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Sola: People’s Media 2.3.15
PLAG Limited
Sola is worldwide social layer like you'venever seen before. You talk to the world, and the world talks backto you.Using the app is really simple. Once registered, you instantlybecome the part of a never-ending communication flow. There are nofriends or followers needed — based on Sola neutral AI and otherusers’ opinion, you see the cards one by one made by people fromevery corner of the world: news, stories, entertainment. The moreyou see — the better Sola knows your preferences (you still canfine-tune it manually) and takes them into account.To switch to the next card you need to endorse or skip the currentcard. Accordingly, a card will spread to more people or not. Usersgovern information on Sola — you are the only power here.When you post your card, it spreads among all Sola users, so youcan reach the whole service audience. You can see how it spreads ona map in real time.The best of all, when people endorse your cards and comments youearn Sola cryptocurrency that can be exchanged with othercurrencies like Bitcoins or for good old money. We consider you,who creates information, as partners and think it’s fair to splitrevenue with you.Sola has all functions that are must to have for social media —comments, notifications, stats, channels and much more, but ourmain priority is to keep it simple. So, don't hesitate to tap“Download” and see you on the other side.
We Heart Pics 2.0.25
PLAG Limited
We Heart Pics - this is the best thing thatcould happen to your photos. Here you'll find a competitive spiritthat you won't find with other photo apps. Explore We Heart Picswith your friends or on your own. With We Heart Pics you canentertain yourself for a few minutes or a few hours.- Enhance your images with gorgeous filters and captions.- It’s up to you to decide how much attention your photos need, andyou can collect thousands of likes.- There are 6 categories with hundreds of great pictures and phototasks for inspiration.- Compete with people from around the world for the chance to winthe daily photo contests.- Judge and be judged! Decide the fate of other people’s photosMillions of We Heart Pics users can’t be wrong!Mark Zuckerberg, the creator of Facebook, called We Heart Pics “thebest mobile application” (after he bought Instagram).