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Makan di Mana 2.0.3
'Makan di Mana' will help you to find the nearest restaurant fromyour location. This application was issued by the culinary sitenumber 1 in Indonesia, Plenty culinary database all over Indonesia.- Fresh design with Simple user interface.- Nearby restaurant : Get recommended places to eat based on thelocation nearest you.- Hari Ini : Get daily restaurant reference for every day- Promo : Get nearby promo information and promo from credit cardissuer- Search: With a search by area or category, find the best placesto eat there, and view the menus and ongoing promo.- Daily recommendation: Get daily recommendation Share: Share the information to your friends, with Twitter,Facebook or eMail.- makan di sini : Check in on your restaurant spot, click yourdish, and then share to your buddy on social media- bookmark : save your favorite venue on makan di mana to yourbookmark featuredStay tuned for the update feature and feel free to contact usfor any feedback or bug reported.Learn more: us on twitter:
detikcom 5.0.2
detikcom is now out with a new designupdate.Install or update the latest detikcom app on your device to get thebest news reading experience.Latest news, favorite topics, and videos are now all within easyreach.Enable night mode for a better reading experience on low-lightcondition.Get the latest news and updates from a range of topics:- detikNews (politics, breaking news, events, and more)- detikSport (tennis, MotoGP, soccer, and more)- Sepakbola (Premier League, Liga 1 Indonesia, Serie A Italy, LaLiga, and more)- detikFinance (finance, entrepreneurship, banking, and more)- detikHot (celebrity gossip, movie, entertainment, and more)- detikInet (IT, startups, gadgets, telecommunication, andmore)- detikHealth (health tips, sex tips, and more)- detikFood (culinary, recipes, and more)- detikTravel (travel destination)- detikOto (automotive)- detikFoto (photo news)- Wolipop (women's fashion, lifestyle, and more)- HaiBunda (motherhood, pregnancy, child development, andmore)We appreciate your comments and feedback. Please contact us [email protected]
Jalur Promo BRI 2.1.0
Jalur Promo BRI adalah aplikasi yang dibangunoleh detikcom bekerjasama dengan Bank BRI, berfungsi sebagai pusatsegala informasi yang berkaitan dengan Promo dari BRI.Temukan berabagai fitur yang menarik dalam aplikasi Jalur PromoBRI. Fitur-fitur tersebut antara lain :1. Promo dan Info Layanan Terbatas BRI (BRI Zone)Dapatkan informasi promo-promo menarik dari Bank BRI dalam dengancepat dan mudah.2. Game ""Berkah Mudik BRI""Meskipun masa perlombaan sudah berakhir, kamu tetap bisa memainkangame seru ini.3. Pencarian TempatCari tempat apapun dari tempat kamu berada. mulai dari musholla,masjid, ATM, restoran hingga objek wisata4. Info LalulintasMeskipun mudik telah berakhir, melalui aplikasi ini kamu tetap bisaupdate informasi terkait lalulintas dengan cepat.5. Di Sekitar AndaFitur ini berisi rekomendasi tempat-tempat menarik dan penting disekitar Anda seperti SPBU, rest area, klinik kesehatan, hotel danlainnya dengan jarak tempuh terdekat yang dapat anda tentukansendiri.
MALE Magazine 4.0.8
Brand new MALE Magazine application, with muchimprovements & feature performance.Download the latest MALE Magazine Application, now supportAndroid Smartphone & KitKat OS.Warning: When replacing an existing app, the previous appsettings and downloads are not preserved, you will need tore-download the magazine.MALE (Mata Lelaki) is a digital interactive magazine fromdetikcom that can be downloaded free every Wednesday.MALE provide current information includes modern men's lifestyle,technology, automotive, entertainment and exclusive tips &tricks. You'll get a great experience when reading MALE magazine onyour tablet.Please send any comments, suggestions or questions via emailto [email protected] Wevalue your feedback to support us improve MALE magazine.
CNN Indonesia - Latest News 2.1.0
CNN Indonesia provides current news andinformation quickly & reliably. Our news can be accessed 24hours a day, 7 days a week, equipped with various topics rangingfrom politics, world news, economy, modern lifestyle, and soccernews.With a new design, you can explore various news categories moreeasily and quickly than before, just Tap or Swipe news categoriesyou want to read. You can also enjoy Free Live Broadcast CNNTV.Highlighted Features :-CNN Indonesia TV Live Stream-Live Reports-Focus-Push Notification-Night Mode-Breaking newsA Variety of News Categories:-National-Economy-International-Sports-Technology-Entertainment-Lifestyle-Infographic, Photo & VideoWe appreciate your comments and feedback. Please contact us [email protected]
myTRANS 1.1.4
myTRANS present as a TV streaming and video on demand (VOD)application, that provides a variety of programs from TransTV andTrans7 through your smartphone. Now you can easily watch TransTVand Trans7 anywhere. myTRANS is a TV in your hand.New features: Video on Demand (VOD), related videos, search video,share to Twitter and Facebook, read and write comments, history ofthe video you've seen, low and high video quality settings.Note:- To enjoy streaming TV from myTRANS for Android need a stableinternet connection.Developed by PT. Agranet Multicitra Siberkom (detikcom), a TransCorp Group2014 © myTRANS. All rights reserved.version 1.1.3
PasangMata 1.6.2 is citizen journalism mediafrom detikcom for those who wish to contribute news or eventsthrough articles, photos and videos.Do not just keep quiet when witnessing an interesting event,report to PasangMata because you are our Contributors. This is anopportunity to become part of the online media world at once tocollect points that can be redeemed for prizes from detikcom.
Masak Apa 1.4.5
Masak Apa is now providing more Recipes anddaily Cooking Tips which can be stored for later can be accessed inthe circumstances there is no connection (offline access).Recipes, and tips edition that has been stored can be reopenedin the page collection without requiring internet connection(offline access).To make it easier to get your favorite recipes and tips,features Online Search can be done by selecting the search buttonon the top Navigation on Latest Recipes page, Editions, Tips andCollections. Type the title name or the name of the recipeingredients or tips you'll find.Masak Apa Video' can accessed at video page, which contains acooking tutorial from choice recipes and it can beaccessed also in mytrans.comMasak Apa is always present cooking new recipes every day thatcan be used as inspiration to cook for you and your family.For the development, critique and suggestions regarding thisapplication, please send an email to [email protected] or followour twitter @ appmasakapa. All inquiries regarding advertisinginformation, please send an email to [email protected] Apa : There is always a New Recipe.
Majalah detik 4.0.7
Download the latest Majalah detik Magazine Application, now supportAndroid Smartphone & KitKat OS.Warning: When replacing an existing app, the previous appsettings and downloads are not preserved, you will need tore-download the magazine.Majalah detik presents in-depth and inspiring information. Withan interesting writing style, complete with audio, video andinteractive features, providing a fun experience when readingMajalah detik. In addition to review that are hot in the communitythrough the Focus section, Majalah detik also presents a variety ofother information such as Business, International, People toEntertainment and Lifestyle.Majalah detik published every week on Saturday.Feel free to send comments, suggestions or questions via emailto [email protected] appreciate any feedback from you."
detikForum Launcher 1.0
shortcut to browse to
20DETIK 1.0.3
Find things you want to know here : From newsvideo highlights, cooking recipes, hijab and make up tutorials tomindblowing drone journalism videos.What's On 20DETIK:1. Keep up to date with various videos and exciting programs likedetikFlash, Solved, Hijabpop and Mata Langit.2. Enjoy Live Streaming for special events in 20DETIK.3. Choose some topics that you like in "My Interests" section andfeel better experience through personalized content.4. Bookmark videos that you like and rewatch it on anotheroccasion. Don't forget to share them to social media and yourfriends too.5. Rate your mood on every video and see the organic reaction aboutit.6. Watch videos on your Smart TV or Chromecast supporteddevices.Don't forget to access anytime you want. Happywatching!
Jakarta Memilih 1.0.5
"Jakarta Memilih is a game themedaroundJakarta’s 2017 Gubernatorial Election with illustratedcharactersof each of the governor and deputy governor candidates.In this game, players will be able to choose and challengeagovernor and deputy governor candidate to take action insolvingcommon problems found in Jakarta.Here are the the problems that players will be taskedtosolve:-River CleanupPlayers are tasked with collecting trashes in Jakarta's rivers.Todo it, simply move the boat left and right to collect trashesandto avoid obstacles.-Jakarta TourPlayers are tasked with guiding tourists to varioustouristattractions in Jakarta. To do it, simply tap on touristcharactersand drag it to their desired locations.-Traffic ManagementPlayer are tasked with managing Traffic in Jakarta. To do it,Tapone Traffic Light to turn on green light. after tapping onetrafficlight, there are 4 seconds interlude to tap otherstrafficlight.To keep the happiness index remained high, you can collectpointsby playing the game at any time.Game Information :Happinnes Indicator is point accumulation from every game resulthasbeen played by user with any character."
AR detikcom 1.0
AR detikcom is detikcom's media kit in aformof augmented reality and virtual office. There are three mainmenusin AR detikcom: Video : contains of detikcom's company profileasthe first online media in Indonesia. It is also providesdetikcom'svideo links from detikcom's Youtube Channel. 360:provides picturesof detikcom's office with 360 degrees view.Virtual office :Provides new experience, get to know more aboutdetikcom's divisionand department in a form of virtual officeconcept.