Panagiotis Melas Apps

Wifi WPS Unlocker 2.3
This application recover the default WPSPIN.You can connect to wireless networks which have enable the protocolWPS.The application was developed for educational purposes.In this application you can check if your router is vulnerable ornot.if you realize someone has security problem you must informimmediately.I am not responsible for the misuse that can be given.
My Lucky Day 1.0
Is this day your lucky day?This app foresight your day, it will be a good day or a badday?Four opened cards foresight your day and a message appears.Languages: English, Greek-This app developed for entertaining purposes, in no case theforesight is real.
Travel Best 1.0.1
Travel guide for the most popular cities oftheworld.• The best attractions of the city.• 7 categories:★GENERALInformation about the city.★BEST SIGHT OF THE CITYWhat is the most popular sight of the city.★PLACE OF INTERESTA popular place from the city you try to visit.★BEST NIGHTLIFE AREAWhat is the most popular nightlife areas of the city.★FOOD TO TRYTry the traditional food of the city.★FAMILIESWhat is the best place for the kids.★BEST BEACHESThe top beach or swimming pool of the city.• IMAGE LICENCE:All images are licensed under Creative Commons Zero CC0(nocopyright) into the PUBLIC DOMAIN from and ( about Licence (CC0):
Battery Lite 1.0.1
This is a fully function and easy-to-usebattery app, it operates when there is available processingpower.Features:★ Notice: Battery Percentage, TemperatureIf the percentage of battery is lower from 90% - 2%.If the temperature is Higher or Lower from 80°C - 5°C (176°F -41°F).★ Auto CloseThe auto close function close the Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or the Data(3G/4G), if the percentage of battery is low. (Manual selection:90% - 2%)★ Brightness controlChange the screen brightness or check the 'Auto Decrease' function,which reduce automatically the screen brightness, if the percentageof battery is low.★ Status Bar Icon3 different icons for the status bar: Battery Percentage,Temperature or Battery icon.★ Unit of MeasurementCelsius (°C) or Fahrenheit (°F)Additional Functions:• Battery remaining time• Charging time remaining• Battery full charge notification• Supports: English, Español, Português, Deutsch, Français,Italiano, Русский, हिन्दी, Ελληνικά