menu options - from Dal Makhani to Amritsari Chole,Biryani to Wraps, you’ll never get enough of the BOX8 food. Theonly thing that you need to do is order food online fromBOX8.You can also order food online through Zomato and FoodPanda orsimply download the BOX8 app for the best offers and coupon codes.When you order food online at BOX8, you can avail many excitingoffers. A great deal with every meal.BOX8 is currently serving in over 60 locations across Mumbai, Puneand Bengaluru. Delivering thousands of meals every day.BOX8 prides itself on the highest quality of food made from thefreshest ingredients that are sourced locally directly from farms.You can keep that in mind for the next time you order food online.A dedicated team of chefs continuously experiments and creates newdishes that can be added to the menu and are available for onlineorder & delivery.All in all, promising you a delightful experience for food delivery& ordering online.
MOJO Pizza - Order Online | Delivery 1.0.32
You can order pizza online and get adoubly-loaded Pizza with toppings home delivered right to yourdoorstep.So what’s special? - well it’s quite simple really. WE.LOVE. PIZZAS.And what we love most about our Pizzas are the utterly delicioustoppings.But we often wonder, why do most Pizzas today come with so less oftoppings?Well, we don’t really know. But we wanted more, so we did itourselves.We at MOJO Pizza, offer a Pizza overloaded with toppings andoverflowing with cheese.So why settle for less, when you can have more.Every time you order pizza online from Mojo, you’ll get a trulymagical Pizza, that’s made from wholesome crust, hand rolled withlove, overflowing with cheese and absolutely overloaded withtoppings. And we would deliver that pipin’ hot right to yourdoorstep.Buy Mojo pizza online to get the best pizza experience. At MojoPizza, we believe in putting all our energies into crafting onething the best we possibly can. That’s why all our Pizzas comes inbig 10 inch size. The Mojo Pizza delivery app is fast, easy to useand convenient. Now, order pizza online anytime, anywhere. You canchoose your MOJO from a collection of legend & Feast pizzas& exotic range of appetizers.Mojo Pizza makes online food order and food delivery an awesomeexperience. Order food online from our pizza delivery app with justa click. You can also through Zomato and FoodPanda and relish everybite of our appetising pizza range. What’s more, Mojo Pizza alsohas late night delivery till 1 AM. Download the Mojo Pizza deliveryapp to order food online without any hassles.What makes Mojo Pizza the ultimate online ordering & pizzadelivery destination:Order pizza online with just a few taps- With the Mojo Pizzadelivery app, ordering your favourite pizza online is just a fewclicks away. The easy-to-use app and clean UI makes ordering pizzaonline an awesome experience.Doubly-loaded toppings - Mojo Pizza promises to load each pizzawith double the toppings and cheese. Just one try and you’ll neverorder food online from anywhere else.One size, Done well - At Mojo Pizza, we offer only one size: a 10inch pizza. We believe in putting all our energies in crafting thebest pizza that we possibly can.On time, every time - Friends coming over? Don’t worry. Simplyorder food online from the Mojo Pizza delivery app and awesome hotand loaded pizzas will be yours in a jiffy. Our pizza deliverytiming is as awesome as our pizzas are.You can also order food online through Zomato and FoodPanda orsimply download the Mojo Pizza delivery app for the best offers andcoupon codes.At present, Mojo Pizza is delivering across selected locations inMumbai, Pune and Bengaluru and takes online food order throughoutthe day. You can order food online and schedule for delivery at alater time as well.All you need to do to get a warm pizza delivery at your doorstep isto order food online at Mojo Pizza and let us do the work. Be it at1 in the afternoon or 1 in the night, Mojo Pizza is going to ensurethat your pizza is delivered to you in time. What’s more? You cantake advantage of the amazing pizza delivery offers that Mojo Pizzacomes up with on online food order.Online food order & Pizza delivery has been made easier withthe Mojo Pizza delivery app. Just a few taps on the screen and yourhot Pizza gets delivered. All you need to do is, sit back, relaxand let Mojo Pizza take care of your pizza delivery.
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